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If you’re really picking your brain over something to get a whisky-lover for their 40th birthday, that isn’t another bottle of whisky, get them something they can really get their teeth into…or they can really get into their teeth. These scotch infused toothpicks are a touch of class after dinner and we bet their teeth will be sparkling for as long as they manage to keep them!

There’s two types of people this book is the perfect companion for, those who like to have a little fun with their food prep and those who need a little bit of a helping hand to satisfy their hunger pangs. Based on the popular animated series, it’s a great gift for any fans of the show who want to add some belly laughs to their burgers, too.

They may have outgrown their sandpits and toy trucks a fair few years ago but they’ll never grow out of these ones. Let them relive their childhood dreams with a day in the ultimate playground. Crushing cars and taking on obstacles in heavy machinery, the perfect big adventure for your favorite big kid.

Perhaps you should pack this with a disclaimer: it’s only for their clothes. We understand that this might be a little disappointing for them, especially if they’re conscious about crow’s feet and laughter lines, but at least they can appreciate crease free clothing to compensate for the inevitability of the aging process.

It’s a harsh reality, turning 40, so let them escape into a different world where their troubles will virtually disappear, temporarily at least. This is as much fun for the people watching the lucky recipient use it, as it is for the person themselves, so sit back, relax and enjoy the gift that’s almost better for you than it is for them.

It’s an idea best executed as soon as possible after their 40th birthday, just to make sure their heart can still take a rousing ride on a rollercoaster. If you know a thrill seeker, an adrenaline junkie or someone who just needs a bit of livening up, a trip to an amusement park is the just the ticket to mark their milestone birthday.

If they’re feeling a little old and boring, inspire their inner rebel with some Banksy artwork. He’s the mysterious and mischievous British graffiti artist who loves to make a point with his masterpieces. Make a point of sending them a fantastic gift that will make their middle ages (and their living room) a little less dreary.

Shaving can be a bit of a chore at the best of times so make it a bit more enjoyable with this innovative lather dispenser. As you get older, you tend to start feeling the cold a little bit more so it’d be nice to keep them from feeling the trappings of old age every morning, but don’t tell them that’s why you bought it, just let them think it was a nice idea.

They can’t escape the inevitability of old age but this is a really handy tool for making sure that they can escape any misfortunate situations that they may, but hopefully won’t, end up in while driving. Although it doesn’t look like much, it’s something they’ll be glad they had in the car if they ever need to use it.

Most of us march to the beat of our own drum, but if the tempo is slowing down a bit, give them a gift that’ll suit their more subdued, middle-aged pace. This music box will allow them to compose their own tune to play whenever they want, so even if nowadays they’re less of a salsa and more of a slow waltz, they’ll still sound sublime.

Savor the good times with them while also savoring the good stuff. If you know someone who likes a nice drink every so often, a bottle of their favorite poison that is as old as they are will be a rare treat. With a little luck and planning, they’ll open up the bottle on the spot and share with you.

Help them drift into 40 with a gift that they won’t be able to take their eyes off. Soothing to watch, it’ll take their mind off their inevitable old age and stop their legs going to jelly about it. We’ve been assured that it’s not actually hypnotic, but we’d check on your 40-year-old at regular intervals, just in case, or leave them to it if you’re enjoying the peace and quiet.

Reaching 40 means they should have cracked grown-up things like going to the grocery store, but how often have they got home without the one really vital item? This little gadget does all the remembering for them and prints them a list.If they remember to press print before heading out of course.

They deserve to put their feet up, it’s their birthday and not only that, they’re 40. We understand that as special to you as they are, you maybe don’t want to spend your day waiting on them hand and foot, so improvise with this end table, which will provide them with a constant supply of drinks and provide you with some peace and quiet.

Everyone loves s’mores so, who wouldn’t love their very own s’mores maker? Perfect for winter months when they’re looking for comfort food but it’s too cold for a campfire, this handy little tabletop alternative is great to bring the fireside food indoors. And they’ll definitely want comfort food at the thought of turning 40.

Some 40-year-olds are just impossible. If you want to avoid getting the look that says, “I don’t understand why you ever thought I would like this,” then get them an iTunes gift card. There’s no shame in that. There’s also no risk, unless they don’t like music, in which case they’re probably not human anyway.

Flowers are always gratefully received but when you’re sending a gift for an occasion as important as a 40th birthday, you want something that will last a little longer. These earrings combine the beauty of a bouquet with a lasting memory of a milestone birthday. They match their birth month too so they can be worn as a subtle hint in case anyone forgets the recipients 41st.

