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Sometimes it’s hard to see someone leave. Sometimes you’ve been trying to get rid of them for years. If you’re here looking for a gift, we assume it’s the former. But we’re not here to judge. Whether it’s a token of remembrance or a bribe to remain scarce, we think we’ve dug up some pretty great going away gifts. Parting can be such sweet sorrow. Say farewell with a thoughtful gift.

Until we learn to harness our psychic powers, we’ll have to slog through life using technology to communicate our thoughts to each other over long distances. But this is most certainly one of the sweetest ways to slog. Touching one lamp makes the other turn on instantly, so you can let whoever has the matching twin lamp know you’re thinking of them, no matter where they are or how far away. In the age of social media, where mass personal advertisements pass themselves off as “connection”, show someone important that they’re worth a direct line of their own.


A neater and less aggressive alternative to pie face humiliation, a homemade cake is the perfect canvas for emotional expression. A simple message delivered on a delectable baked treat is a classic sendoff that will soothe a loved one’s tummy and make light of an otherwise heart-wrenching situation. Simple is almost always best, and sugar never fails to please, so get out those mixing bowls, stir up a yummy dessert and bid farewell with sweetness!

Leaving behind friends and family is the hardest part of going away, so it makes sense to give them something they can turn to when they’re feeling homesick. Gather up images of your best memories together and load them all into a digital slideshow that they can hang on their new walls. Being able to see their friends smiling faces every day will make them feel like they’re not so far away.


Nothing quite speaks to the heart like a recognizable taste, smell or texture. Let some homegrown aromas and flavors console the homesick as they enter a new phase in life and put down roots in an unfamiliar locale. Every time they crack open the cabinet at their new place they’ll be reminded of where they came from and what they love, helping them carve out their new path toward greatness. This is what comfort food is all about!

A going away hug only lasts a few seconds (or a few minutes if you want to make it real awkward). But your thoughts will remain with that person long after they’re gone. This jar of individually-wrapped notes will keep your thoughts of encouragement and appreciation coming for a full month. Sort of like stuffing your tender, beating heart in a jar and sending it off with them, but way easier to get through customs. Choose from ready-made sets with messages already included, blank cards that you can fill in yourself, or Kindnotes will custom print your personalized set and jar.

This necklace makes use of the classic symbol of kinship and togetherness, so that no matter how far away they get, they’ll never lose sight of their origins. Enclosed in a sterling silver pod, each jade gemstone “pea” represents one of your children or grandchildren. Each necklace is handmade and can accommodate up to four peas. The peas in a pod necklace makes a great anti-homesickness gift, and it’s a great way to remind the scattered kinfolk that they carry a lifelong connection, no matter where they are.

Represent those hometown digs with pride as you parade around in your soon-to-be-favorite t-shirt. A staple gift that’s sure to please that special someone who’s leaving the nest, this comfy tee makes a bold impression that can’t be missed. A fun lesson in national geography, these wardrobe essentials clear up any confusion when it comes to guessing regional affinity. Double up on a second shirt to celebrate the move and avoid offending new neighbors. Home isn’t just a place, it’s a feeling.

Saying farewell to that one-of-a-kind place you call home can be an emotional experience. So why not help that special someone work through their feelings with this ultra-challenging jigsaw keepsake! Piecing together nearly microscopic renditions of familiar streets and revered landmarks is the perfect remedy to cure the relocation blues. Once completed, this memorable mosaic will be a grounding addition to their newest abode, providing comfort and direction on the road ahead.

As time passes, people are bound to change. This fillable glass memory locket was made with that personal evolution in mind. The double-sided glass design gives them more options for filling it with photos, small objects, keepsakes, or anything else they might want to carry with them. And swapping out one image, object, or arrangement for another is as easy as snapping the locket open and then closed again. A beautiful, versatile peace of jewelry that can change and grow with its owner.

All that picture swiping can lead to painful carpal tunnel and a bad case of vertigo. Don’t make spectacular photographs feel trivial—create a memorable collage with incredible ease instead! That special someone who’s ditching you for bigger and better things will cherish its handmade appeal and long-lasting construction. No need for much imagination here … just drag and drop those beloved shots and let the pros do the heavy lifting. Now that’s crafty!

A safety net for the mechanically impaired, AAA is a one-of-a-kind grease monkey support network that can be relied upon to rescue them at any time of day or night. Because deep down inside, you know that for every happy ending, there’s a 1990 Camaro on the side of the road somewhere with a skeleton in the front seat.

