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Retirement is a momentous occasion that marks the turning point from, “Jesus, I can’t believe I have to do this another day,” to “Holy Christ, what the hell am I going to do with all this time?” A major milestone indeed. And whether it’s goodbye or good riddance, you’re sure to have some feelings about losing that coworker to the great hereafter. Whether you’d like to give them something useful, something sentimental, or a gag gift to subtly taunt them about their advancing age, you can find your retirement gift muse lurking somewhere on this page.

Progress can be harder to track when you don’t have a boss breathing down your neck anymore. Here is a solution for the retiree who doesn’t want to spend all their time feeding birds. After all, the hardest part of staying busy is coming up with the ideas. But give the old champ a set of challenges, and watch them spring to life with a renewed vigor. All it takes is a little encouragement, and maybe a slight disregard for personal safety.

The plane has finally landed, and it’s time for them to get off. It’s been a wild ride, but who’s to say that retirement won’t be even wilder? Here’s a special delivery of unique messages to that newly retired person - 31 of them, to be exact. Enough to ease them into their new life of freedom and do-whatever-they-damn-well-please with a daily reminder of how much they’re appreciated. Good job, old champ. You’ve come out the other end smelling like a rose. Choose from ready-made sets with messages already included, blank cards that you can fill in yourself, or Kindnotes will custom print your personalized set and jar.

When you are retired, time doesn’t mean quite the same thing anymore. The day clock will tell you what day of the week it is (they all blend together), and it will give you a vague sense of what time it might be (which, let’s be honest here, is all you really need). What it won’t tell you is what the exact time is (let the working stiffs worry about that).

The great thing about retirement is that you can finally say whatever the hell you want, because you’re no longer bound by the normal financial and social rules. If you put it on a business card, they can say it without even having to open their mouths. Help make retirement a time of great relaxation and catharsis.

Assuming it is possible for everyone else to swallow their jealousy long enough to write something nice, a signature frame is probably the most meaningful retirement gift a person could receive. This is also assuming the person retiring wasn’t a huge jerk their entire career.


When you are on a fixed income, any extra bit of money helps. That’s why making a lovely bouquet of (potential) extra money is such a fun idea. Why not just give cash, you may be asking? Here’s a reason: if they win, they might share with you, but they’re definitely not going to share the cash you just gave them.

Now that all that work is finally done, they'll have plenty of time on their hands. What better way to spend it than getting out and seeing the country? What better way to get them out of your hair for a few days? But seriously, you do want their experience to be as enjoyable as possible, of course. When traveling, some people really like an element of predictability to anchor their experience in an unfamiliar place. With a recognizable name like Hilton, you know exactly what to expect. Unfortunately, that name and that predictability come at a premium. You can help take the sting out of a vacation’s most expensive element by picking up the tab ahead of time.

Let’s be honest, this is what they’ve been working towards: margaritas at 10 in the morning. Or whenever. And nobody wants the hassle of having to clean yesterday’s fiber pulp out of the blender or remember a recipe just to enjoy what they’ve earned. A dedicated frozen cocktail machine is the only sensible answer. The taste of paradise on command whether they live in the tropics or in a trailer park in Idaho.

Making it to retirement can sometimes be like getting to a vacation destination after an interminably long drive only to realize you don’t know why the hell you came. Help them begin their golden years with a good laugh and a head full of questionable but outrageously fun ideas. At last, they’re freed from the shackles of gainful employment. Now is the time to let it rip.

In case you’ve been living in one, a bucket list is the list of all the things you want to do before you kick the bucket. And what better place to place your bucket list than in a bucket?

There is no greater symbol of no-frills comfort than the classic hammock. They’re too old now to be confined to the standard furniture used by the sheeple who still wake up every morning to go to work. This retirement gift is the epitome of primal luxury.

