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This is when it starts to get real. No one says 50 is the new anything. It’s just 50. A half a damn century. It’s enough to make your head spin. Luckily for you, the gift buyer, there’s enough accumulated history in those 50 years to give you some ideas about what they’ll find humorous, useful, touching, thoughtful, or even just annoying, if you’d like to go that route. This is a big one, but don’t sweat it. We’ve got plenty of ideas.

This is the real stuff. You don’t start off drinking 50 year old whisky. No, you buy the cheap stuff,  then maybe the fancier stuff, and once in a while the good stuff comes your way. But a liquor that’s aged for 50 years, like a human, is on a whole other level. This has to be earned by living.

At 50, a person may start to think about their place in history. They begin to really contemplate what it means to someday join the long chain of human life that led to them and to their descendants. Help them get started on a journey of self discovery by starting a family tree.

Get started on that Bucket List while there’s time and health to finish it by writing everything on special tags and storing them in an actual bucket. Then pick an adventure whenever life permits. There’s so much to do and look forward to doing! Get to work on it!

There is a chance they might be underwhelmed when they realize that they themselves will have to cook the dinner(s) you bought for them, but only up until they actually follow along with Blue Apron’s clear easy instructions and eat their delicious, gourmet food. Then they won’t stop thanking you.

By the time a person gets to fifty, they’ve probably experienced at least a few health problems and injuries. But now they’re getting older, these will start to multiply. They’ll need to be afraid. Very afraid. Their only chance is to keep this book with them, like a talisman, and consult it constantly.

Why not? There’s so many good things about Amazon Prime – things that didn’t even exist when your 50-year-old was a kid. Free shipping in 2 HOURS? What kind of sorcery is this? Millions of songs? That’s a lot of mix tapes. Video streaming? The closest they had to that was a black and white nature documentary about rivers.

Don’t say bucket list. Don’t say “while you still can” when making the plans. This is supposed to be fun, not somber. Just plan a trip, somewhere you know they’ve always wanted to go and never had the chance. Make it happen. Have a wonderful time. And do it again and again.

As anyone facing their 50th birthday is all too aware, aches and pains are a daily part of life. This Inflatable Heated Whirlpool Spa can help soothe those ever present annoyances without breaking the bank. It might even make them feel like 40 again!

A person who has lived over half a century is often seen as wise, a person who young people can turn to for a deeper understanding of the world. Unfortunately, not all of us know quite as much as it seems like we should, and wish we could bone up on human history a bit before we get asked about it. And that’s where this book comes in.

Fifty is too old to still be using everyday items that are just decent. At this age superior quality, beauty, and utility are more important than ever, and La Chamba Incan earthenware combine these virtues into one gorgeous, functional package.

Whether it’s Charlotte’s Web, Hamlet or Harry Potter, a first edition of their favorite book is sure to top the gifting charts. In the past, you’d scour bookshops, eventually stumbling across a kindly old bookseller, who’d take pity on your plight, and climb a rickety ladder, to dust off a long-lost volume... nowadays, we have the Internet.

Depending on your 50-year-old, this gift might meet with resistance, faux indignation, or secret delight – whichever it is though, we’re sure they’ll be addicted to getting their 10,000 steps by the end of the week. You never know, they might even offer to walk your dog, to get those miles in.

The 50th birthday is probably the last time you can get away with “over the hill” jokes. From here on in, these kinds of jokes will sound more like observations. Take advantage of your last chance to pick on the old guy by putting together a basket of embarrassing senior citizen’s products like prune juice, orthopedic shoe inserts, hemorrhoid cream, Metamucil, Depends diapers, Beano, and reading glasses.

By their 50th birthday, a person is probably pretty sure they are not going to ever have a royal title. Like, what are the chances? Now you can blow their mind with the gift of a Scottish Laird or Ladyship decorative title and a real piece of an ancient estate.

50 birthday candles is a lot of fire, you might want to have a fire extinguisher handy in case things take a turn. You can also make the process of lighting all those candles a whole lot cooler with this magic wand style electric flameless lighter.

People nearing their 50th birthday can often be heard complaining about their feet. It’s just human nature. Something else that is human nature is loving the feel of wool. What if we could combine sore feet with the feel of wool? That would be amazing!

Start the countdown, because the 50th birthday means they are in range for this gift. Count down every day, hour, minute, and second until retirement begins with this nifty clock. They can even bring it to work to make the whippersnappers jealous. With the average age of retirement always on the rise, you may want to throw in some extra batteries too.

