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Bacon is the official food of the month, every month of the year. Now somebody has gone a step further and made a delivery service with a special kind of bacon for every month. Every time we go a level deeper with bacon it just gets better. Rumor has it Elon Musk is working on a bacon replicating machine. It’s about time he did something useful.

A normal magic wand makes things disappear. This one makes them appear on your doorstep, though it takes a couple of days. That’s how magic works in the digital age: it’s a little slower, but it gets you stuff you actually want. The old magic just got you a rabbit or something and left you confused. They’ll like this a lot more.

There’s no right time to start investing money, but it can be daunting for people who haven’t done it before. This 40th birthday gift idea for someone who’s got a little money to invest for the first time, but doesn’t know how to begin, is a great guide for the novice investor.

A trip to the spa promotes relaxation, relieves stress, and contributes to their general wellbeing. It also gets them off your back for a few hours. This is what people call a win-win situation. Ship them off to a place of rest and rejuvenation for their 40th birthday. You’ll both be glad you did.

Chocolates used to (and perhaps still do) come from factories run by shady recluses and populated by obese midget slaves. Or at least that’s what the video evidence suggests. But it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. Stick it to big business by giving your 40-year-old this home chocolate making kit and help them join the artisan revolution. A whole new way to make chocolate “guilt free”.

If they’re feeling their age as people tend to as they wave goodbye to their youth, they’ll probably want to put their feet up and relax a little more. Make sure you keep them entertained with a world of books at their fingertips. You can even change the size of the font on the screen just in case their eyesight isn’t quite what it was, but leave them to discover that themselves…

Big kids require big toys and giant legos are the perfect answer. Show them you’re sympathetic to their impending old age with this gift that lets them feel like they’re young again but caters to their (probably) worsening eyesight. It’s the perfect compromise and, with any luck, will keep them quiet for hours on end, just like it used to.

Batteries run out all the time and have you ever noticed that you can never find them when you need them? Or they’re the wrong size? Who wants to have to worry about that when they’re 40? No one! So make sure they don’t need to by giving them more batteries than they could ever possibly use.

It’s never too late to spice things up, even if old age is fast approaching. Culinary kings and queens will love being able to grow their own herbs with this indoor garden that’s small on space and big on flavor.It even looks after itself if it happens to slip their mind, after all, they’ll have a lot to think about as they turn 40.

They might be feeling frosty at the idea of turning 40 but they’ll love the throwback to their younger years with a snow cone machine. Even if they’re in a bit of a flurry over their upcoming birthday, they can chill out with a classic, refreshing treat. It might be the coolest gift you can get them.

40 years old may be a bit early to be a regular at the local church bingo, but it is exactly the right age to tease your friend or loved one about how old they’re getting. A bingo dauber will be funny now. But in ten years? Maybe will be all too useful.

If they have a jam-packed schedule of celebrations, make sure you start them off early with a breakfast toast to the birthday boy or girl, literally. Yes, you really can put their face on toast, because a cake with a picture on it is so 1990s. Not convinced? We think they’ll be even more impressed at the thought of waking up every morning and not looking a day over 39, at least until they’ve finished their breakfast anyway.

Everyone wanted to be a spy at some point, so whether your 40-year-old is a budding Jason Bourne or a James Bond-to-be, why not get them started with a collection of spy secrets from a former CIA agent? Just as a side note, we are not responsible for any booby traps you fall foul of as a result of the recipient reading this book.

If you know a 40-year-old who’s looking for a bit of a career change, make sure you keep their options open by sending them on a CIA Survival Training Course. Put together by a former covert agent, this survival course will, at the very least, help them endure the tricky territory of middle age and we all know what a minefield that can be.

When they’ve got to nearly 40, they’ve probably had their fair share of pushing a vacuum cleaner around and we wouldn’t want to begrudge them some time off on their special day. In fact, if you buy them this gift, they’ll never have to push a vacuum cleaner around again and you’ll probably end up being their favorite person for affording them that luxury.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest 40-year-old of them all? Everyone worries about their looks fading to a certain degree and wrinkles are something that inevitably happen over time. Unfortunately, this gift doesn’t come with an inbuilt endless flattery function, but it will let them see that 40 isn’t so bad, whichever angle they choose to look at it from.

If you know a 40-year-old who is fed up of drinking average coffee, give them some s**t coffee to drink instead. Kopi Luwak coffee is unique in that it’s made from African animal droppings, though we’d maybe tell them that after they’ve drunk it and realized how good it tastes.

These are really great to give to someone who is less about the gift and more about the gesture, and by the time they reach 40 they’ve probably got enough possessions. You can put whatever you want on them and they can cash them in at any time. And the benefit to you? You don’t have to write anything you really don’t like on them, so maybe save the hard stuff for when they reach 50.

