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They say robot romance is just a few short years away. Until then, give appliance love a shot. This affectionate waffle maker is all heart and will never fail to deliver warm, delicious comfort, even at five o’clock in the morning. Never cranky and always ready to please, this breakfast essential knows how to hit the spot. Joy can work its way into just about anything. What are you waiting for?

So your sister thinks she’s tough, huh? Well, she’s no match for these passive aggressive stuffies. Help to tame her dark side with Chucky’s scary pet patrol. With just enough bite to keep your sister in check, these frisky companions bring order and predictability and can actually soften unruly emotions. With just one gentle squeeze of the head, this toothy disciplinarian will shut down temper tantrums for good!

Just the emergency poncho alone is enough reason to splurge on this handy-dandy lifesaving satchel. Once she cracks open those light sticks, your sister will be jumping her battery in true style and bringing some much-needed illumination to the dreaded shoulder of the road. Outfit her vehicle with these self-help essentials. Don’t let her go it alone!

Avoid the blistering pain and embarrassment of yet another sunburn with this pocket-sized viewer. The latest beach bag essential to hit the sunbathing scene, this advanced lifesaver will give your sister the peace of mind she needs every time she soaks up some Vitamin D. Accurate and waterproof, this is a no-brainer for today’s sun worshippers.

Intriguing, stylish and the latest in belt-clip accessories, this scented bug shield will treat those mosquitoes to the potpourri of their worst nightmares. Off with the sticky balms and chemical-laden aerosols! Engage with nature with sophistication and ease and be the envy of all at the summer band concert series. Inhumane bug zappers are no match for the power contained in this benevolent breeze.

If your sister has always dreamed of wielding a light saber, this powerful beam just might fit her fancy! Best when not pointed in a loved one’s direction, this powerhouse of illumination will penetrate darkness with impeccable precision and provide a clear and safe path out of harm’s way. The weapon of choice for any dark alley, thick forest or deserted road outing, this superhero outperforms any other handheld lanterns on the market today.

What good are all the thousands your sister has shelled out on teeth whitening treatments if her toothbrush is as filthy as the toilet bowl? This portable sanitizer will rid those bristles of all the microscopic guck and grime that remains invisible to the naked eye, but can still wreak havoc on her health. Legitimately fresh breath can be hers with this expert on oral hygiene. Show those pearly whites, Sis’!

Fire pits sure look inviting, but let’s face it, who wants to smell like charred charcoal and smoldering soot when they crawl into bed at night? Experience the beauty of fire with this classy, odor-free design that can complement any extracurricular activity or intimate affair. Toss the pokers and the bellows and clear the table … this stunning centerpiece is on fire!

Vacuuming will no longer feel like a chore with this powerful canister strapped to your sister’s back. Liberating and sporty, this dust-defeating, crumb-eating soldier of suction is strictly reserved for today’s most ambitious, anal-retentive housekeepers. The latest in domestic fitness regimens, this lightweight apparatus will strengthen your sister’s core while reducing unsightly nicks on walls and unnecessary scratches on floors. Tidiness redefined.

Quirky and nostalgic, this giant ticker will anchor any living space and double as a timepiece and a burglar deterrent. Your sister will never feel lonely again with this elevated kitty that keeps watch (and time) at all hours of the night. With a passion for fun and punctuality, this revered clock will delight young and old alike and add whimsical flair to every moment of her day.

A perfect marriage of digital photography and the iconic, sorely missed Polaroid camera experience, this is the gift your sister has been waiting for! Treasured memories captured with advanced picture technology can now be held in the palm of her hand and easily shared with loved ones. Photography is best experienced in person and in hard copy, not just on the virtual cloud or in split-second renderings. Tangible keepsakes are making a comeback!

What other diversion affords the opportunity to let out both bloodcurdling screams and unrestrained giggling while indulging in sweet candy treats? Invite your sister on a memorable adventure to carnie land and watch the effects of premature aging just drip off her face. Embrace the carefree silliness of youth and give her a little license to check out for a few hours. Responsibility can wait. Slap on that wristband and hop on the ride of a lifetime.

The best friggin’ postmarked mail you’ll ever receive, these sweet treats are a sure hit for any occasion. All it takes is some sprinkles, frosting and moist, bite-size cake to brighten your sister’s day. Send her a dozen and keep the pastry party going all week long. So much more exciting than packaged jams and preserves, these little jars of joy are pleasure, guaranteed!

