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Married couple decides to go on vacation for their first anniversary, finds quaint lodging belonging to complete stranger for a price that seems too good to be true. In the movies, they get hacked to pieces. So here’s one way you can be happy that real life never ends up like the movies. In real life, they just have a great time and never stay in a hotel again.

You’ll never run out of reasons to want to get away. How about this: the people around you are driving you crazy and you want to be alone with the person you promised to spend the rest of your life with somewhere far away where nobody else knows you. Guess what? Your partner feels that way too. Give them a gift card for airfare and let them pick the perfect destination to celebrate your 1st anniversary.

A vacation is an ideal way to celebrate your first anniversary. You could stay with Uncle Phil and Aunt Lisa on their pig farm in South Carolina because it is “only a couple of hours from Myrtle Beach.” Some people mean well but need a little guidance. Fortify your new marriage by nudging your spouse toward proper lodging with a gift card from

Everyone needs a confidant, someone they can vent all their frustrations to and share all of their secrets with. Here’s a great listener who never repeats anything behind your back, is soft and adorable, and will never try to steal your spouse no matter how close they get. Pretty much the best friend imaginable.