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Whether it’s a broken bone, a bad case of typhoid fever, an aggressive toenail fungus, or just a long bout with the blues, everyone falls on hard times. Show them you care with one of these get well gifts, which range from the heartwarming and delicious to the weird. No matter their ailment or personality, we think you’ll find something on this list to raise their spirits.

You and everyone you know can send messages of health and wellness nicely packaged in your choice of custom-made boxes. Flatterbox (a box full of compliments) is a wonderful way to tell them all the good things their friends think about them, and is the perfect way to pick them up when they are down.


One of the worst things about being sick is laying there thinking about all the things that are not getting done while you are unable to do them. Ease some of the worry by rolling up the ol’ sleeves and doing some much needed chores. Let them concentrate on getting better instead of cutting the grass.

The I Love You Bean is just a normal lima bean that you plant in some dirt. You water it and put it in the sun, and you wait for it to sprout. But when it does, the little bean sprout  has the words “I Love You” printed right there on the side. It’s a little bit of get well magic you can grow.

We all have the urge to make chicken soup for a sick loved one, but that’s hard to do if you live hundreds or thousands of miles away. Enter the Spoonful of Comfort. They will deliver a basket containing gourmet soup, bread, cookies, a personalized note, and even a ladle. It’s the next best thing to doing yourself.


Sometimes when you are sick it is hard to think of anything else. A box full of memories of better days might be just the thing to take their mind off feeling bad. Sights, sounds, flavors, and smells could all be included, and it all will help.

Cuddle with the enemy with this box of giant plush microbes. The doctors will do a double take when they see a macro-sized Epstein-Barr Virus on the bed next to a Penicillium chrysogenum bacteria. Fair warning: there’s also a sperm and egg pair.

When someone is recovering from an illness, getting them a bunch of greasy Chinese food is probably not the best idea. But, while they might not be up for eating some General Tso’s chicken, a fancy custom fortune cookie with an inspiring message might be just the thing.

Be careful sending these jars, which are hand-packed with a pair of cupcakes, as a get well soon gift, because it could be counterproductive. We’re not saying they are unhealthy, just that getting these won’t make a sick person want to heal quickly if they think there might be more cupcakes on the way.

The cool thing about giving an Edible Arrangement as a get well soon gift is that even if they are not feeling up to eating much, it is happy to just sit there looking pretty. It’s like giving flowers that visiting well wishers can snack on. And it’s even healthy to boot!

There are a small but important set of emergencies that can only be rectified with a clown nose. This has been demonstrated time and time again in hospitals rooms across the world. Sadly, there’s no money in clown noses, so big pharma keeps us in the dark.

Some people talk with their hands, and everyone finds this very annoying and distracting. These socks allow the wearer to talk with their feet, all from the universally non-threatening reclined position. And best of all, unlike when your uncle Giuseppe gets excited, nobody has to worry about losing an eye.

Remember when you were a kid and the greatest thing you could think of was finding a cheese ball the size of the moon? Somewhere along the line, someone told you that you had to grow out of this phase. It wasn’t a phase dammit. Everyone wants bigger junk food and getting well is the perfect excuse to have some.

They say laughter is the best medicine, and Netflix is crammed full of comedies to help someone in recovery get well faster. But if they would rather watch torture movies and slasher films with people getting disemboweled and whatnot, they’ve got that too. Whatever makes them feel better.

Smell is considered by many researchers to be the most powerful sense. This is bad news the day after your roommate “wins” the chili eating contest at the county fair, but great news if you know how to use aromatherapy to manipulate your mood and create a better atmosphere for relaxation and healing.

In reality this translates to, “I’m a hopeless klutz, but nobody thinks I’m important enough to throw someone else down the stairs in my place,” but that would probably take up both sides of the shirt. And part of being a good friend involves making people proud of their shortcomings. This get well gift kind of makes them feel like a badass for busting their sh*t.

This may sound like a recklessly bold claim, but we have the studies to prove it. We took all the blankets in the world and rubbed them up against a very soft person, then listened to how much they cried. This one elicited a mere whisper.

Everyone’s heard the phrase, “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.” Typically, this is nothing but a trick used to make the act of backstabbing easier. Luckily, technology being what it is, you almost never have to rely on anybody else anymore. This telescoping back scratcher lets even the most immobile sufferer get to that nasty itch. It’s a get well gift that helps them look out for #1.

It’s nice to have the option to get an endless massage from somebody whose hands never get tired. And you don’t have to worry about being a captive audience to some godawful boring story or suffer through ten minutes of vomit-inducing garlic breath. Machines do it better.

Nobody wants to touch your feet, so stop asking. And we know you don’t want to touch anybody else’s either, so if you want someone’s feet to feel better this is the only ethical choice. And with switchable heat and nonstop movement, this is way better than any human could do anyway. All without the complaining or the feeling of obligation to reciprocate in some way.

When you’re convalescing, you get all kinds of ideas, because you have nothing but time to reflect. First comes a recognition of all the ways you’re being conspired against by family and government entities. Then you finally realize that the animals know more than they’re letting on. You see where this is going. Give them a puzzle book before they do something stupid.

What if you could only make happy mistakes? That’s kind of what this book is about. A great way to get lost in the practice of creating something in the present, Zentangles allow the user to fill in segments of a picture with whatever pattern they choose. What emerges is a unified creation unlike anything they could have imagined.

If they’ve been laid up recovering for awhile, the best thing to lift their spirits would be to get out and enjoy a little self-indulgence. With a SpaFinder gift card they can pamper themselves with a variety of healing treatments from yoga to massage. It may be just the thing to help them feel like themselves again.