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You may know potatoes as a good source of potassium, but did you know they can be used to power an alarm clock? The 4M Potato Clock teaches young minds the value of green energy in an illuminating way. The Potato Clock uses a pair of ordinary spuds to power a digital clock. This kit includes a digital clock, wires and prongs; two potatoes are all that's needed to create a working clock. This kit is ideal for young science enthusiasts, and offers a valuable lesson on the transformative power of green science. Detailed assembly instructions included. No batteries required.

Stationed atop an old-fashioned gas pump, the clock's brilliant color scheme draws just enough attention without filling the entire space. The table clock employs a numerical dial with clear contrast to ensure visibility and practical use, making it an ideal fit for vintage, eclectic and industrial centered designs, appealing to many generations.

This pair of cube clocks display the time when placed together or the temperature and humidity when pulled apart. Placed side by side, the duo operates like a standard alarm clock with a snooze function, 12/24-hour format, calendar display, and timer. When separated into two individual cubes, one displays a room’s current temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit while the other shows the room’s relative humidity.

These days devices need to do more than just what they do - watches now send text messages, and waffle irons can connect to the internet. Here’s a clock that can hang with this modern gadgetry. This table top device is a complete weather station with indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, animated color weather forecasts, calendar, customizable weather alerts, heat index, dew point, and oh yeah, also it’s an alarm clock.

This unique desktop clock and thermometer is a replica of the 1965 Ford Mustang instrument panel. At the top of each hour. an authentic engine sound from the 1965 model roars as an announcement, though light sensors automatically deactivate the sound when the room is dark.

Made of cold cast resin, this awesome battery powered table or mantel clock is reminiscent of Salvador Dali`s famous painting, The Persistence Of Memory. The clock looks as though it has melted, yet still tells great time. The clock measures 11 inches tall, 6 1/4 inches wide, and 4 inches deep, with a beautiful metallic bronze finish, an off-white crackle painted face, and black hands and markers. It runs on one AA battery (not included). This clock makes a great gift for the surreal person in your life.

This incredibly unique table clock is also a challenging DIY kit. It’s not meant to keep accurate time, as it only runs for a few hours without being wound. So if you’re not running late because you’re still busy putting together your clock, you might be because your clock has stop running. But this is more about the exploration of the mechanics of clocks, and it adds a lot of character to your decor.

Though it looks like a simple block of wood, this unique table clock and alarm is actually loaded with features including voice control, thermometer, and humidity sensors. You can also hide and reveal the digital display by clapping your hands. Simple on the outside, hi tech on the inside.

Tell time in hi-tech style with this incredible Powers of 2 BCD Clock! It uses the binary code (the language of computers) to indicate the time. After a few minutes of practice, you'll be able to tell the time by simply adding the values of the blue lights in each column. This compact unit is not a typical light show, it's actually a working clock! This Powers of 2 BCD Clock is a great gift for technical people or for anyone who wants to exercise their mind.

Time takes on a whole new meaning when you’re looking at a clock like this one. Or does it lose all meaning? Whatever. For the chronically late, does it even matter what time it is anymore? This square desk clock design is a funny gift to poke fun at friends, college students, and loved ones who run on their own time. Clock is battery-operated and includes key hole for wall presentation.

If you have trouble with punctuality, maybe you need a clock that spells it out for you. It is Seven Thirty, you are going to be late. This unique table clock might look like a word search puzzle, but when the LED display lights up, it becomes clear that it’s not just a modern sculpture, but a functional clock. The clock tells time in five-minute intervals and is a refreshing change from traditional analog or digital displays. At nearly 8” square, the clock is large enough to capture attention, but small enough to integrate into any home or office space. It’s the epitome of form and function.

One thing they don’t tell you about married life is that it’s measured on multiple time scales. Once you’re married, it’s no longer enough to remember what time of day it is. You also have to keep track of what time of year it is, lest you overlook the anniversary and end up paying for it for the rest of your life. But there’s another level up from that: the “Holy sh*t, I can’t believe how long we’ve been together” time scale. That’s what makes this clock special: it tracks all three.

If you’re looking for a simple techie gadget that will really blow their hair back, this might be just the thing. A single led-studded fan blade creates a hologram-like clock face as it twirls through the air - cooling your room, telling the time, and blowing everyone’s mind all at once. Is it a physical metaphor playing on the idea that time is an illusion? A piece of alien technology? No, it’s really just a cool little gadget, even if it seems like it’s specially designed to freak out cats.

In a world where deadlines are king, why not focus on a finish line that’s really worth celebrating? Retirement! They'll keep their eye on the prize with this optimistic ticker that will drive them to accomplish bigger and better things at work. Imagine the sweet silence of no alarm in the wee hours of the morning. Retirement will feel like it’s always right around the corner.

For the ultimate clock watcher, this stylish desk accessory is a fantastic way to count down the minutes left at work, hours left in the day, days left in the year, and years left before the sweet release of retirement, and that new life in the Bahamas. Or days spent pottering around the local garden center and shouting indignantly at daytime television.

Philosophers have long argued over the appropriate verb to attach to the concept of time. Does it pass? Flow? Fly? Disappear? In the landscapes of the world’s most famous surrealist, it melts. Yeah, we’re not sure what to make of that either. But everyone loves this clock.