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For the alternative 30-year-old who’ll try anything once, why not pop them in a local isolation tank and deprive them of their senses for an hour or so, see what happens? It might make them feel super relaxed and chilled-out about getting a year older. Or, it might just make them feel lucky to be alive when you finally let them out!

Everyone wanted to be a spy at some point, so whether your 30-year-old is a budding Jason Bourne or a James Bond-to-be, why not get them started with a collection of spy secrets from a former CIA agent? Just as a side note, we are not responsible for any booby traps you fall foul of as a result of the recipient reading this book.

In their twenties, this probably wouldn’t have been a very exciting gift. ‘Gee whizz, thanks aunty Pam – some vegetables. You decided against the laptop then?’ But now, at 30, the chance to avoid the weekly grind of the grocery store, with people barging into them and huge lines at the checkout will likely seem like a gift from above.

Cyber bullies beware, there’s a new sheriff in town and they're armed and dangerous! Don’t let the birthday guy or gal fall prey to senseless crime. Arm them with some advanced protection that will give those identity hackers a run for their money. Keep their precious plastic safe and out of harm’s way so they can swipe to their heart’s delight on that next shopping spree

You could buy them a 17 man band that could live in the corner of their den and serenade them every day, or you could just go with this unique piece of furniture that can play 17 instruments at once. Plus this pneumatically controlled Hootenanny can remember how to play 13,000 songs.

Do you know someone who’s always in search of the perfect hot sauce? Well, maybe the answer is to let them make their own. This kit allows you to experiment with different pepper, spice, and vinegar combinations until you find the holy grail of hotness. No more excuses, just hot pepper perfection.

Drinking coffee is for amateurs: give the gift of intense doses of caffeine. Help them run marathons, finish difficult projects, and—if they eat too many—question if their eye is supposed to be twitching. As a gift to you, if you ever need to paint your house, get them on board – they can see way more colors than you can now.

This one’s a subtle yet completely in-their-face way of saying, “I want to drink with you, but you make terrible cocktails.” They might get offended at first, but give them a cocktail or three and they’ll change their mind—you might even get an “I love you, man” in the mix.

Sleeping in space is not as easy as one might think, which is why NASA invented this lightbulb that promotes melatonin production by taking the blue out of the spectrum of light it produces. Help your favorite 30 year-old get a proper night’s sleep with this scientifically proven gift.

Nothing says, “congratulations on getting older” like helping them relive childhood memories and wonder when they got too old for them. Questions like: “Was this always so fast?” and “Are we sure this is secure?” really help to put the 30-year-old in your life back in their place.

There’s nothing sadder than a gardener without a garden. This vertical indoor planter is the perfect 30th birthday gift for someone whose green-fingers are itching to sow, tend and water, but who lives in an apartment block and just doesn’t have the outdoor space usually required. Now they can garden on their kitchen wall!

Help them learn more about the people around them than they could ever possibly want to know with the classic party game Never Have I Ever. The game is simple: each player takes turns drawing a card and reading the “Never have I ever…” statement out loud, answers truthfully, then hopes everyone is too drunk to remember what they said.

Admittedly, this is kind of a niche gift. But somehow, inexplicably, this has become a giant niche. Fans of the animated sitcom - as well as the associated blog, comic book, and soundtrack album - will have a great time geeking out to these real life, chef-tested recipes for the outlandishly-named burgers the show is famous for.

The perfect gift for your friend who struggles to leave their fluffy unicorn slippers at home in the morning- cough, um, did we say unicorn? We meant stylish sheepskin moccasins, obviously. Anyway, these cozy shoe liners will make them feel nice and warm and sleepy… oh no, Jeff’s fallen asleep at his desk again.

Supporting technology and educating people about aerodynamics…and let’s be honest; the real reason to buy this is to obstruct people’s paths. “Oh, what’s that? You wanted to open the fridge? Well, Flounder here didn’t get them memo.” This gift’s also great for circling people, but be careful or their revenge might go just as swimmingly.

If you need to find a gift for someone that helps them to relax and take it easy on their own terms, this is it. The bath bomb making kit lets them choose their favorite essential oils and create their own unique gift to sit back, relax and enjoy. Perfect for anyone who doesn’t have time to get to the spa or who likes to mix their chill out time with their creative side.

One reason it can be hard to find the perfect gift for a 30th birthday is that people at that age already have plenty of stuff as it is. Nobody needs another trinket, right? A charity gift card let’s them give instead of getting, and is a far more meaningful gift than any other piece of plastic you could buy.

If you know someone who never stopped physically growing while also remaining a kid at heart, we’ve got the perfect 30th birthday present. They’ll be able to build things with their freakishly large and ever-expanding hands just like they used to do with regular Legos back when they were still normal sized.

