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Gift buying is never easy, but when there’s a world-class weirdo on your list, it can be worse than trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube with your feet while sucking on a blotter of acid. That’s why we’ve put in the hard work to find all the gifts that will get a thumbs up from that friend, family member, or neighbor who’s a little too…should we say unorthodox? It doesn’t matter if they already have the entire Weird Al box set – on vinyl and cassette – and have already tried every flavor of kimchi soda. We’ve got you covered.

The LICKI brush is proof that everything has already been invented and is for sale on Amazon. Even a cat licking device. There are now no new ideas left. To repeat, LICKI is exactly what it looks like - a soft silicone brush you can hold in your mouth to lick your cat. There's no way your cat, or anyone else, will think this is weird, right?

Get back to nature with some jewelry made out of dead bugs. Insects are some of the animal kingdom’s strangest creatures, and the brightest and most beautiful have been chosen for these unique pendants. It takes a special kind of weirdo to rock one of these.

Many, many people slaved away making these lollipops under great duress. They’re called confectioners, and they have a very stressful job. No, these aren’t really made from breast milk, so if you were excited that you found the perfect gift for that pervert you know, you might want to keep looking. Of course you don’t have to tell them they’re not real.

Mberry miracle fruit tablets are seriously weird. They make food that should normally taste sour taste super sweet instead. Seriously, your friends will be guzzling vinegar like its cola. Host the world’s weirdest dinner party by altering the way your taste buds work for a while.

Hummingbirds are fascinating to watch. If you've ever had the desire to have a closer look, you'll get no closer than the hummviewer mask, a sturdy, adjustable, clear plastic face shield attached hummingbird feeders. One of the many strange products brought to you by Shark Tank.

Genetic engineering used to be the exclusive domain of science fiction and of monstrous corporations like Monsanto. And probably the Bilderberg people. Thankfully, those days are over. Now we can all play God by rearranging the genetic code of living organisms, and you can do it for less than it costs to take your family to Disney World. What could possibly go wrong? And furthermore, who cares? If we’re going to crash the planet, we might as well all have our hands on the wheel.

Books are great, but they have one nearly universal problem: they’re not weird enough. That’s right, you’re not the only one who noticed. But thankfully, this book is weird enough for all of them. The first question is, What is it? A surrealist picture book? An encyclopedia for an alternate universe? A grand and painstakingly constructed joke? Even the author himself is hard to categorize. Most people would probably call him an artist, but it may be best just to call him a guy who makes things. And some of those things are really weird.

Give them the gift of their own personal Finland with this hot and steamy portable sauna. There’s nothing weird about rejuvenating mind and body in the comfort of home, while head and hands are free to hold a book and read outside the heat - it just looks a little weird. Okay, maybe more than a little.

Many people complain that earbuds won’t stay in their ears because they’re not the right shape. Weirder people complain that earbuds don’t make their ears look big enough. These are for the second group. If you know one of these people who also happens to be a fantasy book fan, you may have just found the greatest gift anyone will ever give them. And don’t forget, nothing earns your way into the heart of an elf like some great jams.

No matter where you stand on other major life issues, one thing is for sure: everything is better with cats. Or maybe just weirder. Anyway, this updated version of the classic board game is purr-fect for anyone who owns or loves cats, and even better for anyone who wishes they were a cat. In the original version of Monopoly, the goal was to collect properties until you became the fattest cat around, bullying people and putting them out of business. Cat-opoly reflects a kinder, gentler world where you simply collect cats, until you’re like one of those people you see on the reality shows.

Wearing this might get someone labeled a paranoid schizophrenic or mistaken for someone with an uncontrollable urge to bite others, but that’s the price you pay for protecting yourself from whoever is listening in, be it the government, aliens, or worse yet, alien government agencies. That’s the world we live in. This is the answer.

Nothing makes for better jewelry than dressing your body parts up with other body parts. And if a rabbit’s foot is good luck, who knows what kind of blessings are showered on those who carry around a human eyeball. At the very least, it’s a great way to get noticed — by passersby, birds of prey, and possibly the police.

If you’re looking for a gift that they’ll never forget, treat them to a custom made Mousterpiece. They can be designed to your own unique specifications and are perhaps the ultimate weird gift. These beautifully crafted pieces of taxidermy are memorable, possibly a touch creepy, and yet somewhat incredibly endearing.

