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We know, it’s complicated. Maybe she was the one who pulled the curtain back on the big Santa hoax or spilled the beans to you about your secret adoption (real or imaginary). And maybe you cut the heads off all of her dolls in return. Or vice versa. Anyway, these are all bygones, and at the end of the day you still love your sister, even if you can’t explain why. So pick her out a nice gift that shows you still know her better than anybody. We’ve got some great ideas.

Anyone who tells you that you can’t look classy drinking straight out of the bottle simply lacks imagination. And they clearly haven’t seen one of these. The best thing about using the Guzzle Buddy is the total lack of pretension. This is the perfect gift for that sister who always talks about having ONE glass but never seems to achieve that level of self-control. This is a great way to say, “You don’t have to pretend. We want you to be who you are. We just want you to look better doing it.”

Spherical food is classy. And now you can turn just about any food into little caviar-like pearls by blending it with water and adding a gelification agent to the mix. Then place it inside this pepper grinder-looking thing and in a few minutes you’ll be shooting out little balls of food. And when you place little balls of food on other non-ball shaped food, everything looks a thousand times fancier, and fancy looking food always tastes better.

Nothing beats the comfort of lounging around the house, enveloped in something much larger than yourself, unless that something is a giant snake, the crushing anxiety of an ever-uncertain future, or a sense of guilt for that awful thing you said at last year’s family picnic. A giant knit blanket helps to smother any of these undesirable feelings, leaving one with a sense of warmth and security.

Renaissance thinkers saw humans as a microcosm, a miniature version of the universe. These handcrafted wood and resin rings represent an idealized sanctuary, a miniature model of a beautiful and peaceful place to escape from the not so awesome realities of everyday life. Peace of mind your sister can carry wherever she goes.

So you’ve decided to get your sister a bomb kit. Scour the internet and you’ll find instructions for making any kind of bomb you want. But instead of making one that blows people up, why don’t you teach her how to make a bath bomb? No costly medical bills or long, drawn out criminal trials. Just a few minutes of relaxation.

This delightful wall calendar is the purrrfect addition to your sister’s workout space, office or quiet space. She won’t be able to help herself from chuckling every time she attempts these ambitious poses. Make her feel like the cat’s meow from day break to sun down and encourage increased flexibility and playfulness every step of the way!

As the old saying goes, nobody wants to see how the sausage is made. It’s different with candy bars, because only good things go in them, instead of old leftover horse parts or whatever. Not that you can’t add horse parts to your candy bars - nobody’s going to stop you. The point is you don’t have to. And in case you’re wondering, most people stick to the classics like nuts, mint chips, and stuff like that. This is definitely the ultimate DIY junk food gift.

Flower power is making a comeback ladies! These dried flowers are not only vibrant and classy, they evoke a trendy feel that will be sure to complement any ensemble. Power lunches, baby showers, bachelorette parties, you name it! Feel alive and free with these delicate dangles. Bring a little sunshine to your sister’s day. These handcrafted beauties are hot to trot!

Double up on the fun this time around and indulge on a gift that both of you will enjoy … together! You survived the pitfalls of adolescence side by side, so why not carve out some well-deserved excitement now that you’re all grown up and legal? Play dates don’t just have to be for the little ones. Engage in some extracurricular excursions and forget about everything else for a day. Who better to let loose with but your sister!

Who has time for art museums? Bring the masters direct to home and gaze at their unparalleled creations whenever you so desire. Free admission to the best seat in the house! Feature your own works of art right alongside the undisputed greats. Art is definitely not dead.

Bury the hatchet … and a time capsule while you’re at it! This is a serious undertaking that requires teamwork, creativity and well-planned digging. Sisters are perfect for the task at hand. Tuck away memorable keepsakes that will surprise and delight future generations. Enclose secret passwords, keys to unlock that mysterious chest of drawers, or maybe just some touching photos and one-of-a-kind artwork. Dream big, but don’t forget to mark the spot!