If you’ve had some ideas brewing for a while but you’re still not sure what to get them, this contemporary take on a traditional beer starter kit should get them hopping with excitement. Perfect for anyone who enjoys a pitcher, they’ll be able to craft their own special ale to mark the milestone.

Here’s some art that really grows on you. A hanging garden that can be placed on any wall in the house, it can add a bit of unexpected life to an interior space. The frame comes decked out with easy-to-care-for succulents, so you don’t have to worry about giving this to someone with a brown thumb.

If you know someone who’s big on taste, we think they’ll love this giant peppermill that will keep their food flavorful for years to come. Not only that, it’s a great talking piece at dinner parties, so it’s particularly useful to have around if they’d rather talk about something bigger than the big 4-0.

A box of food every week probably isn’t the present they were expecting, but they’ll really appreciate the time off having to do the weekly trip to the supermarket for a while. Of course, this isn’t a completely selfless gesture, it also gets you out of doing it too, if you live with the person you’re buying it for.

When traveling, some people really like an element of predictability to anchor their experience in an unfamiliar place. With a recognizable name like Hilton, you know exactly what to expect. Unfortunately, that name and that predictability come at a premium. You can help take the sting out of a vacation’s most expensive element by picking up the tab ahead of time.

Even if they feel like their youth is being stolen away, make sure they can safeguard everything else. If you know a 40-year-old who is pretty tech-savvy, they’ll understand the risks of cybertheft and appreciate this wallet-sized gadget that helps protect them from being the victim of someone stealing their identity or bank details.

Even if they are embracing technology as they get older, sometimes they’ll just want to be old fashioned. There’ll be plenty of moments to capture over the course of their celebrations so give them a gift that will make sure that they’ll always be remembered, even if they can’t remember where they’ve put their phone.

Give them a gift that will keep them going all day with this tidy little package of an elliptical machine that can fit under a desk. They can burn calories all day long without leaving work. A great way to keep fit for busy people who want to increase their stamina.

Have you ever needed something that you couldn’t find and wished it would just appear in front of you? Well, this is the solution. It makes the perfect gift for a 40th birthday, just as they get to that age where they start to forget where they’ve put things. Now they can simply start drawing themselves new ones. Please be aware that we don’t believe this works for car keys, or glasses, though the latter can normally be found on top of the head.

We know they might go to pieces at the thought of turning 40, but the gift of a jigsaw puzzle will give them something else to think about, and if they're really lucky, it’ll take them until their 51 to complete. This jigsaw can be personalized to any location that you choose, be it their hometown or somewhere else that holds a special meaning for them.

You might want to remind them that one of the perks of getting older is that they’re closer to retirement and, of course, they’re going to need to fill their days doing something. A vertical chess set allows them to play games that will last weeks on end, making sure that they can fill their endless vacation without the risks that come with the table being cleared for dinner.

Being 40 is tiring, their back is aching and their feet are hurting so they probably don’t want to have to chase incy-wincy and the rest of his family around the house anymore. Make the job a little bit less of a bug-bear for them. Even better than the sentiment behind it? Giving this as a gift makes sure the critter catching doesn’t become your new household occupation!

Getting to the grand old age of 40 means that their eyesight may not be what it used to be. Make sure they can still find their way home after dark with a flashlight that really goes the distance. Or in the middle of the day, depending on how bad their eyesight is. Might we also suggest eating a few more carrots?

It’s always best to be prepared and if they ever need to use it, they’ll be thanking you for a long time for this gift, probably until their next birthday and they’ll probably ask you for a new one. Designed to help them keep safe in the event of a car breakdown or accident, this little kit could be a lifeline in an emergency.

Reaching 40 is stressful, they deserve to relax. Let them unwind and let the worries slip away in this inflatable hot tub. Even better than a trip to the spa, it’s there for whenever they’ve had a long day or simply fancy a chance to loosen the muscles, and they don’t even have to leave the house.

This is a really thoughtful gift to give family or friends who may have moved away from their hometown, or someone who just needs to have their mind taken off being middle-aged for a little while. This personalized puzzle will give them hours of fun and each piece will reveal a location which holds happy childhood memories, if they can remember that far back, it was a while ago after all.

If they’re turning 40, naturally they’re going to be at least a little bit apprehensive at their senses not being as sharp as they used to be. Calm their nerves with a sensory deprivation session. Whatever the years ahead have in store for them, if they can sit through an hour of absolutely nothing, they’ll be well prepared for hearing aids and magnifying glasses.

Budding bartender or maestro mixologist on your hands? They’ll love this clever little kitchen gadget to help them make the perfect drink every time. In fact, we think they’ll be so impressed, you’ll never have to make your own drinks again. Ever. And we can’t think of a better reason to buy this as a gift for your favorite 40-year-old.

