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So you’ve made it this far. The important thing is that you’re here, which means you didn’t forget your first anniversary, but don’t go and screw up the execution now. You still want to find a gift that truly reflects your feelings, one that will be remembered for years. Are you feeling the pressure yet? Hey, don’t blame us; this is what commitment is all about. You’re going to have to do this every year for a long time, so get used to it. We’re here to hold your hand through this one.

Your first anniversary is a wonderful opportunity to stop fighting for a whole day and express your love anew (unless one of you forgets, and then it’s World War III). But as sweet as anniversaries are, they only take up one three-hundred-sixty-fifth of your time together. Imagine if you could extend that for a whole month. Well, now you can. This romantic jar contains 31 love-soaked messages, so the good feelings just keep on coming. Choose from ready-made sets with messages already included, blank cards that you can fill in yourself, or Kindnotes will custom print your personalized set and jar.

When date night comes around and both of you have empty pockets, an argument is bound to start about where all the money is going. With this beautiful date night savings bank, you’ll always have a pile of cash on hand, so you don’t have to scour the credit card statements and make accusations. Isn’t household harmony worth a few dollars here and there?

We like to say that every new experience is another chapter in our own book of life. Some of those you may want to rip out and burn, but others you’ll be sorry if you don’t properly record. We’re sincerely hoping all of your anniversaries fall in the second category. And since we’re confident they will, we’d like to point you in the direction of this gorgeous journal that will some day be a cherished heirloom. Go ahead, fill it up with love.

This nifty first anniversary gift idea can double as a fiftieth anniversary gift as well! Fill it with romantic keepsakes of your first year, then bury it in the backyard. If you can remember where you put it, come back when you are old and gray to dig it back up! What could be more romantic than that?

Take a trip to the beach and leave a trail of your love in the sand for everyone to read with the custom flip flops. Your names and wedding date will be temporarily stamped into the ground for complete strangers to puzzle over!

Celebrate your first anniversary by getting plastered, but do it the classy way! This lovely keepsake box made from Aspen and Baltic birch wood fits three bottles of your choice of wine in separate compartments. Theoretically, you would drink these on three different occasions, but… well. You know how things go.

You know what you love about them, but be honest - without a few prompts you would have a hard time remembering on the spot. Thanks to the geniuses behind this fill-in-the-blank devotional book, you can say everything you want without having to be Shakespeare. In all honesty, half of the work is done for you, but you still get to do the important half as well as take all the credit. It’s sort of like Mad Libs, but with love instead of ridicule.

Want to know if your love is real? Here’s what you do: make them a customized book all about your relationship. Personalize the pictures to look like you and your beloved, choose pictures and pages that reflect your lives together. If they don’t run away, your love is real.

It’s your first anniversary, so it’s time to make some f@*!ng art! After all, you don’t just want a bunch of creative works by total strangers populating your walls. This kit redefines the idea of visceral art…or you could say it takes a new approach to building a body of work…or that it’s a labor of love… But one thing we know for sure is that no matter how much of an art lover you are, you’ve never had this much fun painting.

The questions in this game may seem like trivialities to some, but we all know that the devil is in the details. You better find this stuff out fast and learn how to use it to your advantage, because learning the ins and outs of your spouse’s behaviors and preferences is one of the keys to keeping the peace over the long term. So don’t say we didn’t warn you. Here’s your chance to get the intel you need to win at this crazy marriage game.

Remember when you were a kid and couldn’t figure out what to get your mom so you made a bunch of coupons she would never use? Well, this is that, except these are professionally printed and bound, and it’s not obvious at all that you were out of ideas!

Why just say it yourself when you can get everyone else to say it too? Flatterbox lets you and all your friends and family write nice things about your beloved that are each printed on cards that are packed into a custom box. Let them know it’s not just you who loves them, but everyone else too.


Roses are red, usually. But not chocolate roses. Chocolate roses are brown. But they have strawberries inside them, which are red, so they’re still kind of red. But you know what? They are also delicious and romantic and a perfect gift for a first anniversary.

