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To boldly go where no man has gone before requires expensive equipment. And unless Elon Musk is your uncle, you’re not getting your own spaceship. However, that doesn’t mean that fans of the classic Star Wars Original Series — or any of the later iterations like Star Wars: The Next Generation — are out of luck. Take a look below for an extensive collection of Star Wars memorabilia, books, cosplay items, and plenty of other stuff you probably didn’t even know existed. This is the gift page for the true Trekkie.

You may have thought that the bound paper atlas was a thing of the past, but that’s because you’re only used to navigating around the familiar confines of tiny little planet Earth. Well, here’s a frontier the internet still hasn’t quite gotten around to covering adequately: the full extent of the Star Trek voyages. So until Google Maps gets off their lazy asses and expands their reach a little, they’ll have to rely on this old fashioned picture-book style atlas when chasing after intergalactic filming locations for their favorite sci-fi show. And believe us, they’re gonna need it. It’s easy to get lost out there.

When repeat bingeing of the original Star Trek episodes starts to lose its novelty, superfans may need a more immersive experience to reach the same level of ultimate nerd-gasm that they’ve come to expect from the show. An in-person tour of the original set — recreated from hours of exhaustive study of the original blueprints, screen captures, photographs, and other research — might be the fix they need. The crew of the Starship Enterprise fearlessly ventured from one galaxy to another. All you have to do is get to Ticonderoga, NY.

Forget the Apple Watch. This is the wireless communication wearable that true Star Trek fans everywhere have been waiting for. And with voice-activated SMS capabilities, it’s more than just a costume decoration. The authentic design of Star Trek’s iconic ComBadge lets the world know they’re part of the crew, and they’re fully equipped to fight the good fight wherever it may go — as long as it’s within bluetooth range. Also makes for one of the ultimate Trekkie selfie accessories.

This book collects the stories behind the bloopers, flubs, and other shenanigans that accompanied the filming of Star Trek: The Original Series back in the 1960s. Instead of a simple reel of deleted scenes, this is like a scrap book of moments captured on-set — both during filming and behind the scenes — consisting of photographs, screen stills, lost scene recreations, and more. The perfect book for any Star Trek fan who has scoured every inch of every frame of The Original Series and still wants more.

Everyone has their favorite aspect of the classic Star Trek series. But here’s one thing that we know for sure: ever since the first time you saw it, you’ve been waiting for teleportation to become a real thing. Well, we’re not there yet, but this mug is a step in the right direction. When you add hot water, Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, Lieutenant Uhura, and Dr. McCoy disappear from the transporter on one side and appear on the surface of a mysterious red planet on the other. The perfect gift to warm the heart, soul, and throat of a long-time Star Trek fan.

This isn’t just some compendium of interesting facts about Star Trek and a bunch of photos of the set to geek over. This is the Star Trek fact bible, and it includes everything — and we mean everything. Every planet visited, every type of food eaten, every character that ever appeared in any of the four series or eight feature films. In fact, a true dyed-in-the-wool Trekkie can consider it a challenge to find something they’ve left out.

In life, it’s the details that matter. A die-hard Trekkie may think that they’re carrying on the spirit of the legendary show, but is it reflected in their wardrobe? This is the perfect discreet way to maintain their allegiance to the Starship Enterprise and its crew without being obnoxious about it. In fact, nobody else has to know at all. They may not be able to walk a mile in Captain Kirk’s shoes, but they can at least wear his socks for a day.

If they had their choice, at least one of their hands would be flashing the Vulcan Salutation at all times. There are only two problems: 1) it’s extremely difficult to maintain that hand position permanently without surgery, and 2) if you’re making the Vulcan Salutation with one hand and holding a beer in the other, you have no hands left to perform any of life’s other functions, so you end up using your feet like a monkey. That’s not a good look for anyone. Solve the problem with this Koozie.

This is the book that really puts the science in science fiction. In fact, it crams a whole lot of science right up in there. And it manages to do that without spoiling all of the fun. Because while some aspects of the show don’t quite match up with our current knowledge and understanding of physics, there are plenty of things that could become possible through science in the future. This book might even encourage the reader to follow Ray Kurzweil’s lead and start taking their vitamins so they can hang around long enough to see it.

This is a genuine collectors’ article from perhaps the most legendary of all the Star Trek Original Series cast members. So whether they’re a fan of Captain Kirk or a devotee of classic spoken-word records, this is a must-have piece of memorabilia. And best of all, if they’re ever experiencing a moment of self doubt, they can simply break the glass, slide on this magical sweater, and repeat the words: “What would Shatner do? What would Shatner do?” The answer that comes can’t possibly be wrong.

Before there were cell phones, the cast of Star Trek spoke to each other via “communicators.” The thing is, these communicators looked an awful lot like blinged-out flip phones, leading some to speculate that an unidentified person had traveled back in time from 2005 to introduce the idea to Gene Roddenberry. And while we like to think we’ve made massive technological advances since then, the truth is your smartphone doesn’t work in other galaxies. But what you can do is get one of these communicators, hook it up to your phone’s bluetooth, and pretend you’re in outer space.