Dr. Seuss isn’t just for kids, you know. He wrote books for people of all ages, even the ones who are at retirement age. This hilarious and insightful gift will be a pleasant surprise for any loved one entering their golden years who loves to laugh and remembers being young.

Retired people love to travel, and they love it even more if they get to do it with someone they love. So plan a trip and bring them along! You get to decide where to go and what to do, while they can do what retired people do best: RELAX.

It’s a great big world out there, and now that they’re old enough that their employer is fine with them not coming in to work anymore, they’re going to need some guidance. Don’t let them spend their golden years aimlessly roaming public buildings and eating hot dogs at Target every day just because they don’t have any better ideas. We’ve got fifty U.S. states genuinely packed with beautiful, breathtaking, and sometimes downright weird surprises. It’s enough to fill a few lifetimes at least. So give them the information they need to get to it.

Not everybody on the brink of retirement is looking to cut the cord altogether. It’s nice to have a little reminder of the place they gave some of their best years to, even if it’s only in the form of a small trinket. Sort of like the way that poison in small doses can be healthy.

If our digitally interconnected world is good for one thing, it’s raising other people’s money. In the age of Facebook, Patreon, and Kickstarter, nobody has to go it alone anymore. They might have a nice nest egg already, but why not sweeten the pot a little? With PlumFund you can raise money for a retirement gift so you can keep more of your own.


Everybody knows that when the time comes, you don’t just leave the prison, you burn it to the ground. Since following that tradition to the letter is actually very illegal, it’s probably better to do it symbolically. The equipment is cheap, but the emotional payoff of this retirement gift is priceless.

The world is a huge place, and it can be hard to keep track of where you have been and where you still want to go. This personalized travel map comes complete with color-coded flags and pins to help with that. It’s the perfect decoration to hang in the RV.

Standard hotels are convenient and something of a social institution, but when it comes down to it they’re all the same, except that in the cheaper ones the desk clerks are a little creepier and the maids are drunker. Airbnb takes the predictability out of travel lodging and replaces it with an endless variety of unique experiences. For retired people who appreciate the human touch.

It’s been proven that a bottle of wine tastes a lot better once you don’t have to worry about the hangover. For decades, bizarre responsibilities like work and family have cut into their drinking time. That’s all over now, as they’ve entered the glorious don’t give a f*ck stage of life. It would be a shame if their retirement gifts didn’t reflect this.

So, yes, we agree that this informative book might make more sense as a ten-years-until-retirement gift, but there is still plenty of good stuff in here that will come in handy even for someone who has already retired. Better late than never we say!

Now that retirement is upon them, they probably talk a lot about the far-flung places they’re going to visit. There are whole continents to be explored, and the other side of the world is just a plane ticket away. Just smile and nod. We all know where they’re going to end up. Just make sure they don’t get lost.

It took years of hard work to reach this point. Or, more likely, years of pretending to work hard. When someone finishes a marathon, they get all kinds of swag to prove they made it from start to finish, and that’s only a few hours of discomfort. We’re talking about decades of stress, annoyance, and repressed murderous impulses here. They’ve earned the right to wear their journey for everyone to see.


Entering retirement means living on a fixed income, which means what they really want for a retirement gift is money. However, money is not the world’s most creative gift so you may want to present it in a creative way. If you’ve ever tried to hand someone a fistful of wadded bills as a gift, you know that doesn’t always go over so well. If you’ve got an artistic hand (or access to YouTube), you can make those bills into something that passes for more than a simple monetary transaction.

Make no bones about it: it’s over. That’s a doorway they’re never going to walk back through again. And life is so much sweeter on the other side, something that they can remind themselves of with every bite. Time to stick a fork in that old job.

An enduring American symbol of freedom and self-determination. Like a bald eagle with wheels. Now that retirement is upon them, the known world is home. All that’s left is to go out and show everyone who owns it, just like they’ve always said they would.

