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Whether it’s a broken bone, a bad case of typhoid fever, an aggressive toenail fungus, or just a long bout with the blues, everyone falls on hard times. Show them you care with one of these get well gifts, which range from the heartwarming and delicious to the weird. No matter their ailment or personality, we think you’ll find something on this list to raise their spirits.

After illness or surgery, everyone needs some time off to recuperate and get back to full strength. But unless you give them something to do, most likely they’ll disappear into the dark abyss of the internet. And then who knows what they’ll be when they emerge. The solution? A warm blanket, some good old fashioned paper-bound word puzzles, a coloring book, and a fistful of colored pencils. Just like the good old days. Except modern medicine works better than what they had in the good old days. Make sure they’re taking their medicine. That’s even more important than the word puzzles.

Like obedient pets, people can be trained to be useful too. All you need is a little auditory stimulation and an important duty to perform, and you can make every human within earshot as helpful as Lassie. Though you probably can’t make them as cute. On the flip side of the coin, humans have hands, so they can do more things for you. Unlike a dog, which can’t offer much more than a good face licking. So it depends on what your priorities are.

Good vibes are the secret medicine of the Universe. Anyone who is ailing needs as much of it as they can get, and here is a whole month’s dose in the form of 31 individually-wrapped miniature notes full of caring and encouragement. Show someone you care about that no matter what they’re recovering from, they’re not in it alone. This is the kind of medicine that goes down easy, with only one side effect - happiness. Choose from ready-made sets with messages already included, blank cards that you can fill in yourself, or Kindnotes will custom print your personalized set and jar.


One of the worst things about being sick is laying there thinking about all the things that are not getting done while you are unable to do them. Ease some of the worry by rolling up the ol’ sleeves and doing some much needed chores. Let them concentrate on getting better instead of cutting the grass.

We all have the urge to make chicken soup for a sick loved one, but that’s hard to do if you live hundreds or thousands of miles away. Enter the Spoonful of Comfort. They will deliver a basket containing gourmet soup, bread, cookies, a personalized note, and even a ladle. It’s the next best thing to doing yourself.

The ultimate in lounging-around-the-house comfort, this product won the 2017 Red Dot Award. In case you don’t know, the Red Dot Award is the world’s premier award for outstanding design. So wrapping yourself in one of these cozy gems is not just a way to stay warm; you’re actually swaddling yourself in internationally-recognized greatness. For anybody who’s on the mend, this might be just what the doctor ordered. Help someone stay on the cutting edge of comfort.

There’s nothing like a little frustration to speed up the healing process. The thing is, once you get started on one of these brain games, you’ll never be able to stop. It becomes an obsession. But it’s the kind of obsession you want, one that makes you smarter and gives you a sense of accomplishment as you move along. If you leave a convalescing person to their own devices, less wholesome obsessions will start to accrue. The human mind needs something trivial and challenging to focus on. These are your choices.


Sometimes when you are sick it is hard to think of anything else. A box full of memories of better days might be just the thing to take their mind off feeling bad. Sights, sounds, flavors, and smells could all be included, and it all will help.

Don’t you find it ironic that even though tens of thousands of years have passed, and countless technological innovations stand between us and our hunter-gatherer ancestors, many of us now have to go even farther to get our food? There’s something backward here. But as the modern digital age has taught us, the Internet fixes everything. And nobody who’s recovering from an injury or illness wants to go out and collect their food. This is how the modern tribe takes care of their members in need.

All of your senses affect your wellbeing, but the one that is maybe the most neglected in this respect is the sense of smell. How do you expect them to get better if their life smells like an old stale barn? Or whatever kind of funk they have going on. When it comes to creating positive, life-supporting scents, the candlemakers have it down. Aromatherapy is a powerful way to lift your mood, relax the mind, and make things generally more pleasant. All of these are important elements in recovery.

When someone is recovering from an illness, getting them a bunch of greasy Chinese food is probably not the best idea. But, while they might not be up for eating some General Tso’s chicken, a fancy custom fortune cookie with an inspiring message might be just the thing.

