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Despite spending countless hours, day after day, working alongside these people, you may not actually know your coworkers all that well. This uncertainty can lead to boring gifts like a Starbucks gift card. But that sort of uninspired choice is a waste of a good opportunity. Remember, if you give a coworker a bad gift you’ll have to face them all week, and don’t be surprised if they don’t leave you the last donut. On the other hand, give your coworker a great gift and they just may file that paperwork for you, or cover for you when you want an extra day off. Those are the kinds of perks that a scented candle just doesn’t deliver.

Technically speaking, this is a rubber stamp, but colloquially speaking, using it is the opposite of rubber stamping. It allows the owner to send useless, insulting, and otherwise subpar documents back where they came from with the appropriate level of contempt. Slamming this thing face first into each page in a stack of shitty documents may be the highlight of your coworker’s day.

Nothing is more important to company productivity than morale. And nothing raises morale better than acknowledging the real triumphs and heroics that make up the everyday life of an indentured office servant. There are no dragons to slay in the corporate world. The real battles are fought in small, desperate spaces like the sterile, suffocating environs of the meeting room. These things should not go unsaid.

Say goodbye to the desk covered in post-it notes, the misplaced notebook, and the back-pocket flash drive. Say hello to less is more. Embrace the future with this one-of-a-kind scribe. Translate your precious thoughts and to-do lists into tangible deliverables and never look back!

Hear ye, Hear ye! Guess who just got promoted…to King Arthur’s Knighted Workers of the Round Table! With Excalibur by their side, they’ll rule the office, command respect at staff meetings and restore order to their cubicle. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to grasp greatness. Will they accept the challenge?

Show them who’s boss...but not too obviously, of course. Wreak passive-aggressive havoc with this walk-by game board. Settle disagreements, prove them wrong, and earn bragging rights, all without even saying a word...but no cheating!

Be that guy. Use these time-tested techniques to appear smarter in meetings - without even trying! Topics include “how to nod and pace” and “what to do with your face.” This fabulously snarky book is sure to appeal to those who are familiar with the corporate drudgery of relentless, inane meetings.

Everyone loves a gift that keeps on giving. Not only is this treasure trove a conversation starter, it’s perfect for re-gifting! Pass it around the office for all those special occasions and pay the rewards forward. The luck never runs out on this winner. Everyone needs a diversion at work and maybe, just maybe today’s your lucky day!

This must be a dream. Barefoot … in a hammock … at work. Does it get any cooler than this? Who says relaxation and hard work can’t go hand in hand? Digital nomads shouldn’t be the only ones having all the fun. Chances are your coworkers will get a lot more done with this handsome sling below their desk. Improve circulation from the tips of the toes to the synapses of the brain and reap the rewards of a stress-less work ethic

This is “IT”! Beer drinking and source code … together at last. You don’t have to be a computer geek to like these tasty glasses, but it’s a sure sign you know how to have a good time! Great tech-appeal and class are the name of the game with these conversation starters. Cheers to being a genius and a refined beer drinker at that!

Some people say social media has degraded human communication. Why stop at the digital realm? This pair of self-inking Like/Dislike Stamps is perfect for your non-communicative coworker who thinks in status updates.

Most importantly, note that this is a dual-slot machine. Anybody who’s not wholly and purely evil would love the gift of fresh, on-demand ice cream at their desk, but here’s a ProTip: save this one for someone whose office isn’t too far away from yours. Just saying.

Transport your co-workers to a tropical land where soft sand cushions their overworked feet and salty air tickles their senses. Feel the warm breeze caress the cheek and listen to the gentle waves lapping along the shoreline. Achieve calmness, serenity and purpose inside the confines of the office cubicle. Frolic in the sand and let the stress of work float away. Life really is a beach!

Oh no, you didn’t. You bet your voodoo doll we did! It’s time to release those pent-up thoughts and feelings of frustration that are clogging your mind so you can achieve clarity at work. Not only is it healthy to project your angst onto an inanimate object, but it’s extremely entertaining! Let go of what’s bogging you down and play a little. Dabble in the dark side and clear the air at work. You might be surprised at the results!

Air travel can be pretty uncomfortable, especially if you're crammed in an economy seat like most working folks. When the stress is mounting, the kid starts crying, and the pilot announces that they'll be arriving behind schedule, at least there is booze. These cocktail kits will help them find their happy place.

Everyone loves Tetris, and when work is just too dull for words, the excitement of stacking some real-life L, T and Z shapes and watching them light up might just get them through the day. Just make sure to advise your co-worker against forming color-coordinated lines, or your fabulous unique gift might start to disappear before your very eyes!

There isn’t an employee (or human) out there who couldn’t make use of this big red button! It’ll come in handy when the boss promises them that pay review for the hundredth time, or when Katie from finance claims her boyfriend’s band is the next Pink Floyd. Just make sure they wait until the BS-er is out of sight!