Ah, fortune cookies: the perfect way to mess with the 30-year-old in your life. From ominous: “Beware of buses today” to vague: “You’ll have a day” to the outright teasing: “You should rethink that shirt”. Of course, you could always customize the messages to be nice…Ha! Who are we kidding, give them a bus phobia for their birthday.

Don’t let mother nature’s inability to harness her own electrons cramp their style. Now they can stay connected even when far from civilization. Plus, this little gadget will make them the most popular person on the block when the zombie apocalypse comes.

Flying can be scary: the turbulence, the fact that their lives are dependent on a giant piece of metal they don’t understand, and worst of all, the chance they might end up sitting next to a baby. Help them make it through the experience with a Tom Collins, Bloody Mary, or Moscow Mule.

Everyone hates doing the dishes. Anything you can do to ease that burden will be appreciated. Take glassware for example. With Loliware when you finish your drink there’s no need to take it to the dishwasher. You just eat it, or save it for a midnight snack.

Since the dawn of time, chaos, terror, and death have periodically rained down from the sky. Only the lucky were spared. But now we have weather radios, so you can go inside instead of dying. This one also conveniently charges your phone so the next hurricane doesn’t have to interrupt your game of angry birds.

One day soon, artificial intelligence is going to be a reality, and the machines are going to take everything. Until then, you might as well get as much out of these bastards as you can. Here’s a robot who will make fully-customizable drinks until he knows better.

It used to be the only way to smell like your favorite alcohol was to get so drunk it came out of your pores. Although a few people have probably tried using whiskey as cologne, too. Thank god someone finally came up with a better solution. Beer soap uses real craft beer ingredients to make rich, fragrant soap that not only smells great but nourishes your skin with natural vitamins and nutrients.

You might remember that snow cone maker from when you were a kid with the crank and Snoopy on top. It was disappointing; it was hard to turn and it made tiny snow cones. This thing, though. This makes real deal snow cones and uses electricity. This is not for kids.

Everyone loves a carryout pizza, there’s just something about it that tastes better than homemade. We think we’ve put our finger on what it is and this BakeStone oven will be the secret weapon that will make sure your favorite 30-year-old makes perfect pizza every time, and if you’re really lucky, they might even let you get a slice of the action.

Social standards are always changing, and these days a gentleman takes off his beard when he enters a building. Ladies too. It’s so much easier to do when that beard is attached to a hat. Don’t let him be that embarrassing guy eating at a nice restaurant with his damn beard on.

Add a splash of scented hydration to their morning routine. Wash away their cranky demeanor with some natural oils that will freshen them up from head to toe. The stale smells of that outdated potpourri sachet will be a thing of the past once this aromatic spray mate kicks on. Give the daily bathroom grind a refreshing facelift and stimulate a little full-body healing.

You probably think they’re sweet enough already, but they’ll think that you’re really sweet for buying them this indulgent soap that will give bath time that extra little bit of luxury. You could say that this is a present that’s good enough to eat, but we’d maybe make sure to tell them not to or it might turn into a gift that’s memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Yes, you want the 30-year-old in your life to have a heated whirlpool, but more importantly, you want to have access to a whirlpool without having to maintain it. “What do you mean I can’t hang out in your whirlpool today? You wouldn’t have that if it weren’t for me.” That’ll put them in hot water or, preferably – put you in hot, bubbly water.

Protect their hooves with some orthopedic magic. This personalized gift of wellness expresses care and compassion and will remind them of your unconditional love and devotion, as well as your awesome gift-giving talent! Every cushioned step they take will provide extended head-to-toe support for years to come.

Fondue’s one of the classier cuisines and, as lovely as a fondue party sounds, the real reason anyone buys a fondue maker is to go overboard with food experiments. Give the 30-year-old in your life the gift of wondering: “Does this go with cheese?” Along with all the happiness— *cough* *cough* stomach aches—that follow.

If the 30 year old you know is a maker or tinkerer, they surely already have a toolbox. What they need though, is a Coolbox. This modern evolution of the toolbox has come a long way from being just a place to store tools. It has built-in power strips and an internal battery, a clock, wheels, bluetooth audio, an LED lamp, a whiteboard, and even a bottle opener.

There are certain things everyone ‘should’ know how to do, but by a certain age it becomes too late to admit you don’t – and this is how you end up with that friend who still has no clue how to tie his necktie, despite wearing one for the last 3 years. Revolutionize that guy’s life with this book.

If Crisco is the only oil occupying the shelves of your their pantry, it’s prime time to introduce a splash of undeniable flavor to the mix. The health benefits of Mediterranean cuisines are indisputable, and this first-class EVOO has the capacity to transform any ordinary dish into an extraordinary, full-bodied feast. Trade in those over-processed oils for this high-grade immunity booster and get a taste of the good life!

