Propane Tank Scale
Propane Tank Scale

Even if they feel like they’re running out of gas as they reach 40, it doesn’t mean they have to. This is a brilliant addition to any barbeque and makes sure that the outdoor fun can keep going as long as they can, even if that might be earlier than you think, after all, they probably have a preference for an early night these days.
Sandless Beach Mat
Sandless Beach Mat

We understand that now that their infinite youth seems somewhat less infinite, they’ve probably got more pressing matters to be getting on with than clearing up after a trip to the beach. Give them the gift of being able to get on with their bucket list, rather than getting angry at a bucket full of sand.
Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Fish
Remote Control Flying Fish

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a rather large fish flying through the air. We think this is a fintastic gift for anyone who appreciates the quirky and the unusual, budding marine biologists or any burgeoning aviators who didn’t quite get off the ground. They certainly won’t be expecting it and it’s probably something they didn’t even realize they wanted.
Oral Health Monitor

Looking after their health is something they are probably becoming more aware of as they get older, after all, they’re not 21 anymore. Oral health is a good place to start and this pocket-sized monitor will be able to give them the reassurance that even though they’re getting old, they’re still not quite ready for dentures. Of course, it could tell them the opposite, but don’t mention that.
Digital Tape Measure
Digital Tape Measure

They’ll be thankful that they can stop concentrating on how long they have until they’ve officially hit old age and instead concentrate on measuring more useful things. While we can’t think of anything specific that might be useful to size-up when you’re middle aged, we do think that this will improve their toolbox beyond measure.
Digital Art Screen
Digital Art Screen

We can’t think of a gift more suited to any modern art enthusiast than this exquisitely crafted Digital Art Screen. It’s crystal clear screen is a portal to their own personal collection of contemporary digital art and will transform their living room into a private gallery. It’s completely curated from an app on their mobile phones, too, so they can choose their favorite works to view whenever they want to.
Miniature Arcade Cabinet
Miniature Arcade Cabinet

A milestone birthday is often a time when people reminisce over memories of years gone by, so we think they’ll love a retro game that will remind them of their younger years spending weekends at the arcade. And, to make it even more of a perfect present, buying them the miniature replica should avert their temptation to buy the full-sized version in the midst of a midlife crisis.
Clean Sleep Mattress Cleaning Service

They might be tossing and turning at night at the thought of turning 40 and leaving their youth behind but we think that this gift will help them get a more peaceful night’s sleep. A mattress cleaning service will help to extend the life of the mattress but while it can’t extend the years left of their youth, more beauty sleep will ensure they never look a day over 39.
Knight Toilet Paper Holder
Knight Toilet Paper Holder

Sitting on the throne, for lack of a better term, isn’t the place where you tend to feel at your most gallant, but every king or queen needs a loyal knight to serve them and we’ve found just the man for the job. Always at hand when they need him the most, he won’t shy away from coming to their aid in even the most, er, challenging of situations.
Kopi Luwak Coffee
Kopi Luwak Coffee

If you know a 40-year-old who is fed up of drinking average coffee, give them some s**t coffee to drink instead. Kopi Luwak coffee is unique in that it’s made from African animal droppings, though we’d maybe tell them that after they’ve drunk it and realized how good it tastes.
Shoe Sanitizer

It’s not uncommon for someone’s sense of smell to weaken as they get older, so they may not even realize that their shoes are starting to smell…interesting. This sanitizer will work on any pair of shoes to kill the bacteria that builds up inside. It’s a gift that everyone in the room can appreciate.

Despite it being one of the main things that most of us use in our day-to-day lives, our phones are something we probably don’t think to wash all too often. But now they’re over 40 their health is something that they definitely should be looking after. Alleviate their risk of ailments with this compact phone sterilizer, a smart gift to keep their phone fresh.
Donut Pan
Donut Pan

Everyone loves donuts and if there’s an occasion that they’ll want to be eating one of their favorite foods on, we think a 40th birthday is it. We also understand that when they reach the milestone age, they’ll be watching what they eat (or probably should be), so make sure they can enjoy a sweet treat while still being healthy with this brilliant baking tray that gives an alternative to deep frying delicious delicacies.
Giant Gummy Bear
Giant Gummy Bear

Give them something better than the thought of getting older to chew on with this giant gummy bear. Not only will this bring back some sweet childhood memories, it’ll keep them so quiet, the next time you hear off them will probably be when they’re worrying about turning 50.
Chocolate Soap

