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Wall clocks are often thought of as purely utilitarian, when they should really be considered functional works of art. A unique wall clock can be a decorative accent or even a focal point in a room, and these days there are interesting clocks that can do more than simply tell you the time. Without further ado, here’s a collection of some cool clocks for your wall that we think do a great job of blending function and design.

Bring the mesmerizing motion of the “one that got away” to your home on dry land with these kinetic clocks. Inspired by a swimming koi in a pond, a trout in a stream, and a playful clown fish, they’re created by hand from gracefully curved aluminum by the aptly named Gil Muller. Each ticktock fish has a lively, lustrous shimmer that enhances the motion of its pendulum tail.

It’s always time to hit the road according to this clock. Perfect for a car enthusiast’s garage, shop, or bachelor pad, this three dimensional tire wall clock is 14” in diameter with a 3” thick realistic rubber tire. The clock hands glow at night and the quartz movement is completely silent. A great gift for a mechanic or someone with an industrial decor.

The perfect addition to an eccentric kitchen, this clever wall clock combines utility and design quite literally. It’s the Swiss Army knife of kitchen clocks, made of forks, soup spoons, spatulas and slotted spoons, and in an absolute emergency might just flip a burger. A great gift for anyone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen. 14" in diameter at its longest point, battery operated.

This beautiful mechanical wooden clock is a DIY kit, which means you should only go with this one if you’re up for a challenge. It does have clear instructions but requires a few simple hand tools to assemble including a small saw, some wood glue and sandpaper. It is mechanically powered, no batteries here, so you’ll also need to wind it periodically. But it’s a fun puzzle and certainly a very unusual clock.

If you’re looking for a large wall clock, it doesn’t get much bigger and bolder than this frameless design. The oversized numbers are easily mounted individually on the wall surround the hands. The final diameter is up to you. There are dozens of styles and variations available to match your decor.

It’s always time for a cup of coffee, at least according to this clock. Colorful coffee pots, cups, and saucers form the frame, while another cup of coffee is the pendulum that hangs below. Made of cast resin, ceramic and iron with a vintage feel, it’s the perfect kitchen clock for people who love coffee.

If you’re still saving for your own private plane, perhaps this clock will do for now. With a 19” wingspan, it’s a stunning centerpiece for a wall. Perfect for aviation fans and pilots, or a fun addition to a kid’s room. A silent battery operated movement is located behind the propeller.

A fun choice for people who have always got something cooking, in an absolute emergency, this wall clock could actually fry an egg. But let’s hope it doesn’t get to that point. Just don’t accidentally toss this one in the dishwasher. Easy to hang from the handle and available in 8, 10, or 12” diameter.

The Decodyne Math Clock is a traditional wall clock with one important twist--its hours are marked by simple math equations. To tell the time, you solve for the answer! The clock measures 11-1/2 inches in diameter, so you can read it easily, even from across the room. Powered by a single AA battery, the Decodyne Math Clock does not need to be plugged into a wall for operation. The perfect office clock for an engineer, an accountant, a mathematician or anyone else who works with numbers.

The perfect combination wall clock and night light for people who love astronomy, this clock absorbs light during the day and glows like the moon at night. Battery operated and completely silent, this unique wall clock will not disturb your peaceful slumber as you bath in its moonlight.

Here’s a unique way to hang a clock on the wall. Couldn’t be simpler. Plus, it can double as a Flavor Flav style necklace if you’re feeling bold. Made of metal and leather, and available in multiple styles and colors to match your decor. The length of the leather strap is adjustable and the clock movement is silent.

The perfect wall clock for someone who likes to sew, this unique clock is stamped from metal and features a swinging pendulum resembling a pair of scissors. An interesting addition to a sewing or craft room, this playful clock is sure to inspire some creativity.

In some houses it’s always music time, no matter the hour of the day. Still, it’s nice to know if you have to go to work or something. A vinyl record clock represents the perfect way to keep time.

Thieves these days can break into any safe, as the movies attest to. The key is in fooling them. Storing valuables inside an innocuous-looking clock is the perfect way to foil any evil plan. When you’re this clever, you don’t even need to lock things up.

The subtle appeal of the universal wish to reverse the relentless march of time comes in the form of a regular round kitchen clock. But instead of ticking away the seconds in the standard clockwise direction, this clock goes backwards, seeming for a moment to be leading to the idyllic past rather than uncertain future.

When you are retired, time doesn’t mean quite the same thing anymore. The day clock will tell you what day of the week it is (they all blend together), and it will give you a vague sense of what time it might be (which, let’s be honest here, is all you really need). What it won’t tell you is what the exact time is (let the working stiffs worry about that).