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This is a mug with the year of their birth on it. Make a little joke when you give it to them for their 40th birthday, something like, “If you ever forget how old you are you can check this mug and do the math!” They’ll roll their eyes, say thanks, and probably even use the mug sometimes.

This is a great 40th birthday gift no matter what. It’s interesting and looks nice on wall even if it was a slow news day. But if their birthday happens to coincide with a big banner headline announcing now famous events? Whoa. That would be pretty sweet.

We don’t know if they liked the movie “Cast Away” starring the incomparable and multiple Academy Award winning actor Mr. Tom Hanks, but, if they are having their 40th birthday, we do know they have probably seen it. So maybe they’d want this replica Wilson.

Some people need visual feedback in order to understand their progress. With these right and left brain bookends, they can literally watch as their mind expands with each book added to the shelf. Of course, they still have to read them to absorb the knowledge. Let’s hope you don’t have to explain that.

Back when old people were kids, shadow puppeteering was accepted as a legitimate skill. That meant holding your hands in front of a light to create rudimentary animal shapes on the wall, because there was no internet. These candleholders are a serious step up. Just try making a mature cedar with your hands. Ok, stop. It’s not going to happen.

Take them up, up and away with a magical hot air balloon ride over some picture perfect scenery. A perfect way to make memories that will last a lifetime and an opportunity to see the world from a unique and tranquil perspective. Let them float into 40 in style. They’ll probably appreciate at least one balloon that doesn’t have their age written on it too.

Grab your favorite 40 year-old and hit the town with the old crew! Do it up right like you did back in the day, and don’t slow down till the break of dawn. And when they wake up the next day, in their 40 year old body that can’t party like that no more, they will truly understand something: they are old now.

Certain small items like keys, wallet, and sunglasses have a bad habit of getting lost when they’re most needed, so it’s nice to have a dedicated spot for them. Ikea probably has a solution for that, but for the love of god, it’s time to stop relying on the Swedish to solve all of your problems. This nice man in Oregon put together a very unique bowl that would look great on someone’s coffee table.

They’ll probably start feeling the winter a little more now that they’re 40 so they’ll really appreciate a gift that keeps them toasty through the colder months. It discreetly sits inside their outerwear too, so even if they’re feeling old, they can still dress like the hip young thing they (think they) are.

People love venturing into nature for the near mystical experience of being connected with our pre-civilized roots. We feel a strong, implacable pull toward wild places like the desert and the forest. The problem is, nature really just wants to eat you. This book tells you how not to let that happen.

There’s a right way and a wrong way to enjoy tequila. How do you know the difference? The wrong way ends with you naked and vomiting among strangers. The right way looks like the picture above. Tequila sipping glasses and flavored salts bring out the subtle overtones that make this famous (and sometimes infamous) spirit a timeless classic with endless nuances to explore.

Every big shot needs a set of these to take their big shots from. Perfect for a 40th birthday gift, but also appropriate for anyone who wants to flex their drinking muscles or show their military/hunting roots. Perfect for that person who really goes in for the kill at the drinkin’ hour.

While you can’t save them from the inevitability of getting old, you can stop the food in their fridge from getting dried out and wrinkly instead. These clever little pots keep food fresher for longer and, let’s be honest, when they get to 40, they need all the vitamins and minerals they can get to keep them feeling youthful.

Nothing quite makes an impression like someone who has a giant tool and knows how to handle it. Get everybody within a half-mile radius drunk in one fell swoop with this absurdly proportioned mixology shaker. A brain-cell smiter of truly biblical proportions.

Chess pieces may look cool, but they’re extremely dated. Here’s a chess board that makes use of something they can relate to: drinking vessels that help them forget everything they hate about their life. Don’t worry, they’ve kept the little horses and whatnot. Now you can just drink out of them.

What better object to have in hand while you’re getting drunk than a grimacing skull to remind you of your own mortality? Rendered in stunningly intricate detail, this guy really comes to life when you fill him up with a colored liquor. Just like someone else you know.

If you want to keep it clean with the jokes about turning 40, why not get them a gift that literally keeps it clean? At the very worst, there’s a bit of a giggle to be had from their weakening immune system being one of the curses of old age, but they’ll just have to suck it up, rather than sweep it under the carpet.

They are bound to receive a lot of jewelry for a 40th birthday so break the mold a little and give them something a bit different. We’re sure they’ll want their precious mementos to last a lifetime but won’t want to spend a lifetime cleaning them. An ultrasonic jewelry cleaner is the perfect answer to keeping everything sparkling while leaving them free to cross some things off the bucket list instead.

