Reader Survey: 600+ Opinions on What Makes A Good Gift For a Coworker

Still don’t know what to get for your coworker? We surveyed our reader’s to find out what makes a great gift. We asked them to check out our collection of Gifts for Coworkers and tell us which idea they would most like to receive. Here’s what they had to say.

Knight Pen Holder – It’s simple, elegant and can be put on anyone’s desk without taking up much space.
I think the table bottle hanger is the best gift. Desk space is a precious resource, and anyone would love more of it! The gift is flexible to your coworker’s interests, because most of the gifts seem like the coworker needs to have a quirk about them. A table bottle hanger is a gift any coworker would love!
The Walk By Scrabble Board because who doesn’t love playing a little game on their break!
Love the custom bobblehead as a gift for coworkers – think best because definitely for that individual who thinks highly of themselves, loves to look at themselves and can talk to themselves!
THERE IS A LOT! I don’t know. For example: Indoor Smart Herb Garden, Under-Desk Elliptical, Chattergrub, Scanner Pen, World’s Largest Coffee Cup,
Knight Pen Holder – useful and funny talking point. I’d love to recieve one.
Definitely gift cards for coffee etc.Another great idea is a plant for their desk with a personalized pot.
Knight pen holder. It is small enough to not take up too much room, yet has a nifty little purpose. It is unique and looks cool. Definitely a conversation starter. And, as a double bonus, it can be for someone who likes games, who likes history, or who likes anything to do with knights (come on, who doesn’t like knights?) !!
I really like the foot hammock. It’s summer and we all want to not be at work. This gives a person a sense of vacation.
The Walkby Scrabble board, is a great gift idea. Scrabble is always a good game to play and makes time pass by faster, and its a great way to learn more about your coworkers.
candy, cute little toys, things that are not too personal but everyone likes
Digital Pen Saves What You Write I feel like it would be really useful
I love the Horse Head Squirrel Feeder.It’s great because it would bring a smile to anyone’s face.It’s the kind of gift that could be given to any co-worker.
My favorite is the Knight Pen Holder. I would love to have on of those.
I like the personalized travel map – it gives an extra element of personalization
The HTML beer glasses would be the best because my coworkers love drinking beer.
Something they can use in the office is always good – a nice coffee mug filled with their favorite treats, a personalized paperweight or pen, or goodies they can keep at their desk or share with others.
Working in an academic library the wall mounted scrabble board would be a cute and fun way to have notices posted for staff in the back and give reason to keep looking at it!
I love the Tetris Stackable Desk Lamp, it would be something anyone could use at their work desk. It’s fun, looks cool, and you can play with it.
Electronic Note Pad. Everyone could use this.
I like the bottle hold prevent spills on computers. Great idea/r
I think the Knight pen holder is brilliant, really makes your desk look interesting and its also useful.
event tickets because getting away from the office is a real treat
The Walk By Scrabble Board. This is good for coworkers who are busy but still needs some connection.
html beer glasses- hilarious
the useless box; reminds me of them
The Make Your Own Bacon Kit, because I would purposely give it to a Vegan coworker, and when they say “Oh I thought you knew I was Vegan” they immediately hand it back to you, you apologize, and walk away out of hearing range and let out a “SCORE…Oh Yeah!!!”
The Walk By Scrabble Board. Sounds like such a fun idea.
Hershey’s dual single-serve ice cream machine, because everybody needs this. it would make the world close to Utopian.
desktop ice cube air conditioner
I want the Virtual Reality Headset and I know my coworkers want it too.The Horsehead squirrel feeder would make me laugh everytime I saw it so that is also a must have.
Gift cards.Because they can be suitable for evryone
I think the Knight Pen Holder is thoughtful, simple but meaningful, like someone respects the work as a coworker being done
the Foot Hammock so everybody can relax while they are working
digital pen
I like the Walk By Scrabble Board. It allows a person to distract for a moment, and encourages communication with the person who hangs the board outside their cubicle. Personally, I would like to receive the indoor herb garden. I’ve wanted one for years.
Knight pen holder is so cool and it would make your coworker feel like they are doing the queen’s work 🙂
Knight pen holder, because one guy is always losing his pen.
foot hammock because legs do get tired and be nice to get relaxed from time to time
The closed aquatic ecosystem would be the best gift. When stressed at work this would be very calming and beautiful
dinner certificate, best because everyone eats, and will like that gift
VR headset
Pancake bot and smores machine practical and useful and who doesn’t love them?
100 Tricks to Appear Smart. All the gifts are good including this one because they can create a fun environment and increase productivity.
foot hammock – Because everyone in the office is fighting for a little bench to put the foot, but this will be incredible
The Lottery Ticket Bouquet is the best because it is fun!
Closed Aquatic Ecosystem because I loved mine.
digital pen that saves what you write
Love the lottery ticket bouquet. It’s always fun to take a chance.
digital pen-even if you don’t know the person well, they will use it all the time and think of you!
Knight Pen Holder is great. I work for CBU and our mascot is the Lancer (a knight) so I know a couple people this would be perfect for!
The Official BS Button because it can help release stress you feel when you disagree with your boss.
I like the idea of the walk-by scrabble board. It encourages coworkers to interact and compete with one another, which I would appreciate coming from a coworker.
I would consider buying an Electric air fryer or weekly delivery produce service.I believe both are good choices because we all love fried food but hate the calories and the air fryer can help everyone to eat what they love but in a healthy way. Also the weekly produce service is a good way to have your favorite vegetable or fruits delivered to you fresh, which will help you to get your daily vitamins and minerals.
The lottery ticket bouquet is a sure winner and any coworker would love it!
gift cards
The Lottery Ticket Bouquet is the best.I like it because it is unique and thoughtful.A great idea for the person who has everything,
I think the Food Freshness Detector is a good choice. It is something that is very useful to have and I would love to receive it as well.
team lunch
Digital pens are the best gift for coworkers becUse they will really need them.
Anything I can win!
Lottery ticket bouquet because it’s exciting knowing they could win something big. ( but everything looked fun )
Foot hammock
Smartphone flying paper airplane- it would be fun and could be used in the office and then taken home for more fun. Everyone loves to be on their phone- great gifts!