Alright, enough pussyfooting around. Are you gonna open that damn bottle or not? If not, hand it over to someone who will, and give them the tools to do it right. This authentic 50 caliber shell will definitively end the standoff with any stubborn bottle cap, no matter how strong a fight it’s willing to put up. Mission accomplished, major.


Everyone likes receiving money, and it’s the easiest gift to give. Unfortunately, a pile of bills is often considered tacky. On the other hand, roll them up into flower shapes and it’s considered art. A brilliant ruse to make the simplest of transactions socially acceptable.

Not only are these a practical present but they’re a bit of a brain teaser too. Let them ponder over how to get the grey matter back together while having the peace of mind that they don’t have to get neurotic over coffee stains on the furniture. Practically perfect, they’re a no-brainer.

Sure, they can make water more exciting, but why stop there? What not sparkle some juices? Coffee? What happens you sparkle already sparkling water? Can you carbonate already carbonated drinks? We don’t know, but now’s the chance to find out! The drinks — and dreadful discoveries — are limitless.

If you’re really picking your brain over something to get a whisky-lover for their 30th birthday, that isn’t another bottle of whisky, get them something they can really get their teeth into…or they can really get into their teeth. These scotch infused toothpicks are a touch of class after dinner and a subtle way to help that person who always has spinach in their teeth.

What other diversion affords the opportunity to let out both bloodcurdling screams and unrestrained giggling while indulging in sweet candy treats? Embrace the carefree silliness of youth and give them a little license to check out for a few hours. Responsibility can wait. Slap on that wristband and hop on the ride of a lifetime.

You care about this person and you want them to discover knew things…that and the fact they’ll eventually have to drink something questionable at best thanks to these dice. That’s right; drink whiskey with that weird-looking liqueur and a lemon. Oh, you don’t have cherry bitters? Guess you’ll just have to drink that tequila straight up. The possibilities are endless—and so are the regrets.

Let’s be real: you want an ice cream machine, but you don’t want to look like you eat enough ice cream to actually invest in a machine for yourself. We get it. Hopefully, the 30-year-old in your life will get it too, when you invite yourself over for ice cream — again.

Even if you can afford a real Banksy piece, chances are a giant slab of concrete is not going to be all that well received. Enter the modern day miracle of plastic. Make it look like their house was visited by one of the most famous identity-unknown humans to ever walk the earth. Because after all, are you sure it wasn’t?

They may have achieved elite Girl Scout or Boy Scout status back in high school, but that badge-covered sash won’t be able to save them from a sinking car. Forget cookies — today’s scouts should be peddling these life-saving gadgets instead. Foolproof and dependable, this indispensable car accessory packs a mean punch and won’t disappoint when imminent danger strikes. Safety first!

How many times have they said, “I know this town like the back of my hand”? Present them with this accurate jigsaw representation, sit back, and ask them to prove it. Or stoke their nostalgia with a puzzle version of their long-lost birthplace. A great choice for a more personalized gift.

Batteries run out all the time. I'm sure you've noticed that you can never find them when you need them. If you do, they are the wrong size. Save them from one of life's little annoyances by giving them more batteries than they could ever possibly use.

Donut pans. Donuts…. All the time… At any time. Is there anything more to be said? It gives you a perfect excuse to hang out with them more and both go for the world record of obesity, and if that’s not “bonding” personified, then we don’t know what is.

For the person who still hasn’t found that special someone and is living alone, figuring out if food from the back of the fridge is still OK to eat without someone to answer when they ask, “Honey, does this smell off to you?” can be a challenge, so this gift will be well appreciated.

Phones actually have more germs on them than a typical public restroom. This smart cleansing machine might not eliminate the dirty content sucking up the data on their phone, but it will be sure to return sterile swiping to their wired existence. Personal device hygiene should not be overlooked by today’s touch-screen fanatics. A high-tech disinfectant, this ingenuous accessory will decontaminate wireless communication and restore cleanliness to the digital age. Oh, and it also charges while it cleans!

If you know a 30-year-old who is fed up of drinking average coffee, give them some s**t coffee to drink instead. Kopi Luwak coffee is unique in that it’s made from African animal droppings, though we’d maybe tell them that after they’ve drunk it and realized how good it tastes.

The latest in DIY dairy products, this cheese lover’s dream will satisfy their creamy cravings and add a gourmet twist to stale, processed snacking sessions. Handmade goodness that will add a scrumptious slice of heaven to crispy crackers and baked breads, this culinary tutorial is perfect for cheesemongers at heart.

As much as we hate to mention, and we don’t advise you do, they’re not 21 anymore and Ben and Jerry probably aren’t the best of people for them to be around. They’ve probably realized this already, so give them a helping hand with their new healthy lifestyle with this marvelous little yogurt maker which will let them create some delicious and nutritious snacks to help make that break up a little easier.

