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If you’ve given or received countless bunches of flowers, you’ll know as well as anyone else that they don’t last a particularly long time. So, here’s a good idea instead. An edible arrangement allows you to send a beautiful bouquet that tastes as good as it looks and while flowers tend to be a one-off, the seeds from the fruit can be planted and the future produce can remind you always of how special your first anniversary truly was.

This game is hours of fun that we expect will end up holding some sentimental value to you after the first time you play it. Your first anniversary is the perfect time to reflect on your journey through married life so far but the Rememory Game is also the perfect game to play for many anniversaries to come too.

Work your way through the alphabet describing your love and admiration with 26 prompts, one for each letter. If you’re looking for a way to express your feelings in a heartfelt, personalized gift but need a little push in the right direction, this book is a godsend. The prompts may be prewritten, but this book is sure to be filled with your own personality by the time you complete it.

The idea here is that you give them a seed some time before the big day, and tell them to plant it. They do, and they keep it watered, and eventually it sprouts. Then the bean pops out, and, if you’ve got the timing right, they notice that it says “I love you,” on the bean on the day of your anniversary. Probably buy a few to practice with first.

Relationships are sometimes described as a long journey that you take with each other through life, and while you both have each other to guide you, sometimes you could do with a little assistance. This outdoor sign is a beautiful and unique gift, designed to give you a little direction through the highs and lows and the fasts and slows of your love.

Bronze casting, like marriage, is an ancient tradition. Now you can combine the two with one of these lovely sculptures depicting couples in love. With proper care, a marriage should last forever. A bronze sculpture should as well, with even less care.