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Wow, can you believe it’s been ten years already? We sure can’t. Just look at you two. You know what we mean. But there’s a good chance you’re running out of gift ideas faster than the polar ice caps are running out of ice, what with all the birthdays, anniversaries, and other various holidays you’ve run through in your decade together. As usual, we’re here to rescue you from the creative doldrums. With all the work we’ve put in for you, would it be too much to ask you to remember us in your will? Alright, alright; maybe just mention us to your friends.

Life is becoming almost infinitely customizable, so why should jewelry be any different? Think of this as your iJewelry store. Diamond rings don’t exactly come cheap, so why should you have to choose between one ring that has your favorite setting and one that has your favorite diamond? Now you get to tell them which parts to put together, just like at Burger King. The only way you’re going to get more DIY is if you grab a pickax and head out for the mines. And we all know you don’t have time for that.

This delightful find isn’t just for the happy couple who has some scandalous dirt to bury! The 10 year milestone is an ideal moment to designate a sacred spot out back for your very own buried treasure. Fill it with photos and memories of your first 10 years together, and write love letters for each other to open in the future. Fast forward another decade and you can celebrate your twentieth anniversary by digging it up. Imagine the flood of memories and emotions once you crack it open to reveal those cherished reminders of your first years together.

Your first ten years of marriage will have been some of the most memorable years of your life and a trip back to where your journey together started will mark just how far you’ve come. This place will hold a lot of meaning for you both, so what better way to pay tribute to the place where you found your soulmate than to make even more memories there.

We all know the ultimate 10th anniversary gift is diamonds. We also know they're insanely expensive. But a savvy shopper like you understands there are ways around the hefty price tags, like cat burglary or clearance and liquidation sales. When a big retailer like Helzerg Diamonds needs to make room for updated inventory they clear out last year's stock at steep discounts. These clearance sales are a literal gold mine of amazing gifts at "prices so good they're almost a crime", with items marked down thousands of dollars. You get to look like you broke the bank, without actually doing so. And really, who cares if that diamond ring is last year's model. Diamonds are forever right? To make things more tempting, Helzerg offers financing plans as long as 36 months. Click if you dare.

Challenge your spouse to a card game that lasts all week long, as you earn points and reap rewards by performing tasks. Perfect for the couple that loves to compete. Great for game lovers who want to make the mundane fun.

You can go a lot of places together in ten years. Remember those trips with this terrific map of the country or the world. Put pins on the places you went together, and discover the places you want to go next.

One of the coolest - and most unsettling - things about memory is the way that there are incidents that some people remember clearly while other people who were there don’t remember at all. The Rememory Game lets couples revisit all those old memories and discover what they have forgotten, too.

We might live in a digital age, with more photos of ourselves at our disposal than ever, but most of them suck, let’s be honest. And who really wants to browse them all on phone or computer? Why not curate only the best ones and have them printed and bound in book form?

Is our destiny really written in the stars? Get a custom recreation of the sky on the night you met or got married printed and framed. You supply the date and location, and let math and the laws of physics do the rest.

A lot of the time we call the small gestures we make “tokens” of our affection. But what nobody ever points out is that those tokens are basically worthless, like stamped coins from an arcade that closed years ago. Unlike those metaphorical “tokens,” these real metal love tokens can be exchanged for things you actually want. And sometimes what your relationship needs is to re-establish some basic standards, especially after 10 years together. Like, if someone gives you a token, you should be able to spend it on something. Problem fixed.

Your 10th anniversary is a wonderful opportunity to stop fighting for a whole day and express your love anew (unless one of you forgets, and then it’s World War III). But as sweet as anniversaries are, they only take up one three-hundred-sixty-fifth of your time together. Imagine if you could extend that for a whole month. Well, now you can. This romantic jar contains 31 love-soaked messages, so the good feelings just keep on coming. Choose from ready-made sets with heartfelt messages already included, blank cards that you can fill in yourself, or Kindnotes will custom print your personalized set and jar.