Name one coworker who wouldn’t love this (except Phil, he had a bad fish experience and doesn’t want to talk about it). Literal living art and – bonus – zero maintenance required. This self-contained aquatic ecosystem dumps the downsides to bring only the positives of an aquarium to the table.

Sometimes it seems there is not enough caffeine in the entire world to get through the rest of the day. Now you can let your coworker test that hypothesis with the world’s largest coffee cup. Perfect for those who have left moderation far behind. Defibrillator not included.

Help your coworkers escape the stressors of the real world by venturing into the virtual land of, well, whatever some demented programmer came up with. Virtual reality applications are expanding all the time into areas no one ever thought of, and pretty soon everyone is going to want one of these. These VR headsets have come down in price a lot since they were introduced, making them an affordable gift that's out of this world.

Are you changing jobs soon and want to leave behind a legacy of disorder and cascading revenge? Give this book to the person at the office you hate least and let them unleash a reign of terror and annoyance. A perfect bridge burner.

In a world where deadlines are king, why not focus on a finish line that’s really worth celebrating? Retirement! They'll keep their eye on the prize with this optimistic ticker that will drive them to accomplish bigger and better things at work. Imagine the sweet silence of no alarm in the wee hours of the morning. Retirement will feel like it’s always right around the corner, and if that doesn’t get them through the day, I’m not sure what else would!

Everybody needs a bobblehead in their life. Everybody. Some people don’t know this yet – show them the joy. Get the face and body customized just right, and this’ll be a gift they’ll remember for years. Just be nice while you’re parodying your coworkers (or anybody else), mmkay?

This horse is an Internet sensation… because you can’t look at this and not laugh. If anyone in your office is into birds, squirrels, or laughing, this is the gift for them. Just look at it. Plus, it’ll keep the critters from hogging the bird feeder. Neigh!

We all have that messy colleague who literally doesn’t have a spare inch on their desk (unless you count that bit that’s covered in unidentified sticky brown stuff). For this co-worker, no gift is more appreciated than the under-table water bottle hanger. A quirky space-saving solution that will keep their precious H2O safe from the chaos above!

For the ultimate clock watcher, this stylish desk accessory is a fantastic way for your co-worker to count down the minutes left at work, hours left in the day, days left in the year, and years left before the sweet release of retirement, and that new life in the Bahamas.Or days spent pottering around the local garden center and shouting indignantly at daytime television.

Gone are the days when a notepad with a holographic cover and dividers was the height of note-taking style. Treat your co-worker to a digital notepad and save them hours of typing up scribbled notes, struggling to decipher their own handwriting. Also, great for doodling on when the 3pm slump hits!

People get pretty picky about their hot sauces, which probably sounds weird if you’re not a spice-lover yourself. But it’s true – and blending their own would be like Chili Pepper Nirvana. Just be careful at the next office potluck… that’s some next-level sauce and they’re going to promise “oh, it’s not that hot.”

Do you have a friend or coworker who still consults a magic eight ball for important decisions? Well, it’s time for them to grow up. Everyone knows the real wisdom lies in magnets. The sleek design of this modern divining tool is sure to get attention for its looks as well as its results. Give the gift of infallible prediction.

For the gelatinous co-worker who just seems to be drifting along in his own little bubble, but who freaks out when Jenny from accounts accidentally brushes his arm on her way past, make him feel less alone with these mesmerizing friends in a jar!

Do you have a coworker who is greedy and smells bad? Help them solve one of those problems by gifting them this wonderful scented soap with real money inside. Also great for your teenage kids who want their allowance but won’t get in the shower without some extra incentive.

Why aren’t there fresh herbs in your kitchen? Cause just like everybody else, you got all inspired one day, then forgot and let them die. No more – and now maybe Bill’s lasagna won’t be so boring at the next office party.

Everyone has dreamed of punching the boss out cold in front of the whole team. Now you can take out that aggression in a socially responsible way without leaving the office. You can even heighten the cathartic effect by doing it while he’s right there in front of you. Just tell him you’re training to “smash the competition!”

Beautify the work-space with an Air Plant Terrarium. This low-maintenance hanging terrarium is compact enough to fit into even the smallest of spaces (if say, they haven’t made it to the corner office quite yet). Nicely packaged for giving, the Hanging Air Plant Terrarium makes a lovely gift for co-workers.

Give frequent travelers the frequent opportunities to blab on and on about the time they were in wherever. And it fits wherever, adding a classic flair to home or office. This foam-backed map lets travelers chart their journeys with tiny flags and other markers and can be printed with any message the recipient chooses.

If you’re one of those rare people who feels like they just don’t spend enough time with their co-workers during the working week, why not get them tickets to a local event? Whether it’s a concert, baseball game or comedy night, who knows, they might even turn out to be normal humans outside of work.

