Housewarming Party Food, Beverages and Themes

housewarming party food ideas

So you’ve settled into your new home and are ready for the housewarming party. But wait! How do you plan this type of party? What type of food and drinks should be served? Should the party have a certain theme? These are great questions to ask, and YES, you should try to plan your party with your guests’ likes/dislikes in mind. After all, you want the party to go well, and all the guests to have a great time. Here are some helpful ideas to determine what type of food to serve and to decide on a suitable theme for your housewarming gathering.

Housewarming Food and Drink Ideas

Nothing helps promote “coziness” in a new home like freshly baked cookies, burgers on the grill or any aromatic foods. So it’s wise to choose housewarming party foods that can help your guests feel right at home. If you want the freshly baked cookie smell to linger, then serve light finger foods with your cookies! These can include a variety of yummies such as crackers and cheese, luncheon meats, mini-sub sandwiches, potato chips and veggies with dip, barbecue smokies, nuts, mints, cheesy sausage balls, etc.

If you want to serve a heavier meal, keep the selection to a minimum to avoid overspending. For example, serve chicken strips with various dip sauces along with potato salad, chips and slaw. Another great meal that goes a long way is slow cooker chili (with meat and beans), or cook a couple of types of soup such as potato soup and vegetable soup. Serve the soup with mini sandwiches, crackers or corn bread. For a more casual meal, consider having a grill-out for your housewarming party with burgers, hot dogs and chicken. Kebabs also work well on the grill if you would like to serve steak or shrimp.

For beverages, consider serving punch along with a few varieties of soft drinks. Alcoholic drinks may be served as well if you prefer. If hosting a light brunch as your party, then coffee and juice will suffice along with bagels, sausage pinwheels and a few other breakfast favorites.

Housewarming Theme Ideas

One thing to remember when throwing a housewarming party is to keep the theme and decor simple. Too much decoration can take away from the look and feel of your home. You’re inviting guests so they can tour your home, so be careful not to overdo it. Themes can be as simple as your favorite animal, floral pattern, collectible, a certain period in time (such as 1950s decor) or even a favorite hobby or sport. Whatever your theme, you’ll likely be able to find party favors, hats or caps, plates, cups, napkins, tablecloths, etc. to match your theme. There are even cupcakes and cakes for just about every theme imaginable, so think of something you’ll really enjoy! For a more elaborate theme, try a Hawaiian Luau or a scavenger hunt with prizes!

The right theme and food/drinks can make your party a blast for all in attendance. Also, don’t forget to showcase your home through a virtual housewarming website too. You can add photos and include ideas for housewarming gifts for those who may attend your party. Give it some thought and use these ideas to start planning a memorable housewarming party to show the world your new home!