Remember when it was just you and your sister, reading pop-up picture books together on the couch? Reclaim those memorable moments once again with a personalized photo book crafted with your own tender touches. Flipping the pages of this creative collage will become your sister’s favorite pastime after a hard day’s work. A keepsake for years to come, this unique token is perfect for celebrating sisterhood!

Gone are the days of tripping over cords and accidentally sucking up Grandma’s lost earring. This powerful fella is about to change your sister’s life. The rewards of absentee vacuuming are beyond compare. We’re not just talking about spotless floors free of cat hair and breadcrumbs. Roomba transcends cleanliness by giving peace of mind and precious time—two things none of us has enough of. Treat her to the floor butler of dreams!

This floor-to-ceiling game piece is a winning addition to any family room. Return your sister to the golden age of the game show era and watch endless fun unfold. Gather the whole family around for a full-body workout. Your sister’s synapses will be all fired up as she shows off her wordsmith smarts. Get off the couch and join the life-size board game revolution!

Your sister has been living a lie. In fact, we all have. The face we have been gazing at in the mirror since our birth is not our own, but the face of our foil from another dimension where everything happens in reverse. If you don’t believe me, look into a non-reversing mirror, raise your right hand, and be prepared to scream when your reflection does the same. Give your sister the gift of true self-reflection.

Give your sister something worthwhile to do all day. Humane, effective and fun, this wildlife wand sure beats ant traps and smoke bombs! Every house has some critters lurking around and this masterful toy is just the right tool for the job. With just a flick of the wrist, those daddy longlegs will be back in the wild in no time flat.

Fast track your sister to the breakfast of champions. This gargantuan coffee cup isn't for lightweights, just real serious caffeine lovers trying to stay awake and inspire a new generation of supersize consumers. Let go of the thermos and snuggle up to some XXL tableware. Make a statement and go big!

Cyber bullies beware, there’s a new sheriff in town and she’s armed and dangerous! Don’t let your sister fall prey to senseless crime. Arm her handbag with some advanced protection that will give those identity hackers a run for their money. Keep her precious plastic safe and out of harm’s way so she can swipe to her heart’s delight on that next shopping spree.

Floaties are optional for this therapeutic bath. Stimulate your sister to the core with an out-of-this-world flotation experience. Safe, peaceful and restorative, this water treatment capsule will help to wash away her tension and debilitating pain as the healing waters rejuvenate her from within. Give your sister the gift of good health. Water is life.

So what if your sister thinks she’s perfect? Give her more reasons to brag with this genius utensil and maybe she’ll even give you a little credit this time around! Moist, delectable perfection can dominate your sister’s kitchen, giving her more time to boast about what a good chef she is. This masterful culinary device will bring the bistro home and satisfy even the most discriminating taste buds. Check out our Guide to Sous Vide Cooking to learn more about this underutilized method of cooking.

Welcome home to the Shire, Sis! Serenity will take over the minute guests cross the threshold of this delightful abode. Block out the wail of sirens and wash away the sorrows of the day with light melodies and gentle tones. Gift your sister with the pure sounds of bliss she so deserves. So long, doorbells and knockers! Kumbaya is here to stay.

DNA samples just got really elegant! So what if the Feds might be able to find you, at least you’ll have some killer artwork on your walls. The colorful, personalized and edgy draw of these masterpieces will stun guests and accentuate any décor. Portraits are so overrated. Leave a legacy trail that will be sure to amaze for generations to come.


Everyone loves a gift that keeps on giving. Effortless and eye-catching, this treasure trove is perfect for re-gifting! Your sister will feel like she’s hit the jackpot before she even starts scratching. This any-time gift will pay the rewards forward because hope never runs out on this winner. Maybe, just maybe today’s her lucky day!

