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Gardening is a pastime of the masses. An ancient art that takes us back to our roots. There’s nothing better than enjoying the fruits of one’s own labors, literally speaking. But without the right tools, you’ll end up with little more than some dirt under your fingernails, a few meager morsels for the rabbits to steal, and maybe an aching back to boot. And while you can’t buy a green thumb, you can at least help save a poor soul from sabotaging their own efforts with the wrong equipment. We’ve compiled the best gardening gifts for anyone on your list, from total beginner to seasoned pro. Success in the fine art of backyard cultivation starts here.

They say a good craftsman never blames his tools. However, if you buy a gardener cheap handheld pruning shears instead of a high-end pair like these classic FELCO 2 pruners, they might be justified in blaming the person who bought them the tools. These are the industry standard for cutting through shrubbery, trimming small tree branches, clipping flowers, and other delicate pruning tasks. Like chocolate and watches, the Swiss just seem to know how to make the best hand pruners. Must be something in the water.

The earth is tough, especially when one wishes to coax edible fruits and vegetables from its gravelly loins. That just means that the gardener must commit to being even tougher. But sheer determination is not enough — the gardener must also bring the right tools to the job. A traditional soil knife is indispensable for digging out the roots and weeds that wish to invade a finely cultivated garden, robbing nutrients like a thief in the night and spoiling the cultivator’s hard work. This is the tool of choice for fighting back.

Hey, accidents happen. There’s no shame in letting loose every once in a while. But when you do, it’s great if that extra leakage can nourish another living being instead of just causing embarrassment. This t-shirt is an ideal way for a friend, associate, or enemy to signal that they are judicious and purposeful with their sprinklings. The perfect gift for anyone who spends a little too much time talking to the greenery. After all, if anyone is renowned for their appreciation of bathroom humor, it’s gardeners.

Some will tell you that gardening is all about getting your hands dirty. These are people who love torn fingernails and sepsis. So it goes without saying that you should disregard every last word they utter. In truth, gardening gloves are an absolute necessity. These nitrile-coated gloves are durable, comfortable, easy to clean, and may even give you telepathic powers. See, if you had been wearing these gloves, you would have known we were about to make an outrageous claim. Or would you?

You might think that because your 90 year old neighbor Ethel gardens all day, that must mean it’s easy. But don’t be fooled — Ethel’s a beast. Gardening is crazy hard on the joints, which makes a good, thick, durable kneeling pad a real life saver. This essential gardening implement is one of the secrets to increasing productivity and enjoyment while tilling the bountiful earth. And after all, there’s nothing wrong with kneeling in the dirt — but it should be a choice, not a requirement.

Occasionally it’s necessary to pull out the heavy artillery. In this way, gardening is much like war — a righteous war against nature’s own destructive impulses. Hand pruners may be fine for flowers and delicate shrubbery, but eventually every gardener is going to run into more robust intrusions like thick roots, or they’re going to need to take out a hearty tree branch here and there. A pruning saw is the tool of choice for such intense encounters.

This telescoping hedge trimmer provided the best cutting performance in evaluations by the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute. Its removable 20-volt lithium-ion battery drove a dual-action 20" hardened steel blade at 1,300 strokes per minute to easily cut through branches up to 5/8" diam., far superior to other units that required multiple passes. The Best unit also had the quickest charge time at just over an hour and delivered an hour of continuous use. It has a 10-position pivoting head, rotating handle, and a telescoping shaft that lets you easily reach under and above bushes up to 12' tall.

Any gunslinger worth his salt will tell you — a well-made holster can be the difference between life and death. It’s no different in the garden. Comfort, convenience, and durability are the key factors here. After all, it’s no use having fine tools if you aren’t keeping them safe, secure, and close at hand. Because in the wild uncharted corners of the backyard garden, you never know when you’ll need to draw at a moment’s notice. Best to stay fast and loose, gardener.

Once you’ve used a TubTrug, you know that only fools are content to use a common bucket. The TubTrug is flexible, washable, bendable, ergonomic, and insanely durable. Not to mention they come in a pleasing array of colors to fit any mood or personality. Perfect for anything from carrying a buttload of gardening tools to lugging a sweet harvest back to the house, these brilliant, simple little hand haulers prove that buckets are for bozos.

No garden is truly complete until it’s regularly visited by the strange, ephemeral presence of the wild butterfly. And butterflies are fickle creatures, flitting from one place to another for no apparent reason. But one thing they can’t pass up is a sponge full of good old butterfly nectar. That and the color yellow. Now that you know everything there is to know about butterfly psychology, this seems like a pretty obvious purchase, doesn’t it?

This clever rain gauge uses the principle of buoyancy to make it super easy to take a quick precipitation reading. As the copper tube fills up, the plastic gauge rises to show the user how many inches of sweet, quenching water has fallen upon the garden and infused the thirsty foliage with the nectar of life. A stylish and practical way for an observant gardener to avoid wasting water or drowning the crap out of their carefully cultivated stock.

With worldwide bee populations dwindling, competition for pollination services is at an all-time high. Gone are the days where you could just plant a few flowers and expect the bees to show up and be grateful for the work. And believe us, the bees know they have us bent over a barrel. If you’re not going to offer up something extra, like free housing, they’ll just go on to the next garden. This mason bee bottle provides swanky bee digs that even the pickiest pollinators can’t pass up.

There are other garden kneeling pads out there, just like there are other gardening stools. But this is the Rolls Royce of the garden seating world. Its ingenious reversible design means all they have to do is flip it over to go from kneeling to sitting or vice versa. The two large, detachable tool pouches make it easy to keep all of their tools close at hand. And when they’re done, the stool folds up flat for easy storage. This thing basically does everything except cook you dinner.

Being a gardener requires a unique mix of thought, planning, TLC, and elbow grease to get the right results. And once it’s time to reap the fruits of all that hard work, the hope is that a veritable cornucopia of fresh goods comes rolling forth from every corner of the well-cultivated land. And if so, they don’t want to be caught there trying to gather it all up in their arms like an idiot. Better to have a handsome, finely constructed carryall to tote the bounty back to the homestead.

Something plants have always wondered: why do people hang pictures of them on the wall, when they could put real ones there? Ask no more, green ones, because inside this stylish frame, you're living works of art. This modern shelf (in two sizes) will keep houseplants or kitchen herbs thriving, even when there's not much natural light. Your kitchen garden can hang right above the counter, or use the smaller, vertically oriented version for a single fern or aloe, to make a cozy bathroom nightlight.

The Little Burro is a wheelbarrow accessory that can hold up to 80 pounds. There are compartments for long handle tools, short handle tools, drinks, and a water-resistant compartment and pockets for your personal items, e.g., cell phone, sunglasses, gardening gloves, etc. It can also carry a flat of flowers, a five-gallon bucket and a two-by-four. The Little Burro was selected to represent Virginia in a showcase of made-in-America products at the White House, which led to an appearance on Fox & Friends. At the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, it won best new product (out of 11,000 products).