Teacher Appreciation Gifts

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Of all the thankless professions, teachers have…well, probably one of the best, what with summers off and the dizzying ego gratification of directly molding the future of the human race. Still, you really should thank them, because they are important. It’s not always easy to figure out how, so we’ve come up with some great teacher appreciation git ideas. Just please don’t be lame and come in with an apple.

Teachers sacrifice more and put up with more B.S. on a daily basis than many people realize, all in order to follow their calling. These custom wine labels allow you to make reparations for all of the pain and suffering you may have unintentionally caused with your spawn. In the end, teachers gladly bear the burden of dealing with all the little monsters who have yet to develop impulse control. Still, a little acknowledgement is always nice.


Teachers may only work nine months a year, but they sure are busy while they’re at it. Just ask one sometime. The best thing you can do to keep them from going insane and taking it out on your kids is to volunteer your time and energy in some way that makes their life easier. Chaperone a field trip, offer to help grade papers — offer yourself up in any way that sounds legal and ethical. After all, just because you’re too old to be a student doesn’t mean you can’t still earn points as a brown-noser.


Teacher’s unions are under siege across the country, and wages are the big issue. Nobody’s going to expect you to personally bail out your favorite teacher, but why not take a stab at inflating their bank account through the most culturally-accepted form of gambling? Everyone needs a little hope.

It’s no secret that teaching is about the future, about helping kids become the best version of themselves. But sometimes it’s nice to step into the past too. Give them something to remind them of the time they spent molding these innocent young minds like so much human clay.

Don’t underestimate how quickly the little things add up. Buying supplies for basic classroom activities can get really expensive, especially in the youngest classes where half of the stuff just gets eaten. Save them a little time, money, and stress by replenishing the stock.

This may sound like a sly ploy by the NSA to get everybody on the grid, but it’s really just a cute artistic gesture symbolizing the diverse and far-reaching influence a single person can have through dedicated effort. Stop being so paranoid.

Not only convenient, but environmentally responsible as well. Made to last up to five times as long as a standard notebook due to its microwave-to-erase feature. Also, scan and beam pages of notes to the cloud with a specially designed app. Saves money, cuts down on clutter, and gives them a touch of futuristic cool.

Teachers are famous for taking their work home with them. Give them a much needed break by getting them tickets to a concert, play, comedy show, or other event where they get to kick back and be the audience for once. After all, they’ve been dealing with your kids every day. You know what that’s like.

Otto’s just about guaranteed to be the cutest thing on any desk he happens to land on. He’s also got some serious core strength to maintain that half-situp position all day. Add some personality and warmth to your favorite teacher’s everyday surroundings.

Caricatures are great gifts because they blend the ego gratification of seeing yourself drawn in huge proportions with the subtle humiliation of having your most prominent features emphasized to the point of absurdity. What else lets you show your appreciation while obviously making fun of someone?

Nobody’s name is as synonymous with human genius as Albert Einstein’s. But can you describe any of his scientific breakthroughs? No. You just know he had crazy hair. That’s alright, not everyone was born to be a world-class physicist. But anyone can laugh at this great piece of desk art.

Through blessed instruments flow blessed works. Everything else is mostly crap. Nobility is at the fingertips of anyone whose instrument finds its repose in these knightly hands. Your favorite teacher toils in a thankless art much of the time; show them you understand the gravity of their contribution by putting this timeless figure at their service.


In the natural world, flowers are renowned for their vibrancy and visual diversity. But in the human world, green will always be the primary color. Such is convention that a handful of wadded bills may be considered insulting. Deliver them in the form of roses and everyone is happy.

This could read as “be careful with my child.” But anyone who has ever observed a roomful of kids knows that it’s only a matter of time before the most insane and absurd accident imaginable actually happens. That’s why it’s nice to have the tools to put people back together quickly.

You can tell someone something important once, but let’s be real: people lead busy lives. They’re going to go home and find that they’re dog crapped on the carpet, and they’ll forget what you said forever. Put it into a piece of art, on the other hand, and they’ll think of it every time they walk by.