Who says MacGyver gets to have all the fun? Arm your sister with some life-saving gear that will make those back woods outings that much more safe. Your parents will finally get a good night’s sleep knowing she’s protected and ready for any potential mishap along the way. Packed with essentials, this mighty car accessory delivers peace of mind for years to come.

This DNA test won’t get you on the Maury Povich show, but it’s sure to reveal some truths that will delight and amaze even the biggest skeptics in the family. Engage in a little scientific exploration and uncloak some ancestral mysteries that could open doors long kept shut. The keys to the past, and the future, are just one saliva sample away. Be brave!

Chicken cordon bleu sounds delicious, but what if your sister forgot when she thawed those breasts out. You know what I’m talking about, that tray that gets pushed to the back of the fridge with a best-by date from last month? This hi-tech freshness sleuth is the perfect kitchen companion for the absentminded chef. It will give your sister peace of mind and a healthy gut!

Got a sister that likes to keep a tidy house? Or a sister that just likes practical presents in general? Hit both nails on the head with this built-in kitchen vacuum. It’s easy to use and powerful enough to get rid of all the frustrating bits of dirt that a dustpan just can’t get to. Plus, it’s so easy to install you won’t have to do it for her. Winner all around!

This is perfect for anyone who’s driven nuts by people leaving empty shells in the middle of a bowl of pistachios. If your sister is one of those people, then make her day with a gift that makes pistachio eating stress free…until she finds one that she can’t get the shell off.

This unusual lamp is the perfect eye-catching addition to any home. Whatever the weather, this beautifully crafted light will brighten up your sister’s day wherever she puts it. It’s soft, warm lighting will help her relax as she puts her feet up after a long day, help her to create a cozy night in for the winter, or help her drift off to a peaceful sleep as it gently twinkles in her bedroom.

Champagne is perfect for celebrating all kinds of occasions, so this champagne cork table is a fantastic gift to celebrate how special she is to you. Or for her to celebrate just how wonderful her sibling is. Either way, this stylish side table will make her the envy of all her boozy friends and is a great conversation piece for house parties.

Got a sister who doesn’t like getting her hands dirty? This is the gift she’s been waiting for. No more having to get the whole roll of paper towels wet when she’s drying her hands, or even worse, getting the whole roll dirty. It’s easy to install and easy to use, and a present she definitely won’t be washing her hands of anytime soon.

If your sister likes to light a few candles to create an evening ambience, these tea light holders will automatically up her atmospheric game. They come in two parts, an outer casing with an insightful quote and an inner candle holder with intricate silhouettes. They are the perfect addition to any living room to transform it into a quiet, calming retreat from the rest of the world.

Treat your green fingered sister to a bit of comfortable cultivating. If she spends a lot of time tending to her garden she’ll love this practical stool and tool bag. It’ll give her plenty of pockets to keep all the things she needs to make sure her plants are perfect and somewhere to sit as she does it. It's hardwearing yet lightweight and rugged yet versatile, as the stool and tool bag can be detached and used separately.

We know that siblings can have a bit of a rocky relationship, but if you’re hunting for the perfect gift for your sister we reckon you must have at least a little bit of a soft spot for her. This rug may be the answer and will raise a smile when you tell her why you thought it’d make a great gift. It’s also super stylish and a focal point for any room that she puts it in.

If your sister is a lover of home grown foods and healthy eating, here’s a gift that will help her get a bit more organized with her organics. This planter tower is perfect for anyone who has limited space to grow their own vegetables or as an addition to a larger garden. It’s an efficient way to put food waste to work and with any luck, you’ll get some fresh fruit and vegetables for yourself too.

If your sister is a fan of art inspired by nature, she’ll love these little lamps that give a new meaning to the phrase ‘natural light’. They are brilliantly beautiful in both the daytime and night. They also make a fantastic gift for someone who loves having plants in the home, but doesn’t have the time to tend to them.

