12 Classy Gifts For Classy Drinkers

Gift Ideas For Drinkers

Let’s face it: drinking often gets a bum rap. And in some ways that’s understandable – what with all the regrettable social media posts, unskillful driving, and accidental public nudity it has to its name. But we’re not here to talk about that kind of drinking. Today, we’re celebrating the classy drinkers and the gifts that will delight them. So here are 12 fantastic gifts for someone who likes to swill with style.


Any serious wine lover knows it’s a genuine crime to pour an expensive red wine straight from the bottle into a glass. Wine needs to breathe in order to release all of its subtle overtones and truly reach a mature bouquet.

If you have no idea what any of that means, don’t worry. Just know that real red wine drinkers love decanters, and that this Zalto Mystique Decanter puts a modern twist on the classic decanter design.

And for anyone who appreciates unique table art, the Riedel Amadeo Lyra Decanter is like an ice sculpture that doesn’t melt.

Wine Glasses

You might think a wine glass is a wine glass, but the cultured drinker knows better.

The Schott Zwiesel Air Sense comes with a decantation sphere built into the bottom of the glass, helping to aerate the wine as you swirl it – sort of a decanting hack for the impatient drinker.

On the other hand, if your gift recipient appreciates a more modern appeal, this stemless glass collection from Riedel has a more updated look. The low center of gravity also makes these glasses harder to knock over, a feature that becomes more and more handy as the night carries on.

Bottle Stand

With wine, the presentation is almost as important as the vintage. Wine drinking is supposed to be a full sensory experience, and that starts before you open the bottle.

An eye catching bottle stand makes a great setting piece for a table or countertop. The main choice is between a single bottle or multi bottle stand.

The magic chain design of this single bottle stand never loses its wonderful, mildly confusing appeal, no matter how many times you look at it. Salvador Dalí would definitely approve.

And if you’re looking for something with more storage capacity, the Japanese-inspired design and dark color of this 12-bottle holder looks elegant in just about any surroundings.

Globe Decanter with 4 Glasses and Whiskey Stones

Wine drinkers aren’t the only classy imbibers around, and they’re not the only ones who appreciate the importance of having the right accessories.

Unlike wine, whiskey won’t taste much different after being decanted. It just looks a hell of a lot cooler.

This globe decanter from Bourbon.com is a really unique take on the classic crystal decanter you’d see a Bond villain pouring his death whiskey from. And when you consider that it comes with four glasses and a boxed set of whiskey stones, it’s a great value (in case you don’t know what whiskey stones are, they’re literally stones that you chill and put in your whiskey; they work like ice cubes, but they don’t melt and water down your drink, and they’re impervious, so they don’t hold any moisture).

Professional Ice Ball Maker

Ice comes in many shapes and sizes, but that doesn’t mean it should. This is the correct size for ice – or more specifically, for any ice that will ever come in contact with your whiskey.

This top-of-the-line ice ball maker is the only way to reliably make professional quality ice balls that will dazzle all of their whiskey-loving guests. A 55 mm ice ball melts at just the right rate to chill a two-finger glass of whiskey without diluting it, meaning they won’t have to gulp down their nightly glass of bourbon because they’re racing against the laws of physics.

Elegant Tubular Flask

The Kole Elegant Flask is the gentleman’s (or gentlewoman’s) way to transport high quality booze. Handsome, easy to carry, and the cap doubles as a shot glass. What more could you ask for?

Rabbit Cocktail Shaker

Double-wall insulation, citrus reamer, built-in strainer, and sharp black-and-copper styling make this Rabbit Cocktail Shaker a great all-around addition to a home bar.

Half-Dipped Metal Coasters

These durable metal coasters offer a truly classy, elegant way to save a wooden tabletop from the infamous water ring torture. They also match rather nicely with the Rabbit Cocktail Shaker (hint, hint).

128 Ounce Pressurized Growler

Beer growlers are all the rage with micro-brewery fans – stop by your favorite brewery, fill up a jug, and take it back home.

This 128 oz (1 gallon) pressurized growler not only looks like an old-time brewery contraption, it keeps their beer as fresh as the day they got it for up to two weeks – much better performance than they’ll get out of a plain old glass growler.

Fizzics Portable Draft Beer System

The Fizzics Portable Beer System takes a regular old bottled or canned beer and transforms it instantly into a draft style pour at the pull of a lever. And it’s small and light enough to travel, so they can bring a true pub/brewery experience wherever they go.

Beer Glassware

Believe it or not, there’s a reason behind all of those weird looking glasses you see at upscale brewpubs. The shape of the glass is designed to accentuate certain properties of different types of beer. Not too important if you’re drinking Bud Light, but it can make a real difference for the craft brew fanatic.

This draft beer glass set from Libbey covers the most popular styles without breaking the bank.

Magnetic Push-Down Bottle Cap Opener

There are plenty of bottle cap openers out there, including wall-mount openers, keychain openers, teeth, and even eye sockets. But for a convenient, easy-to-use bottle opener that doesn’t damage the cap, this one is hard to beat. Perfect for people who like to keep rare bottle caps as souvenirs of their drinking exploits.