I think the desktop punching bag is the best gift for coworkers because everyone gets frustrated at work once in a while, some more than others. This would be a good stress reliever for anyone.
i like the foot hammock because it’s discreet and healthful.
Automatic Sand Drawing Machine, It’s very entertaining and will strike up a conversation. Hopefully to the boss who’s wondering who deserves employee of the month with a bonus.
Digital pen Every one could use it
Stackable Tetris LED desk lamp.I would love it for myself, so I’m sure my coworkers would too!
Stock Gift cards, cause that way they have a choice in what they’ll be getting.
I think either the Digital Pen Saves What You Write. Also the Fidget Dice. Both seem like they would increase productivity to me.
Amazon Prime because it will help them get any purchases they make on Amazon faster and without paying for shipping.
The Knight pen holder is something I’d like!
I love to give coffee because it wakes everybody up!
The Knight pen holder because it’s awesome!
I think the Tetris Stackable Desk Lamp is the best gift idea, it’s innovative, pleasing to the eye and would make a great conversation starter. Among those three things, it would also be a a nice small hands on activity if someone got bored or was waiting for an email to roll in.
Digital Pen Saves What You Write
Because it help me to do my works efficiently.
The virtual reality headset would be the best gift because the person can enter a whole different world and experience something totally different, but in a safe way.
I would go with the desk bottle holder because you don’t want to keep drinking material on your desk for dear of spilling.
The Retirement Countdown Clock. So many of my friends are getting close to retirement, this way they won’t have to write a number down every day.
Digital pens are very much useful for signed by me for sending through online…
I like the Hershey’s Dual Single-Serve Ice Cream Machine and I think this would be a great gift for co workers because just about everybody loves ice-cream.I usually don’t buy gifts for co workers but If I did I would be a gift that wasn’t very personal like jewelry.
The foot hammock. It is the perfect gift for a little bit of relaxation during a busy work day.
The pen holder is great because it’s funny and practical.
The knight holding the pen. It’s kind of classy at a fair price.
Amazon card so they can get what they want
Hanging Air Plant Terrarium, it is not expensive and has some greenery and no water or anything elese up is needed with an air plant.
The Foot Hammock is the best because my coworkers feet hurt and they need to rest them and put them up so they can get good blood flow to help their feet.Healthy feet that don’t hurt is very important in life.
Solar Charger For USB Devices And Phones
100 Tips to Appear Smart.They may get the hint.
Solar Charger For USB Devices And Phones. I think a useful gift that is inoffensive is always the best choice for a co-worker.
Knight Pen Holder, I just think it would be a great conversation starter added to any desk.
Definitely gift cards, because they can buy what they want..I love Amazon.
The table bottle hanger is usable, affordable and in some cases necessary. We ladies have a table hanger for our purses. College kids need something like this because they don’t have much room on a table since the laptop and smaller items take up room!
Cocktail mixer controlled by app
Desktop Ice Cube Air Conditioner, I can think of a few people who would love to have this.
I would like to get the Lottery Ticket Bouquet.
I like the walk-by scrabble board. It would lighten up the office a little and promotes conversation
The best gift you can give to your coworkers is the digital pen, is paperless, they’ll loved so much that they don’t forgotten everywhere and that’s mean that they don’t borrow yours. It’s practical and efficient. I will love to received one.
coffee mug; anyone can use one!
I like the The Walk By Scrabble Board.It provides interaction between the workers and communication.
A plant that can clean the air and pretty up their desk area.
I’m a speech pathologist, so the walk by scrabble board is an AMAZING gift for a coworker and myself!
I really like the Make Your Own Music Box. I really like items that bring about nostalgia.
Money soap; forces them to get clean and rewards with everyone’s favorite gift: cash!
Cards because some people wolud not want to spend Thier money.
Portable Personal Oven- I LIKE IT
I really like the 3D Printer Pen because personally, I’ve always wanted one and also I love to draw so doing art with it is something I’ve always wanted to try.
101 Things NOT Everyone Should Know How to Do . Because it sounds cool
Shitload of batteries
$50 Amazon Gift Card i wanna by sth for my bf on his birthday to surprise him
Lottery tickets. I buy lottery tickets in bulk.
Closed Aquatic Ecosystem – I already have one, have had it for YEARS, and love it!
Horse Head Squirrel Feeder because i have a horse head mask
Desktop Punching Bag so I could take my anger out instead of doing something else and getting in trouble at work!!
I would like to get the pen that saves what you write, because it looks cool, and very useful
All of the items are pretty cool. I would prefer the book 100 tricks to appear smart. The book looks like it would be funny.
I would love to receive the Foot Hammock from a co-worker. Office workers worldwide know the struggle of having no place to prop their tootsies!
smores machine, and the genetic test
Solar Charger For USB Devices And Phones I have a lot of electric devices and this would be helpful in a pinch.
the ostrich pillow! she takes naps at her desk (idk on purpose) but it would be nice not to see her head bobbing around!
Foot hammock because I sit at my desk for long hours.
Walk by scrabble board-words with friends would be fun!
I’m always talking about a spa day so I’m sure my coworker would get me this so everyday could be a spa day. Bathtub to Spa Converter
Lottery Ticket Bouquet. It’s a cool gift.
Make your own hot sauce kit because it looks fun and I love to cook.
The Desktop Ice Cube Air Conditioner…because it’s awesome and I Like It! It’s a cool idea for someone who likes different things and new ideas. And besides, it’ll keep my cool on those really rough days, you know
single serve ice cream
I love to receive the Hanging Air Plant Terrarium. I am always looking for more plants for my desk, but I have such a black thumb, I kill all plants. Air plants are pretty easy to keep alive, and really spruce up an office!
The lottery ticket bouquet!Who wouldn’t want to try to get lucky and win?
I really loved the desktop punching bag and the knight pen holder. They’re quirky and cool, they would make good gifts for someone with humor.
Foot hammock or the Ice cube air conditioner because my feet swell and i get hot
Indoor smart herb garden. Because after hours of looking at the computer or doing paperwork one needs a recheck into nature. to rejuvante and to take a well deserved(or not : D) break.