Okay, so socks aren’t typically the most thoughtful thing you could wrap up, but if your sister is the type that likes to sit back and sip a nice big glass of wine, then this whimsical gift might be perfect for her tired feet. All she has to do is slip them on and wait for a glass of her favorite nectar to appear in her hand. We can’t guarantee that wine waiting won’t fall to you though, so proceed with caution when you’re giving these.

If your sister finds grocery shopping to be a chore that takes up too much time, Amazon has solved the problem. The Amazon Magic Wand is Alexa for the kitchen and makes a trip to the supermarket a thing of the past. Scan in your barcodes or simply tell it what’s missing from your pantry and the Magic Wand will have it delivered to your door quicker than you can say, ‘Who drank the last of the milk?’.

You might be past the days of painting each other’s nails or, depending on how you felt about it, having her chase you around the house with a make-up brush and various lotions and potions. But she still likes to pamper herself and you can still help out. Just send her to a spa and let someone else deal with it.

There’s nothing better than getting cozy on the couch on a crisp winter’s evening with your favorite blanket and a cup of hot cocoa. Well, we’ve found your new favorite blanket. The only downside? You’ll have to part with it to give it as a gift to your sister.

Stressed out sister? Her own personal on-call masseuse would help but is possibly a bit out of your price range. This is probably the next best thing. It’s portable, lightweight and provides a massage that’s guaranteed to hit the right spots as it’s completely customizable.

If your sister spends all day on her feet, she’s guaranteed to love this present that will relieve tension and soothe her soles. A trip to the salon is a thing of the past as this portable massager will provide her with some much needed relaxation from the comfort of her own home. She can sit back and unwind as the massager rejuvenates tired muscles after a busy day of running around.

Even if you’ve grown out of family meal times, it can still be a great way to catch up with your favorite sister, however old you get. A gift card to her favorite restaurant will give you the opportunity to get together and enjoy an evening out in each other’s company. Best bit of all? No squabbling over washing the dishes and no getting grounded for not doing it. Hurrah!

Bring the campfire to the table with this toasty little kitchen accessory. This surefire hit will be the perfect accompaniment to any party. Your sister will be able to roast the whole bag of marshmallows to her heart’s delight! Layer on the candy bars and watch all the world’s problems just melt away with just one bite of these oozing graham sandwiches. S’mile Sis, this one’s on me!

Release your sister from the monotony of the drive-thru and treat her to an elegant dining experience that will tantalize her taste buds and bring that little black dress back to life. A bottle of red, escargot, fondue and some cloth napkins will make your sister feel like she’s escaped to the Riviera. Award her with this ticket to fine living!

Legal in all 50 states, this herb garden smokes the competition! The aroma of fresh herbs will bring serenity and well-being to your sister’s home and some much needed flavor to her cooking. Rosemary, thyme, dill, sage, oregano, the options are limitless! Green thumbs not required for this low-maintenance nursery. Sprigs of yummy goodness direct from Mother Nature.

This hi-tech gadget might put the local Kingdom Hall out of business, but it sure beats peepholes and scary lion claw knockers. Give your sister the freedom to answer the door when and how often she pleases. Gift her with the security of knowing who’s crossing the welcome mat. No more lost sleep over missing packages. Relax and just survey the footage. Homeownership just got a whole lot easier!

Your sister doesn’t have to be knocking on the pearly gates to benefit from this coveted monetary honor. Convey greater purpose with this everlasting gift and do some good in the world for a change! Your sister has enough silk scarves to outfit a caravan. Donations are meaningful and tax deductible. The sky’s the limit with this generous gesture. Open up those pockets and pay it forward.

Pixel perfect is the name of the game with this incredible mastermind. The days of monochromatic palettes are over. Boost your sister’s color-matching acumen with this one-of-a-kind design tool and she’ll never mistake a lemon chiffon for a mellow yellow again! Effortlessly unlock the mysteries of color and leave the guessing to the guys at the local paint store.