You probably think they’re sweet enough already, but they’ll think that you’re really sweet for buying them this indulgent soap that will give bath time that extra little bit of luxury. You could say that this is a present that’s good enough to eat, but we’d maybe make sure to tell them not to or it might turn into a gift that’s memorable for all the wrong reasons.
Airplane Cocktail Kit
Airplane Cocktail Kit

If you’re whisking them away for a relaxing holiday to mark their 40th birthday, get the celebrations started before you even get there with these mini cocktail kits. They’re great for making your favorite drinks on the way to your favorite destinations or simply calming some in-flight nerves, whether they’re from the flight itself or the fact they’re turning 40.
Aromatherapy Shower Head
Aromatherapy Shower Head

They will probably be showered with gifts from all of their friends and relatives so be the person who does something a little different for their 40th and gift them with a shower instead. This isn’t just any shower though, it’s one that will help them relax before bed with subtle scents selected to calm and destress the mind, something they’re probably in desperate need of as they wave goodbye to their youth.
Star Trek Bathrobe
Star Trek Bathrobe

The thought of turning 40 might leave them wanting to be beamed up but logic dictates that after a long soak in the bath, they’ll slip on this plush, warm bathrobe and be ready to live long and prosper. An absolutely enterprising gift for any closet or not-so-closet Star Trek fan.
Rotating Pizza Oven
Rotating Pizza Oven

Help them forget about turning 40 and focus more on turning pizza with this counter top creation that will ensure that their favorite food is flawless every time. Sitting neatly on the work surface, it’s simple to use and designed to make sure that dinner tastes as good as it should, you really can’t top this as a present, we think it’ll definitely be an all-round hit in the household.
Aerated Gel Memory Foam Pillow
Aerated Gel Memory Foam Pillow

They’re going to start needing plenty of good nights’ sleep as they reach the grand old age of 40. The intelligent foam in this pillow retains it’s shape night after night and the aerated gel keeps them cool, so even if they’re getting a bit hot headed over getting older, they can rest easy on this pillow that will help them drift off into a peaceful slumber as they drift into old age.
Long Reach Power Scrubber
Long Reach Power Scrubber

It’s important that they start to look after themselves a bit more now that they’ve reached 40 and even though they’ll still want to look after their house too, understanding their limits is key. Make sure they’re not stretching themselves too far when they’re doing the housework with this long reach power tool which is perfect for getting into all those hard to get places.
Ferrofluid Sculptures

If you know a 40-year-old who has a creative mind, they’re sure to enjoy this fascinating gift that allows them to create and recreate intricate sculptures. If you know a 40-year-old who doesn’t have a creative mind, we still think they’ll be intrigued by this magnetic marvel which is a great stress reliever with endless possibilities.
Scalp Massager
Scalp Massager

It doesn’t matter how calm they look on the outside, we can almost guarantee that they’ll be at least a little bit stressed at the thought of turning 40. Even if they’re not up for admitting it, they’ll love this scalp massager that they can use to destress and unwind by themselves and retain that cool and collected exterior.
The Eternal Zen Water Canvas
The Eternal Zen Water Canvas

This is the perfect gift for any budding artist who craves creative freedom to make beautiful flowing artwork. The eternal canvas allows them to create beautiful images with water that change as it dries, letting them modify and manipulate their brushstrokes so that they can create an infinite number of truly unique pieces of art.
Nebula Glass Set
Nebula Glass Set

Let them know that they’re out of this world with this galactic gift that will impress any space enthusiast. This set of extra-terrestrial tumblers makes sure that breakfast will never be boring again as they admire the beauty of the galaxy over their Golden Grahams. Either that or they’ll be pleased to have received a present that they’re relatively young in comparison to.
Rapid Egg Cooker
Rapid Egg Cooker

Time waits for no man (or woman) especially at their age, so we firmly believe that no man should be waiting for eggs to boil in the mornings either. Make sure that they’re not wasting the precious last days of their youth slaving over a hot stove with this neat, compact and time efficient egg cooker.
3d Scanner
3D Scanner

This might just be the ultimate gift for anyone who’s technologically minded and keen on getting creative with the computer. This state-of-the-art scanner will let them produce high-resolution, full color images of any small object and is the perfect companion to a 3D Printer. It’s not quite Star Trek, but it’s not far off.
Navdy Car HUD
Navdy Car HUD