The traditional first anniversary gift material is paper, so this paper rose is both beautiful and appropriate. You won’t want to water this one, and be careful because paper cuts are way worse than rose thorn pricks, but this rose will never wilt.

Just as the sun rises and sets with each passing day, so too does your heart beat continuously for the love of your life. Mark the hours, days and years that frame out the eternal bond between you and your partner with this enduring timepiece. Ponder your everlasting connection with a timeless symbol that will anchor your relationship for years to come and add meaning and soul to your outdoor space.

All birds do better when they have a welcoming environment to grow old in, and that includes lovebirds. Some day in the future, you’ll be able to imprison a living, feeling hologram of yourself in a virtual terrarium so that people can look in on your marriage thousands of years later and see the two of you frolicking or arguing or whatever. For now, you’ll have to represent yourselves with handcrafted figurines. But they’re adorable, unique, and there are no ethical questions. It’s basically a perfect gift.

Having a gourmet dinner on your first anniversary is always a solid plan, but things can get rather awkward in a crowded restaurant when the happy couple starts playing footsie and getting handsy. No need to “get a room!” if the chef comes to you, however.

Marimos are little fluffy balls of aquatic moss native to Japan (because of course they are) that you can keep as a pet. They can live a long time if properly cared for - like 100 years - and in rare cases grow in the shape of a heart. The rare first anniversary gift that can outlive a marriage.

Commemorate your wedding sci-fi style with this amazing 3D laser sculpted portrait. Just pick your favorite wedding photo and have these wizards turn it into a crystal encased hologram-style portrait. It’ll be just the thing to put on the bookshelf of your spaceship someday.

You’ve done so many amazing things in your first year together that you might be hard pressed for an idea to mark your one year anniversary. Don’t panic, we’ve found the perfect solution with this gift. The best part? They’ll love it so much they won’t even realize that you may have bought it with yourself in mind. We won’t tell if you won’t…

The heart-shaped heart is kinda played out, don’t you think? An anatomically correct heart, though, that’s cool. And one made of rose gold, hung on a necklace is actually sweetly romantic. Any biologically inclined bride will treasure this lovely gift.

You have a book of wedding pictures, but it’s that first year of marital bliss that is really worth remembering. Collect all your favorites and have them printed and bound in a lovely little book. So much more fun than looking at stressed out and drunk pictures of yourself, right?

Here’s a perfectly good rose, picked at the peak of freshness, totally ruined by being dipped into (molten, presumably) 24K gold. I guess people like that sort of thing. Whatever. Wait… this is for me??? Oh my God! Thank you! This is the most beautiful gift I’ve ever received! I LOVE IT!!!

A picnic basket is a promise. You can’t just let it sit around collecting dust. No. You’ve gotta fill it with food on a regular basis and take it places. It doesn’t always have to be wine and risotto. Sandwiches and soft drinks are fine, too. But you’ve got to use it.

This set of lead-free crystal wine glasses are marked in the notes of the major scale. Simply fill each to the demarcated lines and play a love song to your spouse before getting sloshed. Make sure to practice first!

Bigger is not necessarily better and one exquisite bloom proves, hands down, that less really is more. What better way to express your eternal adoration for the love of your life than with this delicate, yet fiery rose, gently tucked into its own little keepsake box. A tender and poetic gesture of unwavering loyalty, this unforgettable present could start a whole new love story.

Married couples have a tendency to let themselves go a bit. Why fight it? Help your favorite newlyweds embrace the urge to stop worrying about their waistline with this giant five pound gummy bear! They won’t know why you got it for them, but they’ll definitely eat it.

If you’ve got all kinds of questions that you’ve always wanted to ask but couldn’t, then let this game ask them for you. And ask it will. At your first anniversary, you feel like you know each other pretty well, but there’s still room to be surprised. Add some racy questions and some NSFW dares to the equation and see what happens. Who knows, you might even surprise each other. Definitely a game for the adventurous at heart.

We have been informed that there couples in existence out there who met each other in beautiful, romantic places and not in the dingy back hallway of the local dive bar while waiting to pee. This first anniversary gift would be perfect for them.