Sleeping in space is not as easy as one might think, which is why NASA invented this lightbulb that promotes melatonin production by taking the blue out of the spectrum of light it produces. Help your favorite 50 year-old get a proper night’s sleep with this scientifically proven gift.

Sure, they could just make the same list on their smartphone, and never print it. Or they could use a pen. But people turning fifty have been wanting a Voice Activated Grocery List Maker since they saw that article about life in the 21st century 40+ years ago, and, goshdarnit, they should get one.

Help them get their Zen on with the Sandscript. The three knobs are used to control a magnetic metal ball as it traces symmetrical mandala patterns into the soft sand. It’s kind of blissfully mesmerizing, really.

Older people sometimes get a little freaked out about technology they don’t understand, so give them some peace of mind with this card that blocks remote RFID readers from stealing their credit cards. And buy one for yourself, too, because this threat is actually real.

Keep them from losing all their retirement savings gambling it away in the stock market by getting good at this game, giving it to them as a 50th birthday gift, and then beating them badly at it repeatedly. They’ll have fun learning to leave investing to the pros.

Get out, go to a concert, see a show, watch a game. Have a great time. Nothing fancy here, just tickets to something fun. Get a pair of tickets and either go with them or send them along with the person of their choice. Even if the event isn’t happening for several months, they’ll still enjoy looking forward to going.

Okay, so they can’t really tell anybody when they’re going to die. But they can measure cell aging based on things you’ve probably never heard of and don’t need to know about. A vital new way to measure health and lifestyle-related longevity. Much more reliable than that palm reader at the state fair.

Like having the best foot massager in the world on call everywhere. Replace your old insoles with these and ease foot pain with the simple click of a button. These are meant for your shoes, but they could probably work anywhere. Don’t get any ideas.

It’s hard to stay active and moving around when you’re chained to a desk with work all day, so consider giving them this Under-Desk Elliptical machine on which they can pedal away all day, working up a sweat and staring at spreadsheets. At least until coworkers complain.

A person who’s just hitting 50 has learned a lot over the years, so why would they need a book like this? Because, just like in other sorts of technology, people never stop devising newer and better ways of doing even mundane everyday tasks. This book is state of the art.

Is the birthday guy or gal planning some home remodeling? No need for expensive contractors - with these giant legos they can build it themselves. This gift will rekindle their childhood imagination and provide them with the pride of actually building something they use. Perhaps a lego kitchen island or coffee table would be just the thing to bring their decor together?

In our opinion, while the fact that this is a custom one-of-a-kind portrait of a person’s DNA sequence is very cool, it is not the best reason to buy this for someone’s 50th birthday. After all, if it were ugly, we would never recommend it at all. But it is not ugly. It’s quite beautiful, actually. And that is best reason to buy it.

This doesn’t have to be awkward. Yes, you are giving someone, as a 50th birthday gift, something they will use for pooping. It’s OK. Then someday you’ll say, “Hey, you, uh, you ever use that Squatty Potty?” They’ll look horrified for a half a second, but then they’ll crack a quick smile and say, “Yeah, actually. It’s great. Thanks.” Then you never speak of it again.

Why would a 50 year-old want a video game inspired desk lamp, you may be asking. Consider, though, that Tetris was released in 1984, when today’s 50 year-old was a mere teenager. So why wouldn’t a 50 year-old want a lamp this cool? They totally would!

If you’ve used a heating blanket, you know how you’re stuck sitting or lying down, and how hard it can be to get it on the right spot. Here’s a 50th birthday gift idea that solves all that. The heat wrap covers neck and shoulders while allowing full freedom of blissful movement.

By their 50th birthday, they’ve probably managed to acquire some decent jewelry. Maybe not a lot, but some, and good enough that they want to keep it clean and nice. So instead of giving them another gold bracelet, perhaps this Jewelry Steam Cleaner would be a prudent gift.

It’s a sad truth that the older you get, the less you can afford to eat things that have been fried in oil. But fried food tastes great! There is an answer to the problem. Electric Air Fryers cook up crispy fried food without all those calories from oil. Give the gift of taste without guilt.

Plain white envelopes are so overdone. Giving a stack of money doesn’t have to be boring. Fold every bill into an origami flower, mount them on sticks, and arrange the cash into a stunning bouquet of blossoming currency. Everyone loves flowers, and everyone loves cash money. It’s the perfect gift!

Every time we’ve been to a sauna there’s been some 50 year-old sitting in there the whole time. People that age love sitting in hot, steamy rooms. As it turns out, they also love sitting in super cold and dry places as well. It’s just the other side of the coin! If they like a good sauna, they’ll probably like cryotherapy, trust us.