Lottery Ticket Bouquet
Pens no one will borrow! I’m a nurse and pens are gold! I can’t keep any, they always get swiped!
Lottery flower pot because I like playing the lottery and once they are all scratched off I can get rid of the display
3D PRINTER PEN.I am on the phone a lot, and would love to create doodle art, instead of wasting my talents on scraps of paper!
I think the money soap because who doesn’t love cash and getting clean
gift card, easy to use and it’s a “gift”
a Scanner Pen to make better my works in the job. more easy and effective.
I would appreciate this gift so much because maybe make me more happy and employee
the aero garden ,because I like to grow stuff
Tetris LED desk lamp because she uses the game Tetris in her head when it comes to cleaning and storing stuff. As to her having to use as less space as possible
Indoor smart herb garden because we use tons of basil and never have enough.
I like the custom bobblehead from bobbleheads. com as a gift for a co-worker.This gift is very fun, and would be nice for co-workers to see and enjoy when they pass the person’s desk.
gift card
perfume or a bath set, it is something that can never go wrong and you will use.
Since I am a school teacher, although funny,would have to disqualify any of the gifts that have foul language or inappropriate sayings on them.I would love the single serve ice cream maker.Who wouldn’t want to just make a fresh cup of ice cream?That sounds like a an item I would want in my classroom!I would probably be the most popular teacher in the building!
Stun Gun Flashlight, because you just never know!
The EcoSphere Closed Aquatic Ecosystem, Small Sphere is a gift I would love to receive.It would have a very calming effect while viewing it.
The food saver would be nice, most days I bring some fruit and it would last longer in one of these. A year of Amazon Prime would be my 1st choice because I am a Amazon junkie. And of course the Official BS Button would be used daily.
Retirement countdown clock
Desktop Punching Bag take out my anger
A plant so that I can remember to water it everyday and remind me they are part of my daily life.
I like the world’s largest coffee cup for a caffeine addicted coworker.It’s funny but is also useful.I like the 3D pen, too, maybe even for my kid.I also like the control/alt/delete coffee mugs and the Sodastream maker as a gift for the whole office, to keep in the kitchen.This digital tape measure would also make our work easier.
I would prefer an camera like a gift
sous vide cooker because I don’t have one and it would be useful.
The walk by Scrabble board, good brain involvement.
Mini Desk Sandbox
Digital Pen so I never forget what I write. It would save paper.
I think the Geizeer desktop cooling unit is an ideal present, especially for older female workers with hot flashes!
Closed Aquatic Ecosystem – It’s a relaxing reminder that with or without humans, this world will go on. Helps you to focus on the big picture and not get bogged down by the little things. They don’t matter in the end.
I would like the book “100 Things Everyone Should Know How to Do”.
Always looking for interesting ideas and who knows what I might learn from it.
I would like to receive the desktop icecube air conditioner because it would be very helpful for hot days in the office.
custom fortune cookies because I like them and once their are gone I don’t have to display them
Definitely the Knight Pen Holder. Fits a more fun theme at the work space. Bonus points for those that like video games.
The Closed Aquatic Ecosystem would be a great gift for coworkers. Our staff care a lot about nature and environment and this gift would be nice to add to their desk. Thanks for the idea and this contest!
The desktop ice cube air conditioner would be the perfect gift for my co-worker who has many windows in her office.She is the one who is working in a hot office from the sun beating in while the rest of us enjoy a cool work environment.
Desktop ice cube air conditioner because I hate being hot.
punching bag to relieve stress
Under-Desk Elliptical… would really like this…I can be sitting, working on my computer and having a small work out at the same time
desk cooler because during menopause you need it
Desktop Ice Cube Air Conditioner-it is always warm in a cubicle and fans just look like……fans. Love this idea!
I love the desktop punching bag b/c its a definite conversation starter. I think it’d be fun for my and my coworkers!
Phonesoap seems like a good coworker gift. Not too personal and a very handy gift.
The Personalized Travel Map because my daughter has done volunteer around the world and she could keep track of her travels.
Hershey’s Dual Single-Serve Ice Cream Machine because I LOVE LOVE Ice Cream!
Definitely the Foot Hammock, so I don’t walk into his office while his feet are on the desk and his hands stretched behind his neck telling me how to do my job 😀
Hypnotic Jellyfish Aquarium because I can be mesmerizing at times.
giant gummy bear. because i love gummy bear
lottery ticket bouquet you always have a chance to win
dekstop punching bag- would help to relieve stress
My favorite gift is the Portable Ping Pong Game. I LOVE Ping Pong and would love to receive that as a gift. That is AWESOME!
Solar charger for usb devices and phones -it would come in handy when I go camping and hiking!
The ice cube a/c because it is always so hot in my office.
S’mores machine
The worlds largest coffee cup
Closed aquatic ecosystem. Who doesnt want no maintenance pets?!
I like the punching ball.I could punch this thing 20 times a day.
3d printer pen. Fun gadget to play with
I would like to receive the walk by scrabble board or the mini desktop sandbox.
The Hypnotic Jellyfish Aquarium because when my brain needs a break, it gives me something to zone out with and it doesn’t require any care because the jellyfish are synthetic!
would love a git card
Desktop Ice Cube Air Conditioner, looks neat, like to stay cool
Stock Gift Card because its thoughtful because its useful. It also will make you more money!
I like the Knight Pen Holder because it makes me feel like a giant with a kingdom of little people to bring me my pen
travel humidifier–office air is so dry in the winter!
I would love to receive a year of Amazon Prime membership.It would be a handy and money saving gift for me, but I could and would order for co-workers assuming they paid me first
Magnetic decision maker because I have a tough time making decisions.
Gift card to target or Amazon
Desktop Ice Cube Air Conditioner would be amazing because I’m always hot at work!