There’s a certain something missing from your sister’s snack lineup. It hops, has big hind legs and long antennae. That buzzing in her ear shouldn’t be confused with a bad case of tinnitus … it’s a gentle reminder of the best darn source of protein yet to hit your sister’s palate. Insert some nutrient-packed insects into her diet and reduce her carbon footprint in the process. Once she gets the bug, her tummy will be chirping a happy tune!

Take your sister’s taste buds on a unique sensory experience with these flavor-induced forks. Easily upgrade bland fare with a potpourri of exotic scents and enhance flavorful dishes with added tones that will challenge her senses and expand her tasting abilities. Flatware doesn’t have to be flat on taste. Pump up the volume of ordinary meals and embark on a whole new eating adventure.

Not for the faint of heart, this ghoulish piece will deliver time like no other clock out on the market. Frightfully delightful, the spooky details screaming from every inch of this collector’s item will mark every hour with a chill and add a splash of gore to that special corner of your sister’s home. Don’t let another day tick by without a little freakish fun!

A year’s supply of mouthwash and party mix is precisely what your sister has been waiting for! This bulk-buyer’s VIP pass will stock every square foot of her home with all the essentials and what-if amenities she could ever need. She’ll never run out of toilet paper again with this all-access ticket to the ultimate in consumerism. Jumbo pack of Q-tips? Check. Tub of pretzels? Check. 5-year razor supply? Check. Now this is shopping!

Who has time for trial and error? Folks today demand fast-acting, proven solutions to their everyday conundrums. A modern stand-in for the tried and trusted Farmer’s Almanac, this back pocket companion is more reliable than your great-grandmother and more concise than an open-ended Google search. Believe it or not, some of the “smartest” solutions have been around for ages.

Just when you thought summertime couldn’t get any cooler! A must-have on the frozen treat scene, this jolly invention combines icy refreshment with old-fashioned enjoyment. Step aside, drippy ice cream cones, these hydration-packed desserts deliver instant fun and won’t do a job on your sister’s gut. Classics never go out of style!

The honest truth is that plain jane water just doesn’t cut it anymore—especially in times when unique sensory experiences are in high demand. Add a little “punch” to your sister’s boring hydration routine and subtract the saccharin and sketchy color enhancements. Protect whatever’s left of your sister’s teeth enamel and give staining fruit juices and soda pop the boot! The next trick will be to convince her brain that you’re the best darn thing since sliced bread.

Contain the fungal spores multiplying in your sister’s fridge with these ingenious protective sleeves. Mold might be a naturally occurring substance, but that doesn’t mean it should be invading her finely crafted tea sandwiches. Leave the fuzz to the peaches and check that chalky residue coating her favorite cheddars. The deli drawer deserves a little TLC, don’t you think?

Big ideas can change the world, but so do small acts. Not all of us can create the next Google or reinvent the energy industry, but we can all be better at being human. This international, online-integrated card game provides the ideas and the motivation for your sister to spread goodwill everywhere she goes, one act at a time.

Some sisters are just impossible. If you want to avoid getting the look that says, “I don’t understand why you ever thought I would like this,” then get her an iTunes gift card. There’s no shame in that. There’s also no risk, unless she doesn't like music, in which case she's probably not human anyway.

Help your sister get away and recharge in a faraway place where nobody knows her and she can act however she wants with virtually no longstanding social repercussions. Because when things get tough, evacuation is usually the only solution.

Standard hotels are convenient and something of a social institution, but when it comes down to it they’re all the same, except that in the cheaper ones the desk clerks are a little creepier and the maids are drunker. Airbnb takes the predictability out of travel lodging and replaces it with an endless variety of unique experiences. For sisters who appreciate the human touch.

When traveling, some people really like an element of predictability to anchor their experience in an unfamiliar place. With a recognizable name like Hilton, you know exactly what to expect. Unfortunately, that name and that predictability come at a premium. You can help take the sting out of a vacation’s most expensive element by picking up the tab ahead of time.

Back in the old days you were really rolling the dice when you chose a hotel. Either you called blindly after skimming the phone book or simply drove all night and hoped you saw a vacancy sign before you ran out of gas and got murdered by a vagrant. A gift card is not just a way of picking up the tab for a night’s stay; it’s also the priceless gift of peace of mind.

Stir up a little healthy competition and engage in some well-needed unplugged time with this family classic. Too tired to finish the game? No problem! This contest can rally for days, weeks, months even—as long as it takes to score the perfect word. Up the ante with some high-stakes wagering and watch the real fun unfold. Board games are back!

Take decorating to a whole new dimension with this spectacular light display. Intrigue passersby with these dangling diamonds lighting up the night sky. Distant life forms might be compelled to communicate once they catch a glimpse of these streaming signals. This is mood lighting redefined and on the move.