Smart Home Fixtures

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Silent but deadly takes on a different meaning when you walk in the room, but in your defense, you haven’t actually left a trail of bodies in your wake. In fact, nobody has dared step in your wake for years. Here’s a smart appliance that will protect your family from a couple of other silent killers.

The Philips Hue system gives you complete control over your home lighting with every shade of white light you can imagine, 16 million different colors, and full integration with your smart home system so you can schedule your lights to do all kinds of tricks automatically. Instantly make your home as beautiful, soothing, or obnoxious as you want.

All the same colors and shades of white as the Philips Hue, but without the need for a hub. With a few of these bulbs, you can put that old swingers pad you had in the ‘70s to shame. But really, you should probably leave those days behind you. On second thought, no. Time to get it on.

If you could make dumb people smart by swapping out a few moving parts, the world would be a much better place. Well, you can’t. But you can make your dumb lights a little smarter by installing these smart switches, which can be controlled from afar by your smartphone. A great way to start automating your home without getting all new stuff.

With a little bit of electrical knowledge, you can bring your standard appliances under your control even from afar, sort of like a psychic zombie warlord. Okay, so it’s not that cool. But you can make a lamp turn on from the other room.

Replacing an existing wall outlet with a smart outlet is one way to make any of your normal appliances a little smarter. But some of us prefer not to mess around with things that can electrocute us or burn the house down. That’s where these come in. Don’t be afraid: just plug it into the wall. It won’t bite.

The idea that your home appliances are now studying and learning your habits might sound a little creepy. But this thing is really only trying to save you money. And no matter what you heard, it can’t read your thoughts. Unless you want it to.

No, those cold spots in the living room aren’t from evil spirits. Your thermostat just sucks. This one will optimize your heating and cooling in the rooms that matter most, and you’ll stop draining your bank account trying to get rid of Dracula’s ghost. A win-win.

Your poorly timed dad jokes aren’t the only thing sucking the energy out of the room. Inefficient appliance usage can be a major drag on your budget. The Sense Home Energy Monitor will help you figure out what you’re doing wrong. Unfortunately, it can’t make you funnier.