3d printer pen
I like the electronic notepad and would love to receive this from a coworker. I’m always writing notes, and am afraid of losing any of my notes I’ve written on paper. This is such a useful gift considering I’m a difficult person to get gifts for.
digital pen, I am writing all day and need to save this
Solar Charger for USB devices and phone.Never have to worry about running out of battery power.I think everyone would like this
Biggest coffee mug
I’d like the fabric steamer.With the steamer, I wouldn’t have to iron my clothes, which would make me very happy.
Knight penholder because I love the medieval period!
Amazon’s gift card because I need this
Love the Hypnotic Jellyfish Aquarium. It is a relaxing unusual way to take a break.
I like the pen that records what you write. it isn’t childish like a lot of the others, or very expensive compared to gifts like a 3d pen. Which I would be uncomfortable to receive from a co worker.
Drinko slots game
I would like to recieve these because they just seem so amazing to have and to help relieve stress.
desktop sandbox   who doesn’t like the beach
I like the closed aquatic ecosystem because I would never buy it for myself but it looks awesome. Also the foot hammock because I hate sitting at a deskwith my feet on the floor like normal
100 Tips to Appear Smart
Clock would be great
I like the mini desktop sandbox.I don’t know who would be able to resist playing with this for a while to take a mental break.
The knight pen holder is awesome! You’ll always know where your pen is!
The Hershey’s Dual Single-Serve Ice Cream Machine! So I could stress eat at work! 😉
Tetris lamp
I would like to receive a pedicure
the desktop punching bag and the voodoo doll are my favs, for the stressful days.
Gifts for coworkers
Mini Desktop Sandbox….because clearing your mind and playing is good for you!
A amazon card because you can get anything thing you want on amazon.
i’d probably get the bs button…. that shouldnt need a reason why….
Auto Survival Kit. I commute to work daily and already have a “damn it” doll to take my frustrations out on
Definitely the horse head squirrel feeder! With a last name like DeCicco, why not?
Desktop Ice Cube Air Conditioner
I love the lottery ticket holder
Many choices, but love the giant coffee cup.
The vertical chess board. I like to play on going chess games but no matter where it sits some pieces get knocked over more often than not.
A retirement countdown clock since I am almost 60 years old.
Luggage’s practical and if they don’t like it, you may never know, so no hurt feelings
Retirement gifts that are thoughtful and which recognize my many years of devoted service and my well discussed enjoyment of travel!
1 year of Amazon Prime. It’s something that will be appreciated throughout the year with the super fast free shipping
Having seen how nasty our cell phones really are, I would like to receive PhoneSoap.
the lottery ticket bouquet because everyone loves to scratch em off!
I love the desktop punching bag. It would be such a atress reliever for a lot of people I know at work. I also really like the official bs button. Sometimes you just have to make that call and having a button makes it more fun!
Indoor smart herb garden
3D Printer Pen
Desktop Ice Cube Air Conditioner: so I can cool myself off from the hot flashes without freezing out the rest of the office
The Hershey’s Dual Single-Serve Ice Cream Machine because I love ice cream but as a single person, I don’t want to buy a whole gallon or 1/2 gallon.
useless box. That thing could provide hours of entertainment for a friend of mine.
Digital Pen
Largest coffee cup,because she drinks coffee all day!
single serve ice cream maker, I love my ice cream and I want to share this with my wifeof 41 years. Larry.
I would love to have the Executive Knight Pen Holder!!! I always use my pen. Also my office is so boring and I’m a big nerd, so I’d love to have the knight hold my pen for me!
Hershey Dual Single Serve Ice Cream Machine is classy and a nice idea. Everyone loves ice cream.
Lottery bouquet,because I always scratching off
Desktop Ice Cube Air Conditioner
Closed Aquatic Ecosystem, Digital Pen that saves what you write, and the scanning pen
Lottery Ticket Bouquet so I can retire.
Tetris Stackable lamp because I have always loved the game.I could spend hours with this!
Lottery Ticket Bouquet I would love a chance to win money anytime
A fabric steamer would be awesome.It is something that you can use at home, on a trip or even in the office.Very practical.
The walk by Scrabble game because everyone in the office could play.
ecosystem – he is into the environment
A gift card from Amazon since they seem to have everything anyone could want.
I need the scanner pen as it’s too obvious that I’m using my cell phone to take pictures of the boss’ mistakes on the memo she sends
Lottery ticket bouquet ; For the sheer thrill of winning money .
I want The Walk By Scrabble Board – I need the exercise and I know lots of words my co-workers don’t know
I would like the Hershey’s Dual-Serve Ice Cream Machine. Ice cream makes any day at work better!
Desktop Ice Cube Air Conditioner – cause I am going through the “changes” and those hot flashes get intense
Indoor smart grow garden
Foot Hammock is the one i like the most i know when im working id like to prop my feet up and this seems like something i would use
The book “100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings” but it won’t work because if my coworker could actually read, he’d have the info he needs to actually BE SMART
I think the foot hammock is the best because who DOESN’T want to put their feet up at work? And this way you can be more incognito about it.
Tetris Stackable Desk Lamp- the coolest thing I’ve ever seen and would get favorable reaction
worlds largest coffee cup
Desktop Punching Bag because I get stressed and need to decompress sometimes
The scanner pen and the digital saver pen are freakin sweet! Totally useful to anyone and perfect to regift in the rare case it’s not gladly put to use.
I think the world’s largest coffee cup is a great idea!
3d pen; you can create your own things
Walk by Scrabble board – it’s something people can work on together and it’s not taking up real estate on your desk. Also good for creative thinking and breaks.
Closed aquatic ecosystem. It looks like it might calm raw nerves.
Tough call! My #1 favorite is the Stock Gift Card – it “could” be the gift that keeps on giving! I also like Tickets to Local Events, the Ever Zen Water Canvas, and a Donation in Your Name.
The BS button because we are always talking about gag gifts and the BS that goes around our co.
Countdown to retirement clock because it’s funny but also useful
table bottle hanger – i always knock my bottle over when it sits on my desk
Ice Cream Machine. I like ice cream.
Lottery Ticket Bouquet
A Bluetooth Digital Pen would be a great co-worker gift since note taking isn’t always easiest with just a keyboard, especially when diagrams are needed.