Be careful sending these jars, which are hand-packed with a pair of cupcakes, as a get well soon gift, because it could be counterproductive. We’re not saying they are unhealthy, just that getting these won’t make a sick person want to heal quickly if they think there might be more cupcakes on the way.

In our computer-crazy culture, one of the most overworked parts of many people’s bodies is their eyes. It’s enough of a problem that some people would probably consider hiring a full-time eye massager if they could afford it, and if those people actually existed. But once again, here comes technology to save us from the damage created by other technology. This may look like a virtual reality headset, but there’s nothing virtual about it. Real heat, real massage, and real soothing music make it an invaluable tool for recovering from a hard day of sitting there and staring at the abyssal depths of the internet.

The cool thing about giving an Edible Arrangement as a get well soon gift is that even if they are not feeling up to eating much, it is happy to just sit there looking pretty. It’s like giving flowers that visiting well wishers can snack on. And it’s even healthy to boot!

The gentle, even pressure of a weighted blanket has been proven to reduce anxiety and ease insomnia by lowering the activity of the nervous system and increasing serotonin levels. It may sound like magic, but it’s not. It’s science, which is like magic plus reality. A weighted blanket helps people with anxiety issues, ADHD, autism, chronic stress, and more. It’s like a gentle giant holding you down and saying, “You’re not going anywhere, so you might as well sleep.” Except not nearly as terrifying.

There are a small but important set of emergencies that can only be rectified with a clown nose. This has been demonstrated time and time again in hospitals rooms across the world. Sadly, there’s no money in clown noses, so big pharma keeps us in the dark.

Bonsai is the ancient art of cultivating miniature versions of shrubbery or trees through careful maintenance. Bonsai are sometimes grown for hundreds of years, shaped by different owners over multiple generations. But don’t be intimidated, nobody’s asking your gift recipient to make that kind of commitment. Many people consider growing a bonsai tree to be a highly meditative and spiritual process, and other people just think they look really cool. If you know someone with a green thumb who’s going to be stuck around the house for a while, this could be a great companion.

There’s no better way to wash off the stress and anxiety of a long day than with a bath bomb. Turns out they’re great for healing too. Like aromatherapy and hydrotherapy all rolled into one, bath bombs help soothe and relax aching joints and muscles while infusing the air with the calming, rejuvenating fragrance of essential oils. Anyone recovering from an illness or injury will appreciate some extra pampering on their own time.

Some people talk with their hands, and everyone finds this very annoying and distracting. These socks allow the wearer to talk with their feet, all from the universally non-threatening reclined position. And best of all, unlike when your uncle Giuseppe gets excited, nobody has to worry about losing an eye.

What hard working person has not at one time wished for a warm-blooded giant to place his hands on their shoulders and ease their weary muscles? That was the inspiration behind this cordless neck and shoulder heat wrap. Aches and pains simply melt away under its heavenly influence, and with a maximum temperature of 120 degrees, it reaches the really deep muscles that no giant can soothe without inflicting skeletal injury.

Laughter may be the best medicine, but music is a close second. Or maybe it’s third, because medicine might actually be the best medicine. But if someone you care about is laid up or recovering from something nasty, they’re probably sick and tired of medicine. So that brings us back to music again. And when it comes to the power of choice, nobody holds a candle to Spotify. More music than you can shake a stick at, right at your fingertips. No matter what kind of noise makes them feel good, they’ll find it here.

Everyone knows that idle hands are the devil’s playground. And if they don’t know, they find out soon enough. So fidget toys are kind of like a modern, commercial age anti-Satanic technology, like hanging garlic to ward off vampires. And these toys are for the connoisseurs of fidgeting, those who won’t be satisfied with doing the same pen trick over and over again, or passing their brief hours on this earth playing with a rudimentary fidget spinner. No, the high-end fidgeter requires variety and challenge; these collections offer both.

