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Let’s not kid each other. We know what this one’s all about. But before you go and buy them a bottle of cheap liquor or a case of Natural Light, consider that they can now legally experience the thrill of doing that themselves. Let’s try to be a little more creative here. We’ve compiled a list of the best gifts to help them celebrate the last birthday they’ll ever look forward to.

Perhaps your old-time flask was made to be discreet. But we believe that the size of your flask should be determined by the occasion, not by your desire to remain anonymous in your drinking. These days, no one wants to bother trying to hide their vices. And if there was ever a time for someone you know to let it rip, it’s on their 21st birthday party. This only happens once. Why would they want to remember it?


For a truly memorable 21st birthday, why not give them a bouquet of something they actually want? The chance to win the lottery and retire early to travel the world in a super yacht! Plus, if they win, they’re sure to share their millions with you, right? Right?? Jon, can you hear me, you seem to be sailing in the other direction…?

This is a great gift for a 21st birthday because they're young, and to be honest, because they're probably about to erase a bunch of memories and brain cells with Jägerbombs. But that's okay. It will make opening this in 50 years that much more surprising.

We can’t emphasize this enough: you ride the motorized cooler full of drinks to the party, you drink its contents, and then you WALK it back home. Nobody wants to be the guy on the news who got arrested for drunk driving an empty cooler. So stay safe.

This bar service holds 4 bottles, glasses, and includes a foldout tray. It also appears to be a full size suit of armor, the kind you might see chasing Shaggy through a haunted castle. It’s a fun way to display a liquor collection, and may be useful during hand-to-hand combat.

Twenty-one is old enough to drown the sorrow of losing it all in the stock market with a bottle of cheap booze. Get them started on the path to rock bottom, not by buying them the bottle, but by giving them their first shares of stock, and thereby setting them off down the path of inevitable financial ruin that comes from gambling hard earned money on stocks.

Mixing cocktails is both an art and a science. This 21st birthday gift idea embraces that fact and throws some random chance in just to keep it interesting. Roll the dice to get a combination of ingredients, then use the included book to get the right ratios to avoid crapping out.

Sure, it will be strange when you have to get that cheek swab from them without them knowing what you’re up to, but it will all make sense when you reveal this birthday portrait that showcases their unique DNA. Or you could just give them the DNA collection kit as the gift if that’s easier. Or just swab your dog. They’ll never know the difference.

Money is a slippery commodity. Much like a wet fish, if you don’t handle it just right it’s bound to squirt out of your hands, never to be seen again. However, there’s a lot of solid advice available on this front. You just have to know where to look. The important thing is that you get this good advice in the hands of a new investor before they go monkeying around in the markets and end up with empty pockets and egg on their face. A beginner’s guide to investing from a credible source is a great way to start.

Beer pong and flip cup are old beer guzzling classics, but the generous space requirements make them off-limits for so many gatherings. Starting now, that all changes. These mini versions of the venerable frat house games may be small, but the way they test your fine motor skills presents a large challenge indeed. Set up shop on a coffee table, desk, floor, or any other available area, and see who has the nerves of steel required to perform under pressure.

All that advice about water and sleep is minor league stuff. You probably heard that from your mom, right after she told you that if you keep making that face it’s going to stick that way. A hangover requires science. And science is best consumed in small capsules, unless you’re really smart and prefer reading. Luckily for the person you’re buying these for, someone did all the learning already. Buy these hangover pills, and then help your friend abuse their organs with a clear conscience.

By age 21 a person will hopefully have read enough to have a treasured favorite book. In our digital era, however, books have become more disposable than ever, which is why a lovely first edition copy can be so special. Bonus points if the book is actually good.

You don’t necessarily have to buy a copy in order to play this classic drinking game, but if you don’t want the conversation to be all about sex the whole time it is not a bad idea to have some cards with other experiences. Get this gift for that cousin you want to drink with, but not know too much about.

Traditional shot glasses are durable and convenient, but you can’t eat them. That’s just a fact. Don’t try it; many people have, and they’re all dead. This machine breaks the mold by replacing glass with cookies (the best ideas are always stupid obvious). Jello shots are no longer the undisputed champion of the alcohol kingdom.

