Furniture by Annie Evelyn black

Furniture by Annie Evelyn

We don’t often give much thought to the tactile experience of the furniture we use. We tend to place it in simple, familiar categories: hard/soft, comfortable/uncomfortable, rigid/yielding, etc. Through her exploration of novel forms of seating upholstery, Annie Evelyn looks to change that.

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Jack Mauch Metalware goblet

Metalware by Jack Mauch

Like with many great craftsmen, trying to adequately describe the style of Jack’s work is difficult if not impossible. The best you can do is to point to certain words that come to mind – sturdy, artful, macabre. You’ll surely have a few of your own as well while surveying his collection of handcrafted household items.

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Martina Schuhmann's Felt Stone Rugs

Martina Schuhmann’s Felt Stone Rugs

Martina Schuhmann’s felt stone rugs are a perfect juxtaposition of the beauty of nature and the comfort of home. Handmade from soft foam rubber wrapped in wool, they resemble the water-smoothed rocks found at the edge of a river or stream, but feel luxuriously gentle under your feet.

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Plant Lamps by Mariana Folberg 4

Plant Lamps by Mariana Folberg

Mariana Folberg’s Mar de Fe design studio produces an array of unique household and everyday use items, from ultra-thin wood veneer greeting cards to resin wall sculptures and multi-colored, translucent acrylic clocks. On her Etsy page and on Mar de Fe’s website, Mariana says she tries “to find the balance between art and industrial design,” and that she works “to create designs that simply make people happy.”

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Jessica Krizan cloud lights

Cloud Lamps by Jessica Krizan

If you are looking for a new way to add ambient lighting to a room, Jessica Krizan has a line of beautifully realistic cloud lamps that can transform an ordinary space into something unique and captivating.

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Megan Clark Artist bracelet

Jewelry by Megan Clark

In 2013 Megan received a Saul Bell award for the above piece, titled “Stingray Feathers”, which was also featured on the cover of Lark Books’ “Showcase 500 Art Necklaces.” Her work incorporates elements of past artistic movements, including 20th century architectural styles, while remaining wholly contemporary. Once you see her jewelry, you can never mistake it for someone else’s.

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housewarming party food ideas

Housewarming Party Food and Drink Ideas

So you’ve settled into your new home and are ready for the housewarming party. But wait! How do you plan this type of party? What type of food and drinks should be served? Should the party have a certain theme? These are great questions to ask, and YES, you should try to plan your party with your guests’ likes/dislikes in mind. After all, you want the party to go well, and all the guests to have a great time. Here are some helpful ideas to determine what type of food to serve and to decide on a suitable theme for your housewarming gathering.

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housewarming party

Should You Have a Housewarming Party?

Housewarming parties provide a fun, exciting way to share your new home with friends and loved ones. These parties are held as a celebration of moving into a new home and particularly buying a new home. A housewarming helps jumpstart the social life of a home, and your guests will know that they’re always welcome! But before you make a housewarming checklist, first determine if you should indeed have a housewarming party or not. Use the following criteria to determine when’s the appropriate time to have a housewarming event.

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thingamagift banner

Reader Survey: 600+ Opinions on What Makes A Good Gift For a Coworker

Still don’t know what to get for your coworker? We surveyed our reader’s to find out what makes a great gift. We asked them to check out our collection of Gifts for Coworkers and tell us which idea they would most like to receive. Here’s what they had to say.

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18th birthday things you can do

5 Off-the-Wall Things You Can Do When You Turn 18

Everyone knows that turning 18 is a big milestone in the U.S. In addition to being legally an adult, you are entitled to do several things that are restricted while you are a minor. Some of the obvious ones include being able to vote, buy a lottery ticket, purchase porn, or get cigarettes. But it’s the more obscure rights and privileges that are associated with turning 18 that are really interesting. How many of these are you going to do on your 18th birthday?

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When is it Okay to Re-gift?

We’ve all done it or, at least, we’ve all wanted to do it. It’s just as likely that a certain level of guilt accompanied the thought or the action. Re-gifting, the practice of passing along an unwanted gift to a future recipient on your holiday gift list, is often viewed as a socially unacceptable practice. Perhaps the idea that no thought or effort went into the gift giving procedure gives the appearance that the giver cares less about the recipient than about completing the arduous task of holiday gift shopping. Or, perhaps, a level of impending shame at being discovered makes the idea of re-gifting repugnant.

