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If one of your colleagues just won’t stop bringing in her ‘delicious’ homemade apple cakes (the ones which taste like cider vinegar and make the rest of you gag) take one for the team and gift your other colleagues these natural, taste-altering tablets, so at least you can stagger your visits to the bathroom to ‘recover’.

For the colleague who struggles with basic tasks, and who no-one’s quite sure how they’ve managed to hold down a job this long, this informative yet funny book will teach them everything from CPR to how to fight a shark – which you never know, might just come in handy at work one day!

If you’ve ever had to borrow a colleague’s phone, only to pale at the sticky stuff on the screen and try to hold it as far away from your ear as possible, this is the gift for that colleague – a case which magically cleans their phone as it charges (ok, it’s lasers, not actual magic. We’ll contact Harry Potter).

At the end of a long working day, all you probably feel like doing is going home, putting your feet up and having your partner rub your shoulders to de-stress. Well, spare a thought for your colleague, Colin, who’s going home to an empty apartment, Chinese takeout (again) and a cat who can’t stand him… he needs this.

For a colleague who just loves the great outdoors, being ‘at one with nature’ and ‘living off the land’, give them this solar powered cooker, so they can prepare their meals the way their forefathers did, with nothing but the heat of the sun… oh no, wait, the forefathers invented fire for that. Our bad.

For that colleague who’s always trying to start debates about the origin of the Universe and the like, this book is the perfect replacement for your faux half-interest. Finally, your deep-thinking co-worker will have some answers to those big questions that keep them awake at night, and can stop bugging you – everybody wins!

Ok, take a moment to think about the long game here. Your team is up against the rest of the company at the annual staff quiz. Pete’s by your side. The question comes up – what’s the symbol for Plutonium? You look at Pete. He looks at you. He thinks of that glowing coaster you gave him. He smiles.

Have a coworker with a long commute to the office? How about one that seems to use auto related excuses for why they are late a little too often? Help make sure they actually get to the workplace with a car emergency kit that solves the simple issues like a dead battery.

Help your coworkers learn more about the people around them than they could ever possibly want to know with the classic party game Never Have I Ever. The game is simple: each player takes turns drawing a card and reading the “Never have I ever…” statement out loud, answers truthfully, then hopes everyone is too drunk to remember what they said.

Kombucha is the ancient art of making tea into something half the people who try it will love and the other half will vomit back onto your carpet. The people who love it are objectively correct, because it makes you live forever (almost). Any coworker who has fallen head over heels for it will do the same for you if you buy them this homebrew kit.

Chocolates used to (and perhaps still do) come from factories run by shady recluses and populated by obese midget slaves. Or at least that’s what the video evidence suggests. But it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. Stick it to big business by giving your coworker this home chocolate making kit and help them join the artisan revolution. A whole new way to make chocolate “guilt free”.

Big ideas can change the world, but so do small acts. Not all of us can create the next Google or reinvent the energy industry, but we can all be better at being human. This international, online-integrated card game provides the ideas and the motivation to spread goodwill everywhere you go, one act at a time.

There are certain things everyone ‘should’ know how to do, but by a certain age it becomes too late to admit you don’t – and this is how you end up with that colleague who still has no clue how to tie his necktie, despite wearing one for the last 3 years. Revolutionize that guy’s life with this book.

Move aside Crusoe and Oakley, these quirky dachshund corn cob holders are the new cutest dachshunds in town! An alternative interpretation of corn dogs, these adorable dog corn holders are the perfect gift for any real or corn dog loving coworker, and are guaranteed to make you Man’s Best Friend.

Some people are just impossible. If you want to avoid getting the look that says, “I don’t understand why you ever thought I would like this,” then get them an iTunes gift card. There’s no shame in that. There’s also no risk, unless they don’t like music, in which case they’re probably not human anyway.

If there’s anything that can make wine taste better, it’s a little frustration. If you think life in our rapid-delivery consumer culture is just a bit too easy, then teach your coworker a valuable lesson by making them work more than they anticipated for their gift. You’re not only giving the world’s oldest artisan beverage, you’re helping develop life skills.

Standard hotels are convenient and something of a social institution, but when it comes down to it they’re all the same, except that in the cheaper ones the desk clerks are a little creepier and the maids are drunker. Airbnb takes the predictability out of travel lodging and replaces it with an endless variety of unique experiences. For coworkers who appreciate the human touch.

If you and colleagues are always saying Joe needs to get himself a brain, don’t wait for him to figure it out (seriously, he won’t, he’s brainless), use your own brain and give him these cerebral coasters. Let’s just hope he uses them wisely, and doesn’t spill fruit juice on his frontal lobe. It’s a real concern.

Back when old people were kids, shadow puppeteering was accepted as a legitimate skill. That meant holding your hands in front of a light to create rudimentary animal shapes on the wall, because there was no internet. These candleholders are a serious step up. Just try making a mature cedar with your hands. Ok, stop. It’s not going to happen.

Certain small items like keys, wallet, and sunglasses have a bad habit of getting lost when they’re most needed, so it’s nice to have a dedicated spot for them. Ikea probably has a solution for that, but for the love of god, it’s time to stop relying on the Swedish to solve all of your problems. This nice man in Oregon put together a very unique bowl that would look great on someone’s coffee table.

For the coworker who is happy in almost every aspect of his life, except for one thing. He just can’t seem to master flipping his skewers. It’s making him the butt of the joke at every barbecue he (tries) to host. ‘Look at Steve, turning each of those kebabs individually! They’re completely uneven’. Save him from this ridicule, please.

Why aren’t there fresh herbs in your kitchen? Cause just like everybody else, you got all inspired one day, then forgot and let them die. No more – and now maybe Bill’s lasagna won’t be so boring at the next office party.

If the pen is mightier than the sword, you should be able to kill people with it. Because killing people is really easy with a sword. Killing people, however, is frowned upon, unless they’re really asking for it. It’s much more responsible to stick to the symbolic act this penholder allows.

This horse is an Internet sensation… because you can’t look at this and not laugh. If anyone in your office is into birds, squirrels, or laughing, this is the gift for them. Just look at it. Plus, it’ll keep the critters from hogging the bird feeder. Neigh!

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, this incredible teapot emerged from the depths of Naboo, and since then it’s served the best of them (even Yoda himself, if you believe the rumors). Now it’s the turn of your Star Wars obsessed coworker, with this quali-tea gift of galactic proportions.

This adorable little guy’s going to get a double-take every time someone new walks into the office – he’s one heck of an icebreaker. Probably wouldn’t be a bad gift idea for that weird guy who works down in the server room, either – he’ll name it George, and they’ll be best friends.

In a sea of practical jokes and fun gifts, your more serious colleague is sure to appreciate a fabric steamer. Also, a great idea for that guy who always walks in wearing a crumpled shirt and looking like he’s only had 2 hours sleep – what does he do anyway? You probably don’t want to know.

Unlike a classic box, which might be used for storage, transportation, or even shelter when the promised Christmas bonus doesn’t materialize, this unique gift has no purpose except pure entertainment. Give to a colleague with a lower IQ than most (you know the one), and observe the hours of unbridled joy it brings.