This knight pen holder will be their most loyal servant in all of their clerical crusades. Whether they’re battling with the bookkeeping or feuding with their filing, help will be at hand with their most trusted weapon to take into combat with them so they can write in shining armor.

Diamonds are forever, sort of, if they were born in April at least. If they weren’t, let them know how precious they still are by giving them a gift with their birthstone encased within it. Birthstone jewelry also has the added benefit of focusing on the month rather than the year, so you won’t be drawing even more attention to the fact they’re getting old now.

Not only are these a practical present but they’re a bit of a brain teaser too. Let them ponder over how to get the grey matter back together while having the peace of mind that they don’t have to get neurotic over coffee stains on the furniture. Practically perfect, they’re a no-brainer.

If you’re buying this gift for your significant other, it’s a double win. They get to enjoy a gourmet dining experience and you don’t have to worry about doing the dishes afterwards. And if you’re buying it for a friend or relative, you’ll be doubly thanked for reasons stated above.

If you’re trying to find a present for someone who’s absolutely out of this world, look no further. This bracelet is inspired by a galaxy far, far away, 20,000 light years away, in fact. Did they feel ancient at the thought of turning 40? Well, we bet they’ll feel eternally youthful when they’re wearing this bracelet.

They’re probably feeling like a bit of a dinosaur now that they’re getting a bit (read: a lot) older. Whether you want to tell them that you found them a friend that understood how it felt to be the same age, or you wanted to make them feel less ancient in comparison, they’re bound to be impressed by the scientific marvel that is the Tyrannosaurus Rex, whatever their age.

Indecisiveness doesn’t tend to improve with age and they might be finding themselves at a bit of a crossroads as they head towards 40. Help them along a little with this really attractive gift idea. Your gift giving credentials will be pointing positively north, especially if you help them avoid a mid-life crisis, however we should warn you, that doesn’t come as a guarantee!

If you’re looking for a subtly stylish gift, we’re sure that this necklace will be universally loved. It’s a beautiful piece of jewelry that people will certainly gravitate towards. It’d also be a good time to remind them that in comparison to the cosmos, they’re positively youthful, something they’ll love you to the moon and back for.

When you get to a certain age, you need to start really looking after yourself, or it could all start going downhill pretty quickly. Diet is a good place to start and protein is an absolute must to keep you strong. If you know a 40-year-old whose body is a temple, fuel them in a fun way with some energy bars that are certain to keep them chirpy.

Speed is dangerous, but some kinds are more dangerous than others. This one is mostly just fun. But be careful: once they’ve experienced the feeling of flying around the track, the engine roaring like a wild beast, the smell of smoldering rubber in the air, they may never quite be the same.

Know someone who’s had a lot of close calls? Celebrate it with this bullet-embedded shot glass. A strong reminder that you never know which direction the next shitstorm is coming from, and you never know what shape it’s going to take. You might as well live it up now while you can.

The morning drinker: one of the most misunderstood fellow citizens. Once imbued with the spark of firewater, they can do anything, especially if it’s delivered with the bold energy rush of caffeine. You think we should eradicate morning drinking? Well, you can kiss all your favorite novels goodbye then, because all great authors are drunk by 10 am. But I guess if you want to try tricking someone out of their morning cup of whiskey, this would be the best way.

These cute little plush toys might remind you a bit of your favorite 40-year-old, calm on the outside until someone brings up the subject of their age. Sound familiar? We think this plush toy captures their feelings about getting older pretty accurately. We’re not sure if they make a feistier version for when they reach 50, but if we find one in the next 10 years, we’ll let you know.

If you know a 40-year-old who’s interested in martial arts, we bet they’ll love a lesson in Tae Kwon Dough for their birthday. In fact, we reckon these ninja-shaped cookies will disappear so fast you won’t even know they were there. Did you see them?

We are intelligent survivors by nature. Despite its ominous name, a worst case scenario can be a lot of fun, provided you have the tools available to pull a MacGyver-like exit. This little kit can save someone’s life over and over again. Check that, only their primal genius can save their life. But this lends a helping hand.

If there’s one skill that every responsible citizen should have, it’s the ability to access things that aren’t theirs. But you better believe you don’t get there without practice. Some day they’re bound to come across something they want that has been locked away by some other thoughtless and selfish human. Don’t let them approach this dark situation unprepared.

We’re not sure how far the constitution goes as far as ring marks on tables are concerned, but if you know someone who’s passionate about defending their household surfaces then you might just hit a bullseye with this 40th birthday present. This set of heavy duty coasters are as much a conversation starter as they are a conservation effort so we’d definitely take a shot on them if we were you.

Looking for a 40th birthday gift that’s a spark of genius? This is it, especially with the number of candles that are on their cake this year. Designed for the sensible and safety conscious, they can bring the house down with a birthday party to remember rather than in ten foot flames as they stop, drop and roll their way out of their thirties in a blaze of glory.

