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Rest assured, it only seems like he has everything. Most likely, if you took an honest inventory, he just has a barnful of stereotypically dude-oriented stuff, most of it collecting dust. And every day he dies inside a little because he wants to expand his horizons but can’t for the life of him figure out how to claw his way out of his dude-oriented stuff bubble. If you help him bust out of it, he’ll never forget you. And if he really has everything on this list, go ahead and send us his name and we’ll try our best to set up a reality show about him.

He may have everything, but none of it will do him any good if he's dead. Help the man who has everything stick around long enough to use it all with this guide book that details every possible way things could go horribly wrong.

The most important things in a person’s life aren’t things at all. They’re memories, experiences and relationships. This clever game is designed to help them recall stories and memories they haven’t thought of in years, and is a great way to reflect on the crazy path that has gotten them where they are today.

If they have it all, many of those things probably require batteries. Help them actually use all the stuff they have with a lifetime supply of batteries. Now they have everything and it all actually works.

Sure, they said they didn’t want anything, but that’s only because they’ve never seen this pancake printing robot. If they had known about this thing, well they’d already have this too. What a great time to be alive and hungry for breakfast!


So they’ve got everything huh? Everything sounds pretty great if you’re thinking of it in terms of possessions, but “everything” also includes some less exciting things like chores. If they’ve got everything, they’ve got chores, unfinished projects and to-do lists. Perhaps the most valuable gift would be a little sweat of your brow?

mBerry tablets are a natural product derived from berries that temporarily alter your perception of taste by binding to your taste buds and tricking your brain. It’s a pretty crazy experience and would make a memorable gift that they’ll be telling stories about for years. The tablets make sour and bitter things taste sweet. You can chow down on a lemon and swear it tastes like an orange. Vinegar tastes like apple juice. Hot sauce and spicy foods become sugary and beer tastes like Kool-aid.

Okay, so there’s absolutely nothing in the world you can buy them that they would actually want or need. Well, that’s pretty amazing. Admirable even. But don’t overlook the obvious - they still need to eat. You could cook for them, or treat them to a fancy restaurant, but why not bring the experience of fine dining into the home? Hiring a professional private chef will make for a unique and memorable evening. Not only do they get to eat amazing food prepared right in their kitchen with their own equipment, they will learn the nuances of culinary excellence from a seasoned expert.

Someone who has it all has probably been around the block a few times. Help them celebrate their journeys with this elegant travel map that displays all the places they’ve been, and the places they’d still like to go. Available as a US or world map.

Everything eh? Here’s one thing they probably don’t have. Behold the undisputed King of the Gummy Bears. This 5 pound monstrosity is a gift that will lead to another thing they don’t already have. A week long stomach ache.

If they’ve got everything they could ever want or need, then congratulations are in order. How did they achieve this good fortune? What are the building blocks that created such a successful person? Help them unearth their unique personal story with this telling look into their genealogy.

If the last thing they need is another “thing”, then the best possible gift is to take a trip together. Whether it’s a short day-trip to the beach, a weekend in Vegas, or a vacation overseas, travel creates memories that will last forever, long after their gizmos have become obsolete, their doodads have broken down, and their whatchamacallums have faded into obscurity.

So, he’s got everything a man could possibly need but does he have a Plan B for when the sh*t hits the fan? And if Plan B doesn’t work out, has he got his Plan C and D in place? If not, it’s worth getting him a gift that will make sure he’s covered for all eventualities. A man who has everything has nothing if he’s not a man with a plan, after all.

It can feel kind of strange to hand someone a notebook as a present, and be like, “Here, write in this.” But not when said notebook is an intricate and stunning piece of art like this wood-covered journal. Each one has either a natural image (plants, wildlife) or an uplifting message cut into the front cover. The unique and beautiful designs transform these from simple notebooks into works of art that the recipient adds to over time.

It can be hard to try and buy a keepsake for someone who owns more or less everything you can think of, so sometimes an experience he’ll never forget is the best way to go. If you’re looking for a day out that is truly memorable, going full speed around a race course in a car they could normally only dream of driving is sure to put you on the fast-track to greatest gift giver ever.

If flowers could get you drunk, men would be all about bouquets. Until then, replace the posies and roses with distilled spirits and ale, and your manly recipient will be as woozy and giddy as a schoolgirl who just got her first love note. After a long day of doing man things, all he really wants is to relax and recover in the glow of a nice warm buzz. And every time he does, he’ll remember you, and think to himself what great taste you have.

