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There are a small but important set of emergencies that can only be rectified with a clown nose. This has been demonstrated time and time again in hospitals rooms across the world. Sadly, there’s no money in clown noses, so big pharma keeps us in the dark.

Puns never get old. In case you didn’t catch it, this one makes reference to the common name shared by small digital storage devices and the largest of the human fingers. Actually, there’s another one: “digital” storage device. They just keep coming! This useful gag gift will really knock a computer nerd’s socks off. And if they aren’t wearing any, it’ll knock their feet off.

Gummy bears used to be cute until you knew what was inside of them. Pass the word on with this realistic larger-than-life plastic illustration of the insides of what used to be your favorite candy. Don’t let the candy manufacturers get away with this disgusting ruse any longer.

Normally, the moment someone goes feet up is the appropriate time to stop feeding them wine, but socks with writing on them have a certain authority that is hard to ignore. That’s what makes these so useful: people will definitely listen. And if your feet are already up, you generally can’t fall any farther than you already have. It’s a sort of automatic safety feature.

Animal farts are the most genuine, because they are done without the slightest comic intent. You could even say human farting is a corrupted act, because everyone knows they’ll get a reaction. Help celebrate flatulence in purest form, with all the colors of the rainbow.

Why do the gullible and mentally disturbed get to have all the fun? Sometimes the rest of us want the face of Jesus on our stuff too. With this ingenious sandwich press, nobody has to question whether its a coincidence or not. This is the new face of intelligent design.

These coins allow the coin holder to show exactly what they give for another person’s opinion, feelings, or needs. It’s one thing to offer this information; it’s another thing entirely to have the minted currency to back it up. Help a friend put his money where his lack of empathy is.

In case you ever wondered whether Star Trek was real or not, here’s an authentic relic from the starship’s crew to settle the argument. Detailed information about technology, operations, and so on can be found in these pages. A must for any fan of the show, now they can finally tell people to stick it when they say that Star Trek wasn’t a documentary.

Sometimes we have to trick ourselves into moderation. It doesn’t always come naturally. Luckily, our brains evolved with all kinds of borderline stupid quirks, so we’re not that hard to trick. Any damn fool can see that this is only half a glass, but we bet it will still help slow down said damn fool’s boozin’. And also it looks ridiculous.