If you know a 40-year-old who drives a lot for either work or pleasure, here’s a quick heads up: they’ll love this present. It’s the fresh alternative to a Sat Nav, making sure that they can use their phone safely while driving. It uses expert technology to fully connect their car to their cell and transform their driving experience.
Biem Butter Sprayer
Biem Butter Sprayer

You’d butter believe us when we tell you that this is one of the cleverest gastronomic gadgets we’ve seen in a long while. There’s no margarine for error if you give this as a gift. We’re spreading ourselves a bit thin with these puns now, so we’ll leave you to look at how butterly brilliant it is…
Mail Order Cupcakes In A Jar

Opening the mail isn’t normally the most exciting of things to do when you’re 40, and 39 birthday cakes later, they’re probably a little fed up with the usual ritual of blowing out the candles. Blow them away with this contemporary twist on the usual sponge and fondant instead. It certainly tastes better than a bank statement.
Personal Oxygen Bar
Personal Oxygen Bar

Make sure they’re fighting fit as they reach 40 with a personal oxygen bar to help them feel refreshed and destressed. While we can’t guarantee this will restore them to their 21-year-old partying prime, it will at least lessen the effect of any post-celebration hangovers that they might have to endure after seeing off their younger years in style.
Heart Shaped Waffle Maker
Heart Shaped Waffle Maker

Treating someone to a homemade breakfast is a brilliant way to show them how much you love them and even if they’re not looking forward to reaching the milestone age of 40, we think you’ll be able to sweeten them up by starting celebrations early with this waffley good gift idea.
Greek Yogurt Maker
Yogurt Maker

As much as we hate to mention, and we don’t advise you do, they’re not 21 anymore and Ben and Jerry probably aren’t the best of people for them to be around. They’ve probably realized this already, so give them a helping hand with their new healthy lifestyle with this marvelous little yogurt maker which will let them create some delicious and nutritious snacks to help make that break up a little easier.
Everything Explained Through Flowcharts: All of Life's Mysteries Unraveled
Everything Explained Through Flowcharts: All of Life’s Mysteries Unraveled

As they flow through life, there are many things that they might not have quite got the answers to, and they may very well be in this book. And even if they’re not, what better gift is there than the gift of knowledge? After all, older means wiser. This is a brilliant and comedic insight into some modern and not-so-modern processes which will provide them with hours of fun and a lifetime of useless knowledge.
UV Camera Shows Sunscreen Coverage
UV Camera Shows Sunscreen Coverage

Keeping yourself safe in the sun is important at any age but now that they’re turning 40 it’s important they start looking after their health as a whole. This UV camera shows them if they’ve missed any spots with the sunscreen, making sure they’re as healthy on the outside as they are on the inside.
Closed Aquatic Ecosystem
Closed Aquatic Ecosystem

Paperweights are really great keepsakes to give someone for reaching a milestone birthday but, let’s be honest, they’re not the most exciting of things to be given. Decorate their desk with something a little more exciting by giving them an aquatic ecosystem that will be anything but a disappointment. It’s completely self-sustainable and makes a brilliant tabletop talking point.
Germ Eliminating Travel Toothbrush Sanitizer
Germ Eliminating Toothbrush Sanitizer

Help them look after their teeth while they’ve still got them by making sure they start with the right tools. In fact, they might even be able to hold onto them longer now that you’ve bought them the perfect gift to prepare them for the challenges of old age.
Boot Cleaner
Boot Cleaner

As many jokes as you can (and should) make about them getting on a bit, they’re not quite in the realm of orthopedic slippers just yet. They are probably in the realm of backache and stiff knees, though, so take the pressure off with this boot cleaner that they don’t need to bend down to use. Their shoes will still be looking as good as new, even if they’re not quite feeling the same.
Tabletop Fireplace
Tabletop Fireplace

If the thought of turning 40 gives them the shivers, make sure you keep them warm with this clever contemporary gift. It’s a great alternative to candles and can be moved too, making it better than the average fireplace. So, whether they’re relaxing in the bath letting the reality of middle age soak in, or out on the deck enjoying the celebration, they can keep those middle aged chills at bay.
Backpack Vacuum
Backpack Vacuum

We think this is a particularly brilliant gift for a 40th birthday; who wouldn’t want to spend their special day running around pretending to be a Ghostbuster? And, to top that off, they’ll think it’s such a fun idea, they’ll probably never ask you to do the vacuuming again. It’s the perfect present for you…we mean them (honestly).
The Experts' Guide to 100 Things Everyone Should Know How to Do
The Experts’ Guide to 100 Things Everyone Should Know How to Do