This game was designed by an actual scientist who claims that if two people go through all 36 questions together in a single hour they will fall in love. He says the questions are able to kindle the sort of closeness that it takes regular couples years to attain. It’s a perfect way to save your arranged marriage!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re opera aficionados or just enjoy letting your hair down and rocking out, getting two tickets to see one of your favorite bands, orchestras or really anything you both love is a brilliant way to mark your one year anniversary together and see out your first year of married life making more priceless memories.

You know that your romantic history is of epic significance. If only you had the hardware to prove it. Now you can immortalize your love story in the form of a big, fat, campy adventure romance novel. The world always has a gross shortage of heroes, and if somebody has to fill the void, it might as well be you. Here is your chance to fill it with style and sexiness. Enter yourself in the great pantheon of timeless erotic literature, where you’ve always known you belong.

Whether your lover-for-life is someone who tends to wear their heart on their sleeve or not, we think that they’ll love this affectionate accessory which is perfect for when they’re suited and booted. Some might argue that there is no force on this earth greater than love, but if you think they’re out of this world, the force will be strong with these on.

If you’re looking for a sweet gift for your sweetheart, this is it. If you’re looking for a perfect present for someone who loves chocolate, this is also it. Even if you’re looking for something that will just encourage them to shower more often, this is it.…we’d advise just telling them it’s because they like chocolate, though, don’t let the sweet go sour.

You undoubtedly feel like you’re the luckiest person in the world to have married the love of your life (or that they’re the luckiest person in the world to have married you). You can fill these delicate little fortune cookies with words of wisdom, reasons that they make you smile or anything else you can think of. Whatever you choose, with a gift as thoughtful as this, they’ll be counting their lucky stars that they’ve got you.

Exchanging wedding rings was symbolic of your never-ending love for each other and while it’s a nice tradition, it’s not really something that captures how unique and special your spouse is to you. Custom made jewelry will do just that and serve as a reminder of how special your first year was for you both through a gift that will last a lifetime.

This is a beautiful gift to document the journeys that you’ve taken together during your first year of marriage or the journeys you’re planning as you travel through life side-by-side. Whether you’re established explorers or on the verge of venturing on a grand voyage, you can map out your most magical moments together as well as where you’re going to make your future memories.

Your first year of marriage will no doubt be busy as you settle into married life together. As wonderful as you both think it is, even if you don’t want to admit it, you could probably do with sitting down and relaxing with a glass of wine, or perhaps even the bottle. It looks like a thoughtful gift for them, but really, it’s a present for both of you. Marriage is about sharing after all, isn’t it?

Breakfast in bed might be old fashioned but it’s one of the most romantic gestures we can think of. Make your other half feel extra special on your first anniversary and give them your heart on a plate. Well, maybe not your heart exactly, but heart shaped waffles that you made with just about as much love as you could squeeze into them.

Traditionally the first anniversary gift should be something made of paper and we think that this deck of cards is one of the best paper based gifts we’ve come across. The Marital Bliss Game makes the little things a little bit more fun. We bet neither of you thought that you’d be battling to do the dishes but a little competition never hurt anyone, gets the dishes done and besides, there’s always laundry as a consolation prize.

Your relationship is truly unique and there’ll be no other couple in the world that share the same love that you do. We think that commissioning a piece of art to capture that sentiment is one of the most romantic gifts money can buy. Of course, it all depends on what you choose to put on it…

There’s always room for a little nostalgia while swilling back a cold one or savoring another glass of wine. Personalized, hand-engraved couples glasses remind you of when you met that special someone who you’re now metaphysically fused with, for better or for worse. Celebrate the passage of time with every sip.

It’s the 21st century and matching surnames aren’t necessarily as big of a deal as they used to be. Matching tattoos are a modern-day, definitive way to show the commitment you have to each other instead. Let them be a token of your togetherness and a demonstration of your dedication to each other.

