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Nothing good can happen in a humorless house. Nothing but the slow, agonizing passage of time. If that doesn’t sound fun to you, here are a plethora of ideas to take the drear right out of that new corpse hotel they just moved into. Everyone needs a little lift now and then, and these gifts will make a new home brighter, more inviting, and maybe a little sillier.

A first impression is a dominant factor in shaping perception. A hilarious doormat begins that process even before eye contact is made. Help them ingratiate themselves with party guests, traveling salesmen, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and whoever else happens to stumble upon their threshold. A little personality never hurt anyone.

3D printing technology is all the rage these days, but has anyone been able to explain to you what the point of it all really is? Well wonder no more! The point, as is so often the case with hi-tech gadgets, is pancakes. Design and print pancakes in shapes never thought possible before. What a time to be alive and hungry for breakfast.

You tap a watermelon to tell if it is ripe, right? Now tap it another way! For the person whose new house has that killer patio, the Watermelon Keg Kit makes every cookout an instant party. Not only do you get a super cool drink dispenser, but you get to eat the watermelon, too! WIN WIN!

If you think that intoxicating substances and baseball don’t mix, consider that Doc Ellis once pitched a no-hitter while tripping on acid, and old time icons like Mickey Mantle, Babe Ruth, and Harry Caray were pretty much drunk all the time. This unique and meticulously crafted centerpiece is more proof of the divine intersection between the national pastime and…the other national pastime.

No matter how much you may not want to, you can’t help finding this lamp funny. Go ahead, laugh at the plight of wounded animals everywhere. We promise you won’t accrue any bad karma. Need we say that the dog lover you know needs this housewarming gift?

Kitchen mastery is just as much a science as it is an art. Most people’s understanding of cooking remains superficial, but the culinary scientist sees what everyone else is missing. This laboratory-inspired spice rack proves that even when it comes to food, nerds do it better.

You could buy them a 17 man band that could live in the corner of their den and serenade them every day, or you could just go with this unique piece of furniture that can play 17 instruments at once. Plus this pneumatically controlled Hootenanny can remember how to play 13,000 songs.

Nobody wants bugs in the house, but some people feel bad about killing them, too. It’s not their fault they need a home, after all. The Bug Vacuum solves this moral conundrum by giving us a way to safely catch and release household spiders and insects without having to touch an icky, itsy-bitsy, creepy crawler.

Quadruple size your triple word score with this enormous Scrabble board. Your wordiest, nerdiest friend will love letting passing strangers see them crush all opposition through their front windows as they walk by on the sidewalk in front of their new home.

What could be better for serving drinks at the round table than a knight in shining armor packed full of liquor? This full suit of Gothic plate armor makes your home a castle while also defending guests and homeowners alike from the ravages of thirst. Sword not included.

Nothing makes a home feel unique like incorporating art into its basic function. Modernism is all about austerity and total lack of decoration, and these light switch covers are like a stick in the eye of that architectural philosophy. If you know a steampunk fan who’s moving into a new house, they’ll go ape over these. You don’t have to understand. Just trust us.

Some people need visual feedback in order to understand their progress. With these right and left brain bookends, they can literally watch as their mind expands with each book added to the shelf. Of course, they still have to read them to absorb the knowledge. Let’s hope you don’t have to explain that.

Why is it so hard to judge the correct amount of spaghetti noodles to cook? It’s not like we haven’t done this a million times. For whatever reason, the human mind cannot solve this equation. Luckily there’s no need with this handy tool that can measure standard portions for people and even those who are so hungry they could eat a horse.

Most people poop incorrectly. With all that practice you’d think we’d all be good at it. The Squatty Potty gets the body in the correct posture and claims to help with all sorts of health issues. It’s a great housewarming gift since all things toilet related are inherently funny.