The best retirement gifts are the most thoughtful ones. This memory book is like a blank canvas that you and the rest of your coworkers get to fill in with all the highs, the lows, and the weirds you’ve experienced together over the years. That’s your real bond, and that’s what every retiree gets to carry out the door with them as they entire the next phase of life. That, and hopefully a big fat pension.

The long corporate haul is over, and it’s time to yell it from the mountain tops and go tell it to the fishes. Fishing is a celebration of leisure and recreation, and retirement is where those two things are meant to reach their apex. Here's a retirement gift that will help them reel in the golden years in style.

Without a boss to “inspire” them to move their ass everyday, the risk of becoming catastrophically sedentary increases with every passing year. They don’t need to train like they’re gearing up for Mr. Olympia or Miss Universe, but it would be a good idea to get off their keester every once in a while. They’ll enjoy their afternoon gin and tonic and their Matlock reruns a lot more when they feel like they’ve earned it.

The world is full of natural and man-made wonders, and in the modern age we have the means to visit all of them, and furthermore to get there within a day or two. And every one of these wonders is better seen while you’re still alive, which the title of this book is not shy about pointing out. Retirees need something to shoot for in their golden years, and 1000 is quite the ambitious number. Now that they’re not tied down to that silly job anymore, it’s time to dust off the old traveling boots and regain a sense of adventure.

Freedom from unwanted responsibility is great, but the truth is that feeding ducks gets old after a while, even if you really like ducks. Movies take a lot longer to get old, but they’re not cheap. A little head start would certainly be appreciated.

The practice of cultivating bonsai trees has been refined over the centuries into a special art in Japan, one that is heavy with symbolism relating to balance, harmony, and the different stages of life. Who knows if they’re going to care about all that. It sure beats another spider plant.

The only to-do list that helps to complete itself, this fun pillow is the essence of retired life. It is unclear why the back side of this plush novelty is made to resemble old concrete. Perhaps the answer will come in a dream.

Now that they’ve got a little more time on their hands, they can master that whole cooking thing. Of course, that doesn’t mean they have to do it all on their own. A Blue Apron subscription means the right ingredients get delivered straight to their door, so they can set about making meals that would impress a chef, even if the only chef they know is Boyardee.

You could spend decades in a Buddhist monastery learning how to keep your heart rate in line with nothing but your mind, or you could just buy one of these and know what’s going on right away. And considering that the person you’re buying for is retiring, we’re guessing they’re a little behind the curve on physiologically controlled meditation. This neat little watch will also remind them to get off their lazy ass every once in a while.

If you haven’t heard, the digital publishing revolution has been in full swing for years now. Anyone can order their own custom created books, pamphlets, and other propaganda material with the click of a button. Online printing experts Shutterfly have gotten in the game with a custom printed photo book. No more slipping Polaroids into clear plastic sleeves. That was cool in the 60s, but we’ve come a long way since then. Now you can commission the kind of glossy, professionally bound photo book that used to be reserved for the fancy-pantsed big shot photographers.

Everyone wants to belong somewhere. When that somewhere allows you to buy daily necessities in bulk for super cheap, that somewhere manages to fill multiple needs at once. And let’s face it, it’s a lot better than watching them run off to join a cult.

Work may have been a strain on their marriage, a major source of emotional stress, and a general pain in the ass, but at least it gave them a reason to get out of the house for all those years. The great thing about museums is that it’s one of those places you can wander around and stare at things without being asked to leave. They’re going to need more places like that.

Some people just can’t sit still. That makes retirement a little dicey, and can lead to some bad decisions. Keep them occupied with a new skill to learn every month, curated by people who know how to keep the old folks out of trouble. Kind of like remote babysitters.

They worked damn hard for this part of their life, and they deserve some free stuff. Or, if not free, at least cheap. This is like the cool kids club for old people, except everyone can get in if they pay the dues. There’s no reason they can’t go on living in style.