If they don’t know how to do these things by now, chances are they’re too embarrassed to ask. How to change a tire? How to make scrambled eggs? How can any self-respecting person ask these questions and not be mocked? Give them this book on the sly, and you could save them from their hidden shame.

There are plenty of books full of useful and wholesome tips for life that you could give someone for their 21st birthday. That’s easy to find. And a little boring; let’s be honest. This book is different. It might not come in quite as handy, but it’s a lot more fun.

When you were a kid, your mom probably told you not to sit so close to the TV — at least, if you were born way back before parents gave up on that sort of thing. Well, here is the Oculus Go, designed to be the ultimate in sticking it to your parents. It’s also the perfect gift for someone who loves big screen movies but hates sitting next to other people. Pretty much the most immersive personal entertainment system available, designed for people who want to be in the movie, not just watch it.

Every birth is an incomprehensible miracle, and it’s a shame that we only allocate a single day to celebrate each one. Seems kind of lazy when you think about it. With Kindnotes, you can keep those good vibes coming for an entire month. Thirty-one little envelopes, each with a tiny note containing thoughts of inspiration, appreciation, and love. They’ll never get tired of opening these up every day and being reminded of how great they are. Choose from ready-made sets with messages already included, blank cards that you can fill in yourself, or Kindnotes will custom print your personalized set and jar.

We can’t think of a more fun gift for a summertime 21st birthday than this kit that turns a watermelon into a drink dispensing keg. Pair this gift with the melon and bottle of booze, then sit back and watch them immediately put it to refreshing use.

Social media is everywhere. It’s where we get our news, our gossip and how we stay in touch with friends. It also plays host to some of our best memories and golden moments. Pick your friend’s best 140 characters of the year, whether it’s hilarious or embarrassingly awful, and get it framed for them to remember forever. It’s even better than going viral.

These are the sorts of mishaps that you would expect to find in a Salvador Dali landscape - bullets, shark teeth, poker chips, starfish, and other assorted items lodging themselves in the sides of fully-formed drinking glasses. These glasses are the perfect way to help fill out a surrealist’s bar cabinets and unique way to tell someone that life is about to get very weird.

After a hard day of playing video games and dreaming about what to do with their lives, planning dinner can seem like a real chore to many 21 year olds. With a click of your mouse, you can take away that problem for weeks on end. They’ll enjoy the flavors of the world and discover new recipes without the hassle of decision-making.

Any table can be turned into a beer pong table with this Portable Ping Pong set. Add a case of beer and some cups, and you’ve got the perfect 21st birthday gift idea for anyone who likes a little friendly competition with their sloppy fun.

21 year-olds don’t need fancy furniture. They move around a lot, they’re messy, they don’t have much money, and they like to party, so furniture can be a liability. Help them embrace that lifestyle in comfort with this giant beanbag chair. It’s the perfect place to crash.

When there’s no time for brewing a pot of coffee before that 8am class, there’s GoCubes Chewable Coffee. This 21st birthday gift idea will help them chase the cobwebs from the night before away without slowing them down. We recommend buying a whole case of these.

These gorgeous hand-carved shot glasses may resemble pink marble, but they’re actually made from real Himalayan salt, which is renowned for both its purity and its mineral density. But the real reason that a partier will want these is because they help to make mouthfuls of tequila go down easier. As a bonus, they won’t have to worry about spilling salt on the floor and feeling it stick to the bottom of their feet for the next two weeks.

Everyone who grew up during the golden age of game shows dreamed of one day standing atop the glorious Plinko board, dropping metal biscuits and watching them bounce earthward in the direction of a richer destiny. But since few will ever experience that magnificent moment, we have a smaller, more realistic version for the drinkers of the world. This is Plinko for the people, and we call it Drinko. Because if they can’t end up richer at the end of the day, at least they can end up drunker.

There are a lot of books out there that TELL you how to do things, but this book SHOWS you as well. With hundreds of easy-to-follow illustrations, Show Me How: 500 Things You Should Know - Instructions for Life from the Everyday to the Exotic is a gift they’ll treasure for years to come.