We understand that by the time they reach 40, life will have thrown a lot at them but there’s bound to be a moment in the future where they say, ‘I wish I knew how to do that’ and when they get there, they’ll turn to this well-thought out gift that you were kind enough to buy them.
Hershey’s Dual Single-Serve Ice Cream Machine
Single-Serve Ice Cream Machine

You’ll be scooping the prize for the coolest present by buying them this sweet little ice cream maker. This clever countertop appliance will let them make a refreshing treat quickly and easily and in two different flavors. It’s bound to keep them cool in even the most stressful of situations, like turning 40, perhaps.
living wall art gift
Living Wall Art

Here’s some art that really grows on you. A hanging garden that can be placed on any wall in the house, it can add a bit of unexpected life to an interior space. The frame comes decked out with easy-to-care-for succulents, so you don’t have to worry about giving this to someone with a brown thumb.
The Pepperphile's Peppermill
The Pepperphile’s Peppermill

If you know someone who’s big on taste, we think they’ll love this giant peppermill that will keep their food flavorful for years to come. Not only that, it’s a great talking piece at dinner parties, so it’s particularly useful to have around if they’d rather talk about something bigger than the big 4-0.
Car Backup Camera Kit
Car Backup Camera Kit

We’re not encouraging you to suggest that their driving might not be what it used to, but they might find this gift particularly useful as they get older and their eyesight gets, well, older with them. This can be conveniently used with any car to practically give them eyes in the back of their head and to make sure they’re as safe as they can be as they move full-speed ahead into their forties.
Instant Photo Printer For Phone
Instant Photo Printer For Phone

Even if they are embracing technology as they get older, sometimes they’ll just want to be old fashioned. There’ll be plenty of moments to capture over the course of their celebrations so give them a gift that will make sure that they’ll always be remembered, even if they can’t remember where they’ve put their phone.
aroma essential oil diffuser
Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

This diffuser will be absolutely essential in helping them relax and they’ll be especially grateful to receive it if the thought of turning 40 is leaving them feeling a little uneasy. It’s convenient and compact enough to be moved around the house so they can use it to help get a restful night’s sleep or to spend a lazy afternoon unwinding on the sofa.
Shoe Headlights
Shoe Headlights

If they’re feeling a little bit in the dark over where life is going to take them as they reach 40, help them see a little bit clearer with these shoe headlights. Even if they don’t help find the answer to life’s existential questions, they are a brilliant gift to help make sure that your favorite 40-year-old staying safe when running, walking or cycling in the dark.
Coolbox Smart Toolbox

If you know someone who thinks DIY is a bit of a drudge, we reckon you’ll have nailed down the perfect gift to change their mind by buying them a smart toolbox. In fact, we think they’ll start to love DIY so much, you’ll never have to worry about putting a shelf up again.
Suspension Bridge Shelf gift
Suspension Bridge Bookshelf

Whoever said a “bridge to nowhere” was useless? This one serves beautifully as a shelf to display photos, small potted plants, and other decorations, and livens up a room with its elegant yet simple design. Adds a unique, sophisticated touch to any room.
Follow Me Bring Beer Sandals
Follow Me Bring Beer Sandals

If they’re feeling a bit hot under the collar at the thought of being over the hill, it often helps to crack open a cold one to take their mind off it. Thanks to this incredibly thoughtful gift, they’ll never be too far away from some ice-cold refreshment…just make sure you’re not walking behind them, expectations will be high.
Portable Air Pollution Monitor
Air Pollution Monitor

The thought of turning 40 might take their breath away but once they’re used to the idea and have resumed the normal breathe in, breathe out practice, make sure that they’re breathing clean air to help them stay as healthy as possible. This diminutive device may look small, but it has big benefits and will make sure that they stay strong all the way through their middle ages.
SkeweRack Flips Swekers
SkeweRack Sweker Flipper

If you’re racking your brain trying to think of a perfect gift for someone who’s keen on a little outdoor cuisine, this should solve your birthday present brainteaser. As simple as it is, it’s a flippin’ genius invention that will take their barbeques to the next level and buying it will guarantee your invite to the next one.
Bourbon Infused Coffee gift
Bourbon Infused Coffee

