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For the fifty-year-old foodie who loves eating (perhaps a little too much), these unusual forks claim to enhance flavors by bringing the senses in the nose into play. Inspired by elephants? Possibly. But this chemistry set/cutlery gift is the perfect choice for anyone who never grew out of playing with their food.


Well, it was quite a long time ago now – they’d probably appreciate the reminder! Guaranteed to bring a tear to your recipient’s eye, this gift is a great excuse to go and visit their friends and relatives to get them to dish the dirt from their childhood, and be offered a zillion snacks along the way. Yay!

Imagine pointing to a tiny, glittering speck in the sky and saying to your 50-year-old on their birthday, ‘that’s yours, the Alex James star’. Of course, you won’t really have a clue which star is theirs, you probably wouldn’t be able to see it anyway, but they’re sure to be touched, and that’s all that matters.

It’s hard to stay active and moving around when you’re chained to a desk with work all day, so consider giving them this Under-Desk Elliptical machine on which they can pedal away all day, working up a sweat and staring at spreadsheets. At least until coworkers complain.

Breaking down and having to call your dad for help is bad enough at 16 – by 50, you’ve outgrown that drama. The gift of an AAA Membership will mean they don’t even need to admit they had an auto-related problem – allowing them to retain the aura of cool, calm and collected adult, who has their s**t together. Ha!

Is the birthday guy or gal planning some home remodeling? No need for expensive contractors - with these giant legos they can build it themselves. This gift will rekindle their childhood imagination and provide them with the pride of actually building something they use. Perhaps a lego kitchen island or coffee table would be just the thing to bring their decor together?

For the coolest 50-year-old you know! (We’re sorry, we had to). This all-singing, all-dancing cool box might cost as much as some first cars, but with features including a built-in ice blender, Bluetooth speaker, USB charger and a bottle opener, we’re sure they’ll love it more than any vehicle. Plus, it has wheels, so if they really wanted to…

Well, they’ve made it to their 50th birthday, so they’re obviously doing something right (either that or they’ve been very lucky, and have good friends!) Still, with the zombie apocalypse on the horizon, it can’t hurt to know this stuff, and it’s sure to make your recipient feel like James Bond – a much needed pick-me-up, we’re sure!

The last thing anyone wants to do after a long day is wrack their brains trying to figure out what to drown their sorrows with. That’s really the last straw. With this beautiful, handcrafted set of drunk dice, the decisions are over. One more obstacle obliterated.

Chances are, your 50-year-old will have tried a lot of wine in their time, and experienced many a disappointing Sauvignon. Now, with this crafty kit, they can make their own supply, exactly to their taste (after a few trial-runs, we’re sure). Why not get them a white lab coat too, for the full Breaking Bad experience!

Here’s some art that really grows on you. A hanging garden that can be placed on any wall in the house, it can add a bit of unexpected life to an interior space. The frame comes decked out with easy-to-care-for succulents, so you don’t have to worry about giving this to someone with a brown thumb.

We all know draft beer tastes better, but for those horrifying situations when there’s only bottled on offer, save your recipient from a fate worse than death with this flavor-enhancing gift. It even adds gas (we’re sorry). Give this to them for their 50th birthday, and they’ll be happily hiccupping through delicious draft-like ale in no time.

By the time they get to 50, a regular Starbucks just won’t cut it anymore. Their worldly-wise eyes need copious amounts of caffeine, just to remain open for more than a few minutes. Treat them to this super-sized coffee cup, and watch them bound around with the energy of someone half their age. Coffee, we salute you.

Who doesn’t love sitting around a campfire, toasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories? By the time their 50th birthday rolls around, we bet they’ve done this a fair few times (before social media, it was all they had). But now, they’re at the age where all those flames and smoke really doesn’t agree with them. Enter the modern-day, dishwasher-safe alternative.

Every 50-year-old is a secret chess player – somehow, they all just know how to do it. Like ironing. But, not everyone can play vertical chess. That takes skill, courage and a feat of gravity. Give this to your chess-playing 50-year-old (don’t worry, that’s all of them), and watch them rise to the challenge.

If your recipient has recently been complaining that a regular vacuum cleaner just doesn’t cut it anymore (in the face of all these ‘modern’ germs), consider this practical 50th birthday gift. But, only if you’ve heard them say these words, or something very similar. A cleaning product can be a risky gift, if not requested.

Send them up, up and away for their 50th birthday with this exciting gift experience – they’ll love celebrating with a glass of champagne in a flying basket! Much better than that semi-deflated helium balloon you got them for their 40th, and less likely to be rejected than that skydive you’re getting them for their 60th.

Chances are, your recipient might be feeling a bit agitated on their 50th birthday. They’ve been alive for half a century, and what have they achieved? What is the point of life?! Calm them down with these soothing, hypnotic jellyfish. ‘Look into the tentacles, count to 3… that’s better’. Who knew deadly sea creatures could be so relaxing?

