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Subtract some grease from your sister’s diet with this healthy alternative to fast food. Give her permission to indulge in the fried cuisine she adores without all the guilt! Detoxify from all the trans fatty acids lurking in those artery-coating crinkle-cut potatoes and oil-slicked drumsticks and unlock the deliciousness of air frying. It won’t be long before zucchini bites and okra fries take first prize in the fried munchies category.

Now this is the kind of inanimate relationship your sister has been waiting for. Alexa will tell her everything she wants to hear and isn’t afraid of commitment. Computer-assisted companionship delivers trustworthy, perfectly timed support without the risk of heartbreak or intimacy. Responsive, courteous, intelligent and so eager to please, this robotic roommate has redefined family and ejected loneliness from the range of human emotions. Come home to smart living.

Love thy self is the latest commandment in today’s digital breakfast age. Start the day off right with a slice of self righteousness. The first (and most important) meal of the day just got a facelift! Lightly toasted or well-done, these buttered-up renditions will add that personal touch that’s been missing from the blank bread canvas all these years. Edible art is catching on.

This DNA test won’t get you on the Maury Povich show, but it’s sure to reveal some truths that will delight and amaze even the biggest skeptics in the family. Engage in a little scientific exploration and uncloak some ancestral mysteries that could open doors long kept shut. The keys to the past, and the future, are just one saliva sample away. Be brave!

Futuristic food prep is exactly what your sister needs to get the kiddos going early in the morning. With PancakeBot on breakfast duty, she’ll be able to cash in on some extended shuteye and rest well knowing the most important meal of the day has been intelligently delivered. Imaginative and precise, this griddle genius not only fills the belly, it tantalizes the mind. Step aside, Aunt Jemima, there’s a new breakfast icon in town!

Give the source of life some buzzworthy bubbles. This home-brewing beverage master will add just the right fizz to your sister’s refreshments and replace those cases of Tab crowding her kitchen countertop. Customized carbonation reduces the environmental impact of soda pop cans and bottles and gives water the respect it rightly deserves!

Stressed out sister? Her own personal on-call masseuse would help but is possibly a bit out of your price range. This is probably the next best thing. It’s portable, lightweight and provides a massage that’s guaranteed to hit the right spots as it’s completely customizable.


Your sister’s manicured hands have no business playing around in the dirt. Send her to the mall and tame that jungle taking over her yard with a day of back-breaking labor. Engage with some wildlife and reclaim her outdoor space so she can be free to graze the fields. This is a call to all those nature lovers strapped for funds. The best gifts don’t need a shiny red bow—they just have to come from the heart!

Kombucha is the ancient art of making tea into something half the people who try it will love and the other half will vomit back onto your carpet. The people who love it are objectively correct, because it makes you live forever (almost). Anyone who has fallen head over heels for it will do the same for you if you buy them this homebrew kit.

Looking for a healthier way to take the edge off? A natural alternative to harsh menthol vapor inhalers, this magical mister will support respiratory wellness and incorporate serenity and equilibrium into any residential or work space. A décor essential for any health-conscious consumer, this calming air-clarifier outperforms any toxic air freshener and provides an enchanting ambiance that will welcome positive energies and unlock the body’s natural ability to heal.

Let your sister reminisce about the good old days when sugary candy carnival treats were king and getting a cavity or two was just part of earning your childhood stripes. This magical, melt-in-your-mouth sensation will introduce the post-millennial generation to some wholesome, tangible excess and add a sweet, playful spin to any festive occasion.

Here’s some art that really grows on you. A hanging garden that can be placed on any wall in the house, it can add a bit of unexpected life to an interior space. The frame comes decked out with easy-to-care-for succulents, so you don’t have to worry about giving this to someone with a brown thumb.

Remember when it was just you and your sister, reading pop-up picture books together on the couch? Reclaim those memorable moments once again with a personalized photo book crafted with your own tender touches. Flipping the pages of this creative collage will become your sister’s favorite pastime after a hard day’s work. A keepsake for years to come, this unique token is perfect for celebrating sisterhood!

Even if you’ve grown out of family meal times, it can still be a great way to catch up with your favorite sister, however old you get. A gift card to her favorite restaurant will give you the opportunity to get together and enjoy an evening out in each other’s company. Best bit of all? No squabbling over washing the dishes and no getting grounded for not doing it. Hurrah!

It’s time to retire that Huey Lewis and the News t-shirt your sister likes to parade around in and cash it in for a live experience from the 21st century. Power off that DVR and invite her to partake in some real-time recreation that will return sparkle to her eyes and jumpstart the rhythms in her heart. Sisterhood—now that’s the “power of love”!