Closed Aquatic Ecosystem not only pretty but what a great way to just meditate and tune out
dual single serve ice cream maker. Because I love ice cream.
under-desk elliptical- just perfect
Giftcards to places to eat because I like to spend time over a meal.
desktop ice cube airconditioner
Free lunch. Because everyone loves free lunch
I like the phone soap because it’s something I would never buy myself but it’s handy to use and promotes less germs around the office, so it’s a great co-worker gift.
Digital Pen or Chattergrub. Digital pen because it seems useful. Chattergrub because it’s weird and eye-catching.
Magnetic Decision Maker. This would be fun and entertaining.
I’d buy the digital pen for my boss.That way she’d never lose what she has already written down!
Scanner pen,, Geizer, digital epn
I would love the lottery ticket bouquet because I like playing the lottery.
Retirement Countdown Clock – it’s unusual, useful and totally unexpected!
I would absolutely buy the mini desktop sandbox. For every single one of my coworkers! Not only is it the perfect distraction when stress can take over, but who doesn’t love the beach? A simple yet effective gift that any of my coworkers would appreciate. Actually. I want one now too.
A gift card to a restaurant because eating out is a nice break
Lottery Ticket Bouquet – the gift keeps on giving
Lotto ticket bouquet I need luck
I like ice cream maker perfect for party
Ultrasonic Travel Humidifier. Our office is heated by a hot air system and it gets so dry during the winter. This would be great to have!
Electronic Notepad!
Indoor Smart Herb Garden, because I just started trying to grow plants in my apartment, & this looks cool, & easy enough.
Magnetic Decision Maker may be old fashioned, but still a great desk thing for those frustrating times.
Cordless Neck and Shoulder Heat Wrap
Gift cards to buy anything I need
I would love to receive The Walk By Scrabble Board as a gift! My husband and I LOVE to play scrabble, but we rarely can find the time to sit and play. This would be a fun way to get in our scrabble time. 🙂
Desktop air conditioner. My office is always so hot and no matter how many times I tell them to turn the heat down, it never changes!
Jellyfish Aquarium! I love so many of these gifts! You made my Day! TY!
Hypnotic Jellyfish Aquarium because its something uncommon that you could calm down with when stressed out.Perfect for an office desktop or in your own home decor.
Table Bottle Hanger , Because It is a very good idea , and will use it in my work or in my house
An AAA membership is a great idea.We drive quite a bit in my line of work and this would come in very handy
Make your own hot sauce kit I love hot Sauce
lottery ticket bouquet because I might win big bucks!
cookies, hungry at work all the time.
I would like the horse head squirrel feeder. I have 3 dogs that would go crazy to watch this happen & it would be entertaining for me!
hanging plant terrarium because I love plants
I’d like to receive the Under-Desk Elliptical.It looks like something practical that I’d actually use.Does it really give you exercise?
The Worlds Largest Coffee Cup would be perfect because she would love the whole experience😊
Walk by scrabble board,looks fun
100 Things Everyone Should Know How to Do book because there are certain things that people/coworkersdon’t know how to do that they won’t admit.
The worlds largest coffee cup coworker is not happy unless she has her coffee so think that cup might just might get her thru the day
animal poop coffee
Hershey’s Dual Single-Serve Ice Cream Machine
Closed Aquatic Ecosystem Because it could fit on my desk and it’s calming to look at
Closed aquatic ecosystem because its gender neutral and looks nice on their desk at work or at home
I really like the hypnotic jellyfish aquarium. It’s fascinating and kinda soothing
My favorite is the Indoor Smart Herb Garden.This would be perfect for growing indoors when you have little or no outdoor space.
world’s largest coffee cup because it’s days like this that’s it’s required
Under-Desk Elliptical-because my legs get sore sometimes, and this might help.
countdown to my retirement because sometime job is boring and that thing could chher you up and ake you smile
Executive Knight Pen Holder I think it is a fun gift I can us 5 days a week.
Closed aquatic echo system
Desktop Ice Cube Air Conditioner because it’s always too hot in a work space.
Definitely the Under-Desk Elliptical machine. Sitting at a desk all day does nothing good for your health, so this would really help get the blood flowing.
Actually all of these are interesting and I would like an Amazon gift card to Amazon. 🙂
Desk top punching bag
Lottery Ticket bouquet – as a joke that if they win, they can finally quit their job!
voodoo doll because he would use it.
I think that the huge coffee cup would be a great pick. Coffee is one of the top industries in the world so I feel like almost any person would use the gift and love it
Event Tickets because we all like it live!
I like the BS button and the automatic sand drawing machine because those are things that can be on a desk.Some of the other options weren’t great coworker gifts because they were too big, they weren’t things that could be used in the office, or they were inappropriate for some offices (i.e. alcohol).
Hahaha I would get the bs button (BULLSHIT button) would be a perfect gift!
I would like to receive the Stun Gun Flashlight. Then I could use it for protection and finding my keys when going to my car or door. Or, I could use it on offensive co-workers!
I like the desk sand box and I would like to gift it to a co worker for stress relief and relaxation.
Hershey’s Dual Single-Serve Ice Cream Machine
I would like the worlds largest coffee cup because I love to drink to coffee. It would make me sooooooo happy to get this gift
The camera lenses for a smart phone.They would be able to take pictures of co-workers.
knight pen holder because it usable
I’d like to receive from a coworker, the Stun Gun Flashlight. I can’t run fast, and am in my early 60’s and tiny. It would be great to have in an emergency.
Lottery Ticket Bouquet for a chance to win some extra cash
$50 gift card, VISA or Amazon
The Walk by Scrabble Board because it would be a fun way to break up the day!
Solar Charger For USB Devices And Phones because I work at Citi Bike outside and my coworkers are always asking to borrow my charger
Hershey’s Dual Single-Serve Ice Cream Machine is my favorite because we love to go to the candy store down the street for ice cream
the lottery ticket bouquet – maybe I could get lucky and retire!
The BS button would be funny.
World’s Largest Coffee Cup. I would love to show it off
RFID Blocker Card Prevents Cybertheft enough said.
dog corn holders
The Official BS Button because it is a retail job and full of BS!
