Anniversary Gifts For Parents

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Your parents’ anniversary: if it weren’t for this day, you wouldn’t be on this planet. Or any other one. You took thousands of dollars out of their pockets and years off their lives. So stop thinking about yourself for one day and do something to make up for all of that. If you ask, they’ll tell you that you are enough of a gift all by yourself, and maybe they’re not just saying that to be nice, but they’d probably like something on this list too. Go ahead and make them feel special.

As your parents get older, they start forgetting things. Good memories start getting pushed out in favor of petty grievances like who forgot to take out the garbage. Enforcing positive memories through some physical, ritualized system like this can sometimes be the only way to keep them from each other’s throats. This kit comes with everything they need to record all the happy things that occur from day to day and collect them in a safe place to be relived again in the future. And it’s so much cheaper than therapy.


Crack open that old shoebox of Polaroids and add a modern-day twist to those beloved memories. Relive the first days of school, prom night, headgears and little league. Who says you can only live once? These hilarious shots will entertain your parents for hours on end. Just try to keep it clean, for goodness sakes!

From the tree of holy union springs forth the fruit of humanity. That’s not from the Bible, but you could probably get away with saying it is. Not that this piece of family art needs any explanation. This elegant representation of the famous family tree metaphor allows the owner to display the fruit of their loins, and the fruit of their ancestors’ loins, proudly for all to see. Genealogy is a beautiful thing, especially when presented like this.


Remember those line drawings you made back when you were a few feet shorter? They may have been borderline indecipherable, but your parents sure were impressed. Well, you’ve grown up and now you’ve got the chops to bring them to life. Show your parents how adorably delusional they were about your abilities.

Your parents grew up in a bizarre world where things had not yet been encoded into zeros and ones, so in a sense they didn’t really exist at all. Make their memories real by turning them into something a computer can understand.


Let’s face it, power tools aren’t for everyone, especially your elderly parents. Hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, ride-on mowers … the list goes on. Weeding under a hot sun can be just as dangerous, and let’s not get started on weed whackers! Support your parents while caring for the Earth. Give this precious anniversary gift of green for just one day!

There is something undeniably touching about having an artist recreate your image by hand using the old-time tools of long-gone artistic masters. After all, any old fool can press a shutter button and spit out a photo of your homely mug. It really means something that another person was willing to stare at that photo for hours while they painstakingly recreated your form by hand, imbuing it with all the personality and living charisma of your aura. Celebrate this anniversary the old fashioned way with this thoughtful gift.

This decorative piece is the perfect addition to Mom and Dad’s love shack. Grace your parents’ mantle with this eternal reminder of one of life’s most basic pleasures: holding hands with the one you love. It’s never too late to rekindle the passion still burning deep inside. Peel away the layers of time and celebrate their years of togetherness, loyalty and devotion.

The days of global discovery may be long past, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t commemorate your own unique journeys to near and distant lands! Pepper this personalized map with all the cherished memories of life’s travels and let the storytelling begin. Younger generations will feel inspired by the many tales of adventure dotting the map. Retrace every special voyage and don’t forget to drop that special pin for where you call HOME!

We all like to think we’re larger than life, but in truth we’re really just branches on the grand tree of our ancestry. Screw that, most of us are just leaves at best. Some of us are maybe just a little speck of caterpillar vomit on one of those leaves (you know who you are). Your family tree doesn’t have to be that detailed though.

Yes, your parents love your cooking, but they’d kind of like to get out for once. But if you buy them a restaurant gift card, you’re still sort of force feeding them. You should really stop that. An Open Table gift card lets them decide what to stuff in their own faces while gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes and reminiscing about a life shared. Or bickering over who ruined the kids. Or arguing over when the roof was replaced. You know how it is.

Personalized gifts are always the best. A picture frame is one thing; it’s something else entirely to show them that you know exactly what they want to look at by loading it with pictures that will make them happy. Just make sure you get it right. Otherwise it comes across as a weird attempt at mind control.

When that rich jerk down the street buys a new Porche, you’ve got a choice to make. You could respond in kind by getting next year’s model and parking it right in front of his house so he has to look at it all day, or you could choose a more tasteful display of your accomplishments like this family milestones wall art. Buy this for your parents so they don’t become the jerks down the street.

A wedding/anniversary scrapbook is a great way to remember all of the events, people, unexplainable happenings, unfortunate utterances, and more that may otherwise have slipped through the cracks of the old memory banks. But making a scrapbook to commemorate your wedding and all that has come since then doesn’t have to be all about you. Why not make one that’s all about the people around you — the family, friends, and acquaintances that have reached out over the months or years to let you know how much you mean to them or make you feel special. Or just gave you cool stuff you’d like to remember. A friends and family scrapbook is just the thing to make you both feel all warm and fuzzy on your anniversary.