Vineyard-hopping can be loads of fun, but it’s not exactly the safest activity for a lazy summer afternoon. Give your sister a ticket to the finer things in life, in the comfort of her own home! She’ll be cranking out custom pinot noirs and zesty chardonnays in no time! Every family needs its own resident sommelier and your sister is just the right candidate for the task. Bottoms up! Handcrafted refreshments are where it’s at.

This is the perfect gift to gently remind your sister to catch up on her beauty sleep. Say goodnight to those dark circles and pillowcase creases on the cheeks. Drift off into deep space and some well-deserved slumber with the comforting glow of this bedside friend. Enter the REM zone and enjoy the health benefits of some extended Z’s.

Plastic plants should be restricted to windowless conference rooms and your podiatrist’s office, not your sister’s entryway! Give those African violets a lift and add some contemporary swagger to her interior design. These stylish planters not only inject some well-needed greenery and oxygen to even the tiniest dwellings, they free up extra counter space and defy the laws of gravity.

It’s time to unzip that vinyl mattress cover and go to town with this top-of-the-line germ-blasting general. Indiscernible stains and menacing microbes will be wiped out in a jiffy once your sister gets her paws on this miracle machine. Bedtime doesn’t have to be a scary, life-threatening experience. Reclaim the pillow-top, tame that tempurpedic and join the hygienic sleep surface brigade.

Take accessorizing to a whole new dimension with this awe-inspiring, majestic showpiece. The sparkle of this bling is the real deal and gives props to the infinite power and mesmerizing beauty of the universe. Your sister can gaze into the stars all night long with this exclusive addition to decorate her wrist. Double up and make her feel like a galactic super hero. Space exploration just joined forces with the fashionistas!

Delight your sister’s fingertips to the crisp, aromatic pages of classic literature. Give her a hardcover collector’s item that can be enjoyed over and over again. This priceless addition to her library is worth a thousand words and speaks volumes to the undeniable gift of reading. Snuggling up with a glowing screen and swiping through chapters may satisfy today’s avid e-readers, but this touching gesture is reserved for only the most passionate bibliophiles.

Whether she’s a fitness freak who lives in Lycra or a take-it-easy kind of gal, this trendy wrist candy is the perfect accessory to support your sister’s fitness goals. Just wearing this sporty activity tracker will sway even the most lethargic ladies toward a more health-conscious existence. It’s time to toss those old sweatbands and get back in the wellness game with this fashion-forward personal device.

Forget about shipping your sister off to Siberia. It’s time to put on your travel agent hat and draft a step-by-step escape that rewards her for being by your side all those years. Send her on a journey she’ll never forget. Pencil yourself into the agenda and make some adulthood memories together. Dust off those hiking boots and get on the road, Sis! Release yourself from the daily grind and connect with the gypsy within.

Cushion those tired, aching feet with some plush pleasure. Deluxe and cozy, these carpeted inserts will spoil your sister’s instep and add a touch of warmth to any favorite footwear. Your sister will feel like she’s re-entering the womb every time she tucks her toes into these yummy crème puffs. Outfit those loafers and ballet flats with year-round luxury and pamper those cracking heels no matter what the occasion!

Feisty and user-friendly, this modern-day bodyguard is the perfect addition to your sister’s handbag or fanny pack. No need for ammunition, just a steady hand, good aim and some good old-fashioned adrenaline. This pocket-size enforcer will give her back her freedom and instill her with the confidence to brave even the diciest evening encounters.

Breathe new life into those tarnished trinkets buried deep in your sister’s jewelry box. Even the local pawn shop won’t be able to resist the glimmer unearthed after just one blast of this sterile steam bath. Powerful, efficient and hygienic, this piping hot sensation delivers a VIP treatment beyond compare. Give your sister a little license to dazzle and watch her light up the room!

Intriguing, stylish and the latest in belt-clip accessories, this scented bug shield will treat those mosquitoes to the potpourri of their worst nightmares. Off with the sticky balms and chemical-laden aerosols! Engage with nature with sophistication and ease and be the envy of all at the summer band concert series. Inhumane bug zappers are no match for the power contained in this benevolent breeze.