Let’s be real: financial advisors are really there to take your money. Behind that smarmy smile and questionably tailored suit is a walking, breathing, organic pile of self-interest. It’s about time someone dished on what truly makes retirement rewarding. This kind of advice is what they’ve really been waiting for.


Whatever colors they wore in their younger, more spry years, you can bet they wore them with pride. But god knows they’re not going to fit into that uniform anymore. And even if they did manage to force their old carcass into those youthful dimensions, it would probably only make everyone a little worried for their mental health. But turn it into an everyday use item like a tote bag, and they’ll look stylish as all get-out.

In a couple of generations, nobody’s even going to know what the hell a book is. Have you seen a teenager try to figure out how to use one of their parents’ audio cassettes? But for those of us in the know, books are the real source of pure knowledge and wisdom, untainted by the runoff of digital culture. Like a cold, clear mountain stream, but with words.

Once you’ve got a few (hundred thousand) miles on your bones, low-impact exercise is the way to go. A swim routine is the best tonic for those aching, sagging muscles. But old people tend to get lost easily, so you probably don’t want to drop them at the lake and let them swim off. Better to find a nice pool with a little bit of supervision.

Retirement is all about finding a new perspective. After many decades of being earthbound, everything probably looks about the same from down here. A helicopter ride gives you a unique viewpoint, both above and up-close, letting you see things the way few people get to see them. It’s probably the closest they’ll ever get to being a superhero.

They put a lot of work, not to mention their heart and soul, into making a vision come true. Show them that someone else noticed with a professionally-made video biography narrating the highlights of their career. A nice final ego kick as they make the transition into old people world.

The good life is all about quality over quantity. Or maybe it’s about quality and quantity. We’re not here to argue. If they still want to swill down cheap rotgut wine by the box, nobody’s going to stop them. It’s their life, not yours. But here’s a great way to broaden their horizons once a month by introducing them to the stuff that’s popular with the people who don’t mix their chardonnay with diet sprite.

You might think that retirement is all relaxation, making this kind of gift redundant. Boy, would you be wrong. There’s all that yard work, all those coupons to clip, and all those young people running around acting a fool. Retirement is just as full of annoyance and monotony as anything else. A spa gift card is worth its weight in gold.

This is the old people version of buying them their own pool cue. Like every game of chance, bingo is ruled by the secret and unfathomable rubric of superstition. Using a borrowed dauber is like spitting in the face of the lottery gods. Not a good idea.

Turn a retirement party into a college drinking game with Never Have I Ever. Find out everything they didn’t have time to do while working all those years, and get hammered while doing it. Hangovers aren’t half as bad when there’s no work to go to in the morning.

Give the gift of beauty with a piece of original artwork from Artsy. These are not prints. This is the real thing, suitable for mature adults with refined tastes, like a retired person is supposed to have. Of course, some of the stuff here maybe isn’t all that refined, but at least it is original.

Being home all day with nothing to do can be a surreal experience for someone who has spent the last 40+ years in the workforce, which makes this Salvador Dalí inspired melting clock the perfect way to mark the persistence of wasting time.

What a way to walk off into the sunset! These fashionable flip-flops allow the new retiree to leave a trail of words like breadcrumbs down the beach beckoning one and all to follow along and bring some suds to share.

People still get pensions? Retirement is the BEST. Give the gift of smug satisfaction with one of these novelty mugs and glasses that tells the world your favorite retiree is kicking back, forgetting about all the stress, and still getting paid every month.

Bobbleheads were cool at sometime in the past, apparently, but not anymore. We realize this. But consider that the same is probably true for a person just entering retirement. Cool a long time ago, now not so much. Well the gift should match the recipient, right? It just makes sense.

Just because the company didn't give the retiree in your life an award does not mean they didn’t deserve one. Class up the place with a cut crystal eagle or a rosewood plaque. It’s the perfect thing for them to put in their home office while they stare vacantly at the wall.