When you’ve been with someone for long enough, the days sure do start to blend together. Sometimes you need a stark visual reminder of just how much damn time you’ve spent with each other. It’s also a great way to prove that married couples start to look more alike when they get old.

The internet is nothing if not a big money making machine. Put that machine in the service of buying something you would never pony up for yourself. We promise you’ll still get most of the credit.

Harry and David have better taste than you. You don’t think so? Then you must have a gift basket store yourself somewhere, right? That’s what we thought. Yeah, we know, you’re good at other things and your parents are still proud of you. But leave the gift baskets to the experts.

This isn’t some throwback to the little shop of horrors. Oh, no! Nature got this plant just right and it’s the perfect expression of love for Mom and Dad on their anniversary. They won’t believe their eyes when this treasured sentiment magically appears. A splash of green sprinkled with love will brighten their days and remind them of life’s tiniest miracles.

Nothing says “I love you” better than the ultimate aged bottle of liquor! Celebrate the enormous accomplishment of surviving decades together and toast to the years of bliss that lie ahead. Who needs another pearl necklace? A tie clip? Forget about it! Set this trophy atop the mantle and revel in success.

All of life’s problems can be solved with the crack of a fortune cookie. Pack these sumptuous treats with messages that will feed their souls and calm their nerves. Who knew wisdom could be so delicious? At a crossroads in life? Have a cookie! Give in to the yummy fun and go back for more until you find the answer you seek. Now that’s an anniversary gift you can sink your teeth into!

A lot has changed since they walked down the aisle all those years ago, including how photos have become less of a keepsake now that we can so easily take them with our phones. A photobook will capture the chapters that came after the wedding album, and it’s sure to become a treasured keepsake that never runs low on batteries.

Conventional cookbooks are a longstanding staple of old time kitchens. But accepted as they are, they have a fatal flaw: they were written by total strangers, and therefore deserve to be regarded cynically by sophisticated modern users. The Family Recipes cookbook solves this problem, giving the owner a template that can be filled in with delicious instructions for cookery straight from the hands and minds of trusted kinfolk. Don’t let someone you care about fall prey to the demented culinary whims of some deranged outsider.

My, how the times have changed. Just look at the two of you. So much wiser, so much more worldly. You’ve really grown into those faces. And you know what? Other people have noticed too. A side-by-side Then & Now anniversary frame gives you the perfect chance to show off how well you’ve aged and what a great choice you both made throwing your lot in together. As if you needed any reminding.

Move over bronze bust, it’s time for the age of the bobblehead! Nothing beats a personalized gift that’s whimsical and can entertain both the young and old alike. This timeless memento is the perfect expression of fun-loving adoration for the young at heart. A cure for the rainy-day blues that will lighten the mood and remind us all that life is good.

The refrigerator provides an ideal canvas for artistic, decorative, and sentimental displays of all kinds. Yet most people just have an old grocery list or a bunch of alphabet magnets strewn across its surface haphazardly. Wouldn’t it be nicer if they could look at the front of the refrigerator and see the smiling faces of their most beloved family members gazing back at them? Make it happen with a fridge collage magnet.

Everyone pretends to think those giant-headed drawings of people doing exaggerated things are silly, but give a framed one of themselves to your parents and watch. That thing’s gonna go on display for sure.

Chances are your parents forget what day it is or when to take their green pill, but there’s no doubt their minds hold treasured stories and adorable details of life’s greatest moments. Help Mom and Dad reestablish those synapses and instigate some good clean fun at the next family gathering. Take a stroll down memory lane and relive touching times together with this unique anniversary gift.

It’s never too early to spread the love. And with this heart-shaped waffle maker, all they have to do is spread the batter, and all the love symbolism comes popping out by itself, like magic. Alas, these delicious creations are destined to be just as fleeting.

Little Susie’s scribbles might be cute on paper, but it’s no match for a canvas masterpiece that will upgrade your parents’ walls from flat to fabulous! Bring unrivaled inspiration into Mom and Dad’s humble abode and transform their den into an artistic haven. Creative genius just found its new home!

When the dust bunnies have started to form into felt snowballs, the stovetop still has remnants of last year’s Bolognese sauce and that stubborn ring just won’t budge from the toilet bowl, it’s time to call in the big guns. Gift your parents with the citrus scents of clean and let the housekeeping professionals restore shine and hygiene to the Mom and Dad cave.

Here's an anniversary gift that will elevate the “sole”! Take those seaside strolls to a whole new level and leave a loving impression for all to see. There’s no doubt your parents could use some new footwear for their next escapade at the beach. Why not send a message with every click, click, click along the shore? A playful, affectionate reminder of the bond they share, these flip flops are the next big thing!