Better stock up that bar, Sis’, we’re in for a night of some deliciously blended beverages and great conversation! Trade in the cosmopolitans and whiskey sours for some creative concoctions that will take your sister’s cocktail acumen to the next level. Every gamble is a winner with this delightful gift. Tip the glass to some portable 21-and-over entertainment and let the good times roll!

You might be past the days of painting each other’s nails or, depending on how you felt about it, having her chase you around the house with a make-up brush and various lotions and potions. But she still likes to pamper herself and you can still help out. Just send her to a spa and let someone else deal with it.

Cyber bullies beware, there’s a new sheriff in town and she’s armed and dangerous! Don’t let your sister fall prey to senseless crime. Arm her handbag with some advanced protection that will give those identity hackers a run for their money. Keep her precious plastic safe and out of harm’s way so she can swipe to her heart’s delight on that next shopping spree.

Double up on the fun this time around and indulge on a gift that both of you will enjoy … together! You survived the pitfalls of adolescence side by side, so why not carve out some well-deserved excitement now that you’re all grown up and legal? Play dates don’t just have to be for the little ones. Engage in some extracurricular excursions and forget about everything else for a day. Who better to let loose with but your sister!

Ironing is hard work, not to mention time-consuming and risky, particularly for today’s distracted consumers. Eliminate those stubborn creases and unsightly stains with a mean steam machine that’s making garment care effortless, hygienic and seamless! Your sister’s threads will be exuding a quiet elegance as if she just stepped off the Christian Dior catwalk and the smells of mothballs from years past will be gone in a poof.

Pixel perfect is the name of the game with this incredible mastermind. The days of monochromatic palettes are over. Boost your sister’s color-matching acumen with this one-of-a-kind design tool and she’ll never mistake a lemon chiffon for a mellow yellow again! Effortlessly unlock the mysteries of color and leave the guessing to the guys at the local paint store.

Once your sister gets the “hang” of this handy device, there’s no limit to what she might tackle on the DIY scene. Demystify the toolbox and liberate the handywoman lurking just below the surface. Home projects should be fun, not painful (ouch!), and advanced geometry shouldn’t be a prerequisite for symmetrical home décor! Your sister’s favorite works of art and beloved photographs will be out of the box and flush on the wall in no time flat.

With an infinite number of causes and social ills to choose from, this just might be the easiest and most timely gift on the market today. Put your money where your mouth is and invest in an exponential giveaway that will pay the rewards forward for years to come. Resist the urge to splurge on another plastic present that feeds the wants and adds to the piles of stuff clogging our lives.


Digging up cherished remnants from the past is not only therapeutic, it can also introduce our littlest loved ones to the wholesome fun that dominated playtime before smartphones conquered the sensory world. Take your sister on a sentimental road trip and recreate the innocence of youth with some of her beloved trinkets and afternoon play pals. Who knows? Maybe that rabbit’s foot still has a touch of luck in it!

This is the perfect gift to gently remind your sister to catch up on her beauty sleep. Say goodnight to those dark circles and pillowcase creases on the cheeks. Drift off into deep space and some well-deserved slumber with the comforting glow of this bedside friend. Enter the REM zone and enjoy the health benefits of some extended Z’s.

Let’s face it—foot odor can alienate friends, family and household pets. And while a crackling fireplace may be the best choice for drying out the stench after a hard day’s work, most of us don’t have that luxury. This mudroom favorite will rid moisture and mildew from your sister’s finest all-weather footwear and freshen up the air we share so all can breathe a little easier!

It’s a jungle out there! Give your sister the all-access shopping pass to brave the treacherous e-commerce landscape. That UPS van will be camping out at your sister’s stoop once she gets her paws on the world’s most gargantuan purchasing hub. Plug in to this platinum-level consumption paradise and score the deals that dreams were made of!

Sunflowers are some of nature’s most obnoxiously beautiful creations, and they make a real statement when planted in your yard. Bright yellow and absurdly tall, they grab the attention of every passerby. Almost like standing on the porch and yelling at people, but in a really endearing and pleasant way.

Dig your sister out of debt and launch her on the road to financial freedom with some stock market starter money. Wall Street is open for business and now’s the time to get in on the ground level. These gift cards may yield some serious returns if your sister plays her cards right. Before long, she’ll be trading options and derivatives on the NYSE like a bullish FOREX broker.


Everyone loves a gift that keeps on giving. Effortless and eye-catching, this treasure trove is perfect for re-gifting! Your sister will feel like she’s hit the jackpot before she even starts scratching. This any-time gift will pay the rewards forward because hope never runs out on this winner. Maybe, just maybe today’s her lucky day!

