Should You Have a Housewarming Party?

housewarming party
Housewarming parties provide a fun, exciting way to share your new home with friends and loved ones. These parties are held as a celebration of moving into a new home and particularly buying a new home. A housewarming helps jumpstart the social life of a home, and your guests will know that they’re always welcome! But before you make a housewarming checklist, first determine if you should indeed have a housewarming party or not. Use the following criteria to determine when’s the appropriate time to have a housewarming event.

First-Time Home Buyer

You’ve just purchased your first home, townhouse or condo. Whether you’re 25 years old or 50 when you take that HUGE step of buying a house, this is the perfect occasion to celebrate with a housewarming party! You’ll want to share your new home with family and friends, giving tours, serving food/drink, playing housewarming games, etc. Housewarming gifts are welcomed to help you get started on your new journey. You can also share photos and updates about your new home, and provide a housewarming gift registry online through a virtual housewarming. Online housewarming parties are great if you can’t have a physical party, or if want to share your housewarming with distant relatives and friends.

Moving Out from Your Parents

If you’ve just graduated high school or college and are moving out on your own for the first time, then a housewarming may be appropriate. Perhaps you’re moving into an apartment for the first time and want to share the experience with friends. Invite them over for a “housewarming bash!” This is also a great time to share photos and information about your new dwelling via a virtual housewarming website!

Moving to a New Place (Relocation)

Even if it’s not your first home purchase, moving to a new location (city, state or even a new country) can merit a housewarming. Host a simple housewarming to invite your new neighbors – it’s the perfect way to meet them for the first time. Then be sure to use an online housewarming service to share your new home with all the folks back home.

Not So Appropriate

So when should you NOT have a housewarming party? If you’ve moved several times in recent years, then avoid having a party. While your friends do love you, they will eventually tire of the parties (and expected gifts). Avoid having a party if you’ve just recently got married with a traditional wedding and gifts. If you want everyone to see your home after moving in, then wait a few months and have a casual cookout. Don’t call it a “housewarming” though…just call it a get-together!

If you’re older and only renting a place, then don’t have a party. Housewarming parties are typically for home buyers and especially first time homeowners. While renting a place for the first time (such as a college student who’s just getting out on their own) can merit a housewarming, moving later in life to a new rental home or apartment does not.

Determine if you meet the criteria above, and if you do, then start planning ahead for a terrific housewarming!