Everyone likes a nice stiff after-dinner drink, but sometimes you get tired of swearing at strangers and getting in fights with the sheriff. What’s a country boy to do? A great 40th birthday gift for anyone who’s looking to tone it down a notch but can’t give up the taste of that sweet Kentucky nectar. Or anyone who wants an extra special kick to start the day.
Kabob Grilling Baskets gift
Kabob Grilling Baskets

Sturdier, more convenient, and easier to handle than traditional kabob skewers. No more forgetting to buy skewers and having to eat raw steak and vegetables or cook with their bare hands. Not every brilliant solution has to be high tech. Some just make a lot of damn sense.
Brew Your Own Kombucha Kit gift
Brew Your Own Kombucha Kit

Kombucha is the ancient art of making tea into something half the people who try it will love and the other half will vomit back onto your carpet. The people who love it are objectively correct, because it makes you live forever (almost). Anyone who has fallen head over heels for it will do the same for you if you buy them this homebrew kit.
sunflower grow kit gift
Sunflower Starter Kit

Sunflowers are some of nature’s most obnoxiously beautiful creations, and they make a real statement when planted in your yard. Bright yellow and absurdly tall, they grab the attention of every passerby. Almost like standing on the porch and yelling at people, but in a really endearing and pleasant way.
Door Harp
Door Harp

Door harps were traditional Scandinavian ornaments that warded off evil spirits from entering the home and while we’re sure that you know a 40-year-old who’d like to ward off the rapid approach of middle age, we can’t guarantee it can do that. What we can guarantee is that they’ll have a beautifully crafted ornament to greet their guests for years to come.
fermented coffee gift
Fermented Coffee

By now we know that the old hysteria about coffee being bad for your health was nonsense. In fact it’s fantastic for you. So take that, food police. Now someone went and made fermented coffee, which is also great for your digestive tract. The fermentation process also removes the bitterness and acidity from the bean, so your tongue will be grateful as well.
random acts of kindness kit
Random Acts Of Kindness Kit

Big ideas can change the world, but so do small acts. Not all of us can create the next Google or reinvent the energy industry, but we can all be better at being human. This international, online-integrated card game provides the ideas and the motivation to spread goodwill everywhere you go, one act at a time.
Useless Box

By their 40th birthday, your friend or loved one may have already started to suspect something about the inherent absurd futility of life. If not, then perhaps you can inform them with this gift, which is an extraordinarily apt illustration of the horrifying predicament in which we the living find ourselves.
Metal Balloon Dog Sculpture
Metal Balloon Dog Sculpture

Take their breath away, without actually having to take your own breath away, by giving them a birthday souvenir they can keep forever. Man’s best friend is a perfect present for modern art enthusiasts, balloon animal buffs and dog lovers alike. He’ll never deflate, never pop and never bark too early in the morning.
car warning light translator gift
Car Warning Light Translator

Car engine computer systems were developed to make it easier to catch and diagnose problems in your car engine’s function, but they were also designed to make you dependent on your car dealer or other professional mechanics for repairs. Now technology has once again democratized auto repair and put the owner back in charge. Help the 40-year-old you know make more educated decisions so they don’t get worked by some shady mechanic.
beer growler
Pressurized Beer Growler

High quality craft beer deserves a vessel made to the same exacting standards. Leave the pitchers for the Bud Light. An insulated, pressurized micro keg is the best way to dispense a fancy brew when taste and freshness really matter. The perfect 40th birthday gift for parties, casual gatherings, or personal consumption.
good idea bad idea shots gift
Good and Bad Idea Shot Glasses

Good and bad are always subjective, an eternal truth reinforced by these confusingly labeled shot glasses. They’re also primarily determined in retrospect, which means the moment of decision is not the time to worry about such trivial concepts anyway. A very philosophical 40th birthday gift for someone entering the most philosophical phase of life.
Potato Parcel
40th Birthday Message On A Potato

By the time they reach 40, they will have had a lot of birthdays and that means a lot of cards. Switch it up and send them some carbs instead and put your best wishes on a birthday potato. It’ll be a sure way to make sure they have a spud-tacular day.
Bingo Dauber
Bingo Dauber

40 years old may be a bit early to be a regular at the local church bingo, but it is exactly the right age to tease your friend or loved one about how old they’re getting. A bingo dauber will be funny now. But in ten years? Maybe will be all too useful.
Donation In Their Name
Donation In Their Name

If they’re not too thrilled about turning 40, take their mind off it and switch the focus to one of their favorite charities instead. If there’s a cause that’s close to their hearts, we’re sure they’ll appreciate this inspired gift that helps support it. Choose the charity carefully though, don’t let them get the wrong impression by donating to Friends of the Elderly for them.