Your sister may have achieved elite Girl Scout status back in high school, but that badge-covered sash won’t be able to save her from a sinking car. Forget cookies—today’s scouts should be peddling these life-saving gadgets instead. Foolproof and dependable, this indispensable car accessory packs a mean punch and won’t disappoint when imminent danger strikes. Safety first!

Splurging on sweat lodges and weekend retreats might seem like a worthwhile investment in self-exploration, but sometimes it’s best to stick to something simple, and familiar! It’s time to get back to the root of things and remind your sister of where she really came from. Piecing together the various intersections and revered spots of her humble beginnings will spark a renewed sense of belonging and purpose. A challenging distraction from the age of transitory digital entertainment, this jigsaw puzzle has lasting power.

Musical genius is not a prerequisite for this delightful sound machine. Whether it’s cranking out an original score or “Born to Be Wild,” the sweet melodies of this tabletop hurdy gurdy will capture the ears and lighten the hearts of all those who gather ’round for a listen. Add this customizable heirloom to the instrument collection and inspire a newfound appreciation for all things classic.

This sand-sifting surface will spoil all those beachgoers who crave the UV rays but don’t want little grains messing up their tan lines. Seagulls might not mind the crunch in their stolen ham sandwiches, but those avid beach bums loathe the dusty debris caking up their glossy skin. Even salty seawater is no match for this jumbo play pad. Sand is for the birds!

Flesh out those Saturday night dinner plans with a little serendipitous intervention. Surprise guests with a seasonal menu that’s anything but ordinary. Foodie gambling has taken center stage on the gaming scene and the winnings are guaranteed to be rich and addictive. Add an air of mystery to a meal that’s gotten way too predictable. Variety really is the spice of life!


No green thumb required for this jackpot of a gift … just a little lust for that green paper that seems to make the world go ’round, whether we like it or not! This origami-inspired arrangement just might be the answer to all your sister’s problems—for today at least—and maybe it will yield some even bigger returns around the bend. No matter the denomination, this practical present is a cash-lover’s dream come true!

Breathe new life into those tarnished trinkets buried deep in your sister’s jewelry box. Even the local pawn shop won’t be able to resist the glimmer unearthed after just one blast of this sterile steam bath. Powerful, efficient and hygienic, this piping hot sensation delivers a VIP treatment beyond compare. Give your sister a little license to dazzle and watch her light up the room!

Your sister may be the world record holder for moo goo gai pan take-out orders, but that doesn’t mean she can’t apply that same ambition to a more progressive enterprise on the culinary scene. These boxed meals feature fresh, nutritious ingredients that will inspire healthier eating and put a lid on that MSG consumption. Award her starved taste buds and support responsible land stewardship while you’re at it!

Is your sister’s home harboring some lethal gases? The tryptophan may not be to blame if Uncle Bob starts to nod off after that satiating Thanksgiving dinner. Air pollution can be much closer than you think, so why gamble with the respiratory health of near and dear loved ones? Take a stand against household smog and promote green living with this sensible investment.

Mamma mia! Homemade pizzas never tasted so good! Fire up that stovetop and get treated to a wholesome, lip-smacking meal that the whole family can savor. Toss up some dough and put the take-out menus to bed, this one-dish maestro means business. Margherita, mozzarella, mushrooms and meatballs. Pepperoni, pecorino, peppers and parmigiano. Move over Naples, pizza just claimed its new home!

That tub of Rocky Road ice cream might be a soothing escape, but it may be wreaking havoc on your sister’s gut health. Introduce her to homemade snacking made easy with this probiotic meal machine. A haven for good sources of bacteria, this countertop cooker will be pumping out personalized dishes of creamy, healthy perfection for the whole family to enjoy!


Treat your sister to a well-deserved break from the domestic confines of motherhood and award her with a ticket to freedom for just one evening. The kids could benefit from a little less mothering and a lot more FUN! Don’t neglect to fold the laundry, pick up all the toys and empty the dishwasher while you’re at it. Leave her home more spotless than you found it and be sure to get those little ones into bed on time so she doesn’t wake up to crankyville the next day!

Not to be confused with the slightly shorter ten-step addiction expert, this is the gold club for automotive enthusiasts and clueless drivers alike. A safety net for the mechanically impaired, AAA is the one-of-a-kind grease monkey support network that can be relied upon to save your sister’s life at any time of day or night. Vehicle recovery is just one call away. Give your sister the keys to self-help today!

People weren’t joking when they said this coffee is the sh#t. The undeniably rich, full-bodied flavor produced by these rare beans has redefined the food chain and flipped the coffee industry on its head. Perhaps one of the most imaginative adaptations of the farm-to-table movement, this coffee product is redefining waste management.