Zen gardens were created hundreds of years ago to promote tranquility and help with meditation. But not everyone has the space, the patience, or the design acumen to pull off a real Zen garden without making it look like a 7th grade art project. So sometimes it’s best to keep it simple (how Zen, don’t you think?). This mini white sand garden comes with rocks and fake birds that can be arranged in whatever shape the owner pleases, along with two miniature rakes and a tiny broom to create patterns in the sand. Fits right on a desktop or coffee table to provide that little dose of meditative bliss.

They say laughter is the best medicine, and Netflix is crammed full of comedies to help someone in recovery get well faster. But if they would rather watch torture movies and slasher films with people getting disemboweled and whatnot, they’ve got that too. Whatever makes them feel better.

Plants of all kinds are an old standby when it comes to brightening up the atmosphere of a house and making it feel more alive. But sometimes an unresponsive plant is the last thing someone needs when they’re already feeling down. It’s sort of like having a pet that won’t look at you. A ticklish plant curls up and acts real shy when you touch it or blow on it. It’s actually protecting itself, but it’s cuter to project human emotions on it.

Tea has been renowned for its health and healing abilities since ancient times. Of course, so has bloodletting. But don’t worry - unlike cutting someone open, feeding them tea actually works. Most teas are packed with antioxidants and other important nutrients and fancy-sounding compounds that we’ve learned about from Dr. Oz, and many have genuine medicinal applications. And many teas also have flavor and aroma profiles that promote relaxation and relieve stress. It almost sounds too good to be true. But it’s not. Nature is a genius, and here’s her medicine.

Vital organs simply don’t get enough love, and they’re suffering for it. And when our organs suffer, we all suffer. But it’s kind of hard to hug your spleen or whisper sweet nothings to your uterus while you gently stroke it to sleep. Until now, at least. If you know someone who’s got a banged up bladder, a lousy lung, or a hurtin’ heart, give them one of these plush replicas so they can do a little self-care on their own time.

Having to get out of bed to retrieve your favorite stuff is the deepest kind of bummer. And since not everyone has the money to afford a full-time servant, many people are forced to suffer the indignity of placing their bare feet upon the cold, hard floor. This bedside shelf is an ingenious answer to that problem, especially for top bunk dwellers and anyone else for whom a bedside table is not an option. An attractive, eco-friendly, and minimalist way to make sure they have all of their doo-dads, gadgets, and consumables within arm’s reach the moment they wake up.

In reality this translates to, “I’m a hopeless klutz, but nobody thinks I’m important enough to throw someone else down the stairs in my place,” but that would probably take up both sides of the shirt. And part of being a good friend involves making people proud of their shortcomings. This get well gift kind of makes them feel like a badass for busting their sh*t.

Everyone’s heard the phrase, “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.” Typically, this is nothing but a trick used to make the act of backstabbing easier. Luckily, technology being what it is, you almost never have to rely on anybody else anymore. This telescoping back scratcher lets even the most immobile sufferer get to that nasty itch. It’s a get well gift that helps them look out for #1.

It’s nice to have the option to get an endless massage from somebody whose hands never get tired. And you don’t have to worry about being a captive audience to some godawful boring story or suffer through ten minutes of vomit-inducing garlic breath. Machines do it better.

Nobody wants to touch your feet, so stop asking. And we know you don’t want to touch anybody else’s either, so if you want someone’s feet to feel better this is the only ethical choice. And with switchable heat and nonstop movement, this is way better than any human could do anyway. All without the complaining or the feeling of obligation to reciprocate in some way.

When you’re convalescing, you get all kinds of ideas, because you have nothing but time to reflect. First comes a recognition of all the ways you’re being conspired against by family and government entities. Then you finally realize that the animals know more than they’re letting on. You see where this is going. Give them a puzzle book before they do something stupid.

Many scientists consider smell to be the strongest of the human senses, tied up so intimately as it is with emotions and memories. It’s also sometimes the most neglected aspect of the home. You know who we’re talking about. Help that person craft a more sensuous and pleasing atmosphere for everyone who steps inside.