Ten years in is a perfect time to start getting serious about your art collection. At this point you know each other’s tastes, and have a good idea of art you can both agree on. So take down those posters and prints and get some real, original works of art you can treasure for decades to come.

Sleep on a visual reminder to say I love you before going to sleep with these charming pillowcases. His and hers pillow cases come together to form a cartoon message of love across the bed. A perfect ten year anniversary gift.

Matching t-shirts and twin bracelets are cute, but they don’t send quite the same message of togetherness that a committed couple should be aiming for. Take yourself off the market definitively with some appearance-altering skin ink. The latest in relationship branding, these companion tattoos add a whole new degree of permanence to the relationship. Be brave and go bold, but make hay while the sun shines, lovebirds—body art looks best on young, supple skin!

These sensuously sweet morsels are a perfect way to start dessert on your ten year anniversary celebration. Huge, glistening strawberries are dipped in smooth, wet chocolate that hardens to envelope their sumptuousness. (If you catch our drift.)

Tell them how much they mean to you in the most tedious way possible with a Personal Love Message Puzzle. Packaged in a personalized box, this puzzle will reveal the message of your choice when all the pieces are finally put in place.

Serenade your spouse with this set of musical wine glasses and then get completely sloshed. The glasses need to have liquid in them to work, so, what are you going to do, just throw all that wine away? No, instead you will make beautiful music together until all the "inspiration" is gone.

An anniversary is typically a time when you take a step back from everyday life to look over the past with an appreciative eye. This dime pendant is a poignant reminder that an anniversary should be about the future too. And there it is, the future, hunkered down in a dark corner, smiling at you and whispering to come a little closer. Don’t worry, it’s not as creepy as it sounds. And you never get to the future anyway. Anniversaries are the perfect time to think about things like this.

There’s no shame in not always having something new to talk about when you’ve been married for ten years. You basically share a brain at this point.  This box of provocative questions can help you get out of the rut, and start talking about the big stuff again.

Ten years of marriage is something to be proud of every single morning. It is not always easy to stay together, but we think it is worth it. Commemorate the accomplishment with a mug that makes clear exactly how long of a slog it has been.

The Flatterbox is a custom box of beautifully printed cards, each with a discrete message to the recipient. Think of a good memory from the past ten years of marriage. Type that in as a card. Do that fifty times. That’s a pretty cool gift, right?

Go ahead and cook up a homemade meal or even make your own DIY anniversary card for that memorable five-year affair, but do yourself a favor and leave the handcrafted jewelry making to the professionals! Adorn your beloved with an exceptionally well-crafted, custom-made piece that will distinctly brand her as yours. Resist the flash of those strategically placed department store jewels and opt for something a little less in your face and a lot more symbolic.

Sure, this is a great idea. We love hot air balloons. It’s just that balloon-hits-power-line type accidents always seem to happen to people doing stuff like celebrating their tenth anniversary, you know? We’re sure you’ll be fine. But maybe do this on a just a random day, ok?

Here’s the grown up version of the coupons you used to give your mother for her birthday when you were a kid without any money, except these are professionally printed and bound into a book! Also, some of the coupons might be a little naughty.

Piece together the place it all began with the a custom printed photo  jigsaw puzzle of the where you first met your spouse of ten years. They’ll be delighted to discover the image of your special spot and the puzzle pieces fit together as well as the two of you do.

Better late than never, right? The Love Game was was scientifically designed to make two people fall in love. That might seem like a weird gift to give for a ten year wedding anniversary, but it will look like a genius move on the off chance that it actually works!

Last anniversary you stayed with Uncle Phil and Aunt Lisa on their pig farm in South Carolina because it was “only a couple of hours from Myrtle Beach.” Some people mean well but need a little guidance. Save your marriage by nudging your spouse toward proper lodging with a gift card from

Being married for an entire decade is worth getting a big head over, so what could be more perfect than getting the happy couple a pair of one of a kind custom bobbleheads dolls to celebrate their ten year anniversary?