Even if they feel like they’re running out of gas as they reach 40, it doesn’t mean they have to. This is a brilliant addition to any barbeque and makes sure that the outdoor fun can keep going as long as they can, even if that might be earlier than you think, after all, they probably have a preference for an early night these days.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a rather large fish flying through the air. We think this is a fintastic gift for anyone who appreciates the quirky and the unusual, budding marine biologists or any burgeoning aviators who didn’t quite get off the ground. They certainly won’t be expecting it and it’s probably something they didn’t even realize they wanted.

They’ll be thankful that they can stop concentrating on how long they have until they’ve officially hit old age and instead concentrate on measuring more useful things. While we can’t think of anything specific that might be useful to size-up when you’re middle aged, we do think that this will improve their toolbox beyond measure.

According to research, a woman spends an average of 76 days looking for items in her handbag during her lifetime and if we’re being honest, when they’re getting to 40, time is something they shouldn’t be wasting. We think they’ll love this addition to their favorite accessory that will save them time finding keys, phones, and whatever they squeeze into their satchel.

Sitting on the throne, for lack of a better term, isn’t the place where you tend to feel at your most gallant, but every king or queen needs a loyal knight to serve them and we’ve found just the man for the job. Always at hand when they need him the most, he won’t shy away from coming to their aid in even the most, er, challenging of situations.

Everyone loves donuts and if there’s an occasion that they’ll want to be eating one of their favorite foods on, we think a 40th birthday is it. We also understand that when they reach the milestone age, they’ll be watching what they eat (or probably should be), so make sure they can enjoy a sweet treat while still being healthy with this brilliant baking tray that gives an alternative to deep frying delicious delicacies.

We know what you’re thinking, they’ve made it this far, what else could they possibly need to know to get through life? This book is full of useful and useless little life hacks. A manual for the everyday and the not-so-everyday, making it a perfect reference guide for a 40-year-old looking to try something new or cross a few things off their bucket list.

You probably think they’re sweet enough already, but they’ll think that you’re really sweet for buying them this indulgent soap that will give bath time that extra little bit of luxury. You could say that this is a present that’s good enough to eat, but we’d maybe make sure to tell them not to or it might turn into a gift that’s memorable for all the wrong reasons.

If you’re whisking them away for a relaxing holiday to mark their 40th birthday, get the celebrations started before you even get there with these mini cocktail kits. They’re great for making your favorite drinks on the way to your favorite destinations or simply calming some in-flight nerves, whether they’re from the flight itself or the fact they’re turning 40.

The thought of turning 40 might leave them wanting to be beamed up but logic dictates that after a long soak in the bath, they’ll slip on this plush, warm bathrobe and be ready to live long and prosper. An absolutely enterprising gift for any closet or not-so-closet Star Trek fan.

Help them forget about turning 40 and focus more on turning pizza with this counter top creation that will ensure that their favorite food is flawless every time. Sitting neatly on the work surface, it’s simple to use and designed to make sure that dinner tastes as good as it should, you really can’t top this as a present, we think it’ll definitely be an all-round hit in the household.

It’s important that they start to look after themselves a bit more now that they’ve reached 40 and even though they’ll still want to look after their house too, understanding their limits is key. Make sure they’re not stretching themselves too far when they’re doing the housework with this long reach power tool which is perfect for getting into all those hard to get places.

It doesn’t matter how calm they look on the outside, we can almost guarantee that they’ll be at least a little bit stressed at the thought of turning 40. Even if they’re not up for admitting it, they’ll love this scalp massager that they can use to destress and unwind by themselves and retain that cool and collected exterior.

It’s notoriously tricky to not get your nori in a knot, but this will make things so much easier, they’ll be on a roll in no time. There might be something fishy going on with puns here, so we’ll leave you to appreciate the genius in the simplicity of this gift.

Time waits for no man (or woman) especially at their age, so we firmly believe that no man should be waiting for eggs to boil in the mornings either. Make sure that they’re not wasting the precious last days of their youth slaving over a hot stove with this neat, compact and time efficient egg cooker.

If you know a 40-year-old who drives a lot for either work or pleasure, here’s a quick heads up: they’ll love this present. It’s the fresh alternative to a Sat Nav, making sure that they can use their phone safely while driving. It uses expert technology to fully connect their car to their cell and transform their driving experience.

Opening the mail isn’t normally the most exciting of things to do when you’re 40, and 39 birthday cakes later, they’re probably a little fed up with the usual ritual of blowing out the candles. Blow them away with this contemporary twist on the usual sponge and fondant instead. It certainly tastes better than a bank statement.

Make sure they’re fighting fit as they reach 40 with a personal oxygen bar to help them feel refreshed and destressed. While we can’t guarantee this will restore them to their 21-year-old partying prime, it will at least lessen the effect of any post-celebration hangovers that they might have to endure after seeing off their younger years in style.

Treating someone to a homemade breakfast is a brilliant way to show them how much you love them and even if they’re not looking forward to reaching the milestone age of 40, we think you’ll be able to sweeten them up by starting celebrations early with this waffley good gift idea.