Put your sister’s map-reading skills to the test with this customizable trip tracker. This is the global positioning system that will both inspire new adventures and commemorate journeys past. She’ll be able to run her fingertips over all the terrain she’s covered and begin to chart her exploratory steps for future expeditions. Power down the navigational assistant and let your sister’s craving for adventure take flight.

If your sister finds grocery shopping to be a chore that takes up too much time, Amazon has solved the problem. The Amazon Magic Wand is Alexa for the kitchen and makes a trip to the supermarket a thing of the past. Scan in your barcodes or simply tell it what’s missing from your pantry and the Magic Wand will have it delivered to your door quicker than you can say, ‘Who drank the last of the milk?’.

The latest in DIY dairy products, this cheese lover’s dream will satisfy your sister’s creamy cravings and add a gourmet twist to stale, processed snacking sessions. Handmade goodness that will add a scrumptious slice of heaven to crispy crackers and baked breads, this culinary tutorial is perfect for cheesemongers at heart.

This smart cleansing machine might not eliminate the dirty content sucking up the data on your sister’s phone, but it will be sure to return sterile swiping to her wired existence. Personal device hygiene should not be overlooked by today’s touch-screen fanatics. A high-tech disinfectant, this ingenuous accessory will decontaminate wireless communication and restore cleanliness to the digital age.

Don’t let your sister be a slave to the stove! Unshackle her from food prep duty for at least one night with this helpful, nourishing dinner in a box. Well-balanced and simple, this hearty gift delivers immediate gratification and pure pleasure. “Soup”erbly delicious and comforting, why make meals more complicated than they need to be? Slurp away and enjoy!

The aroma of home-cooked donuts just might stave off your sister’s midlife crisis. An all-natural depression buster, these delectable treats are known to release some serious endorphins and inject glazed, sprinkled and powdered pleasure into mundane meals. A no-mess substitute for bagels and bran muffins, this do-it-yourself donut tray will never fail to disappoint. Anytime can be donut time with this handy baking buddy in your sister’s kitchen arsenal.

Go big or go home! This jumbo teddy will satisfy every sweet tooth this side of the Mississippi, and then some. Huggable, chewable nourishment for the kid in all of us, this colossal candy is the icing on everyone’s cake and the pinnacle of penny candy excess. Splurge on a gummy-licious gift that’s sure to please even the most discriminating sugar lovers.

Add a touch of taste to your sister’s dated interior with some inspirational, one-of-a-kind pieces that will provoke greater creativity in her everyday doings. She might not be schooled enough to discern the Picassos from the Pollocks, but it sure is a step up from “painting by numbers.” Give a timeless present that not only supports the starving artists of the world, but also raises the aesthetic standard on the domestic stage.

This floor-to-ceiling game piece is a winning addition to any family room. Return your sister to the golden age of the game show era and watch endless fun unfold. Gather the whole family around for a full-body workout. Your sister’s synapses will be all fired up as she shows off her wordsmith smarts. Get off the couch and join the life-size board game revolution!

What better way to help your sister get over her fear of heights but with this majestic, once-in-a-lifetime basket ride. Google Earth may take you around the world and back, but this bird’s eye adventure is magical, exhilarating and unforgettable. Unplug, unwind and levitate to new heights. Experience the freedom of unadulterated air travel and soar with the birds!

Release your sister from the monotony of the drive-thru and treat her to an elegant dining experience that will tantalize her taste buds and bring that little black dress back to life. A bottle of red, escargot, fondue and some cloth napkins will make your sister feel like she’s escaped to the Riviera. Award her with this ticket to fine living!

Raise a glass to this first-class flight companion. Bid farewell to dry air travel and say hello to libation liberation. This carry-on concoction set is all about taking refreshment into your own hands. Don’t be a slave to beverage cart delays! Reclaim hydration independence with a mature, refined approach that adds a whole new twist to the term “sky rewards.” Flying just got a whole lot easier!

This plush vest might look like the latest in Star Wars costume design, but don’t let its stately appearance fool you! With this regal pain reliever wrapped around her shoulders, your sister will feel like she’s been elevated to a higher state of being that doesn’t involve tight muscles, stiff joints and embarrassing posture. Neck tension doesn’t have to be a crippling experience with this portable masseuse on the job. Pain relief just got really stylish.

Commemorate special occasions with personalized elegance that will make your sister feel like the one-in-a-million princess that she is. Celebrate her exceptional uniqueness with understated charm and watch her gaze in amazement as the magical colors that mark her earthly arrival dance in the sun and reflect her unmatched beauty. This fail-proof present will complement any occasion and be a cherished heirloom for generations to come.