They may not be conducting intergalactic travels or discovering new planets, but that doesn’t mean the events of the day don’t deserve to be recorded. Surely, future generations will want to know what kind of bread was used for today’s tuna fish sandwich, or how many Teslas were spotted during the evening commute. Complete with inspiring quotes from notable members of Starfleet, this is the perfect diary for the Trekkie or space cadet in your circle.

Honor the most adorable infestation in the history of television with a furry, featureless, non-reproducing tribble. While these Tribbles won’t replicate and spread from room to room through the ventilation ducts, they do make authentic Tribble noises, which can be activated by clapping or giving the Tribble a little affectionate squeeze. And since these Tribbles don’t need to be fed or let outside, they make the perfect pet for a lazy Star Trek fan.

The Star Trek Tricorder makes a great centerpiece to any retro futurist collection, especially for Trekkies who have the urge to explore the furthest reaches of their basements and backyards for signs of yet undiscovered life forms. This faithful replica is detailed enough to make a perfect costume accessory for future Star Trek conventions. And with every detail accounted for — including the spinning moray dial and fully functioning led lights — it’s authentic enough to convince everyone in attendance that their every move is being recorded for future analysis.

The most versatile handheld weapon ever created, the Star Trek phaser is now available to the general public for a very reasonable price. It ships complete with a smaller, removable type 1 phaser, for when they need to wreak havoc on the DL. However, don’t let this fall into the hands of any ill-tempered folk, as it allows the user to stun, burn, and/or vaporize anything in their path according to their momentary whims. There, you’ve been warned. Any bad outcomes are all on you.

For Trekkies who have already dug into the darkest corners of Star Trek lore, who have riffled through the vast volumes of weird facts and other minutiae, plowed through every second of unused footage and pored over every deleted scene, it can be hard to find anything new to learn about the series. This long out of print book might be just the thing for those fans — a unique look into the making of The Original Series, complete with cast interviews, production details, and even arcane information like memos and budgets. You know, just in case they decide they want to remake the show in their living room.

Pizza was not a luxury that the crew of the Starship Enterprise could afford as they cavorted about the known Universe on a mission to understand our own place in the cosmos. This Enterprise-shaped pizza cutter is a fine way to reflect on that profound sacrifice as we eat dinner in the climate controlled confines of our earthly homes. Our society may not have reached its utopian destiny yet, but we’ve sure done a damn fine job of making things taste good.

The only authorized biography of Gene Roddenberry, Star Trek’s creator, this book presents “The Great Bird of the Galaxy” as he would wish to be remembered. Like with most iconic figures, the reality of his life is a matter of fierce debate — here is the “god-like creative genius” version to balance out the more critical “unauthorized” biographies that focus on the Great Bird’s supposed personal and professional misbehaving. Delving deep into his upbringing and early life, and continuing right through to his final years, this biography offers one compelling version of the man who created the most popular sci-fi series in history.

William Shatner has a unique and varied history in show business, and one of the more complex entertainment legacies in modern times. Ranging from his iconic role as captain of the most famous starship in science fiction, to his gloriously confusing spoken word records, to his rebirth as a top-of-the-line commercial and television actor/producer/writer/overall cultural phenomenon, to the fact that he’s Canadian, Shatner’s had quite a weird ride. Why not hear it straight from the man himself?

Being so well-known for a single role — especially one as strange as an elf-eared alien with a purely logical, computer-like brain — can be both a blessing and a curse. Leonard Nimoy knows the complex ramifications of being typecast as well as anyone. Here you get to see the drama play out inside his own mind, along with Nimoy’s reflections on what the experience means to him and how it has affected his life. Great companion to Nimoy’s earlier biography, I Am Not Spock.

From angry to elated to despondent, and everywhere in between, Spock displayed an astonishing array of emotions. In fact, his affective palette is virtually unrivaled in the history of film, if not the history of the performing arts — nay, in the history of the world. This poster captures but a small sample of his sentimental range, in a series of images that provide a facial archetype for the full set of possible emotions. Go on, gaze upon the countenance of this expressive genius, and just try not to be moved.

In some ways, the Enterprise drone provides the best of both worlds. The owner gets to fly the coolest spacecraft ever made, but they don’t have to share cramped quarters for years on end with the same group of people, feeling the other crew members’ personality quirks slowly grate on their nerves until they start to develop homicidal daydreams. And they don’t have to eat reconstituted, “synthesized” food. On the downside, this drone isn’t made to leave the Earth’s atmosphere. But hey, you can’t have everything.

If you thought your Ford Escort was hard to work on without a manual, try building or repairing an intergalactic spacecraft. Surprisingly, the internet is of little assistance. So short of kidnapping Elon Musk, this gives an aspiring cosmic explorer best chance of building their own space travel vehicle or getting their existing space travel vehicle in mechanical working shape. After all, they don’t want to get out into the cosmic void before they realize they’re driving a lemon.