If they’re losing sleep over turning 40 and running out of sheep to count, NASA has had a real light bulb moment and thought of a way to help with this, er, light bulb! It’s designed to make sure they get the right amount of sleep and, let’s be honest, now they’re getting older, beauty sleep might be getting a little more important.

Different people learn in different ways. Not respecting those differences is a major reason the public education system has failed us so terribly. Some people learn visually, some learn by mimicking, and some learn by beer. This book is for the last group.

Old people like gardening, right? Perhaps that’s not the best reason to give if they ask why you bought them this, but we do think it makes a great gift for anyone with green fingers. Even if they’re less precious about their pruning, it can be used as a clever storage solution, pretty handy if you’re looking for a practical present.

Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, or maybe just gives you PTSD. Either way, it’s better than dead. Here’s a book that can help the owner avoid the dead category for a little longer, even when things get hairy. Rough world we live in.

Let them take the celebration wherever they want to go with this nifty little party on wheels. As well as mixing your drinks and keeping them on ice, The Coolest has a built in Bluetooth speaker, blender, and USB charger to keep the festivities going as long as they can, even if it’s not very long, they are 40 after all.

High quality craft beer deserves a vessel made to the same exacting standards. Leave the pitchers for the Bud Light. An insulated, pressurized micro keg is the best way to dispense a fancy brew when taste and freshness really matter. The perfect 40th birthday gift for parties, casual gatherings, or personal consumption.

We like this because it looks all sci-fi while also actually being kind of sci-fi. It is a cordless neck and shoulder heating wrap that can warm sore bones for up to an hour per charge. Get them up off the couch and looking like a space villain at the same time.

Are they getting cold feet over getting older? Unfortunately, it’s inevitable but these sheepskin insoles should do the trick to help them feel better about it. Perfect for someone who’s getting older and who’s circulation is inevitably going to get downgraded, leaving them with cold feet, quite literally.

This present is sure to knock your gift giving reputation out of the park and score you a home run. Whether you’re buying it for a baseball buff or a wine connoisseur, it’s a brilliant centerpiece that is guaranteed to start conversations for years to come. You can even pick their home team to make sure it’s a guaranteed hit.

It won’t defend them against the barrage of over he hill jokes they’re going to be subjected to, but it will make sure that they’re prepared for any more sinister situations. Our best advice if you’re buying this gift, though, is to be nice to them for, well, forever after giving it to them.

The ripe old age of 40 is a time when a lot of people start to watch their waistline for the sake of their health. Make the diet a bit more enjoyable with some drinks in disguise, with the help of this clever little keg kit. It’s a great idea if you’re planning a 40th birthday party that’s one-in-a-melon (sorry!) too.

When they reach the grand old age of 40, they might be feeling a little lost as technology advances as quickly as they advance in age. This manual should get them through with a little more grace and help them navigate their way through a fast-paced modern world, even if they’re feeling more like a Ford Model T than a Japanese bullet train as they wave goodbye to their younger years.

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t like pizza, so buying them this personal pizzeria will really top their birthday off nicely. Even if they are a bit more health conscious now that age is less on their side, make sure they maintain a well-rounded diet by giving them something that will help them create authentic, stone-baked pizzas, just like the Italians make them.

However they like their steak, make sure that their birthday dinner doesn’t leave them feeling blue for all the wrong reasons. You are what you eat and this ingenious little invention makes sure that they’re spoiled in the right way, even if they’re not feeling too fresh at the thought of turning 40.

They might be feeling a bit cut up about getting old and even if you can’t save them from the inevitability of old age, you can make sure they reach it with all their fingers still intact. These are the perfect gift for anyone who’s keen in the kitchen but perhaps prone to a bit of culinary clumsiness.

Despite it being one of the main things that most of us use in our day-to-day lives, our phones are something we probably don’t think to wash all too often. But now they’re over 40 their health is something that they definitely should be looking after. Alleviate their risk of ailments with this compact phone sterilizer, a smart gift to keep their phone fresh.

Here’s a gift that will bring back memories. It’s a USB stick packaged to look like one of those old cassette tapes everyone used to make for their crushes back in the day. Fill it with a gigabyte or more of your favorite tunes and give it to a person who recalls winding these up with a pencil.

They might feel like their batteries are running a little low as they reach middle age, but at least they can keep their cell phone battery from running low too. This pocket-sized charger is small enough for them to take with them wherever they need to and works brilliantly even when the dark cloud of 40 is looming.