Everyone used to have that one weird friend who would set up a portable swimming pool in the middle of the living room just so they could take a bath and watch TV at the same time. Now technology allows them to bring the TV to the bathtub, not the other way around, in the form of a small tablet. But electronics and water still don’t really mix that well, so you need something like this. Provides space for food, beverages, soap, aromatherapy candles, entertainment, and whatever else they might want within arm’s reach while soaking away their worries.

What if you could only make happy mistakes? That’s kind of what this book is about. A great way to get lost in the practice of creating something in the present, Zentangles allow the user to fill in segments of a picture with whatever pattern they choose. What emerges is a unified creation unlike anything they could have imagined.

If they’ve been laid up recovering for awhile, the best thing to lift their spirits would be to get out and enjoy a little self-indulgence. With a SpaFinder gift card they can pamper themselves with a variety of healing treatments from yoga to massage. It may be just the thing to help them feel like themselves again.

Having a buddy around can be a huge emotional lift. Especially if it’s a buddy who never talks back. Our aquatic cousins make great silent companions, and they’re generally low maintenance. All you have to do is keep them wet and drop some food in every once in a while. They’ve really got a lot going for them. And an aquarium is more than just a fish house - it’s a work of art that the owner can continue adding to as time goes by, augmenting the landscape with new colors and new forms of animal and plant life. A personal miniature universe. Who hasn’t dreamed of that?

A thoughtful gift is a great way to lift the spirits of someone who’s ailing. And an adorable, living, breathing gift is like the apex of “Hope you’re feeling better”. Of all the animals you can realistically keep, a puppy is the probably the purest embodiment of joy and unconditional love. It’s like a little squirming package of face-licking excitement. And sure, a puppy will need more attention than, say, a houseplant, but what it gives back will definitely make it worthwhile. The hard part is going to be not keeping it for yourself.

Research shows that conventional happy pills are barely more effective than placebo, while common sense indicates that this plush doll will be close to 100% effective in lifting the recipient’s mood. And the best part is that they don’t even have to swallow it. Nor should they try. In fact, if they do try, then it’s time to change their medication. We typically never give medical advice, but we thought you should know. With that caveat aside, we wholeheartedly endorse this miracle drug.

A water drawing board is the perfect training ground for letting go - the images you paint on its surface linger for a few moments before gradually fading and disappearing. It’s like the anti-Instagram. But it’s also a reminder that if good things are temporary, then so are suffering, pain, and illness; the perfect message for someone who is ailing. With no pressure to be perfect, this drawing board is pure fun. Just hope they don’t get too attached to it, because…well, that would defeat the purpose.

Our bodies rely on light from the sun to calibrate our internal clock, provide us with energy, and support and regulate our moods. Unfortunately, if you’re stuck inside, you can’t bring the sun inside with you. And if you live in a high-latitude or cloudy area, you’re also screwed. But lucky for all of us, science has made the sun obsolete (almost). A light therapy lamp is a perfect get well gift for someone who needs a convenient emotional or physiological boost while they’re ailing.

Life is all about redefining your vices as positive qualities. In fact, that’s how you become President, if you have the drive to take it that far. But most people prefer to start small, like reframing their nightly glass of wine as something worthy of a prescription. And really, who can argue? It’s a lot cheaper, has fewer side effects, and is actually fun to ingest. And it has culture. Don’t forget about culture.

Chronic pain? Laser that sumbitch! Chronically inflamed tissues are a major cause of discomfort, can impede healing, and often limit function and interfere with everyday activities, not to mention athletic pursuits and other physically demanding hobbies. An LED-powered laser therapy device may just be the magic wand an injured human needs to get back in the game. Set them on the road to success with this medical grade handheld stick of light and wonder.

Hand injuries are a b*tch. And even once the pain is gone, you’ve got to work on getting that appendage back up to normal strength. But that’s not all that TheraPutty is good for. It also relieves stress and serves as a great substitute for that person whose neck you would like to wring, with absolutely no legal ramifications whatsoever. It’s even great for perfectly healthy people with no murderous tendencies, such as athletes who require high levels of hand strength.