If you’re a little bit puzzled when looking for a gift, they’ll know you’ve put your head as well as your heart into finding this one. We think this is the perfect thing to give someone who doesn’t mind a bit of a brainteaser but appreciates a token of your affection every now and again. Once they’ve solved the puzzle and read your romantic writings, they’ll be in no doubt that you love them to pieces.

You should probably know them quite well by now, but if they’re a little indecisive about what they want (or if you should have been paying a little more attention) a shopping spree is an excellent way to make sure that they get a gift that they love almost as much as they love you. And if the idea of shopping doesn’t thrill you, at least you’ll know their favorite shops for next year, even if the knowledge comes at the price of an expensive credit card bill.

We imagine you had some beautiful photographs taken on your wedding day a year ago and it may seem like the perfect way to capture the moment for your first anniversary too but we think, and we think you’ll agree, it’s not the most original idea. Anniversary Bobbleheads are a token trinket that will capture your young love in all its 3D glory. Much more interesting than a photo, nod your head if you agree...

The first year of marriage is only the first part of what will be a long journey through life together and if you and your loved one are intrepid explorers, there’ll be many other journeys along the way. If there’s somewhere they’ve always wanted to go or somewhere that’s on both of your bucket lists, lay down the groundwork and make plans to travel to your dream destinations and create wonderful memories to last a lifetime.

Being in love can make you feel like you’re floating amongst the clouds, on top of the world. What better way to celebrate that feeling than with a hot air balloon ride to watch the sunrise or the sunset together, floating amongst the clouds, on top of the world, quite literally. The perfect end to a perfect first year and a magical beginning to many more to come.

We don’t know many people who wouldn’t appreciate being ‘wined and dined’ and we can’t think of a better occasion to treat your beloved to a 5-star dinner than your first anniversary. Not only will they get to appreciate some world-class cuisine, it also means that neither of you have to do the dishes.

Your first year of marriage will have been one of the most memorable years of your life and a trip back to where your journey together started will mark just how far you’ve come. This place will hold a lot of meaning for you both, so what better way to pay tribute to the place where you found your soulmate than to make even more memories there.

The first year of your marriage may have been an absolute dream and you can rest assured that all the years to come will be too as long as you follow the golden rule to never go to sleep on an argument. Luckily, if times are tough (or if someone forgot to put the toilet seat down, gentlemen?), these pillowcases will serve to remind you to tell each other, ‘I love you’.

These personalized wedding posters done up in a classic art style are unique, eye catching, and full of charm. A wedding is a one of a kind event, so why commemorate it the same way everyone else does? Hark to the past and celebrate the present at the same time.

If you’re ever stuck for conversation over dinner, maybe after a long day at work, make it a thing of the past with TableTopics that will provide you both with thought-provoking topics designed to prompt long conversations about everything and anything imaginable. Some of the questions serve as a fantastic tool to reminisce over memories made during your first year as a married couple, too.

Your first year of marriage will have been an experience within itself for the good, the not so good and probably the downright mundane things you will have gone through together. Top it off with something extraordinary that they’ll never forget and something that will reflect how exciting your first year together has been.

It probably felt like the stars aligned on the day you finally found ‘the one’ and this gift will help you to remember that moment forever. Even if you were too busy gazing into each other’s eyes to look up at the night sky, the beautiful image will always remind you of that beautiful day…even if it was raining.

Things may feel exciting now, but once you’ve been together a while, you’ll probably want to inject a little creativity into your date nights. This is a great way to do that, albeit with parameters that you set yourself by filling out your own date night activities, instead of leaving it up to someone you’ve never met and whose mental state you can’t realistically vet. You’re in this for the long haul - don’t let date night become another boring ritual.

Your one year anniversary is a cause for celebration and what better way to get into the celebratory party spirit than with their very own personalized whiskey barrel. Some things really do get better with age and while marriage can sometimes be one of them, whiskey is always. If they don’t appreciate it now, wait until your five-year anniversary when they’ll be pouring themselves some seriously luxurious liquor.