Unless you’re scouring the internet looking for a gift for John Travolta, we’d hedge our bets on the man who has everything not having his own private plane.Let him live out his boyhood dreams with a day mastering the basics of flying. A word of warning, you might have to start budgeting for next years present now if he gets a taste for life in the skies.

Everyone, from Elon Musk to your next door neighbor, is straight-up terrified of the robot takeover, envisioning all kinds of post-apocalyptic horrors being visited upon us by our own creations. But then one of them offers to mow the lawn and everyone’s like, “Well, they can’t be that bad.” And it’s true - there might be a few bad apples coming down the assembly line, but you won’t find any in the lawn mower category. Just helpful, friendly, sort-of-intelligent mini landscapers who just want you to give them a place to lay low and recharge in between jobs. Nothing to be scared of here.

If they already have everything they need, they surely have plenty of things to stash away in this time capsule. Dig it up together sometime in the future and laugh about primitive life in the olden days when we used things like iPhones.

At a certain point, when you have too much stuff, more things just don’t do it for you anymore. At that point, if you’re smart, you start investing in superpowers. And trust us on this: every single man on the planet was a kid once, and every one of those kids wanted the power to see in the dark. To go where other humans cannot, to walk among the wild nocturnal animals as an equal, and to hide from their parents. They may not need to hide from their parents anymore, but that doesn’t make night vision any less awesome.

This year, when he says he wants nothing, make his day by getting him just that. Among this gift’s many wonderful attributes is that it never runs out - so it’s always there, always in the same condition in which you bought it. It also never breaks, can’t be stolen, needs no virtual updates, has no hidden costs or fees, and may or may not be the source of everything (we haven’t yet confirmed). In so many ways, it’s the perfect gift.

He may think he has everything, but can he take a chicken breast from raw to edible in the blink of an eye? Can he get the perfect char on a steak in the time it takes someone to point at the oven and say, “What the hell is that?” If he doesn’t have one of these, then the answer is probably no. Learning to harness the elements is an ongoing struggle for mankind, but with the Inferno, we’ve come a little closer to catching fire in a bottle.

The last thing they need is more stuff, and at the end of it all it’s really the experiences that they will cherish the most. Help them create some new memories to look back on by finding a fun activity to do locally. Be adventurous and choose something they’ve near done before. It’s a gift that will enrich their life and yours too.

They might say they have everything, but do they really? Even if they had everything on Earth they still wouldn’t have anything on the moon. Buy them an acre of land in the solar system’s hottest up and coming real estate market.

They might have it all, but that’s no reason to get a big head. Or is it? Maybe it’s the perfect time for a big head, and maybe you should be the one to give it to them. Just upload a few photos and your loved one will be immortalized in the goofiest way possible.

The bucket list bucket gives them the opportunity to make memories, rather than giving them a reason to make more closet space. He might own so many things it makes him hard to buy a gift for, but we bet there are a lot of things he really wants to do before he kicks it. So, for someone who has everything, what better gift than a bucket full of everything they’ve ever wanted to experience?

If they have everything, they surely already own plenty of gadgets and thingamajigs. Some of them may even be possessions that they treasure. But nothing is as cherished as the most important thing they have - their family. Help them celebrate the one thing that truly matters with this sculptural family tree. Now they have everything.

They might have everything today, but that could change quickly if they become the unfortunate victim of cyber-theft. RFID chips in modern credit cards make paying easy, but they also have a serious vulnerability - the chip can be scanned by cyber criminals without you even knowing it. All they have to do is walk past you and your card data is captured without them even touching it. It’s a growing concern but luckily there’s an easy solution with RFID blocking cards and wallets.

Having everything doesn’t mean it’s time to sit back and rest on your laurels. It means it’s time to give back. After all, there are a lot of people out there who have next to nothing. A charity gift card is a gift that actually makes the world a better place, and it will make the recipient feel good too. That’s something you can never have enough of. Just choose an amount for the donation and the recipient chooses where the money will go.

One thing people can never have enough of is flattery. They can have plenty of doodads, all of the whatchamacallems and far too many thingamabobs, but there’s always room for a few more compliments. This beautifully presented box of kind words is almost too thoughtful to bear.

Bunster’s Shit the Bed Hot Sauce is a mix of super-hot chilies and healthy superfoods (like goji berries and apple cider vinegar). It’s also a crowdfunding phenomenon and a painfully delicious gift for any health-conscious masochist you might know. There are lots of gourmet hot sauces out there, but this one is unique and strange in a way that true hot sauce connoisseurs find irresistible. Their mouth is bound to have a love-hate relationship with this stuff.