Your sister doesn’t have to be knocking on the pearly gates to benefit from this coveted monetary honor. Convey greater purpose with this everlasting gift and do some good in the world for a change! Your sister has enough silk scarves to outfit a caravan. Donations are meaningful and tax deductible. The sky’s the limit with this generous gesture. Open up those pockets and pay it forward.

Add a splash of scented hydration to your sister’s morning routine. Wash away her cranky demeanor with some natural oils that will freshen her up from head to toe. The stale smells of that outdated potpourri sachet will be a thing of the past once this aromatic spray mate kicks on. Give the daily bathroom grind a refreshing facelift and stimulate a little full-body healing.

Floaties are optional for this therapeutic bath. Stimulate your sister to the core with an out-of-this-world flotation experience. Safe, peaceful and restorative, this water treatment capsule will help to wash away her tension and debilitating pain as the healing waters rejuvenate her from within. Give your sister the gift of good health. Water is life.

Throw caution to the wind and engage in some mature hell-raising that will restore a sense of adventure to your sister’s washed-up social life. Pool-hopping and cow-tipping may have been reliable sources of entertainment in years past, but adulthood demands more sophisticated expressions of hedonism. It’s time to celebrate the prime of life with some serious merrymaking that may just add a few more well-earned gray hairs to the collection.

Now this is a handheld shower massager your sister can really wrap her hands around. A cleaning tool that will exceed her wildest expectations, this hardworking brush will tackle those hard-to-reach spots with perfect execution and unrivaled efficiency. No job is too ambitious for this zealous wand. A dirt-loving devil with a thirst for grime, domestic duties will be done in no time!

Appeal to the material side of fun and indulge your trend-setting sister in some hedonistic, haute couture entertainment. So what if her closets are busting at the seams, there’s always room for that extra pair of designer jeans and some famous label dresses. Whip out that plastic and take pleasure in some serious swiping and tap-and-pay consumerism. Max out the fun factor and celebrate sisterhood with some good ole fashioned excess!

This stress-relieving personal masseuse is a budget-friendly way to tell your sister to take a chill pill. Give her the permission to lock herself away and just give relaxation a chance. Foolproof and addictive, this handheld wand will release layers of tension and maybe even give that flat mop of hers some much-needed volume. Whole body wellness starts at home.

Grilling doesn’t have to be a seasonal pastime anymore. This creative addition to your barbeque repertoire will bring the oven to the patio and some deliciously baked goods to the chef’s outdoor menu. The irresistible flavor of brick-oven fare will redefine your backyard and inject some home-cooked aroma into the too often smoky, greasy smells of the charcoal circuit. Who knew cooking out could be so refined?

Who says MacGyver gets to have all the fun? Arm your sister with some life-saving gear that will make those back woods outings that much more safe. Your parents will finally get a good night’s sleep knowing she’s protected and ready for any potential mishap along the way. Packed with essentials, this mighty car accessory delivers peace of mind for years to come.

An “egg”cellent addition to your sister’s entertaining arsenal, this multi-purpose machine will be sure to meet the daily protein requirement, and then some! Give Denny’s a little competition with the finest scrambled eggs, Western omelette and dropped egg on toast to hit the breakfast-anytime scene. Bring the hatchery home and experience the wealth of dishes that will grace the table of any meal and please guests at every occasion.

It’s no coincidence David Copperfield happens to have a precious metal in his surname. This spellbinding gadget takes all the torture and toxins out of laborious polishing work and frees up more time so your sister can host some high-end tea parties and gaze at her reflection in fingerprint-free finishes. Better than a live-in butler, this hat trick will pass the white glove test every time.

Timeless and eclectic, this celestial necklace will adorn your sister’s neckline with a dreamy, yet conscious style that will capture the gaze of admirers. The gravitational pull of the planetary jewels will bring a grounding effect to her days and otherworldliness to her nights. Transcend the ordinary and go beyond with this galactic gift!

Unless you want your front door to trigger thoughts of Super 8, it’s time to upgrade to smart home living. An economical solution with safety and aesthetics in mind, this full-exposure gatekeeper is a no-brainer replacement for outdated peepholes. Keep tabs on trespassers and trick-or-treaters and censor entry to only those you recognize and trust. Home security made simple!

If those homegrown massages are causing pains to linger a bit longer than expected, chances are your masseuse-in-training needs a tad more study time. This irreplaceable guide takes readers on an anatomical journey that charts every inch of the human body with artistic genius and incredible detail. Plunge into the mysteries of our incredible physique and gain insights on pain relief and the miraculous healing powers that originate from within.