This is a must-have for any jet-setting friend or loved one who’s aiming for global citizenship status. Compact, multi-purpose and foolproof even for the most moronic of travelers, this essential gadget will fit in the palm of their hand and connect them with electricity around the world. Just remind them to observe basic shock-prevention rules when approaching those unfamiliar foreign outlets … electrocution is an international hazard!

Tell that special someone how you really feel so there’s no question of your loyalty. These personalized keychains are a fun-loving nod to dog tag style—a straightforward, unisex accessory that proclaims your devotion and reminds distant loved ones that you’ve always got their back (and their keys). Keep that going-away gift clean and simple ’cause they don’t need to be carting around any additional emotional baggage, now or down the road!

Wine tastes just fine (most of the time), but that doesn’t mean you always like what it says. But it wasn’t meant to talk anyway, so use these travel themed wine labels to send the right message. A regular wine bottle lets you send someone off with a hangover - these labels let you send them off with style and enthusiasm.

A throwback to the days of signing yearbooks at high school graduation, this personalized gift will be cherished by the lucky one who got a ticket to get the heck out of dodge! The ultimate finale of an already slamming bon voyage party, this jumbo going-away card is a much more dignified choice. Friends and loved ones will have ample space to express their sentiments and poetic remarks, just be sure to censor any outlandish illustrations or the frame will never make it to the wall!

More charming than a rabbit’s foot and so much easier to pack than a horseshoe, this eye-catching bearer of good fortune will grant peace of mind and expectations of prosperity to the budding traveler. No need to search aimlessly through the fields of green anymore, this lucky charm is a keeper and will watch silently over that special someone for years to come. A little faith goes a long way…

No, these aren’t the bust, waist and hip measurements of that special gal who’s spreading her wings and taking flight. Unlike those other ever-changing numbers, these precious coordinates will remain the same … forever. If she’s ever feeling lost or out of place, just one stroke of this sterling charm will soothe her weary heart and bring her right back to center. A comforting constant on that roller coaster ride we like to call life, this personalized pendant is the perfect going-away gift.

Stop being such a selfish jerk already! When you’re sitting on this amount of dough, the only right thing to do is give it away to someone who’s going away … and hope they’re not stupid enough to use it and be put away … for life! Talk about a hilarious prank for that punk who’s leaving you high and dry in this godforsaken place. Don’t let the spoof drag on for too long, though—they might go and spend the phony loot to buy you a lavish gift and then you’ll be an accessory to the crime!

Nothing makes you feel more at home in a foreign place than knowing the right way to tell someone to go f*ck himself. Don’t let a traveler you know venture off into the great unknown without arming them first with this essential guidebook. No matter where you end up on this great planet of ours, respect follows those who command the rough outer edges of the language.


Do your best to keep the content G-rated and optimistic, okay? There’s enough sappy, irresponsible farewell tapes floating around the amateur video circuit. Proper lighting and limited background noise are also key to producing a quality product, unless you want your creation to end up on the $1 table at the next yard sale. Oh, and please remember to limit viewing to a small circle of your closest friends and allies. YouTube doesn’t want to hear your heart-wrenching cries for attention. Got it? Good!

Keeping practical supplies in the car in case of emergency is something we all should do – yet many people out there on the road haven't added so much as a band-aid to their car’s inventory. That’s right, in the event of a blizzard, those store receipts and empty fast food bags won’t save you. Shocking, we know. This Auto Survival Kit on the other hand…

A fitting departing gift for that cartography lover in your life, these personalized coasters are a smart and classy choice. An enduring reminder of where they’re from, the place they’re jetting off to and any other favorite locales in their playbook, these functional housewarming accessories will provide them with familiar paths as they explore new avenues—not to mention a sturdy resting place for those highballs they’ll be tossing back in that new spot they call home.

If you’re always relying on Trip Advisor, you’re going to be in for some nasty surprises. Because you never know whether the person on the other end of that five-star review has a conflict of interest, or even if they’re sound of mind to begin with. Leave the hardcore travel advice up to the experts who have the proven experience and insight. National Geographic has made a name for themselves by being THE authority on what to see and where. They’ve got some real skin in the game, unlike Doris from Grand Forks who thinks the Motel 6 in Albuquerque was better than the Grand Canyon. Send your loved one off into the great unknown with the real ultimate guide.

Your heart might feel like it’s in a million pieces right now, but it’s nothing one crack of a crispy cookie can’t fix! Karma has a funny way of working itself inside these sweet, sesame-laden delights, and truth be told, a spectacular streak is on the horizon. Go ahead and take that special someone out for a satiating meal of the finest local Chinese food and surprise them with fifty of these prophecy-filled treats. Saying goodbye isn’t easy, but sometimes that’s how the cookie crumbles.