As much as we hate to mention, and we don’t advise you do, they’re not spring chickens anymore and Ben and Jerry probably aren’t the best of people for them to be around. They’ve probably realized this already, so give them a helping hand with their new healthy lifestyle with this marvelous little yogurt maker which will let them create some delicious and nutritious snacks to help make that break up a little easier.

Getting jewelry for a 40th birthday is more or less a guarantee so don’t do what everyone else does and buy them jewelry. Break the mold and go full steam ahead with your gift giving game and get them something to keep their gold glistening and their silver sparkling. With the right amount of care, it should last as long as they have!

As they flow through life, there are many things that they might not have quite got the answers to, and they may very well be in this book. And even if they’re not, what better gift is there than the gift of knowledge? After all, older means wiser. This is a brilliant and comedic insight into some modern and not-so-modern processes which will provide them with hours of fun and a lifetime of useless knowledge.

Keeping yourself safe in the sun is important at any age but now that they’re turning 40 it’s important they start looking after their health as a whole. This UV camera shows them if they’ve missed any spots with the sunscreen, making sure they’re as healthy on the outside as they are on the inside.

Help them look after their teeth while they’ve still got them by making sure they start with the right tools. In fact, they might even be able to hold onto them longer now that you’ve bought them the perfect gift to prepare them for the challenges of old age.

If the thought of turning 40 gives them the shivers, make sure you keep them warm with this clever contemporary gift. It’s a great alternative to candles and can be moved too, making it better than the average fireplace. So, whether they’re relaxing in the bath letting the reality of middle age soak in, or out on the deck enjoying the celebration, they can keep those middle aged chills at bay.

We think this is a particularly brilliant gift for a 40th birthday; who wouldn’t want to spend their special day running around pretending to be a Ghostbuster? And, to top that off, they’ll think it’s such a fun idea, they’ll probably never ask you to do the vacuuming again. It’s the perfect present for you…we mean them (honestly).

We understand that by the time they reach 40, life will have thrown a lot at them but there’s bound to be a moment in the future where they say, ‘I wish I knew how to do that’ and when they get there, they’ll turn to this well-thought out gift that you were kind enough to buy them.

You’ll be scooping the prize for the coolest present by buying them this sweet little ice cream maker. This clever countertop appliance will let them make a refreshing treat quickly and easily and in as many different flavors as they can imagine. It’s bound to keep them cool in even the most stressful of situations, like turning 40, perhaps.

We’re not encouraging you to suggest that their driving might not be what it used to, but they might find this gift particularly useful as they get older and their eyesight gets, well, older with them. This can be conveniently used with any car to practically give them eyes in the back of their head and to make sure they’re as safe as they can be as they move full-speed ahead into their forties.

If you know someone who thinks DIY is a bit of a drudge, we reckon you’ll have nailed down the perfect gift to change their mind by buying them a smart toolbox. In fact, we think they’ll start to love DIY so much, you’ll never have to worry about putting a shelf up again.

If you’re racking your brain trying to think of a perfect gift for someone who’s keen on a little outdoor cuisine, this should solve your birthday present brainteaser. As simple as it is, it’s a flippin’ genius invention that will take their barbeques to the next level and buying it will guarantee your invite to the next one.

We love the idea of giving someone tickets to an event they would never otherwise attend. Your friend loves opera? Give them tickets to Wrestlemania. Big baseball fan? Here’s a pair of Neil Diamond tickets. You get the point. It will be an unforgettable 40th birthday gift.

Everyone likes a nice stiff after-dinner drink, but sometimes you get tired of swearing at strangers and getting in fights with the sheriff. What’s a country boy to do? A great 40th birthday gift for anyone who’s looking to tone it down a notch but can’t give up the taste of that sweet Kentucky nectar. Or anyone who wants an extra special kick to start the day.

This is a must-have gift for anyone who’s mad about music. Keep the party going far beyond their birthday celebrations with a hootenanny that is as much a throwback to musical traditions as it is an impressive and contemporary work of art. It holds a host of instruments that can play up to 13,000 songs and that’s surely enough to keep them going for at least another 40 years.

Sturdier, more convenient, and easier to handle than traditional kabob skewers. No more forgetting to buy skewers and having to eat raw steak and vegetables or cook with their bare hands. Not every brilliant solution has to be high tech. Some just make a lot of damn sense.

Kombucha is the ancient art of making tea into something half the people who try it will love and the other half will vomit back onto your carpet. The people who love it are objectively correct, because it makes you live forever (almost). Anyone who has fallen head over heels for it will do the same for you if you buy them this homebrew kit.

Not quite wanting to push the boundaries by sending them for a health check now they’re getting on a bit? Why not help them out with their financial health instead? Stock Gift Cards are a brilliant alternative to giving cash, offering many happy returns far beyond their birthday – it may even mature as well as they have.