A fun clock where the numbers are printed in reverse and the hands run counter-clockwise, it makes obvious sense that this is a great 50th birthday gift. The one thing about it, though, is how hard is it going to be to use for telling time? Pretty hard, right? Give it to someone with a flexible mind.

Magically preventing a person from being attacked by mosquitos for potentially hundreds of hours would be a pretty cool gift, right? Well the same is true for doing it scientifically. Clipped to a belt, the Personal Mosquito Repeller keeps the little buggers away for up to 120 hours per charge.

She won’t spend too much extra time rooting around her cavernous purse for her checkbook to pay for groceries if you give her this 50th birthday gift. It’s a little light that hangs inside a handbag waiting to light up as soon as she reaches in to look for something.

Here’s a tip: If you are giving someone birthstone jewelry as a 50th birthday present, figure out what other birthstone jewelry they own and get them something that will match. A beautiful necklace looks even better when matched with earrings or a bracelet, so prove you’re paying attention.

Your memory naturally declines with age but you can pre-empt the decline by gifting this wallet which, by the magic of Bluetooth, tells the owner exactly where they left it as long as they can remember how to log on to the app that is).

If their memory of past events is starting to get a little hazy (hey, some of them happened half a century ago), give them this thoughtful birthday book as a reminder. Best of all, you get to choose the photographs - remember that ‘hilarious’ yearbook picture, questionable fashion choice, or The Year of The Perm? They will now!

Unless you live under a rock, or on Tristan de Cunha (Google it), you don’t get to this age without ticking a few places off your bucket list. This personalized travel map is a fabulous way for your recipient to document their adventures of the last fifty years, and pin point where they’re going to spend the next fifty!

It’s true – a bottle of their favorite wine will last a few hours, at best (and they may not even remember drinking it!), but the memory of that crazy day spent white water rafting or skydiving will last a lifetime – even if they did have their eyes closed and were screaming for most of it!

A box full of compliments and nice things their loved ones have always wanted to say to them – who wouldn’t be over-the-moon with this uplifting gift? Guaranteed to give them a much-needed boost on the day they become closer to a hundred than being born.

Remind them there’s life in the old dog yet with a good-old fashioned night ‘out out’ to celebrate their big 5-0. Make sure you hit up their favorite haunts, and budget for plenty of Prosecco and tequila shots – with years of practice under their belt, we expect they’ll be drinking you under the table!

When you get to fifty, practical gifts that you would have treated with disdain at twenty start to hold a lot more appeal. This handy discount card is something they’ll use every day, reminding them of your thoughtfulness – they might even use it to buy you something in return. A gift that keeps on giving!

‘Yes, it really does go back that far – who knew!’, you’ll quip as you hand over this personalized gift (they’ll be creasing up, we’re sure). The perfect gift for the reflective 50-year-old who likes to quote ominously, ‘Back in my day…’, this will give them a whole new source of ways to finish that sentence.

If they’ve made it to fifty and still haven’t made their millions (don’t worry, it won’t happen to you), this gift could be a wise choice. They’re young enough to have time to crack the stock market and raise that retirement fund, whilst old and wise enough not to blow all their profits on cocaine-fueled pool parties (probably).

This gift might not be for everyone – uncle Bob might be a bit confused – but for those with pierced ears and flower affiliations, it’s sure to have real (flower) power. They best thing is that they relate to their birthday, but don’t scream, ‘Hey, guess what, I’m 50’, so they’ll be able to wear them forever!

Unless specifically requested, this could be a bit of a risky gift. Having said that, virtual reality is the future, and their 50th birthday is certainly a time when they’ll be looking for things to make them feel ‘current’. Plus, they might finally be able to tick cycling around Europe off their bucket list!

Well, it was quite a long time ago now – they’d probably appreciate the reminder! Guaranteed to bring a tear to your recipient’s eye, this gift is a great excuse to go and visit their friends and relatives to get them to dish the dirt from their childhood, and be offered a zillion snacks along the way. Yay!

What better time than hitting 50 to decide to become a hypochondriac, track down a long lost relative, or uncover your ancient connection to the British Royal Family? Something that wouldn’t have been around when they were a teenager, we’re sure this scientific gift will provide hours of good, gene fun. Ha, ha.

Doing exactly what it says on the package, this box has no purpose other than to instantly turn itself ‘off’ when you try to turn it ‘on’. Despite being useless, we have to admit it does have a certain charm, and we’re sure it could be quite entertaining to any 50-year-old with half a brain cell (just no more).

They may have recently taken up yoga and smoothie-making, and claim to be fitter at fifty than they’ve ever been, but you’ve seen them secretly wince as they get up from doing the Downward Dog – they need this. Plus, it actually feels quite good, and they might let you borrow it.