Ordinary dudes have lots of doubts about meditation. Sit down and don’t move or think for a long time, and you end up smarter, healthier, and happier? We understand the skepticism. But if you get rid of all the woo-woo, what you’ve got is an astonishingly effective way to relieve stress, recover from injury, improve your mood, and boost your immune system. And best of all, they can do it alone in the dark where nobody will even see them.

Sleep Pod is a first-of-its-kind sleep solution designed around the science of Deep Touch Pressure Therapy that can help you fall asleep faster, and stay asleep longer. Sleep Pod applies a gentle, calming pressure to your entire body, much like a hug. This helps to reduce anxiety and gets you ready for sleep.

Who doesn’t appreciate a hug every once in a while? It may have never occurred to you, but our feet don’t often get the love they need. Well, someone’s feet are going to be in for a real treat now with this pair of custom insoles. Up til now they’ve probably always been crammed into ready-made factory-produced shoes. It’s no wonder they’re getting so ornery. These custom molded insoles fit like a glove (we’d say “like a sock”, but these are light years better than socks), help prevent injuries, and ease foot fatigue and associated pain.

There are lots of gift basket subscriptions out there, but when it comes to sweet, wholesome fruit, who better to turn to than “The Fruit Company”? With plenty of different combinations to choose from, and quality unlike anything you’re going to find at the grocery store, it’s just like planting a magic tree in the backyard and letting it do its thing. Except even a magic tree doesn’t deliver its fruit wrapped up all nice in a basket, and magic trees never think to include some cheese or jam as a bonus. When you think about it, magic trees are actually kind of lame. A fruit subscription is way better.

You could just get them a gift card to a spa or for a massage, but why not go for a more interesting experience like cryotherapy? It’s basically a box you get into to get blasted by ridiculously cold air for a short period of time. Advocates say that the treatment rejuvenates the body and helps repair tissue damage. If your town doesn't have a cryotherapy place yet you could try a bathtub full of ice and a big fan.

Who knew houseplants could be so thoughtful? If you’re still finding it hard to get those three cherished words out, why not hire a bean to say it for you! This clever seedling will bear the weight of emotional expression and work double time to communicate your devotion and passion with vigor and determination. This momentous occasion calls for some creative cultivation!

This is the perfect choice for their bedside reading lamp - a light bulb that actually promotes sleep. Typical bulbs emit a specific type of blue light that suppresses melatonin, but that wavelength of color is filtered out of this bulb that is used by NASA to help astronauts sleep in space.

As any connoisseur of nightwear knows, nothing can ruin a good evening like having to climb into an ice cold pair of pajamas. It’s enough to undo all of the day’s hard-won psychological victories. Conversely, a roasty, toasty pair of pajamas is enough to make one feel like the King or Queen of planet Earth, even at the end of a thoroughly difficult or miserable day. Great for home or travel.

Insomniacs often say they’ve tried everything in order to get to sleep. But in reality, how many insomniacs have ever tried hypnotizing themselves with a pulsating blue light? Well, here’s your chance to call bullsh*t on them. Making use of an age-old meditative technique, the insomniac sleep inducer helps people enter the land of a thousand winks by synchronizing and slowly lowering the frequency of their breathing. After that, it’s nothing but hours of the old snoozy-woozy.

The Shakti Mat is a, acupressure tool that promotes overall health and wellness. It is most commonly used to promote deep sleep, healthy circulation, muscle relaxation, stress relief, relaxation, and overall vitality. When you use The Shakti Mat, thousands of spikes press against your skin and muscles. If you're like most people, you'll find this experience uncomfortable and prickly at first. This will last a few minutes before a tingly sensation similar to deep heat occurs as the area warms. The discomfort then fades, muscles begin to relax, and tension begins to ease. This process can result in feelings of bliss and such deep relaxation that you may nod off to sleep.