Do you have a friend with a wandering spirit that often gets them into trouble? Give that gypsy some direction with this classic navigational piece that might teach them a thing or two about geographic points and the Earth’s magnetic field. A gracious nod to the days of ticking pocket watches and prized lockets, this exceptional accessory will accentuate their courageous approach to life and make them an even greater standout in a sea of aimless copycats and frivolous explorers.

Each city has its own stories, food, entertainment, landmarks, and vengeful spirits. Help them settle in by experiencing these things firsthand under the guidance of an informed expert. No matter how far away their new home may be, they’ll be a grizzled and knowledgeable old local by night’s end.

If they’re moving from one region of the country to another, half of their wardrobe may become pretty useless. Those tank tops and swimsuits were perfect for Florida weather, but not so much for Wisconsin. Get them some new threads that will be more appropriate for their new environment so they’ll be a little less like a fish out of water.

We’re all Americans, but those regional variations are what make the United States such an incredible place to call home. With fifty unique shapes to choose from, these charming pendants give props to local geography and may test a few admirers on their state-guessing skills. Going away doesn’t have to mean trading in your hometown personality or homegrown accent. Show pride in your roots and never forget where you came from.

Is your going-away gift budget topping out at $5 … including taxes? Fear not—this handy-dandy idea is a homerun for the less-than-crafty set. Just raid your parents’, grandparents’ or your own trunk for something called an “atlas.” (A local map once used for scouting yard sales will also work.) Grab your toddler’s scissors or some comparable shears to cut out an accurate shape of the state. Then pull out those five big ones and purchase a simple frame to house your creation. Voilà!

The Customs Officers will be drooling over this strapping passport holder! One stroke of that rich handmade pouch and they’ll be smitten for life. A modern-day world traveler needs to cross global borders with style and clout and this fine accessory commands attention and demands intercontinental respect. Give that special someone a lasting gift that will accompany them on the countless adventures that lie ahead.

These candles are formulated to smell like your home state. Good thing nobody told them that when you’re home all you really smell is burned turkey and your brother-in-law’s beer farts. This is more like the idealized version of your home smell, the kind of false memory someone wants to take with them when they leave.

This should keep your loved one’s hands busy while they try to make some new friends and rebuild their social life in that new city of theirs! Throw in a jumbo set of scented markers so they can keep their spirits up while they adjust to living away from home. It’s okay if they color outside the lines—nobody’s perfect, right? Except you, of course, for choosing such a stellar going-away gift!

So they finally got that dream house in the dream neighborhood and everything is right in the world. Congratulations to them. But how are they going to get that thousand-pound antique grandfather clock into the moving truck? Oh, isn’t that convenient: they thought you were going to carry it. Hand them this instead and give them your best “Well, what are you waiting for?” look.

Treat that special someone to a night of unbridled fun and mildly sinful exploits. Give those screaming bachelorette partygoers a run for their money and don’t head home until you spot a few ladies of the night. This final outing has got to break some records and brand a few amazing memories onto their brain before fleeing the scene of the crime and trading in this life for another more exciting undertaking. Pack a few party favors for the crew as well as a reliable, fully charged device to document the evening. Break-a-dawn, baby!

Many people, when faced with new surroundings, forget to eat and end up perishing from malnourishment. This is a leading cause of death among travelers and those who have recently moved. A gift card at a great restaurant not only reminds them of the paramount importance of calorie ingestion, but even pays for some of it.

Are you being watched as you read this? Is your every move being documented for later use against you in the form of blackmail or worse? Probably. And that paranoid friend who’s always going on and on about being watched? They’re most likely right too. But now there’s something they can do about it. With a hidden camera detector, they can foil the plans of even the most ingenious spies, rapscallions, government agents, and other invaders of privacy. A necessary weapon in the modern digital jungle.

So what if they never write a darn thing in this gorgeous notebook. Just walking around with it under their arm gives off a super cool vibe that will convince total strangers they’re charting the globe in a hot air balloon. A return to simpler times when longhand ruled and keeping a diary was key to remaining sane, this leather-bound keepsake is a classy farewell gift that just might provoke some stream of consciousness compositions to accompany their latest expedition. Just remember to enclose a nifty pen to match!