Finally, the perfect gift for that (highly taxing) colleague who loves to rhythmically click the end of their biro while everyone else clenches their jaws a little tighter. Not only that, this nifty finger work-out probably burns around 5 calories an hour, meaning that in 10 days, they’ll have earned a guilt-free donut!

Even the most caffeinated coworkers can only down so many mugs per day. Help ‘em squeeze a little extra kick into the cold, empty space between cups. And yes – these little beauties do contain delicious caffeine.

Let physics and chance decide what goes down your gullet and the gullets of your loved ones. These handmade wooden mixology dice make a handsome addition to any home bar. Maybe you’ll even invent the next big cocktail craze by mistake! The perfect gift for the adventurous or indecisive drinker in your life.

What better gift can there be than fresh air? If your office smells slightly stale and your colleagues pass the same cough back and forth throughout the year, this thoughtful gift is the perfect choice. It’ll add a nourishing moisture to your environment – especially handy if your desk just-so-happens to be next door!

Share the gift of inner peace (and maybe prevent a premature coronary) with that twitchy intern or the overworked lifer three doors down who seems to give one too many of these just about every time. A solid laugh and a useful piece – but maybe, just maybe, not the perfect gift for your uptight boss.

This is the perfect gift for a friend or coworker who would like to terrorize his family with questionable science. If you’re going to oscillate between paranoia and begrudging trust, you might as well have the data to back it up.

For the colleague who packs almost their entire wardrobe in their carry-on ‘just in case’, this nifty locater gadget will make your work trips a lot less stressful, and save you precious seconds of neck-craning at the luggage carousel. Just hope it doesn’t report that your bags are still sunning themselves in Dubai!

There’s a doodler in every office – sometimes more. A 3D pen can help them turn their random scrawlings into beautifully-sculpted, magnificent works of… doodle. Fun to play with, engaging to use, it’s a pen that writes in 3D. Which is a whole lot of fun (you should try it).

Don’t let mother nature’s inability to harness her own electrons cramp your style. Now you can stay connected even when far from civilization. Give this at the next company gift exchange and make your coworker the most popular person on the block when the zombie apocalypse comes.

Fed up of hearing from your colleague that they’re definitely going to the gym after work today, for reals this time? Give them the gift of an under-desk work-out machine and let them mindlessly pedal their way to fitness – with the added hilarity that they’ll look like a duck treading water, with their feet peddling frantically under the surface.

This adorable little guy’s going to get a double-take every time someone new walks into the office – he’s one heck of an icebreaker. Probably wouldn’t be a bad gift idea for that weird guy who works down in the server room, either – he’ll name it George, and they’ll be best friends.

Every workplace has one – the serial pen thief. The colleague who loiters by your desk, eyeing up ballpoints, commenting on what a nice pen you have. Yes, Tom, that’s why it’s my pen. How should you get your revenge? Buy everyone in your office these hilarious pens from embarrassing fake businesses, and let things take their course.

Ah, the go-to command of frustrated and frazzled office workers everywhere! For the colleague who’s always saying he wishes he could terminate his tasks, shut-down, and reboot on a beach somewhere far, far away, provide next-to-no comfort with a cup of tepid coffee, served in one of these quirky cups.

For your blooming, booming co-worker, why not give them some daffodils made from dollar bills? You’ll probably want to use Monopoly money for this, unless you’re secretly moonlighting as a diamond smuggler. After all, with the salaries your boss pays, it’s probably the most money you and your colleagues have seen in one place, ever, right?

Much better than boring workplace handbooks and safety procedures, this hilarious book is perfect for your coworker who’s looking to brush up on some borderline dangerous knowledge he’ll probably never need. Plus, it’s a gift for you too - after all, who knows when you might need someone who knows how to crack a safe?

We all know someone who needs this gum! Whether they’ve had a run-in with the boss, or an altercation in the copy room, this genius gum will make their, and your, life a whole lot easier. Also works as a subtle way of telling your colleague that they need to start doing the coffee run occasionally.

For the co-worker who sacrificed their promising sports career to join your company, ping them over this fun gift and help them to realize their true potential. Did you know Table Tennis is an Olympic sport? They could soon be on that podium, eyes glistening, thanking you for believing in them when no one else would…

Unlike a classic box, which might be used for storage, transportation, or even shelter when the promised Christmas bonus doesn’t materialize, this unique gift has no purpose except pure entertainment. Give to a colleague with a lower IQ than most (you know the one), and observe the hours of unbridled joy it brings.

You don’t need to be an expert in the Theory of Relativity to realize that any of your coworkers would love this genius desk accessory.Also, perfect if you can never find a paperclip when you need one – now you can just head over to Bob’s desk, and pretend you’re adjusting Albie’s hairstyle for him!