We’ll just get this out of the way now: this toy is disgusting. And for some people, it probably rivals bubble wrap for being incomprehensibly satisfying. And to boot, this doesn’t make any noise that might annoy the crap out of everyone. So this is basically a quiet, gross version of bubble wrap. And we’re willing to bet that you know someone who would think that sounds amazing. After all, it’s the simple pleasures in life that make it all worthwhile. Simple as a pimple.

Get your player piano out of here! This amazing device is 17 instruments in one. That’s an entire band! And not a small one either! It stores 13,000 songs in 10 categories, features a 15” touchscreen interface, and is housed in a magnificent oak cabinet that is a work of art all its own.

The ostrich pillow allows you to bury your head in comfort and escape the danger of having to face a long plane (or train or bus) ride without the best travel pillow on the market.  Give one to your favorite napper before their next trip, or after their last one!

Not everyone has space in their home for a life-sized(!) replica T. Rex skeleton, but, for those who do, we can’t imagine a more exciting gift. Unleash their inner paleontologist with this incredible, museum quality item, an exact copy of a real fossil skeleton found in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Perfect for those occasions when you want to give someone the moon and the stars. This set of five amazing envelopes contain accurate depictions of the sky at night. Your astronomically minded friends will be amazed at seeing the universe in a piece of folded paper. As for the moon… well, you can probably figure that one out.

For your punk-rock friend with a not-so-punk pet, spray-on PetPaint can make any fur-covered beast look like a total badass. Color the cat and dye the dog in nearly every color you can imagine. It even comes in brown for some reason!

We all have that one friend. The one who can never seem to find that steady relationship. The one with a cat or two. And then three. And four. The one who starts to show up to parties, on the rare occasions she does show up, increasingly covered in cat hair. This book. This book is for her.

There are a lot of weird musical instruments out there, but many of them don’t make great gifts since it takes effort to learn how to play them. Not so with the Otamatone! There’s just not that much to know. Squeeze the bottom and it makes noise. Run your fingers up and down the neck, and it makes noise. See what we mean?

Edible spray paint is typically used by fancy cake chefs to decorate their creations, but might we suggest an alternative use? Why not give a can or two to your weird friend who is into graffiti? Let them tag their (and everyone else’s, probably) lunch instead of that spot under the bridge. It’s even certified kosher!

It probably makes more sense to call this a sleeping suit than a sleeping bag, but whatever. With it’s rubberized feet and quick release hand openings, a person can walk around and drink hot cocoa without ever leaving the warmth of their sleeping bag.

You could just get them a gift card to a spa or for a massage, but why not go for a more interesting experience like cryotherapy? It’s basically a box you get into to get blasted by ridiculously cold air for a short period of time. Advocates say that the treatment rejuvenates the body and helps repair tissue damage. If your town doesn't have a cryotherapy place yet you could try a bathtub full of ice and a big fan.

As far as unusable real estate goes, this isn’t a bad deal. Buy swampland in Florida and everyone thinks (actually, knows) you’re a poor, sad, gullible boob who’s open to being taken advantage of. Own some land on the moon, on the other hand, and you’re sort of a lazy pioneer. It’s a long way to go for a vacation, and whoever you give this to probably can’t afford to make the trip, but if they ever figure out how to make this whole space taxi thing work, their great grandkids might just get some use out of it.

One problem with our hectic modern lives is that we’re usually nowhere near nature when it calls. Instead, we’re usually in a crowd of strangers, at a public venue with horrible restroom facilities, or stuck in a traffic jam. And having to abide by the rules of social decorum means that women really get the short end of the stick. A simple portable plastic device has changed all that. With the SHEWEE, you’re not only making someone’s life easier — you’re striking a blow for urinary equality.

Poetry is the most appropriate art form for cats, because regardless of the author, nobody cares if a poem makes sense. In fact, the less sense the better. And cats are idiots. Creative, creative idiots, with agendas you never would have guessed.

How weird is the weirdest person you know? Are they so weird that they’re deserving of a title? If they are, we’ve got their gift covered. Let them bask in all their weird glory as they become Laird or Lady Weirdo. What better way to celebrate what makes them unique than to grant them the title they deserve in, er, Scotland? This is actually a legit deed to a tiny portion of a real Scottish castle.

If finding a gift for the weirdest person you know is a bit of a challenge, we think we may have it covered with this wonderful delicacy. These edible bugs are high in protein and high on the list of unusual gifts that you wouldn’t buy for anyone else. Or yourself.