Leaving home isn’t always a walk in the park. Give that departing loved one this decorative street sign along with a few bonus safety tips: Remember to be courteous to others and mind the rules of the road, especially when visiting new and unfamiliar places. Try to avoid any dangerous potholes along the way. Keep your eyes on the road as you drive off into the sunset, and don’t get distracted by what’s in the rearview mirror. Yield to oncoming traffic as you cruise down the boulevard of dreams and remember to use your directional if you have to make a U-turn and start over. Good luck and always wear your seatbelt!

There’s a bunch of things they’ll need help with if they’re getting ready to move, and U-Haul has tons of products and services that just might save the day. A gift card can be applied to truck and trailer rentals, self-storage, moving supplies and even hiring a moving crew. It’s a practical going away gift that will elevate some of the stress of moving, so they’ll be free to freak out about something else.

Cleaning every nook and cranny of a house before moving out is an enormous task. The level of cleaning that will take place is likely far beyond anything they did when they actually lived there. That just makes the experience feel even more like a fruitless chore, cleaning for someone else and not even getting to enjoy the tidiness. With a long to-do list before moving, cleaning the old place is something that they would love to cross off without lifting finger. Hire a local cleaning service to take take of this drudgery so they can focus on what’s next.

The worst part about moving to a new town is often the actual moving. Since relocating is typically pretty expensive, some people elect to do all their moving themselves in order to save a few bucks. You can offer a helping hand, or rather several helping hands, by hiring professional movers. They do all the heavy lifting, loading and unloading, and can even do the packing and unpacking if you want. It’s a pretty huge going away gift, but it’s one they will truly appreciate in such a stressful time.

A visual display of a prolific traveler’s cartographic conquests, this map comes alive as they scratch away each region visited. Modern modes of transport have made the world a very small place. Checking into each sovereign nation on earth is within the realm of possibility for anyone with moderate wealth and an abundance of time. Here’s the wall art to help them prove it.

The streets of one’s hometown are too real to be thought of in two dimensions. This set of wood cutout maps makes these cities come to life. The outline of every block is rendered in painstaking detail by a dedicated artisan, all by hand. The perfect way for them to remember home.

Having a best friend to rely on is one of life’s warmest comforts. Right on its heels is a cup of hot coffee. So go ahead and combine the two for someone who’s going away, lest they forget all about you. People have short attention spans these days, you know.

After the stressful experience of packing up all their belongings and leaving their home, they will no doubt need to unwind and decompress. Encourage them to put the moving boxes down and immerse themselves in their new community. Do a little research and find an event in their new town and get them a couple tickets. Remember, it may be hard to see them go, but it’s even harder for them to adjust to these changes.

You have no idea how weird the world is. Yeah, we know, you’ve seen your 400 lb next door neighbor dancing to the Bee Gees in his underwear through the front window at 2 in the morning. Take our word for it: that’s nothing. Anyone with a touch of wanderlust and an appreciation for the bizarre will cherish this book.

This sounds more like a gift for you than for them, but it’s something that they will appreciate in a big way. They will probably be feeling a little isolated and lonely in their new town, especially if they’re leaving deep roots behind. It takes a long time to cultivate friendships in a new community, so seeing a familiar face in their new town is likely to make it feel more like home. Plus, you could probably use a vacation, right?

What’s the point of moving or traveling if you’re going to do the same things you’ve always done when you get there? Give this anywhere travel guide to someone who’s going away and needs some ideas on how to battle boredom. Cards feature prompts that suggest activities they probably wouldn’t think of if left to their own devices.

Help a departing loved one drown their sorrows in a potent cocktail at high altitudes. Saying goodbye is never easy and not knowing what the future might bring can be terrifying and anxiety producing. Soak those feelings in some heavy liquor and watch the tension and fear just melt away. They’ll be spreading their wings like a seasoned vagabond in no time flat and by the time they roll into the airport gate, they’ll be good as gold. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

If they’re relocating to a big city, navigating the public transportation system can be challenging at first, especially if they’re moving from Podunk where they took their car everywhere. Help them get where they need to go like a real local with a prepaid subway or bus pass.

When people move away they always say they’ll come back soon for a visit. But weeks stretch into months, and into years, and they don’t show. To be fair, it may not be practical or affordable for them. You can help them cross one excuse off their list by covering the airfare home.

These artistic city map prints add a one-of-a-kind touch to any room. Hundreds of exquisitely designed maps are available for you to choose from, or you can create your own custom map to add any city or town to your decor. Each road, street, and highway has been meticulously hand-crafted by a team of architects and urban planners using industry-standard tools and GIS mapping data. Make your city into a magnificent work of art.