Plant Lamps by Mariana Folberg

Plant Lamps by Mariana Folberg

Mariana Folberg’s Mar de Fe design studio produces an array of unique household and everyday use items, from ultra-thin wood veneer greeting cards to resin wall sculptures and multi-colored, translucent acrylic clocks. On her Etsy page and on Mar de Fe’s website, Mariana says she tries “to find the balance between art and industrial design,” and that she works “to create designs that simply make people happy.”

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One of Mariana’s most unique items, and the centerpiece of Mar de Fe’s Etsy store, is her line of plant lamps. Made of red, green or yellow acrylic, the intricately detailed synthetic leaves are illuminated by led lights that are placed in the potting material at the base of the plant. When the lamp is switched on, the light is transmitted through the leaves’ engraved veins, highlighting each thinly etched groove. In a dark room they emit a soft, colored glow, perfect for use as a night light or as non-intrusive mood lighting.

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Mariana’s industrial design background is palpable in her work, as these lamps have a distinct manufactured feel to them, yet contain the liveliness and warmth of art. Like the other products on display in Mar de Fe’s online store, they are alive with color and a pervading sense of playfulness, proving that “manufactured” doesn’t have to be synonymous with “soulless.”

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