For when you want random people on the beach to know the day and year two complete strangers who walked past mere minutes before tied the knot, there’s these. Inexplicably leave sand impressions of your anniversary that wet but not too wet beach sand with these fine flops.

The reason that Han Solo’s, “I know,” in response to that declaration of her love from Princess Leia right before he gets frozen in carbonite is such a great line is not because Han Solo is selfish; it’s because he’s comforting her, letting her know that he knows how she feels. Now In cufflinks.

A fitting gift for your tenth anniversary teddy bear. This Giant Gummy Bear weighs five pounds, but looks exactly like its miniature and far more common cousins. We’re pretty sure you’ll gain more than five pounds if you eat the whole thing, somehow.

Entice them into the shower with this luscious bar of chocolate soap. Turn your ten year anniversary bath into a fudge packed wonderland as this brown bar of soap lathers with the aroma of the finest Belgian chocolatiers. Come clean about your love for chocolate with this gift.

Rose Gold Anatomical Heart Pendant - It doesn’t open up to reveal a pair of tiny pictures, but it is an interesting sight just the same. This anatomically correct heart pendant in rose gold looks like true love to us. Forget symbolism, and make your 10 year anniversary gift about what is real, and what is true, because that is what your love is.

You should probably know them quite well by now, but if they’re a little indecisive about what they want (or if you should have been paying a little more attention) a shopping spree is an excellent way to make sure that they get a gift that they love almost as much as they love you. And if the idea of shopping doesn’t thrill you, at least you’ll know their favorite shops for next year, even if the knowledge comes with a credit card bill.

Bigger is not necessarily better and one exquisite bloom proves, hands down, that less really is more. What better way to express your eternal adoration for the love of your life than with this delicate, yet fiery rose, gently tucked into its own little keepsake box. A tender and poetic gesture of unwavering loyalty, this unforgettable present could start a whole new love story.

When was the last time you slow danced in the aisles with your loved one? Maybe a high-octane jam session with your favorite cover band will get the old pitter-patter going again. Whatever the affair, this glorious occasion calls for some extended handholding even if it all goes down in the best nosebleed seats in the house. Don your finest threads for a show-stopping evening of unforgettable merrymaking. Love is about to take center stage!

It’s not uncommon to hear people say that they love the very bones of their husband or wife but we think you can do even better than that and show them you love them right down to the last cell. These cute little plush toys are perfect for any budding biologist or anyone who really doesn’t mind explaining to any guests why there’s a cuddly sperm cell sitting on their bed!

You’ve managed to waltz your way through your first ten years of marital bliss so make sure you’re keeping to the right rhythm as you foxtrot into your future together. Whether you’re practicing a smooth samba or a sexy salsa, dancing lessons are a fantastic way to make sure you’re in perfect sync and you don’t miss a beat.

Go ahead and raise the thrill factor in your relationship this anniversary season. A lightning round of skee ball, a neck-snapping spin on the bumper cars, and a hell-raising run on a roller coaster should do the trick! You’ll both be grinning from ear to ear from the moment you step into the magical land of non-stop diversion. Share a banana split, float to the top of the Ferris wheel and let go of everything but your sweetheart’s hand!

Bronze casting, like marriage, is an ancient tradition. Now you can combine the two with one of these lovely sculptures depicting couples in love. With proper care, a marriage should last forever. A bronze sculpture should as well, with even less care.

After 10 years, you may get the urge to ship your mate off to Siberia. It’s a much better idea to redirect those frustrations and draft an itinerary for a joint excursion that the two of you can enjoy … together! Whether it’s a grand adventure to a distant continent or a simpler road trip perusing local haunts and treasured nooks, embarking on a commemorative journey will breathe new life into your relationship and help remind you why you’re still together!