Radiate fun, intelligence, and geekiness with these pressure sensitive, self-lighting radioactive isotope coasters. It’s the 21st century: wooden drink holders are for your grandma’s house. Sure to light up and energize any party or family gathering. Hazmat suit not required.

30 is the age some people settle down and start to have kids, so give the gift of a power play. “Kids, I told you if you don’t clean up your toys, you won’t get them back.” If the kids still don’t listen, they get to watch their parent eat edible LEGOs in front of them. While maintaining eye-contact. Life lessons and trauma in one perfect gift.

You want your friend to be healthy and safe just in case…but, let’s be honest: you also want to tease them. Joking about needing bandages because they have to be careful in their “old age” or flu medicine for all your sick jokes. It’s sure to leave them in stitches—or you in need of a first aid kit—either way, it works.

Avoid the blistering pain and embarrassment of yet another sunburn with this pocket-sized viewer. The latest beach bag essential to hit the sunbathing scene, this advanced device shows where sunscreen coverage is not sufficient, and will give them the peace of mind they need every time they soak up some Vitamin D. Accurate and waterproof, this is a no-brainer for today’s sun worshippers.

We all know draft beer tastes better, but for those horrifying situations when there’s only bottled on offer, save your recipient from a fate worse than death with this flavor-enhancing gift. It even adds gas (we’re sorry). Give this to them for their 30th birthday, and they’ll be happily hiccupping through delicious draft-like ale in no time.

If the birthday boy or girl is a little clumsy in the kitchen, these cut resistant gloves may help them from accidentally adding unplanned ingredients to their meal (fingers in the coleslaw are never good). Now you won’t need to be suspicious of that red sauce when they invite you over for dinner.

This sand-sifting surface will spoil all those beachgoers who crave the UV rays but don’t want little grains messing up their tan lines. Seagulls might not mind the crunch in their stolen ham sandwiches, but those avid beach bums loathe the dusty debris caking up their glossy skin. Even salty seawater is no match for this jumbo play pad. Sand is for the birds!

Technology may sometimes seem to complicate things, but here it removes one of life’s worst conundrums. Those french fries may taste great, but they’re quickly dragging you toward a big, fat grave. Remove the oil by using this electric air fryer, and they’re just damn good potatoes. Feast away with a happy heart.

Cotton candy brings back delicious memories of festivals, carnivals, and other favorite childhood events. But what about someone who lives in a crap town that even carnivals won’t visit, or is scared of clowns or strangers? Despite what your parents may have told you, cotton candy isn’t magic. It can be made right at home with a handy little machine like this.

Save your favorite 30-year-old the indignity of walking back and forth from the couch to the kitchen for a beer. We put a man on the moon for God’s sake. Hand-made by Amish craftsmen and built to last for generations, this is no flimsy Walmart furniture. Class out the wazoo.

Just the emergency poncho alone is enough reason to splurge on this handy-dandy lifesaving satchel. Once they crack open those light sticks, they'll be jumping their battery in true style and bringing some much-needed illumination to the dreaded shoulder of the road. Outfit their vehicle with these self-help essentials. Don’t let them go it alone!

Take accessorizing to a whole new dimension with this awe-inspiring, majestic showpiece. The sparkle of this bling is the real deal and gives props to the infinite power and mesmerizing beauty of the universe. They can gaze into the stars all night long with this exclusive addition to decorate their wrist.

For anyone who’s a fan of Tim Burton, this clock is an absolute essential piece to add to their collection. Even if they’re having a nightmare before they become 30, this is surely something that will bring a smile to their face. Beautifully crafted and brilliantly detailed, it’ll be loved for a long time despite it being a haunting reminder they’re getting older with every chime.

Help reinforce good choices by giving a young person this hilarious version of the world’s most famous death game. Just load up a water balloon and pass the pistol around the table, then wait to see who gets soaked.

Watch opposing armies fight for supremacy on the living room wall with this piece of functional art. Grandmasters and novice players alike will appreciate checking their opponents on the most unique game board in their home. Framed like a picture, this chessboard makes a lovely 30th birthday present for anyone who loves to play games.

Humane, effective and fun, this wildlife wand sure beats ant traps and smoke bombs! Every house has some critters lurking around and this masterful toy is just the right tool for the job. With just a flick of the wrist, those daddy longlegs will be back in the wild in no time flat.

This gift is worth it solely for the look on their face when they find out what it is—even if they don’t understand why it is. It’s best delivered deadpanned; no expression and definitely no explanation. Don’t worry, they’ll learn to love it—and if they don’t, all their Facebook friends will when you post that picture against their will.

Ah, the go-to command of frustrated and frazzled. For the person who’s always saying they wish they could terminate their tasks, shut-down, and reboot on a beach somewhere far, far away, provide next-to-no comfort with a cup of tepid coffee, served in one of these quirky cups.