40th birthday mug
The Year They Were Born Mug

This is a mug with the year of their birth on it. Make a little joke when you give it to them for their 40th birthday, something like, “If you ever forget how old you are you can check this mug and do the math!” They’ll roll their eyes, say thanks, and probably even use the mug sometimes.
The New York Times Of Your Birthday Front Page
New York Times From Their Birthday

This is a great 40th birthday gift no matter what. It’s interesting and looks nice on wall even if it was a slow news day. But if their birthday happens to coincide with a big banner headline announcing now famous events? Whoa. That would be pretty sweet.
Wilson from Cast Away
Wilson from Cast Away

We don’t know if they liked the movie “Cast Away” starring the incomparable and multiple Academy Award winning actor Mr. Tom Hanks, but, if they are having their 40th birthday, we do know they have probably seen it. So maybe they’d want this replica Wilson.
brain bookends gift
Right and Left Brain Bookends

Some people need visual feedback in order to understand their progress. With these right and left brain bookends, they can literally watch as their mind expands with each book added to the shelf. Of course, they still have to read them to absorb the knowledge. Let’s hope you don’t have to explain that.
candle shadows gift
Candle Shadow Projector

Back when old people were kids, shadow puppeteering was accepted as a legitimate skill. That meant holding your hands in front of a light to create rudimentary animal shapes on the wall, because there was no internet. These candleholders are a serious step up. Just try making a mature cedar with your hands. Ok, stop. It’s not going to happen.
night on the town
Night On The Town

Grab your favorite 40 year-old and hit the town with the old crew! Do it up right like you did back in the day, and don’t slow down till the break of dawn. And when they wake up the next day, in their 40 year old body that can’t party like that no more, they will truly understand something: they are old now.

bike chain bowl gift
Bike Chain Bowl

Certain small items like keys, wallet, and sunglasses have a bad habit of getting lost when they’re most needed, so it’s nice to have a dedicated spot for them. Ikea probably has a solution for that, but for the love of god, it’s time to stop relying on the Swedish to solve all of your problems. This nice man in Oregon put together a very unique bowl that would look great on someone’s coffee table.
stay alive in woods book gift
How to Stay Alive in the Woods

People love venturing into nature for the near mystical experience of being connected with our pre-civilized roots. We feel a strong, implacable pull toward wild places like the desert and the forest. The problem is, nature really just wants to eat you. This book tells you how not to let that happen.
tequila set gift
Tequila Serving Set

There’s a right way and a wrong way to enjoy tequila. How do you know the difference? The wrong way ends with you naked and vomiting among strangers. The right way looks like the picture above. Tequila sipping glasses and flavored salts bring out the subtle overtones that make this famous (and sometimes infamous) spirit a timeless classic with endless nuances to explore.
50 Cal Shot Glasses gift
50 Caliber Shot Glasses

Every big shot needs a set of these to take their big shots from. Perfect for a 40th birthday gift, but also appropriate for anyone who wants to flex their drinking muscles or show their military/hunting roots. Perfect for that person who really goes in for the kill at the drinkin’ hour.
Giant Cocktail Shaker gift
Giant Cocktail Shaker

Nothing quite makes an impression like someone who has a giant tool and knows how to handle it. Get everybody within a half-mile radius drunk in one fell swoop with this absurdly proportioned mixology shaker. A brain-cell smiter of truly biblical proportions.
Shot Glass Chess gift
Shot Glass Chess

Chess pieces may look cool, but they’re extremely dated. Here’s a chess board that makes use of something they can relate to: drinking vessels that help them forget everything they hate about their life. Don’t worry, they’ve kept the little horses and whatnot. Now you can just drink out of them.
Skull Shot Glass
Skull Shot Glass

What better object to have in hand while you’re getting drunk than a grimacing skull to remind you of your own mortality? Rendered in stunningly intricate detail, this guy really comes to life when you fill him up with a colored liquor. Just like someone else you know.
UV Sanitizing Portable Vacuum
UV Sanitizing Vacuum

If you want to keep it clean with the jokes about turning 40, why not get them a gift that literally keeps it clean? At the very worst, there’s a bit of a giggle to be had from their weakening immune system being one of the curses of old age, but they’ll just have to suck it up, rather than sweep it under the carpet.
Executive Knight Pen Holder
Knight Pen Holder

