Vincent Leman furniture

Vincent Leman Furniture

Your daily environment exerts a huge influence on the way you act, the way you think, your mood, and even the decisions you make. Looking at his idiosyncratic, playfully-shaped furniture, it’s easy to imagine that Vincent Leman is more aware of this than most people.

Reading his bio, you get the feeling that Vincent’s work is a direct reaction to the physical confines of cubicle life that he left soon after graduating from college; an environment where the mundanity of your surroundings often reflects the rigidity and unoriginal nature of corporate thinking. Whether this is true or not, his creations force you to realize how repetitive and thoughtless the straight lines and square angles of conventional furniture really are. Much of Vincent’s work – especially his stacked cabinets – manages to straddle a line between furniture and sculpture.

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One of the most basic purposes of art is to transfer the feeling the artist had at the moment of inspiration to whoever gets to interact with the thing the artist creates. Another layer is added when that thing is a functional item the owner will use every day. That visions gets incorporated into the owner’s life on a deeper level.

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It only takes one piece of furniture like this to completely transform a room. From a simple curved end table to one of his dizzying, multi-piece stacked cabinets, any one of these artful furniture pieces will draw attention to itself while also adding life to its surroundings by interrupting the monotonous shapes of typical home architecture and traditional furniture.

But don’t mistake Vincent’s work for a gimmick. For all of its playfulness – from the curved lines to the bright, unconventional color options – this furniture is still rooted in the highest quality of craftsmanship and materials. Given his background in high quality custom cabinetry, you can be sure that the elegance and top-notch construction will make his furniture feel at home even in the most straight-laced surroundings.

Visit Vincent’s website, Dust Furniture, to buy any of his available work and to learn a little bit more about the history of the company and the ideas behind his work. He just might change the way you think about furniture.

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