I’d love to receive the desktop punching bag for all of those tense sales moments!
I would like the airplane cocktail kit because a cocktail is how I unwind from a long day. The kit would be useful for that.
Gift card
I like the Like Dislike stamp.
The Walk By Scrabble Board
I’d like to receive a foot hammock from a coworker to sit comfortably at my desk.
Worlds Largest Coffee Cup because who doesn’t like coffee?!
I would love the Solar Charger For USB Devices And Phones.I would use this at the beach and while on road trips or hiking trips.
Worlds largest coffee cup, so my coworkers wont have to make as many trips to the break room
Sh*load of Batteries. we go through a hell of a lot so I would be honored to get this gift
A day off.
ITunes Gift Card
This is because it’s the most abundant and widely used Giftcard in my regiom
walk by scrabble board
Event tickets
Closed Aquatic Ecosystem Now that’s neat.
I like the Desktop Punching Bag a lot! When frustration gets high, a punching bag is the perfect outlet. And the convenience of having it sitting on your desk can’t be beat!
Digital pen saves what you write – I wish I had one myself!
The desktop punching bag, definitely.Destressing at work is essential and it’s better than punching your boss.
gift card because I like to choose my own gifts
Giant candy
The Desktop Punching Bag, because I sometime need to express my anger: ^^
The lottery tree sure looks inviting!I would like to receive this from a coworker a lucky scratch ticket could just change our lives for the better!It would be my pleasure to share the wealth!
Under-Desk Elliptical or Digital Tape Measure, because I spend alot of time at my desk and I’m horrible at reading a tape measure but use them frequently.
Desk top punching bag I would like to get cause sometimes my coworkers piss me off
It’s very simple. But I loved the water bottle holder! I would love to get something like that. I have almost NO room on my desk and this would be a space saver.
Closed Aquatic Ecosystem!! Love this! I think it would be amazing to watch over time and relaxing to look at while working.
beer glasses
I would like to receive the Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane.I like things that fly and run the risk of irritating everyone around!!!
Digital Pen.It’s something USEFUL and unique enough to excite the receiver.
I want the worlds largest coffee cup. Why? Because you can never have enough coffee, of course.
A digital pen because it looks pretty cool and it saves ink
worlds largest coffeew cup because coffee.
Digital Pen Saves What You Write – I’m a journalist by day and a novelist by night. The ability to have the thoughts that get scrambled across my desk and computer files saved away in the very thing I keep on me out of necessity at all times? Absolutely priceless.
Golf ball because I golf.
desktop punching bag
Lottery Ticket Bouquet.I like to get and I’ve lottery tickets so this would be a perfect gift for me.
The Official BS Button because there is a lot of bullshit going on!
desktop punching bag.helps relieve frustration!
Lottery ticket bouquet
Lottery ticket bouquet because I love scratch off and gambling
countdown clock. i just retired
Lottery ticket bouquet because love scratching tickets and winning cash!
The digital pen because I always lose my notes that I jot down and have to search for them! I know a couple people who could also use this
Hypnotic Jellyfish Aquarium because it would be very calming.
Bullshit button, cause are boss is a pure bullshit spreader
So many good ideas but I love the Fabric Steamer it would save me so much time for my scrubs and dress apparel:) thx for the chance
Desktop ice cube AC would be great as it gets hot up in here.
I like Amazon cards because you can buy just about anything.
Mini Desktop Sandbox- we’re always dreaming of being somewhere other than at our desk
digital pen so I can eliminate the notes
Desktop Ice Cube Air Conditioner Because my desk area gets so hot and this is very compact
The digital tape measure. I think this would be such a nifty tool to have at home and I would be thrilled to receive one.
Scalp Massager is my favorite, it is fun and functional. Perfect to relax a little while while taking a break from work.
Digital Pen Saves What You Write bc it is a useful and unique gift.
Custom bobblehead. Unique gift.
The gift I would most like to receive from a coworker is the Hershey’s Dual Single-Serve Ice Cream Machine sold by Sharper Image. The reason why I like it is because I like ice cream, but hate making a large batch, so this dual single-serve machine would be perfect.
Closed aquatic ecosystem because it can easily fit on the desk, looks classy, and does not require a lot of maintenance
I like the desktop air conditioner because I’m always hot.
I’ll rather get a gift card then buy what I like or want. I didn’t see anything I like in the guide.
Bluetooth Digital Pen because OMG how perfect would that be to have a pen that saves what you write?!?!?!
1 year of Prime
a custom bobblehead of myself so I can look back aT MYSELF DURING THE DAY
The under the desk foot hammock would be perfect for a coworker who spends long hours at the office andneeds to relax and give their feet some rest.
Indoor smart herb garden. Love herbs use them in everything would love this.
Custom voodoo doll. I have one and it really helps get the anger out on those coworkers we don’t care for.
Lottery Ticket Bouquet
Knight Pen Holder for my friend because he can never find a pen!Now he will always know where it is.
Indoor Smart Herb Garden : My best buddies are Foodies
I’d love the lottery ticket bouquet., just imagine if I won!
HTML Beer Glasses – Can use them over and over
I’d love the lottery ticket bouquet because there’s always a chance to earn something worth more out of it, if you win.
I would want the fidget pen because I fidget a lot and I think that would help with that problem.
Useless box. Claude Shannon, the father of information theory, and AI pioneer Marvin Minsky were fans of these devices. It is a suicidal machine that only wants to turn itself off, and you can’t convince it to do anything else.
Pens No One will borrow
I would love to receive a Lottery Ticket Bouquet from a coworker because I love scratch off tickets and I love winning!
I would like the Lottery Ticket Bouquet because there is a chance that we could all retire together.
I would want the event tickets- because I genuinely enjoy spending time with several of my coworkers.I’ve actually already done an “escape room” with friends from work.
The desktop sandbox because it is decorative, you can play with it, and you can fantasize about being at the beach
desktop punching bag to relieve stress
Vertical Chess Set, gives coworker a break from stress
I like the Foot Hammock.Love to put my feet up whenever possible 🙂
The Walk By Scrabble Board would be my choice as would be fun for whole office
My favorite are the Funny Door Mats. Next comes Ugly Christmas Sweaters of course.