It’s not uncommon to hear people say that they love the very bones of their husband or wife but we think you can do even better than that and show them you love them right down to the last cell. These cute little plush toys are perfect for any budding biologist or anyone who really doesn’t mind explaining to any guests why there’s a cuddly sperm cell sitting on their bed!

You’ve managed to waltz your way through your first year of marital bliss so make sure you’re keeping to the right rhythm as you foxtrot into your future together. Whether you’re practicing a smooth samba or a sexy salsa, dancing lessons are a fantastic way to make sure you’re in perfect sync and you don’t miss a beat.

There’s not many anniversary gifts that scream, ‘I love you’ more than chocolate covered strawberries. They’re an old classic, one of the ultimate recipes for romance and they make a particularly perfect present for anyone with a sweet tooth (who deserves to be spoiled but who also wants to stay healthy on the inside, just like these delicious little delicacies themselves).

You will have made so many memories during the first year of your marriage and this personalized frame will help you remember them all. You can choose which photos to include together or just choose the ones you want to include within your own name, which is a great idea unless one of you has a much longer name than the other, in which case we encourage a celeb-style blended moniker. Think, ‘Brangelina’ or, ‘Bennifer’.

The first year of marriage is said to be the hardest but if it wasn’t enough of a rollercoaster for their liking, make up for it with a trip to an amusement park for your first anniversary. If you’re struggling to find a present to take their breath away, we’re pretty sure this is it.

A single red rose is a token gesture when you’re trying to win someone’s heart. Now you have that as well as their hand in marriage, it’s time to upgrade your flower game and we think this does the job. This crystal rose is not only beautiful, it will last all the way until your next anniversary, and the one after that and hopefully the one after that, so you never have to buy flowers again.

As you come to the end of your first year together and the next one begins, it’s worth reminding yourselves the important lesson that we all should learn from our feathered friends, that real love birds stay with their true love for life. We can’t think of a better way to capture that thought than with this beautiful personalized print which is a fabulous addition for when they’re feathering the nest.


It’s easy to see why old romantic gestures are getting less and less common now in the digital age of social media, it’s quicker to text than it is to phone and more convenient to email than to write. We think that makes a love letter all the more special. We bet there’s not an emoji to capture how delighted they’ll be to receive such a loving and thoughtful gift.

Marriage is sometimes described as a long journey that you take with each other through life and while you both have each other to guide you, sometimes you could do with a little assistance. This outdoor sign is a beautiful and unique gift, designed to give you a little direction through the highs and lows and the fasts and slows of married life.

If you’ve given or received countless bunches of flowers, you’ll know as well as anyone else that they don’t last a particularly long time. So, here’s a good idea instead. An edible arrangement allows you to send a beautiful bouquet that tastes as good as it looks and while flowers tend to be a one-off, the seeds from the fruit can be planted and the future produce can remind you always of how special your first anniversary truly was.

Bronze casting, like marriage, is an ancient tradition. Now you can combine the two with one of these lovely sculptures depicting couples in love. With proper care, a marriage should last forever. A bronze sculpture should as well, with even less care.

This game is hours of fun that we expect will end up holding some sentimental value to you after the first time you play it. Your first anniversary is the perfect time to reflect on your journey through married life so far but the Rememory Game is also the perfect game to play for many anniversaries to come too.

Work your way through the alphabet describing your love and admiration with 26 prompts, one for each letter. If you’re looking for a way to express your feelings in a heartfelt, personalized gift but need a little push in the right direction, this book is a godsend. The prompts may be prewritten, but this book is sure to be filled with your own personality by the time you complete it.

It’s our theory that married couples don’t really tire of each other, they just tire of seeing each other in the same place for years at a time. A brief change of scenery can do wonders, but the cost of travel can be so prohibitive. Help take the financial worry out of a romance-reigniting vacation with a Hilton gift card.

The idea here is that you give them a seed some time before the big day, and tell them to plant it. They do, and they keep it watered, and eventually it sprouts. Then the bean pops out, and, if you’ve got the timing right, they notice that it says “I love you,” on the bean on the day of your anniversary. Probably buy a few to practice with first.