They could be related to Genghis Khan, Cleopatra, Chuck Norris, and Batman… Probably not that last one. But you can’t prove it. Now you can either both spend your lives wondering, or you can finally understand where that fixation with roundhouse kicks came from. The choice is yours.

Classic cocktails don’t really move much, don’t make any noise, and basically come in two colors: clear and brown. This is a primary reason that the old world was intolerably boring. A modern cocktail master knows how to tantalize all the senses. And now you don’t even have to know what you’re doing to create dramatic visual effects with your beverage: just put one of these in it.

Turning 21 doesn’t have to be all about alcohol. It can be a birthday that at once celebrates the innocence of childhood while looking forward to the sophistication of adulthood. At least that’s what you should tell them when they ask you why you gave them this shiny metal dog balloon for their birthday.

Back in the old days you were really rolling the dice when you chose a hotel. Either you called blindly after skimming the phone book or simply drove all night and hoped you saw a vacancy sign before you ran out of gas and got murdered by a vagrant. A gift card is not just a way of picking up the tab for a night’s stay; it’s also the priceless gift of peace of mind.

Good and bad are always subjective, an eternal truth reinforced by these confusingly labeled shot glasses. They’re also primarily determined in retrospect, which means the moment of decision is not the time to worry about such trivial concepts anyway. A very philosophical 21st birthday gift for someone entering the most philosophical phase of life.

Someone entering adulthood right now is young enough that most of the pictures from their childhood are likely to have been taken digitally. There’s a good chance they’ve only ever seen these pictures on screens. Print the good ones in a book to give them a tangible reminder of their early days.

Literature and booze have long been intertwined in an unholy alliance of sorts, but this book-shaped flask container takes that tradition and makes it into a real-life, physical metaphor. And unlike most metaphors, this one can help you get drunk on the sly. What looks like an innocuous, nondescript book - the kind filled up with words and ideas and whatnot - is nothing but a devious ploy to camouflage a secret stash of the old firewater. Oh, the devilry they’ll get away with now.


As far as 21st birthday gifts go, this one really takes the cake. If the birthday girl you know will likely end up like Barbie here on the night of her party, then it’s probably best to make sure she has something on her stomach, and cake may have to do. This foreboding birthday cake is fun to create and will help soak up a few of those tequila shots.

Let’s get one thing straight right now: sh*t is f*ucked up and bullsh*t. And we have to live with that. Pretending that everything is sunshine and rainbows can keep a person happy for a while, but in the long run it is better to call it what it is. This book does that.

The world’s largest hangover calls for the world’s largest cup of coffee, and this giant mug is just the thing for that. This beast, weighing in at over 8 pounds empty and with an 11 inch diameter, can hold up to 20 regular-sized cups of coffee. It’ll do the trick and then some.

For the alternative 21-year-old who’ll try anything once, why not pop them in a local isolation tank and deprive them of their senses for an hour or so, see what happens? It might make them feel super relaxed and chilled-out about getting a year older. Or, it might just make them feel lucky to be alive when you finally let them out!


Show your appreciation and love symbolically and financially at the same time. What lasts longer in a 21 year old's hands: a dozen roses, or a dozen wads of cash? We’re betting on the former, but now you can find out.

Help reinforce good choices by giving a young person this hilarious version of the world’s most famous death game. Just load up a water balloon and pass the pistol around the table, then wait to see who gets soaked.

Even if you can afford a real Banksy piece, chances are a giant slab of concrete is not going to be all that well received. Enter the modern day miracle of plastic. Make it look like their house was visited by one of the most famous identity-unknown humans to ever walk the earth. Because after all, are you sure it wasn’t?

One day soon, artificial intelligence is going to be a reality, and the machines are going to take everything. Until then, you might as well get as much out of these bastards as you can. Here’s a robot who will make fully-customizable drinks until he knows better.

It used to be the only way to smell like your favorite alcohol was to get so drunk it came out of your pores. Although a few people have probably tried using whiskey as cologne, too. Thank god someone finally came up with a better solution. Beer soap uses real craft beer ingredients to make rich, fragrant soap that not only smells great but nourishes your skin with natural vitamins and nutrients.