Digital pen – seems fun & useful
Lottery ticket bouquet
Mini Desktop Sandbox so I can stay zen and calm at work when dealing with coworkers and customers
The Walk by Scrabble Board- Looks like fun!
I like the Mini Desktop Sandbox, just lloks like so much fun to play with and I thinl it would be realxing.
Foot Hammock
Desktop punching bag because i would use it
A gift card from favorite sandwich place.
Hershey’s Dual Single-Serve Ice Cream Machine,For that end of day friday office party (Everyone invited)
lottery ticket bouquet because it would be fun to scratch off the tickets to see what I won and fun gift to receive
Desk top punching bag should be my gift to most of my coworkers because the job is so hard that instead of getting anger on each other they will be punching that bag multiple times and get rid of theirfrustration and anger .
Closed Aquatic Ecosystem because it is beautiful and living
I love the Desk Top Punching Bag! It was the first thing I noticed when I looked at the gifts. Work in Retail and, after working with customers all day, I would love to have this to punch and get my aggression out! 🙂 It’s a great gift!
Miniature Arcade Cabinet, who doesn’t like to play games
I would like the table bottle hanger, so I can drink my 8 glasses of water each day.
Indoor Smart Herb Garden A good gift for a chef.
Hershey’s Dual Single-Serve Ice Cream Machine because we could always have fresh ice cream at work!
Produce Saver is my favorite gift idea.I love fresh fruit and this would be an amazing gift!
I would like the Make Your Own Bacon Kit because it’s bacon!! But really there wasn’t much on the list that I would want. I think I would like a huge gift basket with all my favorite foods, snacks, and/or restaurant giftcards.
Custom Vodoo Doll because I think it’s priceless
Money soap. Incentive to get clean!
single serve ice cream machine because I love ice cream!
World’s largest coffee cup…everyone could use that on any given Monday morning!
I would like the Lottery Ticket Bouquet.It is always fun to win money. Nice gift to look at and think about.Flowers die but not dreams.
lottery ticket bouk
any type of candy
I like the coffee cubes and the large coffee cup. I also like the B.S. button.
Digital pen because it would be useful
The worlds largest scrabble game. I would love to play with my family
I love the digital pen that saves what you write! I think this would be a great gift and any coworker would love to have it!
Fabric Steamer.For when I don’t feel like ironing!
Mini Desktop Sandbox, my Mom has worked for the same employer for 46 yrs, loves the beach & travel to Hawaii, we have been twice together & no date of retirement anytime soon. I can see her dazing offthinking about Hawaii with this. Hanging Air Plant Terrarium, these are perfect for any office space.
Event Tickets, who doesn’t love being surprised with free tickets!
I would love the Tetris Stackable Desk Lamp because I love classic video games and it would be a perfect desk accessory for me.
The Event Tickets,I love live shows.
Desktop Ice Cube Air Conditioner, I’ve been looking for one myself!
I would like to receive 1 year of Amazon Prime, so that I may watch Amazon’s original and exclusive programming.
I would most like to receive an Indoor Smart Herb Garden.
Cubicle Warfare: 101 Office Traps and Pranks. Everyone needs a little fun at work!
you have many really cool gifts to choose from and I would enjoy receiving any of them. However, two in particular seem especially nifty:
The Walk By Scrabble Board – would be a fun ongoing distraction from the tedium of a workday, without taking up a large block of time. players could randomly walk by and make their play without disrupting their day and have plenty of time to consider their next move. Seems like a great way for workers to bond with a bit of slow-paced friendly competition.
Desktop Ice Cube Air Conditioner – perfect for an office desk because many people find the ambient temperature uncomfortable. this piece is pleasantly designed to fit on any desk without being an eyesore and its shape and design mask its true purpose since it would not be able to understand its function at a mere glance.
I saw a lot of things I might like, but for years the solar cooker has been on my list of things I’d love to play with but would never buy for myself. The solar cooker it is, then.
Knight Pen Holder – because it’s sort of elegant in its own way
retirement countdown clock
Lottery ticket bouquet. Bc 1) I might win it rich and be able to quit and 2) I can use it as a photo holder once I’m done scratching.
World’s Largest Coffee Cup – I think it would be hilarious! and Id keep a bunch of candy in it for my coworkers.
The Hershey Dual serve single serve ice cream maker because I always want ice cream!
I love the Desktop Punching Bag! I think a lot of people can use this at work to get rid of some stress. Good for in office or even at home.
Indoor Smart Herb Garden. I’ve always wanted one.
This is a really cool giveaway, and what awesome gift ideas! I am sure anyone would really love to gift or receive any of these goodies but I personally really adore the HTML beer glass!
a 3d pen because big ideas need to be seen
I would get my coworker the digital pen; so she remember her notes.
Hershey’s Dual Single-Serve Ice Cream Machine would take care of so much stress in anyone’s life!
The foot hammock would be awesome. i workout a lot, and being able to prop my feet up under my desk would be amazing!
Knight Pen Holder because I often do a pose like that to others.
Knight Pen Holder
The Solar Charger is great, especially for people who travel a lot or go camping.Everyone has a phone and it’s something that no one could object to.
countdown for retirement
The event tickets are the perfect gift for my coworkers,one of whom happens to be my brother, he loves concerts!
The Walk by Scrabble Board is relaxing and mentally stimulating.
Lottery card bouquet because there’s always a chance to win BIG!
I like the digital pen…When I write on a piece of paper it would be nice to be able to have it as a reference in case I need it later
The lottery ticket bouquet is my favorite because it’s better than flowers!
Hanging Air Plant Terrarium
The bottle holder. I constantly have a bottle of something to drink at my desk.
Knight Pen Holder because of its geekiness 🙂
I no longer work but when I did I taught school.We were all poorly paid so without a doubt…The Money Bouquet.
The official BS button is my favorite.When Out of frustration instead of overreacting all I have to do is push a button
Closed aquatic ecosystem. Stuck inside for most of the day without many windows…. This would bring a little outside in !