This knight pen holder will be their most loyal servant in all of their clerical crusades. Whether they’re battling with the bookkeeping or feuding with their filing, help will be at hand with their most trusted weapon to take into combat with them so they can write in shining armor.
Birthstone Jewelry

Diamonds are forever, sort of, if they were born in April at least. If they weren’t, let them know how precious they still are by giving them a gift with their birthstone encased within it. Birthstone jewelry also has the added benefit of focusing on the month rather than the year, so you won’t be drawing even more attention to the fact they’re getting old now.
Brain Specimen Coasters

Not only are these a practical present but they’re a bit of a brain teaser too. Let them ponder over how to get the grey matter back together while having the peace of mind that they don’t have to get neurotic over coffee stains on the furniture. Practically perfect, they’re a no-brainer.
5 star dining
5 Star Dinner

If you’re buying this gift for your significant other, it’s a double win. They get to enjoy a gourmet dining experience and you don’t have to worry about doing the dishes afterwards. And if you’re buying it for a friend or relative, you’ll be doubly thanked for reasons stated above.
Celestial Fireworks LED Bracelet
Celestial Fireworks LED Bracelet

If you’re trying to find a present for someone who’s absolutely out of this world, look no further. This bracelet is inspired by a galaxy far, far away, 20,000 light years away, in fact. Did they feel ancient at the thought of turning 40? Well, we bet they’ll feel eternally youthful when they’re wearing this bracelet.
Magnetic Decision Maker
Magnetic Decision Maker

Indecisiveness doesn’t tend to improve with age and they might be finding themselves at a bit of a crossroads as they head towards 40. Help them along a little with this really attractive gift idea. Your gift giving credentials will be pointing positively north, especially if you help them avoid a mid-life crisis, however we should warn you, that doesn’t come as a guarantee!
Cricket Energy Bars
Cricket Energy Bars

When you get to a certain age, you need to start really looking after yourself, or it could all start going downhill pretty quickly. Diet is a good place to start and protein is an absolute must to keep you strong. If you know a 40-year-old whose body is a temple, fuel them in a fun way with some energy bars that are certain to keep them chirpy.
Bullet Shot Glass gift
Bullet Shot Glass

Know someone who’s had a lot of close calls? Celebrate it with this bullet-embedded shot glass. A strong reminder that you never know which direction the next shitstorm is coming from, and you never know what shape it’s going to take. You might as well live it up now while you can.
Jim Beam Coffee gift
Jim Beam Coffee

The morning drinker: one of the most misunderstood fellow citizens. Once imbued with the spark of firewater, they can do anything, especially if it’s delivered with the bold energy rush of caffeine. You think we should eradicate morning drinking? Well, you can kiss all your favorite novels goodbye then, because all great authors are drunk by 10 am. But I guess if you want to try tricking someone out of their morning cup of whiskey, this would be the best way.
The Complete Beer Course gift book
The Complete Beer Course

Different people learn in different ways. Not respecting those differences is a major reason the public education system has failed us so terribly. Some people learn visually, some learn by mimicking, and some learn by beer. This book is for the last group.
Worst Case Survival Kit gift
Worst Case Survival Kit

We are intelligent survivors by nature. Despite its ominous name, a worst case scenario can be a lot of fun, provided you have the tools available to pull a MacGyver-like exit. This little kit can save someone’s life over and over again. Check that, only their primal genius can save their life. But this lends a helping hand.
The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook gift
The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook

Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, or maybe just gives you PTSD. Either way, it’s better than dead. Here’s a book that can help the owner avoid the dead category for a little longer, even when things get hairy. Rough world we live in.
Lock Pick Training Kit gift
Lock Pick Training Kit

If there’s one skill that every responsible citizen should have, it’s the ability to access things that aren’t theirs. But you better believe you don’t get there without practice. Some day they’re bound to come across something they want that has been locked away by some other thoughtless and selfish human. Don’t let them approach this dark situation unprepared.
The Self Finding Wallet
Self Finding Wallet

We know what you’re thinking, won’t they be a bit fed up of the old jokes by the time they get to 40 and unwrap a self-finding wallet? Well, we’ll put money on it that they’ll find it useful one day and you might want to make that bet with them. We’re so confident in fact, that you’ll want to make sure they can find their wallet when it’s time to pay up.