After spending somewhere around a bajillion hours together, every couple runs out of things to talk about from time to time. With more than 2 million copies of TableTopics sold, this thing certainly has people talking. Which of us is the worst backseat driver? How much do we need in the bank to feel secure? Is it our similarities or our differences that attract us to each other?

Back in the old days you were really rolling the dice when you chose a hotel. Either you called blindly after skimming the phone book or simply drove all night and hoped you saw a vacancy sign before you ran out of gas and got murdered by a vagrant. A gift card is not just a way of picking up the tab for a night’s stay; it’s also the priceless gift of peace of mind.

Encase your parents in crystal for all eternity, as a hologram that is. A unique monument to their ever-lasting love, this futuristic portrait is surely going on the mantle or the dashboard of their spaceship.

If you're stuck on a gift idea, don’t overlook the obvious - everyone needs to eat. You could cook for them, or treat them to a fancy restaurant, but why not bring the experience of fine dining into the home? Hiring a professional private chef will make for a unique and memorable evening. Not only do they get to eat amazing food prepared right in their kitchen with their own equipment, they will learn the nuances of culinary excellence from a seasoned expert.

If you’re considering going with gift as common as flowers, you might consider stepping it up a few dozen notches by dipping them in 24k gold. Just gather up all your extra gold, melt it in your crucible, and toss in your plants. Or just buy this Eternity Rose instead. Actually, it’s probably electro-plated not really dipped in molten metal, but you get the point.

Flowers are a lovely gift but for an anniversary, we’re not sure how they’d feel about something that will inevitably wilt and die. So, for fans of the floral, surprise them with this crystal rose which will be in bloom forever, much like their love for one another, even after all these years.

Some things get better with age and some would argue that relationships are one of them. One thing that definitely gets better though, is a fine whiskey. What better way to marry up two things that get better with time than with a personalized whiskey barrel? It’s a gift that they’ll no doubt appreciate if they need a stiff drink at the thought of all those years behind them…or all those years ahead!

If they’ve still got a competitive streak after all these years, this game is a perfect way to satisfy it while making up for all the times that one of them forgot to do the dishes. If you’ve never seen your parents argue over whose turn it is to take the trash out, brace yourself…

After a long and happy marriage, bar the arguments over leaving the toilet seat up, it’s important they stay healthy so they can enjoy many more years together. These edible arrangements are a great alternative to flowers and look good enough to eat. Scrap that, they are good enough to eat, literally.

For centuries people have been asking for the key to a happy marriage. It’s a wonder that it took so long for someone to finally make it. Judging by the demand, they’re going to make a killing off of this. And though we have not yet held the product in our own hands, visually it fits the bill: elegant, simple, and to the point, with just a touch of sentimentality. This is the key that opens the most impenetrable of doors, the door to the human heart.

Some might consider it the ultimate display of human privilege to begin claiming faraway stars just because we have a few extra dollars in our pockets. But once you realize that the universe is far bigger than you think it is, you’ll cool off a little. There’s more than enough to go around for everybody. Several billion times over. So go ahead and give someone a little piece of the cosmic pie. Nothing to get all riled up about.

When did live music go out of style? Go ahead and raise the decibels a bit. This digital age of singular musical experiences is no cure for the weary minded. Give your parents tickets to an experience they’ll never forget. Get those toes tapping and hands clapping and let the rhythms set them free from the monotony!

Back in the grand old days of nobility, every clan with any standing in society had a family shield they displayed proudly for all the world to see. These days, that might seem a little extra. But a family plaque is totally acceptable. In fact, it can even add some class and charm to an otherwise drab interior or exterior wall. Not that you’ve got any drabness in your life, wall-related or otherwise. We’re just saying, this is a really good looking plaque.

Happy couple decides to go on vacation, finds quaint lodging belonging to complete stranger for a price that seems too good to be true. In the movies, they get hacked to pieces. So here’s one way you can be happy that real life never ends up like the movies. In real life, they just have a great time and never stay in a hotel again.

A signed, personalized photo frame is a great way to let a long-married couple know they aren’t the only ones who noticed how long they’ve been together. This frame comes with a custom printed photo complete with their names and a short message from you, along with a picture matting that you can cajole, coerce, or bribe all of their friends and family into signing. A thoughtful and symbolic way to make sure they’re forever surrounded by the people who care about them the most.

Get your favorite photo converted into a 3D laser engraved Brick Crystal for the perfect gift to celebrate memories with family and friends. Include a personalized message and complement your crystal with a lighted LED base to illuminate your one-of-a-kind work of art. With a variety of light bases to choose from, your 3D engraving will truly "pop," and your base's array of xenon-white LEDs will never burn out.