Sunflowers are some of nature’s most obnoxiously beautiful creations, and they make a real statement when planted in your yard. Bright yellow and absurdly tall, they grab the attention of every passerby. Almost like standing on the porch and yelling at people, but in a really endearing and pleasant way.

Door harps were traditional Scandinavian ornaments that warded off evil spirits from entering the home and while we’re sure that you know a 40-year-old who’d like to ward off the rapid approach of middle age, we can’t guarantee it can do that. What we can guarantee is that they’ll have a beautifully crafted ornament to greet their guests for years to come.

If they’re feeling a bit hot under the collar over reaching 40, this near instant popsicle maker will cool them down in a flash. Designed to make popsicles as quickly as possible, they don’t have to waste their time on hot days, because really, they can’t afford to now…

Big ideas can change the world, but so do small acts. Not all of us can create the next Google or reinvent the energy industry, but we can all be better at being human. This international, online-integrated card game provides the ideas and the motivation to spread goodwill everywhere you go, one act at a time.

If humans were meant to fly, the logic goes, we would have been born with wings. Well, logic is an overrated buzzkill. Leaving the earth and relying on your own wits to return in one piece is something everyone should experience. Give the middle finger to gravity and biological destiny.

Nothing quite makes an impression like someone who has a giant tool and knows how to handle it. Get everybody within a half-mile radius drunk in one fell swoop with this absurdly proportioned mixology shaker. A brain-cell smiter of truly biblical proportions.

By their 40th birthday, your friend or loved one may have already started to suspect something about the inherent absurd futility of life. If not, then perhaps you can inform them with this gift, which is an extraordinarily apt illustration of the horrifying predicament in which we the living find ourselves.

Take their breath away, without actually having to take your own breath away, by giving them a birthday souvenir they can keep forever. Man’s best friend is a perfect present for modern art enthusiasts, balloon animal buffs and dog lovers alike. He’ll never deflate, never pop and never bark too early in the morning.

Polaroids may be dead, but the people who like to use them aren’t. Not all of them anyway. There’s something especially gratifying about holding a tangible photograph, especially in a world dominated by virtual commodities where everything is becoming digital. Having an instant printer on hand means they don’t have to wait for a photo printing company to print their photos from the cloud and mail them by horseback or whatever. And we all know that nobody has time to wait for a horse these days. Oh, and we should also mention: these look way better than Polaroids.

Good and bad are always subjective, an eternal truth reinforced by these confusingly labeled shot glasses. They’re also primarily determined in retrospect, which means the moment of decision is not the time to worry about such trivial concepts anyway. A very philosophical 40th birthday gift for someone entering the most philosophical phase of life.

If they’re not too thrilled about turning 40, take their mind off it and switch the focus to one of their favorite charities instead. If there’s a cause that’s close to their hearts, we’re sure they’ll appreciate this inspired gift that helps support it. Choose the charity carefully though, don’t let them get the wrong impression by donating to Friends of the Elderly for them.

This is a mug with the year of their birth on it. Make a little joke when you give it to them for their 40th birthday, something like, “If you ever forget how old you are you can check this mug and do the math!” They’ll roll their eyes, say thanks, and probably even use the mug sometimes.

This is a great 40th birthday gift no matter what. It’s interesting and looks nice on wall even if it was a slow news day. But if their birthday happens to coincide with a big banner headline announcing now famous events? Whoa. That would be pretty sweet.

We don’t know if they liked the movie “Cast Away” starring the incomparable and multiple Academy Award winning actor Mr. Tom Hanks, but, if they are having their 40th birthday, we do know they have probably seen it. So maybe they’d want this replica Wilson.

Some people need visual feedback in order to understand their progress. With these right and left brain bookends, they can literally watch as their mind expands with each book added to the shelf. Of course, they still have to read them to absorb the knowledge. Let’s hope you don’t have to explain that.

Back when old people were kids, shadow puppeteering was accepted as a legitimate skill. That meant holding your hands in front of a light to create rudimentary animal shapes on the wall, because there was no internet. These candleholders are a serious step up. Just try making a mature cedar with your hands. Ok, stop. It’s not going to happen.

Take them up, up and away with a magical hot air balloon ride over some picture perfect scenery. A perfect way to make memories that will last a lifetime and an opportunity to see the world from a unique and tranquil perspective. Let them float into 40 in style. They’ll probably appreciate at least one balloon that doesn’t have their age written on it too.

Certain small items like keys, wallet, and sunglasses have a bad habit of getting lost when they’re most needed, so it’s nice to have a dedicated spot for them. Ikea probably has a solution for that, but for the love of god, it’s time to stop relying on the Swedish to solve all of your problems. This nice man in Oregon put together a very unique bowl that would look great on someone’s coffee table.