Cosy you shall be. Whether they’re a fully-fledged Jedi Master or a proud Padawan, they’ll feel the force when they awaken to put on this snug and warm bath robe. Even if they’re approaching the dark side of 40, you can make sure they do it in style with some official Star Wars merchandise.

It’s not uncommon for someone’s sense of smell to weaken as they get older, so they may not even realize that their shoes are starting to smell...interesting. This sanitizer will work on any pair of shoes to kill the bacteria that builds up inside. It's a gift that everyone in the room can appreciate.

If you need to find a 40th birthday gift for someone that helps them relax and take it easy on their own terms, this is it. The bath bomb making kit lets them choose their favorite essential oils and create their own unique gift to sit back, relax and enjoy. Perfect for anyone who doesn’t have time to get to the spa or who likes to mix their chill out time with their creative side.

They might be feeling a little deflated at the thought of turning 40 and perhaps a little tired. Make sure that even if they do, their tires don’t go the same way with this practical present that’s handy to keep in the car in case they’re feeling a little flat. We mean the tires, it’s probably not wise to try and inflate themselves.

This is the perfect compromise if you’ve got a bit of a digital dinosaur who wants to let their inner techno-geek take flight. Paper airplanes were a childhood favorite for most people and they can glide into the 21st century with this smartphone controlled version. Essentially a paper drone, they’ll be positively loop-the-loopy with excitement about this modern update on an old school toy.

Unfortunately, there’s no backup and restore option to go back to being 21 but if you know a tech-savvy, soon to be 40-year-old, we think they’ll appreciate these coffee cups all the same. They’re perfect for waking up from sleep mode or for rebooting with a good dose of caffeine in the afternoons.

There are two reasons you’d buy this gift for someone. Either they’ve bought you a gift that you really weren’t too pleased with in the past and you’re returning the favor, or their musical skills are so bad, you need the world’s worst instrument to make them feel a little bit better about it. Whatever your reason for buying them an Otamatone, make sure you’re out of earshot before it comes out of the packaging.

For anyone who’s a fan of Tim Burton, this clock is an absolute essential piece to add to their collection. Even if they’re having a nightmare before they become 40, this is surely something that will bring a smile to their face. Beautifully crafted and brilliantly detailed, it’ll be loved for a long time despite it being a haunting reminder they’re getting older with every chime.

They’ve probably had enough cheesy gifts already, but will probably have room for one more when you give them this. No, it’s not a book on how to write bad jokes but it is something they’ll go crackers for as they learn about the fine art of cheese making. We can almost guarantee they’ll have a gouda birthday.

We understand that now that their infinite youth seems somewhat less infinite, they’ve probably got more pressing matters to be getting on with than clearing up after a trip to the beach. Give them the gift of being able to get on with their bucket list, rather than getting angry at a bucket full of sand.

They can’t fend off their impending middle age forever but you can help them fend off other things that may be bugging them. If you’re planning a trip abroad to mark the occasion, this is the perfect companion to ward off any unwanted well-wishers. It’s long lasting and a great alternative to traditional insect repellents, because even if they’re getting on a bit, they can’t forget to put it on.

If you’ve got a budding musician on your hands, but even after 40 years they’re still not quite hitting the right notes, this gift will be instrumental in saving yourself a headache. Make sure there’s no more clowning around and guarantee music to your ears with this pitch perfect calliope.

They might be tossing and turning at night at the thought of turning 40 and leaving their youth behind but we think that this gift will help them get a more peaceful night’s sleep. A mattress cleaning service will help to extend the life of the mattress but while it can’t extend the years left of their youth, more beauty sleep will ensure they never look a day over 39.

If they’re not too chirpy about turning 40, they’ll probably appreciate a bit of comfort food to make them feel better. Treat them to a bag of protein packed cricket chips, which help them feel better about age creeping and crawling up on them. In fact, they’re so delicious, we think they’ll forget about what’s bugging them completely.

Brace yourself for this one, it might come with a bit of a price tag, but you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing that that gift you spent weeks agonizing over isn’t going to be locked in a cupboard and forgotten about. Guaranteed to cheer up even the most reluctant of birthday boys and girls, they’ll finally get that thing they’ve always wanted but failed to tell you about, so you couldn’t have bought them to begin with.

There are very few people who don’t have something that they’ve always wanted to do but haven’t quite got around to doing. We don’t want to encourage you to send them onto a direct path to a mid-life crisis, but 40 seems an appropriate age to get started on the bucket list. Whether they’re after adrenaline-fueled action or absolute relaxation, make their birthday unforgettable.