And then there was light! This handy pocketbook spotlight is the solution your sister has been waiting for. Its oval shape is unlike any other object in her purse, so her fumbling fingers will be able to clasp it and reclaim the deep, dark pockets of her precious evening bag within seconds. Glow sticks are for kids, and headlamps never look cute. This brilliant beacon just gave handbag fashion a well-deserved facelift.

Mamma mia! Homemade pizzas never tasted so good! Fire up that stovetop and get treated to a wholesome, lip-smacking meal that the whole family can savor. Toss up some dough and put the take-out menus to bed, this one-dish maestro means business. Margherita, mozzarella, mushrooms and meatballs. Pepperoni, pecorino, peppers and parmigiano. Move over Naples, pizza just claimed its new home!


Treat your sister to a well-deserved break from the domestic confines of motherhood and award her with a ticket to freedom for just one evening. The kids could benefit from a little less mothering and a lot more FUN! Don’t neglect to fold the laundry, pick up all the toys and empty the dishwasher while you’re at it. Leave her home more spotless than you found it and be sure to get those little ones into bed on time so she doesn’t wake up to crankyville the next day!

The kitchen can be a treacherous place, especially with your sister at the chopping board! She might think she can go toe to toe with the knife-wielding Samurai on “Iron Chef,” but the blade always wins and it can leave lacerations in its wake, not to mention a messy cleanup! These all-purpose, impenetrable mitts will protect your sister’s precious fingertips and give her the confidence to resume her other domestic duties.

Surf’s up, Sista’! Pop some bubbly with this pop-up plaything and feel the worries just melt away… Your sister won’t be able to stop smiling once she slides into this portable jacuzzi. Cleanse her pores, soothe those aching joints and add a splash of fun to her routine. Indulge her senses and take her on an effervescent escape every season of the year.

Reminiscent of the days of communal eating and groovy togetherness, this culinary symbol of the ‘70s is making a comeback! The Swiss got it right when they wrote the rulebook on this shared meal. Color-coded forks and double-dipping penalties will encourage proper etiquette around the bowl. There’s nothing quite like the unifying power of melted cheese to get a dinner party moving in the right direction. Intimate and satisfying, fondue is the wave of the future.

Quirky and nostalgic, this giant ticker will anchor any living space and double as a timepiece and a burglar deterrent. Your sister will never feel lonely again with this elevated kitty that keeps watch (and time) at all hours of the night. With a passion for fun and punctuality, this revered clock will delight young and old alike and add whimsical flair to every moment of her day.

A great introduction to cooking, this kitchen staple will get the kids involved in meal prep and teach them something about measurements and portion control! If seconds or thirds are commonplace in your sister’s household, scoop up three or four of these space-saving utensils and watch the forks start swirling. Maybe you’ll get invited to the next spaghetti and meatballs night. Mangia mangia!

Transform your sister’s bathroom into Studio 54 with some guided mood lighting. That dreary, antiseptic apparatus needs a facelift because potty time should feel like “party time”! She’ll no longer dread those 3am trips to the porcelain throne since fun returned to the restroom. Forgetting to put the seat down is no longer an option with this handy spotlight on the scene.

Breastfeeding just took on a whole new meaning. Discreet and practical, this strategic drink holder is perfect for tailgating, cocktail parties and all those ladies on the go. Hands-free consumption made easy, your sister can savor that merlot at peak temperature and look like a million bucks in the process. Grapes are in season, so pop a cork and fill ’er up!

What better way to help your sister get over her fear of heights but with this majestic, once-in-a-lifetime basket ride. Google Earth may take you around the world and back, but this bird’s eye adventure is magical, exhilarating and unforgettable. Unplug, unwind and levitate to new heights. Experience the freedom of unadulterated air travel and soar with the birds!