Just because someone wants to have a smartwatch doesn’t mean it has to ruin their sophisticated wardrobe. Conversely, just because someone wants a classy watch doesn’t mean it has to be as dumb as…an old watch. The Armani Touchscreen Smartwatch bridges that gap elegantly, with a classic analog-style watch face as well as Android and iOS compatibility. The Armani touchscreen allows them to text, track their activities, monitor their sleep, control the music on their smartphone, and tell the time (as if anyone does that with a watch anymore).

Make them feel better about their slow slide into dementia with this compilation of some of the funniest mental lapses in history. They might not remember to thank you for this gift, but they will at least laugh out loud. If they can remember where they put it.

If you know someone retiring with 30 or more years of service to the federal government, civilian or military, perhaps a letter from a President of the United States is in order. Have their favorite leader commemorate their retirement with this one of a kind gift.

Give the gift of fat stacks of cash with this genuine bundle of real fake US currency. This prop money looks good enough to fool even the most discerning filmgoer, and makes a fun gift for a retiree who is about to discover life on a fixed income.

Day to day life can get a little lonely for some retirees who are used to interacting with lots of people in the workplace. Why not give them a new friend to talk to? Alexa will never grow tired of their conversations and is always willing to endure their pointless anecdotes.

It can be dicey to rely on your 401k or social security check these days. Better fortify them right off the bat with a little old fashioned green paper money. It may not grow on trees, but you sure as hell can put it there yourself. They’re not going to give a damn, as long as they’re the ones doing the pickin’.

Once retirement hits, you’ve really got nobody left to impress. This is the time for them to do whatever the hell they feel like, all day every day. That includes eating what they really want to eat. When you retire, so do the food police. And trust us, these baskets are full of what they really want to eat.


It’s never too late to learn new tricks. The great American safety net isn’t quite what it was cracked up to be, and retirees get to learn that when the social security checks come rolling in. But don’t feel sorry for them. Hobos have been getting by on far less for as long as anyone can remember. Time to put together a nice starter kit.

The ice treatment isn’t just for dead people anymore. Besides, we think gifts for dead people are creepy - that’s why you won’t find a “gifts for dead people” category on this site. But it turns out that freezing living people is really good for them, boosting immunity, alleviating aches and pains, and so on. The coolest retirement gift you’ll ever find.

The age-old question is, “Would you even want to know?” Find out a new retiree’s answer to this eternal query by gifting them this watch and observing the look that passes over their face when they realize what it is. It might even give them a goal to shoot for in a phase of life when motivation sometimes runs low.


Neckties are the corsets of the corporate world. But instead of making you look sexy it just feels like you’re being strangled by a very weak person. After this goes on for decades at a time, it’s understandable that some hostility might build up, even if that daily strangler was placed there time and again by one’s own hand. Emotional projection can be a healthy retirement gift.

The beginning of retirement is like a starter pistol that tells you to booze it up. There’s really no reason to be sober anymore. The problem is that kind of drinking gets expensive. Time to become the first-world old folks version of the subsistence farmer: the artisan drinker.

Here are two things we know about old retired men: 1) They like to play golf. 2) They have to pee a lot more often than younger folk. The golf club urinal solves the second thing so they can focus on the first. It even comes with a towel so nobody gets arrested.


It can be overwhelming, after years of keeping a strict schedule, to suddenly have to manage your own time. Give a new retiree the gift of structure by having their coworkers fill their schedule for them. It will be nice to have a slew of activities to fill their suddenly voluminous free time, but the best part may be the satisfaction of blowing off people who have been annoying the crap out of them for years.

Just like a snake sheds its own skin, retirement is the time when they can finally get rid of that stuffy old identity that served them so well for all these years. The one that made them seem dependable, reliable, and competent, and kept them employed throughout their working life (hopefully). Because deep down inside, we all know it’s killing them. This is not a deck of business cards. This is a portal into an alternate universe where their wildest dreams of bizarre and exciting professional identities all come true.