Night-blindness is that thing that happens when you turn on the bathroom light in the middle of the night. The shock of going from darkness to light is abruptly harsh, and after the light goes off you’re blind for several minutes until your eyes readjust to the darkness. The combination of night blindness and urgent midnight runs to the bathroom can result in any number of minor disasters like stubbed toes and stray streams of... you get the idea. With the subtle glow of a toilet night light all these problems are a thing of the past. Also creates a nice atmosphere for impromptu bathroom disco parties.

Go big or go home. Wait, they can do both with these giant yard games! They’ll supersize the fun at backyard parties with these larger than life versions of the games we all played growing up. All sorts of giant games are available including checkers, chess, Connect Four, Yahtzee, Scrabble, Jenga and more.

Spilled alcohol and broken glass simply don’t fit with the luxury life. Let the lowbrows balance their stemware on the wet, glossy surface of the tub like the hapless fools they are. Your friends deserve better. Bring some peace of mind to their relaxation hour.

With the gift of consciousness comes the burden of consciousness. Knowledge is heavy, and many a man has succumbed under its implacable weight. Celebrate the wonderful danger of ideas with this poor terrified effigy of a man on the verge of seeing his brief, harried existence crushed like an ant under the lumbering foot of human thought.

There’s a whole mysterious world out there that can only mean trouble for a naive, trusting beast like the domestic canine. That doesn’t mean that fido can’t experience it from afar through a steamy, drool smeared bubble. Expand his horizons from the safe confines of a fenced yard, where he can daydream in peace and security.

Le Corbusier would approve of this modernist aquarium, with its crisp right angles, flat white finish, and complete lack of adornment. This is the home for the discerning fish who thinks the standard glass bowl is for uncultured bottom feeders. The only choice for the sophisticated goldfish.

A true surrealist is not going to put up with the mere harnessing of electricity. These brightly colored artistic lamps are a gravity-defying nod to the unreality of existence. Fun, functional, and funky. Give the laws of physics a slap in the face.

Symbolic furniture is all the rage. Champagne lovers will feel tipsy when they see this decorative and functional living room table that pays homage to their favorite beverage. Then maybe you can buy them that dining room table shaped like a cow. Or that butt-shaped toilet seat cover. So many choices in this category.

Sometimes you wind up on the mucus train and just can’t find a way off, like a hobo locked in the last freight car on the Burlington Northern. Thankfully, relief is just an arm’s length away. Unlike the hobo, you don’t have to resort to rat eating or pooping in the woods. This housewarming gift adds a little industrial-historical touch to someone’s living room and reminds them how easy they have it.

The lazy alcoholic’s version of snake charming. This housewarming gift is a great way to boost their reputation for having supernatural powers, and when they run out of wine they can use this magic rope to walk their invisible tiny-necked dog.

Gnome infestations have remained a taboo subject for too long. Damn the social consequences, we must finally bring this issue into the light. Gnomes are not people, they are parasites bent on destroying everything we’ve worked so hard to build and eating all of our vegetables. Don’t worry, you don’t have to snuff them out yourself. Leave that to this merciless miniature beast.

There’s just something about personalized service. Transform their throne into one truly fit for a king by installing this faithful servant exactly where he’s needed. Adds a dignified, regal air to this place of repose, contemplation, and elimination.

Pepper is an in-your-face spice, and its essence has nothing to do with subtlety. Here is the perfect vessel for the preeminent seasoning at the table. Let this beautifully crafted ebony grinder tower over the other lowly flavors, including its eternal rival, salt. Any other symbolism we’ll leave up to your imagination.

Some household items scream your personality from across the room. Are you a forty-year-old with Star Wars bed sheets? Nerd-tastic. Chances are you don’t even have to read this. If you know someone who’s a good fit for this gift, you knew it as soon as you saw it. What are you waiting for?

You may not want to admit it, but sometimes a cliché is charming as hell. Not everyone can pull off a pink lawn flamingo, but those who can stand in our highest regard for a reason. It’s an old classic that never made sense. You can’t beat that.