We’d put money on the fact that the man who has everything doesn’t have a butler, so treat him, for one day only, and wait on him hand and foot. We think having his dinner cooked for him and not having to worry about the washing up after is a better present than any sum of money could buy.

The last thing you want to get a man who has everything, is something that he already has, which is everything, so that doesn’t leave you many options. Luckily there is one exception. One thing that a man can never have enough of, and you can have this thing shipped to his door every month. Let’s face it, a man doesn’t really have everything unless he has ALL the bacon.

He’s got it all, but for how long? A mortality countdown wristwatch will make sure he appreciates all he’s got while he still has it. A little reminder that eventually all that “everything” will be swallowed up by nothingness. It seems morbid at first, but the watch is intended to help people make the most out of their time. And it could always be used to countdown to something more pleasant, like retirement.

Let the man who has everything make the musical world his oyster with this self-contained hootenanny. What looks like an old traditional gift is actually packed with up-to-date musical technology, playing over 1000 songs from a built in digital music player. He’ll feel like he practically has every song in the world at his fingertips and will never have to listen to the same song twice with this impressive feat of musical engineering.

He thinks he owns everything he could possibly imagine, but prove him wrong with a gift that doesn’t even exist yet. Commissioning a piece of original artwork is perfect for the man who can’t possibly think of what he wants. It’s a one-of-a-kind present and what’s more satisfying than having something that no one else ever will?


Take a trip down memory lane with a nostalgic box full of their favorite things from years gone by with this kind-hearted gift. He might own a lot of things now, but we’d put good money on there being some things that he misses from his childhood.

The man who has everything is bound to have a few skeletons in the closet among all the other things he owns. This is a perfect way for him to empty that closet and make room for even more possessions that he’s likely going to accumulate. It’s also devilishly good fun for you to watch him squirm a little bit.

They probably have enough possessions by now to open a museum of their own but buying them a gift that’s worthy of being in an actual museum is sure to go down well. Perfect for the budding paleontologist, or really anyone who’s looking for a low maintenance family pet, this incredibly detailed Tyrannosaurus skeleton is the perfect gift for the man who owns just about everything else.

If you don’t think he’ll appreciate more gifts to go on top of the huge pile of everything he already owns, why not make a donation in his name? It’s a great opportunity to help people who aren’t quite as fortunate and he doesn’t even have to part way with his precious pile of possessions to raise money either…even if he could do with a yard sale or two.

If you know a man who owns everything they could possibly want to, give them the stealth tactics they need to make sure they can keep it all. This CIA Survival Training Course will give them the opportunity to learn an elite set of skills that will keep them safe so if they ever find themselves locked in the trunk of a moving car, they can survive and continue on their mission through life…to collect even more stuff!

Give them an experience they’ll never forget by replacing everything with nothing. A sensory deprivation session is a unique gift that will really open their eyes to the meaning of nothingness, which is ironic since they won’t be able to see anything.

We know that if it’s his favorite book, he probably already owns a copy, but if you’re looking for a gift that is not only really thoughtful but will stand out among all the gadgets and gizmos that he owns, this is the perfect idea. On the upside for you, he’s bound to love it, so it sends you straight to the top of his best gifts list.

In this modern day and age, unless you can afford a butler, a faithful and loyal servant is more a dream than an aspiration. Well fear not, the man who has everything else can now have his very own loyal knight to serve his drinks after a long day, or any kind of day at all. He also comes with our personal guarantee that he’ll never take a sick day.

Does the man you’re trying to buy a gift for own an absolute mountain of things? Perhaps so big he needs a birds-eye view to keep them all in check? OK, so maybe not that big, but a hot air balloon ride is the great idea for a present that you don’t have to find a place to keep but will still last forever as a memory, unless he tries to keep the balloon which we strongly discourage.

When you’re looking for a gift for a man who owns everything, you really have to think about who he is as a person, which is exactly the train of thought that led us to this gift. This DNA portrait is a unique representation of who they really are, designed in such a way that it creates a stunning piece of modern art. Perfect to adorn the walls of the man cave!

You’d think there would be some kind of award for a person who’s managed to accumulate such an impressive amount of possessions over the years. While we can’t think of one off the top of our heads, we think that a title would suffice and Laird (or Lady, if he prefers) sounds just about right. Lord of the Man Cave, maybe?

If he’s the kind of person who likes to go big or go home, go one better and let him go big at home with these giant yard games. Perfect for anyone with a bit of a competitive streak, they’ll provide hours of fun for him to play with family or friends, and given that they’re huge, he won’t lose them among all his other belongings.