A great gift for your more anxious colleague, these quirky cubes will come in handy when they have to make that phone call they’ve been dreading, or go and ask the boss for a raise, or tell their partner about that thing that happened at the Christmas party with Linda from HR… yeah, it might wear out pretty quick.

We all do it, and yet we all have to pretend we don’t – this book will help you get away with it. The perfect gift for your bathroom-phobic colleague who always ‘pops home’ at lunch, this hilarious book is toilet humor at its best, and is sure to be (secretly) very well-received.

The ultimate gift for your one, genuinely nice coworker, donate to a worthy cause in their name and leave you both with that warm, fuzzy feeling inside. A particularly good idea for Tina the crazy cat lady – she’ll love it if you donate to the local animal shelter and take care of her future adopted fur babies.

For the colleague who struggles with basic tasks, and who no-one’s quite sure how they’ve managed to hold down a job this long, this informative yet funny book will teach them everything from CPR to how to fight a shark – which you never know, might just come in handy at work one day!

If you’ve got the kind of chilled out boss who lets you play games at work (or they’ve just given up on life and no longer care what you do), this quirky chess set is a clever gift for your colleague, as it’s something you’ll both enjoy - providing you’re their (check)mate of choice, of course!

Nothing has the power to ruin your working day like a disappointing lunch, whether it’s a soggy sandwich you’ve thrown together the night before, or an over-priced salad from the local deli. Spare your colleague this pain by gifting them this awesome portable oven, and they’ll soon be enjoying delicious (and envy-inducing) hot meals every day!

The 21st Century can be an overwhelming place – space exploration, nuclear weapons, Justin Bieber… This incredible encyclopedia provides a comprehensive insight into everything your coworker needs to know to get by. Great for keeping in their desk drawer and surprising you all with fascinating historical facts at 3pm on a rainy Tuesday.

A delicious gift for your colleague who always works late, this portable machine will make it feel less like they’re wasting their life in a glass prison, and more like they’re on a fun camping adventure. For the full experience, bring out the sleeping bag from under their desk, search ‘campfire songs’ on YouTube, and snuggle.

A perfect gift for any of your co-workers who like a beer – which, if you survey the office last thing on a Friday is guaranteed to be almost everyone. Now, when they get home late and their partner accuses them of smelling like a brewery, they’ll be able to reply, ‘that’s because I just showered!’

The literal definition of a gift that keeps on giving, no co-worker could complain at receiving this thoughtful gift (seriously, what kind of person would that make them? You got this!) Much better than an iTunes gift card, a charitable donation helps those less fortunate - that’s right, some people can’t even afford an iPhone.

Move over shampoo; this is the new bath time essential. The perfect practical gift for any of your coworkers who often feel the need to drown their sorrows whilst surrounded in bubbles (which is most probably all of them). Also, this useful holder leaves your hands periodically free for eating pizza and browsing Netflix. Bliss!

‘Life’s a beach!’ said no employee, ever (ok, unless they’re one of the very few who work in desert island maintenance). Add a touch of tropical paradise to your colleague’s desk and help them to relax and unwind with this therapeutic pattern drawing sand machine. Bucket, spade and ice cream optional.

The best (or worst!) gift for hypochondriacs everywhere! For that co-worker who’s always off sick (every workplace has one, and if you think yours doesn’t, it’s probably you), this book is a great gift to fuel their hysteria. It’ll also help them to diagnose much more interesting diseases for the rest of you to hear about. All. Day. Long.

For your coworker who looks as though she’d love to whack someone round the head with a heavy object, or the one who always must be the iron in Monopoly, or, probably more realistically, the one who goes to a lot of overseas conferences and must look presentable – this practical gift suits so many.

A useful gift for anyone, but particularly good for that colleague who took the Food Hygiene and Safety course a little too seriously and likes to pass on their ‘wisdom’ every time someone brings in leftover chicken for lunch. Just be warned – once you’ve armed them, they will be even more dangerously irritating.

For the colleague who needs to lighten up a bit, buy them a crazy Christmas jumper – you could even get one that lights up! Whether it’s a naughty snowman, rude reindeer or cheeky elf, these ugly sweaters will make even the most serious crack a smile. Not just for Christmas, they also make a great gift in June.

If there’s someone at work who’s really been irritating you recently, why not help them on their way to diabetes with their favorite candy in super-size form. It might be playing the long game, but another 40 years of birthdays, Christmas and work anniversaries, and you’ll have the ultimate revenge!

Everyone loves a drinking game, especially at 11am on a Wednesday after that presentation from hell… just kidding. However, giving your colleague this fun, boozy gift is probably the only thing that will make the work Christmas party bearable. Pre-gaming at Karen’s anyone? We’ll be there in a shot, or 6.