They’re bound to have a lot of questions as they turn 21 and however existential they turn out to be, we’re sure that Alexa will do her best to answer them. The Amazon Echo is a clever household helper that can tell you what the weather is going to be like tomorrow or the baseball score. It probably won’t be able to give them the secret to eternal youth, though it may be worth a shot.

Everyone wanted to be a spy at some point, so whether your 21-year-old is a budding Jason Bourne or a James Bond-to-be, why not get them started with a collection of spy secrets from a former CIA agent? Just as a side note, we are not responsible for any booby traps you fall foul of as a result of the recipient reading this book.

Social standards are always changing, and these days a gentleman takes off his beard when he enters a building. Ladies too. It’s so much easier to do when that beard is attached to a hat. Don’t let him be that embarrassing guy eating at a nice restaurant with his damn beard on.

Save your favorite 21-year-old the indignity of walking back and forth from the couch to the kitchen for a beer. We put a man on the moon for God’s sake. Hand-made by Amish craftsmen and built to last for generations, this is no flimsy Walmart furniture. Class out the wazoo.

If there’s anything that can make wine taste better, it’s a little frustration. If you think life in our rapid-delivery consumer culture is just a bit too easy, then teach someone a valuable lesson on their 21st birthday, by making them work more than they anticipated for their reward. You’re not only giving the world’s oldest artisan beverage, you’re helping develop life skills.

Alright, enough pussyfooting around. Are you gonna open that damn bottle or not? This authentic 50 caliber shell will definitively end the standoff with any stubborn bottle cap, no matter how strong a fight it’s willing to put up. The Bottle Breacher is made by and supports veterans, and might pique the interest of an ex-military or historically-minded recipient. Using an actual bullet to crack open a well-deserved beer at the end of the day is surely a much nicer use for it than originally intended.

Think of what the coolest cooler would be like. It would keep drinks cold, obviously, but it would also do other stuff too, right? Like play music on a splash-proof Bluetooth speaker, have a built-in blender that can crush ice, and even be able to charge your phone. That’s why this cooler is called the Coolest, and it is just that.

Celebrate their roots with one of these insanely comfortable t-shirts to remind them where they’re from. A great antidote to homesickness and scratchy-clothing syndrome. And if someone should find them drunk and unresponsive on the front lawn, they’ll know approximately where to send them.

If you know a 21-year-old who is fed up of drinking average coffee, give them some s**t coffee to drink instead. Kopi Luwak coffee is unique in that it’s made from African animal droppings, though we’d maybe tell them that after they’ve drunk it and realized how good it tastes.

The senses of smell and taste are highly correlated. Of course, smelling books is highly correlated with general weirdness, but in this case it’s alright, because that’s what this book was made for. A great introduction to what you’re supposed to be noticing on the way to inebriation, perfect for a wine beginner, or for someone who’s trying to make the tough leap from the box to the bottle.

As they flow through life, there are many things that they might not have quite got the answers to, and they may very well be in this book. And even if they’re not, what better gift is there than the gift of knowledge? After all, older means wiser. This is a brilliant and comedic insight into some modern and not-so-modern processes which will provide them with hours of fun and a lifetime of useless knowledge.

Do you know someone who’s always in search of the perfect hot sauce? Well, maybe the answer is to let them make their own. This kit allows you to experiment with different pepper, spice, and vinegar combinations until you find the holy grail of hotness. No more excuses, just hot pepper perfection.

If you’re looking for a 21st birthday gift that’s completely out of this world and will last a lifetime, this is it. And if they’re not over the moon that they get to possess their own little patch of the night sky, it may be worth reminding them of how young they are compared to their twinkling namesake.

Admittedly, this is kind of a niche gift. But somehow, inexplicably, this has become a giant niche. Fans of the animated sitcom - as well as the associated blog, comic book, and soundtrack album - will have a great time geeking out to these real life, chef-tested recipes for the outlandishly-named burgers the show is famous for.