Is there anything ethically wrong with playing jokes on animals? Probably not, even though if the squirrel knew what was going on it might not be amused. Can squirrels even experience amusement? Whatever. Leave the questions to the philosophers. This thing’s hilarious. Buy it.

If there’s anything that can make wine taste better, it’s a little frustration. If you think life in our rapid-delivery consumer culture is just a bit too easy, then teach the new homeowner a valuable lesson by making them work more than they anticipated for their reward. You’re not only giving the world’s oldest artisan beverage, you’re helping develop life skills.

This sculpture is not, despite all appearances, the work of some sort of demented robot clown, but it is the perfect housewarming gift for the person who appreciates a little whimsy with their modern art. It’s a wonderful conversation starter, and it will never, ever pop.

If we were asked to describe R2-D2 in two words, we would probably say short and stout, a description that famously applies to teapots as well. A perfect addition to the home kitchen of any Star Wars fan, this little teapot is most certainly the droid you are looking for.

For the homeowner with eclectic tastes, there is the giant animated Kit Cat Clock. This iconic clock (usually much smaller) has been a fixture in kitchens across the world since 1932, when it was first designed by Earl Arnault for the Allied Manufacturing Company.

If those sushi making kits with the bamboo rolling mats are such good gifts for food lovers, then why does nobody ever even open the package, much less make sushi with them? Maybe because it’s just too hard to do? Not with the sushi bazooka. Just load it up and POW! Instant sushi rolls. This will be used.

Here’s something no cat owner has ever said: “I love emptying the litter box!” But what if there was a better way? Train any cat to poop in the potty, and save money too! It’s the perfect way to help a new homeowner keep their house from smelling like a kitty bathroom.

Admittedly, this is kind of a niche gift. But somehow, inexplicably, this has become a giant niche. Fans of the animated sitcom - as well as the associated blog, comic book, and soundtrack album - will have a great time geeking out to these real life, chef-tested recipes for the outlandishly-named burgers the show is famous for.

Nothing makes a new house feel like home more than adding some portraits to the walls. Go a step further and let them emblazon their own face on edible items. Nothing says “my house” like a toaster that spits out bread in your own image.

So many of your household appliances would be better if they weren’t fixed in place. Wouldn’t you sometimes like to bake in the backyard? Do the laundry on your roof deck? And what about the toilet? Wouldn’t you like to…well, never mind. For now, we’ve got the inflatable hot tub. Move it, deflate and store it, set it back up and inflate it in three minutes whenever it’s needed.

Food creates a multi-sensory experience that transcends taste. Scent is a powerful sensory stimulus that affects mood and is heavily tied to memory. These beautiful, unique candles celebrate some of the sweetest, most distinctive and most recognizable foods out there both visually and through their delicious smells.

Run, run as fast as you can, but you can’t escape from a Ninjabread Man. These stealthy holiday assassins will sneak, chop, and stab their way from oven to belly without making a sound. Turn any kitchen into a dojo with these hilarious novelty cookie cutters.

Being earthbound can be such a drag. A Star Trek themed bathrobe can be a nightly reminder that mere humans just like us have indeed sailed among the stars, and perhaps someday we will too. Does wonders for your confidence too: once you’ve had the feeling of piloting an interstellar craft, running a household is child’s play.

Once you’ve got your own house, you can eat out of anything you want. Why be hemmed in by the constraints of human convention? Help him reconnect with his animal roots by gorging out of the same style of food vessel as his best friend.

These may be the perfect joke gift for a vegan. But carnivorous animal lovers (never mind the apparent contradiction) will get off on these too. A cleaner, far more adorable way to eat corn on the cob.

Smoke detectors are essential in every home, but if you know someone who’s not exactly a culinary wizard they probably think that they’re a bit of a nuisance. After all, who wants a reminder that they’re not exactly head chef material each time they burn the bagels? The worse their cooking, the more they’ll appreciate this high tech deactivation towel.