Commemorate your 10th anniversary sci-fi style with this amazing 3D laser sculpted portrait. Just pick your favorite wedding photo and have these wizards turn it into a crystal encased hologram-style portrait. It’ll be just the thing to put on the bookshelf of your spaceship someday.

Having a gourmet dinner on your 10th anniversary is always a solid plan, but things can get rather awkward in a crowded restaurant when the happy couple starts playing footsie and getting handsy. No need to “get a room!” if the chef comes to you, however.


Feeling ambitiously romantic? Pleasing to the eye and your beloved’s sweet tooth, this anniversary gift may take another ten years to perfect, but they’ll earn you some brownie points that will take your relationship standings off the charts. If you can pull off these confectionery delicacies, you’ll be walking the Julia Childs hall of fame for the remainder of your married life.

Just as the sun rises and sets with each passing day, so too does your heart beat continuously for the love of your life. Mark the hours, days and years that frame out the eternal bond between you and your partner with this enduring timepiece. Ponder your everlasting connection with a timeless symbol that will anchor your relationship for years to come and add meaning and soul to your outdoor space.

Going grocery shopping together on a Friday night doesn’t quite cut it after ten monotonous years of monogamy. Hitting up the exotics aisle might feel like a walk on the wild side, but you’re going to have to add in a bit more spice than that! Test the boundaries of the relationship with an impulsive, fearless outing that just might reveal some hidden sides of yourself and your mate and elevate the intimacy factor.

Celebrate your 10th anniversary by getting plastered, but do it the classy way! This lovely keepsake box made from Aspen and Baltic birch wood fits three bottles of your choice of wine in separate compartments. Theoretically, you would drink these on three different occasions, but… well. You know how things go.

Make sweet love in the morning with the Heart Shaped Waffle Maker. Drizzle maple syrup all over these curvaceous waffles, and deliver them to your love on the morning of your ten year anniversary (and the morning after).

Why delay such an appropriately lavish anniversary gift for another 40 years? Make it crystal clear to your honey boo that you struck gold the moment your paths crossed. A dazzling expression of your unwavering devotion, this over-the-top gesture will remind her of her priceless worth and ageless radiance. Besides, it’s a wise investment just in case the tides of love ever decide to go back out to sea!

Once you’ve been together a while, you’ll probably want to inject a little of the excitement of randomness into your date nights. This is a great way to do that, albeit with parameters that you set yourself by filling out your own date night activities, instead of leaving it up to someone you’ve never met and whose mental state you can’t realistically vet. You’re in this for the long haul - don’t let date night become another boring ritual.

How about a little al fresco dining to ring in anniversary year number six? Heck, you could launch a mini outdoor café with this loaded bag of dinnerware! Throw in some fresh farm-to-picnic-blanket fare and the two of you love birds will be enjoying a romantic meal under the early evening stars without the hassle of having to make reservations or getting dressed to the nines.

You will have made so many memories during the first 10 years of your marriage and this personalized frame will help you remember them all. You can choose which photos to include together or just choose the ones you want to include within your own name, which is a great idea unless one of you has a much longer name than the other, in which case we encourage a celeb-style blended moniker. Think, ‘Brangelina’ or, ‘Bennifer’.

Marimos are little fluffy balls of aquatic moss native to Japan (because of course they are) that you can keep as a pet. They can live a long time if properly cared for – like 100 years – and in rare cases grow in the shape of a heart. The rare 10th anniversary gift that can outlive a marriage.

Get in the “spirit” of rip-roaring romance and roll out the barrel of fun this anniversary season. This ten-year soiree needs none other than an in-home distillery that will keep the party chugging for as long as the liquor needs to reach peak perfection. Give your seasoned relationship the respect it deserves with this mature refreshment choice.