If he has everything, we bet he has some things he doesn’t want too, like chores. Make his life a little bit easier with and relieve him of his weekly shopping woes by having his groceries delivered direct to his door. And if you’re buying this for someone you live with, the tedious task won’t fall to you either.

One of the things that most people did growing up was play in the kindergarten sandbox with bulldozers, backhoes and the like. So, unless they made a career out of it, we reckon we’ve found a gift that will give them the opportunity to do something they’ve never done before and make their childhood dreams a reality.

If given the choice of any imaginable superpower, not many would choose “magnetic wrists.” Except, perhaps, carpenters. And the world would look upon them skeptically, until they tried out one of these magnetic wristbands for themselves. Thankfully, in a world where real superpowers are hard to come by, you can now get your own magnetic wrist for pretty cheap. And better yet, it can be removed at any time, so you’re not collecting stray parts as you go about your day. Simple technology beats superpowers every time.

If you’re stuck looking for a gift that’s really going to stand out among all the other things that he owns, why not give him some great memories to keep instead? Event tickets make a fantastic present for any person you know who doesn’t need to be encouraged to accumulate even more thingamabobs, whatchamacallums or just, well, junk.

These aren’t just any old toothpicks, they’re a touch of after-dinner luxury for the refined gentleman or anyone who’s enthusiastic about their scotch and single malt. These make the perfect gift for someone who appreciates quaint and quirky things, and when you’re dealing with a man who owns everything there is to own, quaint and quirky is probably the way you need to go.

Let the man who has everything find out everything there is to know about himself instead of adding to his collection of stuff. This Genetic Testing Kit will help to unravel all sorts of interesting facts about his lineage and relatives, as well as some useful information that will help him look after himself in the future.

It’s probably hard to imagine what the future holds when they already have everything they could possibly want. We think that makes this gift a little bit more fun. You can choose to write whatever you want inside these tasty little treats, but don’t tell him they were custom printed to specifically apply to his life. Tell him these are authentic Chinese fortune cookies, which are much wiser than the ones we have here.

Some might argue that taking time to relax, recharge and recuperate is one of the most important things you can do for yourself, and your health is far more valuable than anything else you’ll own. Treat him to the ultimate modern day stress relief of a cryotherapy session, which will really chill him out, like REALLY chilly.

Standard hotels are convenient and something of a social institution, but when it comes down to it they’re all the same, except that in the cheaper ones the desk clerks are a little creepier and the maids are drunker. Airbnb takes the predictability out of travel lodging and replaces it with an endless variety of unique experiences. For people who appreciate the human touch.

When traveling, some people really like an element of predictability to anchor their experience in an unfamiliar place. With a recognizable name like Hilton, you know exactly what to expect. Unfortunately, that name and that predictability come at a premium. You can help take the sting out of a vacation’s most expensive element by picking up the tab ahead of time.

So they have everything? Are you sure? Do they have a live lobster? They do now that you're on the case. You can head out to sea and find one, or just send them one in the mail. To make this unusual experience even more surprising, don't tell them it's coming.

Back in the old days you were really rolling the dice when you chose a hotel. Either you called blindly after skimming the phone book or simply drove all night and hoped you saw a vacancy sign before you ran out of gas and got murdered by a vagrant. A gift card is not just a way of picking up the tab for a night’s stay; it’s also the priceless gift of peace of mind.

Time to get rid of human error when it comes to food. After all, food is the only thing you buy that literally becomes you. This is the first of its kind, so your man with everything will definitely not have this. We’re not sure if this robot chef will throw things around the kitchen and speak condescendingly of the people eating its food, but it can probably be programmed that way if it makes the owner more comfortable.

They may have everything in the world that their heart desires, but what about the universe? Give them their very own star and let them name it, or name it after them. It is unclear whether these star deeds will hold up in inter-galactic court, but since we’re actually seeing starlight that has traveled for millions of years to reach us, it’s also unclear if these stars still exist in the first place.

Take to the skies with this virtual reality video game/exercise system. Virtual reality is definitely the next frontier in video games, and it’s set to make exercise accessible for the lazy and easily bored. The real world is so 20th Century.

The man who has everything is typically one of the hardest people to buy presents for but we think we’ve got it wrapped up here. Not only does he get one of the finest dining experiences in town, he also gets the satisfaction of not having to do the dishes. We bet you won’t find a man that won’t love everything about this gift idea.