Do you know what would be really weird? Absolutely nothing, quite literally. This is a perfect gift for someone who just needs to escape the world and it’s weird ways for a few minutes, even if the world becomes a little less weird without them in it.

Some might consider it the ultimate display of human privilege to begin claiming faraway stars just because we have a few extra dollars in our pockets. But once you realize that the universe is far bigger than you think it is, you’ll cool off a little. There’s more than enough to go around for everybody. Several billion times over. So go ahead and give someone a little piece of the cosmic pie. Nothing to get all riled up about.

If you’re friends with the crazy cat person, you have to buy them this gift. Make them the envy of all their crazy cat friends with this toilet training kit, which will make litter boxes a thing of the past. It will also make their cat king of all the neighborhood felines, complete with his own throne to sit on.

Everyone did the occasional weird thing when they were a kid, some people didn’t grow out of it and just grew up to be weirdos, which we’re pretty sure is the reason you’re on this page at the moment. Take them back to their childhood with Lego blocks, but this time ones that are safe to eat, just in case that’s something they also never grew out of.

A rubber chicken purse may not be everyone’s idea of a tasteful accessory. But then again, screw them. Trying to please everyone is a fool’s errand. This unbelievably gorgeous and futuristic purse will instantly set the owner apart from the crowd, for better or for worse. And unlike conventional chicken purses, no animals were harmed in its making, which is why it’s futuristic. Because in the future, everyone is nicer. Pair with other animals like cats or fish for a truly stunning and harmonious look.

Though it is roundly considered bad taste to put socks on your face, no taboo exists against doing the opposite. In fact, rocking a pair of face socks is likely to thrust one several notches up the status meter. It’s one of the most underutilized fashion secrets known to modern man (and modern woman). The ancient books counsel that power and prestige await those who carry the human countenance upon their footwear. These are truly the gateway to greater things.

Wombats are highly independent animals, but sometimes they need a little help getting their sh*t together. You know, just someone to make sure they’re keeping up on their paperwork and making solid life choices. That’s where an animal lover you know comes in. Kind of like a Big Brothers & Big Sisters program, but for wombats. And it’s WAY more hands-off. In fact, the adopter doesn’t have to do anything — someone else takes care of all the dirty work. They just get a little card with a cute picture of their wombat and a bunch of swag, and the satisfaction of knowing they’re keeping another potential troubled marsupial off the streets.

Your pet once ruled the kingdom, and perhaps they still do! Honor them with a beautiful and one-of-a-kind personalized Renaissance Pet Portrait. Artists will transform your pet into a stunning masterpiece. Simply select an amusing outfit and upload an image of your pet. Printed with museum-quality inks and paper, your portrait will look and feel like it belongs in a museum. If Renaissance isn't your pet's style, there a lots of other hilarious choices.

Not all superheroes wear capes but at the same time, not all things that fly are superheroes. They do make super presents for super weirdos though. This Remote Control Flying Fish will provide them with hours of fun.

It was only with the advent of modern society that we decided the broad world was no longer our toilet. This made us feel better about ourselves (and each other), but it’s so damn inconvenient. Thankfully some genius made this thing, which combines the best of both worlds - the carefree and the socially conscientious. Now we can feel whole again.

We can’t emphasize this enough: you ride the motorized cooler full of drinks to the party, you drink its contents, and then you WALK it back home. Nobody wants to be the guy on the news who got arrested for drunk driving an empty cooler. So stay safe.

It’s time to release those pent-up thoughts and frustrations that are clogging their mind so they can achieve maximum weirdness. Not only is it relieving to project angst onto an inanimate object, but it’s extremely entertaining! Let them dabble in the dark side with a custom made voodoo doll.

Beef jerky is a fond favorite of many but, let’s be honest, it’s pretty standard. When you’re looking for a less regular gift for a less regular person, you’re going to have to do better than that. Earthworm jerky might just be the answer. This jerky is packed full of protein and we hear that it’s really tasty too. We did mean to try it ourselves, honestly … but … earthworms.

Subtlety is not a quality that is often attributed to remarkable butts. From Brazilian calendar models to Dave in HR (in whose wake no sane person walks), the human posterior tends to grab attention forcefully, or not at all. A small company with a social conscience is looking to change that. Enter Subtle Butt, the fashion accessory you wish everyone else had.