Our feathered friends have a thing or two to teach us about relationships, don’t you think? Flitting about joyously, seemingly undistracted by their surroundings, yet attune to their mate’s needs, these lifelong companions give new meaning to the word commitment and remind us humans of how rewarding and essential loving companionship should be. Decorate your own nest this anniversary season with some harmonious inspiration and watch your loving union take flight!

These personalized wedding posters done up in a classic art style are unique, eye catching, and full of charm. A wedding is a one of a kind event, so why commemorate it the same way everyone else does? Hark to the past and celebrate the present at the same time.

This may very well be the only chance you’ll ever get to have your name plastered on a street sign … unless of course you become obscenely famous. Live out that landmark fantasy while also publicizing your love life to random passersby. Stake out that well-earned relationship territory and don’t forget to mind the rules of the road as you cruise along Marriage Boulevard for the next few decades.

A single red rose is a token gesture when you’re trying to win someone’s heart. Now you have that as well as their hand in marriage, it’s time to upgrade your flower game and we think this does the job. This crystal rose is not only beautiful, it will last all the way until your next anniversary, and the one after that and hopefully the one after that, so you never have to buy flowers again.

Work your way through the alphabet describing your love and admiration with 26 prompts, one for each letter. If you’re looking for a way to express your feelings in a heartfelt, personalized gift but need a little push in the right direction, this book is a godsend. The prompts may be prewritten, but this book is sure to be filled with your own personality by the time you complete it.


It’s easy to see why old romantic gestures are getting less and less common now in the digital age of social media, it’s quicker to text than it is to phone and more convenient to email than to write. We think that makes a love letter all the more special. We bet there’s not an emoji to capture how delighted they’ll be to receive such a loving and thoughtful gift.

We don’t know many people who wouldn’t appreciate being ‘wined and dined’ and we can’t think of a better occasion to treat your beloved to a 5-star dinner than your 10th anniversary. Not only will they get to appreciate some world-class cuisine, it also means that neither of you have to do the dishes.

Engage in a healthy feeding frenzy with your better half for your 10th anniversary. This tower of antioxidant power is loaded with lip-smacking goodness that will nourish the body from head to toe and fuel your honey bun’s soul. Remind your mate of just how much you care about their well-being with this colorful, nutrient-rich bouquet that will please every one of their five senses!

There’s always room for a little nostalgia while swilling back a cold one or savoring another glass of wine. Personalized, hand-engraved couples glasses remind you of when you met that special someone who you’re now metaphysically fused with, for better or for worse. Celebrate the passage of time with every sip.

It’s our theory that married couples don’t really tire of each other, they just tire of seeing each other in the same place for years at a time. A brief change of scenery can do wonders, but the cost of travel can be so prohibitive. Help take the financial worry out of a romance-reigniting vacation with a Hilton gift card.

This is a lima bean that, when it pushes out from the dirt in which it was planted, says “I love you.” on the beansprout. It’s cute, but pretty tiny. So we were thinking that if you got ten of these it might be more impressive. It’ll be like starting a garden.

Married couple decides to go on vacation for their 10 year anniversary, finds quaint lodging belonging to complete stranger for a price that seems too good to be true. In the movies, they get hacked to pieces. So here’s one way you can be happy that real life never ends up like the movies. In real life, they just have a great time and never stay in a hotel again.

You’ll never run out of reasons to want to get away. How about this: the people around you are driving you crazy and you want to be alone with the person you promised to spend the rest of your life with somewhere far away where nobody else knows you. Guess what? Your partner feels that way too. Give them a gift card for airfare and let them pick the perfect destination to celebrate your 10th anniversary.

Shaking the 8-ball might suffice when you’re fifteen, but mature folks like yourselves need a soothsayer with a tad more wisdom under their belt. Mark this year’s anniversary with a bagful of prophetic goodies that will reveal some delightful predictions and quirky forecasts of your future together. Deliciously convincing, these classic fortune tellers will add a crunchy sprinkle of fun and uncertainty to this momentous occasion!