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bad gifts

7 Tips for Chronic Bad Gift Givers

Watching someone’s face light up as they open the perfect present you picked for them is a magical moment. But if you consistently struggle to choose the right gifts for your loved ones, you may receive a less-than-stellar reaction on Christmas morning instead. This year, satisfy everyone on your list with these seven tips for bad gift-givers.

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february 14 birthday

Five Famous People Born on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a day for romance, but for many, it’s also a day for celebrating their birthday. Some of the most famous public figures, including actors, musicians, and politicians, were born on February 14th. Here are five of them.

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new years traditions around world

5 New Year’s Customs That Might Surprise You

Many of us will be marking the new year by raising a glass, making resolutions for the year ahead, singing Auld Lang Syne, setting off fireworks or watching the ball descend in Times Square. But throughout history various cultures around the world have rung in the new year in their own unique ways. Here’s a run down of 5 of the most surprising.

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apple gifting day

Apple Gifting Day

Giving apples and apple-themed gifts to teachers is a well-established tradition. However, apples aren’t the exclusive preserve of educators. January 1st is National Apple Gifting Day, a friendly revival of the once-common British tradition of passing along small gifts to friends and family to mark the New Year. It’s safe to assume that most of your friends are unfamiliar with this obscure food day, so it’s an opportunity to have some fun.

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10 Fascinating Facts About Mistletoe

Mistletoe may be best known for its association with romantic holiday kisses, but this plant offers much more than a chance to pucker up. Here are 10 fascinating facts about mistletoe.

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picking a charity

Picking the Perfect Holiday Charity

The holiday season is traditionally a time of good cheer and generosity. If you’re in the mood to make a charitable donation, you can easily find a slew of organizations ready and willing to accept your hard-earned dollars. You may choose to help the poor, the sick, the hungry, or the homeless. You may prefer to see your contribution used locally, regionally, or on a global scale. No matter what charity you choose, you undoubtedly want your resources to be used honestly and efficiently.

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toys for tots

The History of Toys for Tots: Marines Making a Difference

It is amazing how little dreams can add up to something extraordinary. This is especially true when military men and women are involved. Toys for Tots started from a simple wish. When Diane Hendricks wanted to give away a Raggedy Ann doll but could not find a charity to distribute it, she asked her husband for help. As a result, Major Bill Hendricks created Toys for Tots.

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christmas without gifts

Christmas Without Gifts is Not So Bad

To many, the idea of not sharing gifts at Christmas will seem crazy. After all, it’s the season most in the Western world spend the whole year looking forward to, and gifts just seem an integral part of that. Yet, is society doing itself a disservice by spending money it doesn’t have on stuff no one really wants to receive? The concept of a no-gift or minimalist Christmas may be more appealing than you’d initially think.

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history of christmas

The Not-So-Christian Origins of Christmas

People often ask about the origins of Christmas. When was the first Christmas? Why do we celebrate Christmas with Christmas trees? How was the date of Christmas decided? While Christmas is certainly a Christian holiday today, the origins of this holiday are not so Christian. Indeed, some may be surprised to learn the truth about the origins of Christmas.

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origins of santa claus

The Origins of Santa Claus

Without a doubt, the most favored character in a young child’s life is Santa Claus. And why wouldn’t he be? Jolly and kind in nature, gives gifts, flies with reindeer, provides a home for elves; all the stuff from which an idol is made. Children around the world recognize the name and the figure, and for years have idolized this icon of Christmas. While children may not wonder how and when Santa came into being, there is a story behind the mythical man.

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Family christmas

Focus on Family, Not Gifts.

Sometimes people forget that there’s more to Christmas than getting the latest gadgets and most expensive gifts. Christmas is a time about bonding and bringing the family together. So for this holiday season, here are a few ways you can make Christmas about family and not just the gifts everyone gets.

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36 Useful Housewarming Gifts For Practical People

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16 Extravagant Housewarming Gifts No One Will Top

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40 Brilliant Housewarming Ideas For The Kitchen

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44 Funny Housewarming Gifts

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