I think a plant is a good gift for a co-worker.They can keep it on their desk or in a windowsill of their office.I have a plant a coworker gave me approximately 10 years ago and it is still doing fantastic.
lottery bouget
Single serve ice cream machine
I would get the punching bag. lolbecause i work at a college and these kids get smart ellic lol
The Personalized Satellite Map Jigsaw Puzzle is a unique fun idea. Unfortunately I don’t have co-workers.
The giant gummy bear would be perfect to infuse for my coworker birthday party
I love the portable ping pong table.A fun activity that most will do and a little extra activity and competition.
I looked through many option but kept coming back to the desktop punching bag.I need a great way to release anger and stress thanks to several obnoxious overbearing coworkers.Plus others would enjoy it as well.That one’s a winner.
The under-desk elliptical would be a great gift! I work for a health & wellness company and fully support that lifestyle in any way possible.I have a stand/sit desk and other wellness type items but nothing like this.I’d love to receive it.
Coffe cup and punching bag.
Lottery Ticket Bouquet I really enjoy scratch offs and would share my winnings with the office maybe some coffee and donuts on a Monday Morning.
Lottery Ticket Bouquet. No other gift can bring the anticipation of winning money.
digital pen
I would love to receive the dual – single serve ice cream machine because on demand ice cream sounds like a dream come true.
The desktop ice cube air conditioner because we live in Florida and it’s always hot, even at our desks!
I would most like to receive the Knight Pen Holder.I would actually re-gift it to my wife who mentioned she wanted one a long time ago.They’re clever.
Desktop Ice Cube Air Conditioner is GREAT!! I am always hot & this would be great for my desk!
Fidget dice
A Lottery ticket bouquet would be a perfect coworker gift for everyone.
The fidget pen because nothing drives me crazy more than someone clicking a pen in a meeting! Hopefully this is less noisy!
The Walk-By Scrabble Board, because it would be a fun way to interact with co-workers and give even the most difficult to get along with ones a way to have a pleasant interaction with others.
worlds largest coffee cup why? worlds largest coffee cup
Under-Desk Elliptical: With all the sitting I do, I’d really like this seemingly easy way to keep moving my legs more while still working at the computer.
Lottery ticket bouquet so hopefully I can win and buy some awesome things
The ‘Desktop Ice Cube Air Conditioner’ would be a definite hit in my office where, even in the winter, some of us are wilting when the heat is cranked up. And the ladies of a “certain age” would love it when the hot flashes strike (and the rest of us, too, who are quite comfortable and don’t want the a/c and fans blasting, thank you very much)!
I like the Radioactive Elements Glowing Coasters.I like that they glow and have the periodic table symbols on them.
The Walk By Scrabble Board – I am a HUGE Scrabble fan. Looks so fun!
The solar charger for USB devices and phones. No matter where I were to be, I could charge my phone.
Lottery Ticket Bouquet because I could win some cash and after I scratch the tickets I could get rid of the bucket would not have to keep it on my desk.
Custom Bobblehead for sure!
I would want a gift card!
Hanging air Plant TerrariumLove plants and it is low maintenance!
The jellyfish aquarium is epic! I love aquarium’s, so this is right up my alley!
Depends on the coworker, but gift card or candle.
World’s Largest Coffee Cup because i always have a cup of coffee and have to keep refilling it. this is perfect solution
I would like to receive the digital pens from a coworker-why? I just love pens thats why
under desk eliptical because it would be useful
The Indoor Smart Herb Garden from amazon because if they know that I am trying to eat healthier and save money by growing my own herbs, I would appreciate the thoughtfulness.
Lottery Ticket Bouquet because its just so thoughtful!
Beer soap, and the solar charger are somethings i like. They’re practical, and can be a unique gift.
charity gift card because I don’t need any more things
lottery ticket bouquet because it’s one of those things that probably won’t but could be life changing.
Bullshit button because everyone is full of crap. This way you can call them out without saying a word. No harm no fail.
Lottery ticket bouquet, because its the gift that keeps on giving.
The digital pen because it would be cool.
I would love the Digital Pen to help me save my notes. I am always losing them.
digital pen because it’s weird and different.
world’s largest coffee cup to hold my matchbook collection
Knight pen holder, just because it is cool
There’s a lot of stress where I work. I’d love to get the Desktop Punching Bag.
the digital pen looks awesome, because it is practical!
I like the World’s Largest Coffee cup. I’m a bit of a coffee fiend, and that’s amount of coffee I need to get through my morning. It would mean I would only need to make one trip to the breakroom.
Geizeer Desktop Ice Cube Air Conditioner. I would love this because sometimes it gets too warm in the office for me and a fan just doesnt cut it
I would choose the foot hammock. Great way to put your feet up while working.
Desktop Ice Cube Air Conditioner
Custom Bobblehead-Personal and unique
The Ctrl Alt Del Coffee Cups are both functional and decorative.This makes it the perfect coworker/office gift.
World’s Largest Coffee Cup
i love the worlds largest coffee cup..i love this cause i am a coffee addict and with this i dont have to refill fast
closed aquatic eco system because its cool looking
Knight Pen Holder
I think I would really enjoy the closed aquatic system. It’s just so cool, with no maintenance!
Knight Pen Holder my son is a big Geek so he would so love this on his desk at work
The Hypnotic Jellyfish Aquarium. it looks fun and relaxing to watch and i dont have any fish 🙁
I would want concert tickets because a lot of the gag gifts will not work if you don’t have a desk to put them on and with tickets you might be able to get a whole group to go with you from work
Soft serve ice cream its a great pick me up at lunch break
The Luggage Locator is my favorite. It’s a gift that almost everyone people will have a need for but might not know exist.
The Eternal Zen Water Canvas.– ITS REALLY COOL
Tetris Stackable Desk Lamp, since I collect unusual lights
The Walk By Scrabble Board
I worked in an office for 30 years.I know for a fact that this would have been a hit.Would help to keep competition fun!
Hershey’s Dual Single-Serve Ice Cream Machine, because I absolutely LOVE ice cream!
digital pen
Knight Pen Holder to look cool.
Digital Pen that Saves What You Write…..Neat idea!!