Martina Schuhmann's Felt Stone Rugs

Martina Schuhmann’s Felt Stone Rugs

Martina Schuhmann’s felt stone rugs are a perfect juxtaposition of the beauty of nature and the comfort of home. Handmade from soft foam rubber wrapped in wool, they resemble the water-smoothed rocks found at the edge of a river or stream, but feel luxuriously gentle under your feet.

Martina Schuhmann's Felt Stone Rugs 1

The wool covering for each stone is hand felted and comes in a variety of colors, and each stone is unique in its size and color pattern, just as in nature, making each rug one of a kind. This kind of detail gives each of the rugs an authentic natural appearance and highlights the admirable craftsmanship and care that goes into each one. Visually, the rugs truly resemble a pebbled landscape. The difference between this visual fidelity to hard stone and the soft, comfortable feeling underfoot is part of the unique joy of owning one of these beautiful creations.

Martina Schuhmann's Felt Stone Rugs 2

There are so many ways to make use of these rugs: as a visual centerpiece on a large hardwood or tile floor, as a bath mat, as a welcome rug in an entryway after guests have removed their shoes, as a comfortable place to stand while working in the kitchen, etc. Put one in front of a sliding glass door or other sunny area and your pets will love it as well. Their natural appearance makes them both timeless and versatile – it’s hard to imagine an environment where they wouldn’t fit in seamlessly.

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Martina uses the felted stone motif for a handful of items besides rugs, including pillow covers and Christmas tree skirts. You can even buy a small bag of loose “stones” to use as casual decoration wherever you would like. Martina’s Etsy store has plenty of ready-to-ship rugs and even more customizable items that allow you to choose the size and color scheme yourself. With all of the options available, you can almost certainly find a space in your home for one of these rugs, and it is sure to add a unique and special touch to its surroundings.

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