Jessica Krizan cloud lights

Cloud Lamps by Jessica Krizan

If you are looking for a new way to add ambient lighting to a room, Jessica Krizan has a line of beautifully realistic cloud lamps that can transform an ordinary space into something unique and captivating.

What sets Jessica’s cloud lamps apart from just about all of the other cloud lamps on the market is their almost otherworldly resemblance to real clouds. They come in a variety of colors, and many of them have multiple color settings, but they’re so realistic that they look fantastic hanging in a room in the daylight too.

Jessica Krizan cloud lights 4

The myriad of options and features also make these stand out. Some of the smallest models are simple lamps that come in either warm or cool white light, but most of the other cloud lamps have multiple options for lighting color, brightness, and lighting effects (like strobe, flash, dim, etc.). Many of the mid-sized to larger cloud lamps even come installed with a bluetooth speaker.

Jessica Krizan cloud lights 3

They are perfect for a nursery or a child’s bedroom and can work well as a night light on a low setting, but the quality of these lamps, both from a pure aesthetic standpoint and from a lighting standpoint, make them versatile. They make perfect mood lighting additions, and the larger models that include bluetooth speakers along with multiple colors and lighting effects are great for parties. Whether you want dance music along with strobe lighting, or ethereal music on a slow fade setting, these lamps provide the opportunity to create some very dramatic audio/visual effects.

Jessica Krizan cloud lights 2

No matter how good the idea, however, without the proper skill and attention to craftsmanship, no product (whether a functional item, a piece of art, or a blend of the two like these cloud lamps) will ever quite reach its potential. It is obvious from the dozens of glowing reviews that these lamps are every bit as impressive in person as they are in the photos. You have to appreciate an artist who puts the effort into truly mastering something, working on their craft with the proper focus until they are the best at what they do.

Jessica Krizan cloud lights 1

Jessica also sells an array of handmade moon lamps that are definitely worth looking at. You can browse through her wide-ranging collection of ready-to-purchase cloud and moon lights on her Etsy store or her personal website. You can also contact her through her website to discuss custom orders.