Years ago, we were all told not to play with our food. Now the highest paid, most famous chefs in the world are doing just that, and nobody thinks to slap the gelified calcium chloride out of their hands. This is the food the Jetsons would have been eating if they were more sophisticated.

These king-sized treats just might be the perfect gift to match their insatiable sweet tooth. This level of candy debauchery might be frowned upon by overeaters anonymous, but life is too short for sugar shaming. No need to wrap these monstrous munchies, the wrapper alone is half the fun and can be used later on as one-of-a-kind wall art to commemorate their gastronomical feat.

Phones actually have more germs on them than a typical public restroom. This smart cleansing machine might not eliminate the dirty content sucking up the data on their phone, but it will be sure to return sterile swiping to their wired existence. Personal device hygiene should not be overlooked by today’s touch-screen fanatics. A high-tech disinfectant, this ingenuous accessory will decontaminate wireless communication and restore cleanliness to the digital age. Oh, and it also charges while it cleans!

If their 21st birthday party is anything like mine was, there’s no telling where they’ll be when they finally pass out. In the bushes is somehow not that uncommon of a place to wake up on the first day people are 22. With a wearable sleeping bag they’ll be hilariously prepared for this inevitable right of passage.

You probably think they’re sweet enough already, but they’ll think that you’re really sweet for buying them this indulgent soap that will give bath time that extra little bit of luxury. You could say that this is a present that’s good enough to eat, but we’d maybe make sure to tell them not to or it might turn into a gift that’s memorable for all the wrong reasons.

It can sometimes take a while for a new drinker to realize the inherent classiness of a well mixed cocktail. Get them started right with this mixing system that includes a library of drinks in an app, and a scale that helps get the mix perfect every time.

If the 21 year old you know is a maker or tinkerer, they surely already have a toolbox. What they need though, is a Coolbox. This modern evolution of the toolbox has come a long way from being just a place to store tools. It has built-in power strips and an internal battery, a clock, wheels, bluetooth audio, an LED lamp, a whiteboard, and even a bottle opener.

Cyber bullies beware, there’s a new sheriff in town and they're armed and dangerous! Don’t let the birthday guy or gal fall prey to senseless crime. Arm them with some advanced protection that will give those identity hackers a run for their money. Keep their precious plastic safe and out of harm’s way so they can swipe to their heart’s delight on that next shopping spree.

Don’t let mother nature’s inability to harness her own electrons cramp their style. Now they can stay connected even when far from civilization. Plus, this little gadget will make them the most popular person on the block when the zombie apocalypse comes.

Support your local artisans by outfitting them in handcrafted elegance. Personalized and painstakingly beautiful, handmade pieces express affection, loyalty and soul that can’t be replicated. Celebrate their individuality and undeniable value with a one-of-a-kind creation that has been formed especially for them. A gift that will be prized for generations to come, this special gesture will win their heart.

This is the real farm-to-table dream they've been waiting for! Forget farmers’ markets and Whole Foods outings, this nutrient-packed gift box will keep on delivering wholesome goodness while they file their nails and binge watch Netflix. Say goodbye to the weekly shopping cart and hello to this super food carton that will nourish them from head to toe.

The pink flamingo is royalty in the plastic animal kingdom. Nary a beast can approach its fame, distinction, and nobility in that realm. Its closest rival is probably the rubber chicken, but most rubber chickens don’t even have heads. And now the pink flamingo extends its influence even further by offering itself up as the guzzling vessel of choice for the most lit parties. The days of using a beer bong that looks like something their neighbor just got done using to fill his diesel tractor are long gone.

Just the emergency poncho alone is enough reason to splurge on this handy-dandy lifesaving satchel. Once they crack open those light sticks, they'll be jumping their battery in true style and bringing some much-needed illumination to the dreaded shoulder of the road. Outfit their vehicle with these self-help essentials. Don’t let them go it alone!

Trying to find a gift for a gastronomy guru who’s got a taste for the unusual? We highly recommend Aromaforks if you’re looking for something that’s sure to go down like a treat. It will tantalize the taste buds of any twenty-one-year-old foodies you know and is a perfect addition to dinner parties to give them a bit of a twist.