Fondue was all the rage back in the day and if you’re hunting for a vintage gift for a soon-to-be vintage person, this is a modern twist on the old dinner party favorite. Whether you’re in the mood for chocolate or cheese, this is a key ingredient in the perfect recipe for a retro 40th birthday party.

Aching muscles and painful joints are facts of life for people rounding 40. At this age, the only way to keep from hurting the muscles you didn’t even know you have is to learn about them. So give this book as a 40th birthday gift so they can get to know all the places that will soon be sore.

This diffuser will be absolutely essential in helping them relax and they’ll be especially grateful to receive it if the thought of turning 40 is leaving them feeling a little uneasy. It’s convenient and compact enough to be moved around the house so they can use it to help get a restful night’s sleep or to spend a lazy afternoon unwinding on the sofa.

Turning 40 years old is a time when a person starts thinking about taking better care of their body by doing certain things in a more natural way. It is also a time when a person still retains some of that youthful flexibility. Combined, these two facts make the Squatty Potty an excellent gift. Yes, it is what you think it is.

If they feel like they’ve bitten off more than they can chew turning 40, give them something else to get their teeth stuck into with this delicious drinkware. They’re a great talking point at a party too, which will turn the subject away from their advancing years, so if saving the planet wasn’t a good enough present, saving the awkward chit chat should be.

If you know a 40-year-old who likes to be prepared for all eventualities, they’ll appreciate the thought that will have gone into buying them this gift. It’s ideal to keep in the car in case a breakdown leaves them stranded and will help make sure they’re safe and contactable while they’re waiting to be rescued.

Do you know someone feeling a slightly lost as they reach middle age? Perhaps at risk of the dreaded mid-life crisis? They’ll appreciate a bit of guidance from this gift. Not only will it keep them on the right path, it’ll keep track of their fitness and have them feeling like their 21 again in no time!

We’ll be honest, it won’t cure old age, but it will cure a good piece of ham. Everyone who enjoys some culinary wizardry will appreciate this present and after 40 years of appreciating the delicious smoky flavor of bacon, now seems as good a time as any to learn to make it. Do check dietary requirements first, your gift giving career might go up in smoke if they’re a vegetarian.


It may have been a while ago but there will still be things that they miss from their younger years. It could be snacks they used to love, a favorite magazine, books or an activity they used to while away their childhood hours doing. It’s a gift that temporarily turns back the clock and makes them feel young again, which will soften the blow of definitely not being young anymore.

They’ll realize how fortunate they are to have you in their life when you send them these delicious treats with a little added wisdom. The choice is yours, whether to fill them with some guidance on getting on a bit or advice on the inevitable fine lines and wrinkles. They’re a unique way to celebrate entering their forties or to commiserate leaving behind their youth.

If you’re buying this for someone you live with, it’s as much for you as it is for them. They won’t want to be getting their own drinks on their birthday, but you probably don’t want to be waiting on them hand and foot, today or any other day for that matter. More economic than hiring a butler, the robotic bartender will get the gin and tonic just right, every time.

They’ll be showered with gifts on an occasion as important as their 40th birthday, and you can make sure it’s a really hoppy occasion with this unique bar of soap. It’s a brewtiful idea for beer lovers and a crafty choice for ale aficionados alike. We’ll leave you to appreciate, while we clean up our act, we’re scraping the bottom of the barrel for puns now…

Everyone loves a carryout pizza, there’s just something about it that tastes better than homemade. We think we’ve put our finger on what it is and this BakeStone oven will be the secret weapon that will make sure your favorite 40-year-old makes perfect pizza every time, and if you’re really lucky, they might even let you get a slice of the action.

If you’re looking for a present that will make a brilliant conversation piece at parties for years to come, you’re right on target with this one. As well as being a unique gift, it also gives back to numerous charities and foundations that not only look after veterans but a whole variety of other people in need too.

When they get to 40, they probably have better things to do than periodically cleaning coffee stains off their table. These radioactive coasters make a great talking piece at any party, especially if they’re a little unstable about the thought of middle-age creeping up on them and want something to talk about without risking the conversation getting a little volatile.

If the thought of leaving their thirties behind is giving them the chill(ie)s, spice up their special day with a gift that they’ll taco about for years to come. It’s completely customizable, so even if they were born to be mild they’ll still be able to appreciate it.

Health is wealth, as they say, and it’s even more important when you get old…older, we mean. This air fryer cuts the calories out of their favorite fried foods meaning they can enjoy them a little more guilt free and without having to spend as much time on the treadmill burning it off.

SodaStreams were a kitchen staple in the 80s so we’re pretty sure they’ll appreciate this updated version of the retro favorite. Much more exciting than simply cracking open a can of Coke, the excitement of choosing their flavor and watching it bubble and brew in front of them will send them straight back to their childhood and make them feel momentarily less old than they actually are.