Back when your soon-to-be 50-year-old was a spotty teenager, before the days of iTunes and Tinder, the mix tape was the old-fashioned way to put into words what they were too embarrassed to say to their sweetheart in person. Remind them of their youth, and a simpler time, with this mix-tape shaped USB stick.

When a person turns 50, they usually start to have a few ‘aches and pains’ – help them to diagnose exactly what and where these are with this informative book. Now, they’ll be able to tell anyone who’ll listen about their suspected ‘pectoralis major rupture’, and how much it hurts. Awesome!

Normally, if you were to hand over a dirty bedsheet or a scribbled picture of a can of soup as a gift, your recipient would be at best courteous, and at worst instantly retracting your invitation to their 50th birthday celebrations. But somehow, when it’s contemporary ‘art’, you can get away with it. So, do.

For you, not them. Giving them the gift of working in your yard all day might not go down so well. This is a particularly clever idea if they’re your neighbor, and their unruly lawn is bringing down the overall appearance of your street – now, you can finally sort it out without insulting them. Win, win!

When you get to 50, you start to prioritize comfort in a way you probably didn’t at 21 – yes, we’re thinking of all those nights spent wobbling home in 4 inch heels and ending up with a sprained ankle. These custom-made, shock-absorbing insoles will allow them to do all their current partying pain-free.

After 50 years of using their brain to function, do math and solve puzzles (and abusing it with alcohol, no doubt), your recipient might like to see how it actually looks. And with these clever coasters, they’ll be able to combine this learning curve with their favorite brain-altering activity – drinking. Perfect.

The ideal gift for the commitment-phobic 50-year-old, who in fifty years, still hasn’t managed to choose a piece of artwork they like enough to display on their wall permanently. Enter technology, to save them, by offering thousands of pieces of art in one frame. And if they don’t like any of these, they’re beyond your help.

Hitting any milestone birthday can be traumatic. We all set ourselves goals in life, and a big birthday is a reminder of all the things we haven’t yet achieved. This is your chance to assuage the fears of your 50-year-old, by giving them a fortune cookie which conveniently tells them exactly what they need to hear. Aww.

Not a last-minute gift, but for people who plan ahead, custom made jewelry is sure to earn you some serious brownie points with your 50-year-old. Perhaps their favorite band logo would make a nice brooch, or their pet budgies would look good as earrings. You’ve always thought taxidermy was underrated… just kidding!

Everybody loves pancakes, but they’re always so predictably round… until now! The perfect gift for a fifty-year-old foodie, this quirky pancake printer will allow them to create amazing pancakes in hundreds of designs. Who knows – they might even find their calling, and quit their job to become a full-time pancake artist!

Make your 50-year-old recipient feel warm and fuzzy on their birthday by donating to a worthy cause in their name. Extra points if the cause is something particularly close to their heart – which could be anything from the local cat shelter, to Alcoholics Anonymous, depending on the kind of company you keep. We’re not judging.

If you’ve always suspected your 50-year-old friend or relative has a bit of a superhero complex (you caught a glimpse of that blue spandex in their wardrobe all those years ago, but didn’t like to ask…) this unselfish gift is sure to be a hit, and make them feel like Clark Kent under their overalls.

At last, the moment they’ve been dreaming of for 50 years – they’re finally the proud owner of real gold bullion! (All be it, just a coin or two). Just watch it doesn’t go to their head, and they start to turn full pirate. ‘Avast, me hearties, set sail, for there be more treasure to be found ahead!’

This birthday, why not give them a bouquet of something they actually want – like the chance to win the lottery and retire at 50 to travel the world in a super yacht! Plus, if they win, they’re sure to share their millions with you, right? Right?? Jon, can you hear me, you seem to be sailing in the other direction…?

You can’t beat good food, and in 50 years, your recipient has probably had a few stand-out dinners - but imagine if you can find one that trumps all those before it! The best thing about this gift is you can’t risk the meal being a disappointment, so you’ll have to personally trial-run all the options beforehand!

Because knowledge is power, and (as someone very wise once said), with great power comes great responsibility – and most people under 50 are trying to avoid responsibility at all costs! But now, on this milestone birthday, they’re finally ready (either that, or they’re in trouble and need to know how to beat a lie detector test!)

At 6 feet tall, this is perhaps not one for a down-on-their-luck 50-year-old still living in a shoebox apartment (although it would certainly cheer them up!) Modeled on an actual suit of armor, this luxury bar gift is guaranteed to make them feel like King Arthur serving their knight guests – now all they need is a round table!