Sure, we lived for hundreds of thousands of years without electricity, but that’s not the point. The next time they’re in the middle of baking a casserole and a squirrel falls in the wires at the power plant, don’t make them resort to eating lettuce and raw cookie dough for dinner.

Is your 50-year-old mostly made up of coffee? Do they start to twitch violently if they can’t get their morning dose of the brown stuff? Do you want to give your birthday recipient the best, most luxurious coffee they’ve had in 50 years? Get them this. You don’t need to go into detail about how it’s made.

We all know someone who loves snow cones. But, here’s the secret: They’re just shaved ice! With this machine, ice cubes they have in their freezer, that they made for free – yes, free – can become delicious, homemade snow cones, also for free. And they’ve spent the last fifty years buying them, like some chump?!

Just in case the aforementioned book didn’t work, or was missing some essential information about what to do if attacked by giant flesh-eating spiders (we’re just kidding – this book doesn’t tell you that either. The world is woefully underprepared for the giant flesh-eating spider invasion). But still, these secrets could prove useful to your 50-year-old in the meantime.

Want to totally boggle their mind on their 50th birthday? Give them these confusing tablets that alter taste and make sour things sweet. Balsamic vinegar? Suddenly delicious! Their birthday gin and bitter lemon? Tastes just like lemonade! Which is fabulous for the first five, but then… we’ll get the bucket.

The thought of turning 50 might leave them wanting to be beamed up but logic dictates that after a long soak in the bath, they’ll slip on this plush, warm bathrobe and be ready to live long and prosper. An absolutely enterprising gift for any closet or not-so-closet Star Trek fan.

It’s finally happening. The robot revolution has begun. And they’re starting with our floors. Making them all clean and spotless, so we feel inferior at our own vacuuming ability, perhaps we even slip on their shininess. And oh, how they’ll laugh. Resistance is futile, you might as well embrace it, and start gifting them to all your friends.

For the alternative 50-year-old who’ll try anything once, why not pop them in a local isolation tank and deprive them of their senses for an hour or so, see what happens? It might make them feel super relaxed and chilled-out about turning fifty. Or, it might just make them feel lucky to be alive when you finally let them out!

Because apparently when you hit 50, you feel compelled to start inspecting your face from all angles for new signs of wear and tear, and your hair for new silver highlights. This unforgiving mirror will almost certainly contribute to their impending existential crisis – but, at least they won’t have a hair out of place!

Hey, this person you’re shopping for has been around for half a century - that’s a lot of cleaning, shopping and generally life-maintaining! They’ve earned the right to put their feet up for a bit. And no, you can’t just choose the things you want to do. We saw you eyeing up that theme park coupon…

Sure, they could just make the same list on their smartphone, and never print it. Or they could use a pen. But people turning fifty have been wanting a Voice Activated Grocery List Maker since they saw that article about life in the 21st century 40+ years ago, and, goshdarnit, they should get one.

Most 50-year-olds enjoy at least the occasional beer, and if yours is no exception, consider this unique gift which allows them to brew their own. You know the old saying, food always tastes better when you cook it yourself? Yeah, that doesn’t necessarily apply with beer - sometimes it turns out nasty. But they’ll have fun trying!

A normal magic wand makes things disappear. This one makes them appear on your doorstep, though it takes a couple of days. That’s how magic works in the digital age: it’s a little slower, but it gets you stuff you actually want. The old magic just got you a rabbit or something and left you confused. They’ll like this a lot more.

Flying can be a traumatic experience, especially for the over fifties – it’s so much faster than the horse and cart they grew up with. Help settle their nerves before take-off with this sophisticated cocktail accessory gift. All they need to do then is stock up at duty free, and they’ll be in the Maldives before they know it!

Fact: The older and more experienced you get, the better this game becomes. We guarantee that giving this to someone for their 50th birthday will unearth a hoard of juicy secrets and skeletons in their closet. Maybe just not one for a close relation – do you really want to know whether your mum/uncle/sister has ever been skinny-dipping…?

If you can’t afford a spa retreat for your recipient on their 50th birthday, consider this piece of bathroom apparatus as the next best thing. After all, who needs a $100 an hour massage session, feeling awkward in a minuscule towel and emerging glistening like a seal, when you could just take a shower?

Depending on how much of a receding hairline your 50-year-old has, you may not want to give them something that could potentially encourage more strands to abandon their follicles. But if they’re still looking quite fluffy up top (or that ship has already sailed), this oddly relaxing, spider-like massager should be well received.

As anyone facing their 50th birthday is all too aware, aches and pains are a daily part of life. This Inflatable Heated Whirlpool Spa can help soothe those ever present annoyances without breaking the bank. It might even make them feel like 40 again!

Yeah, we weren’t too sure about this one either, but it’s certainly unique. And they’re unlikely to already have one. For the 50-year-old homeowner who’s started to find the regular doorbell just a little too abrasive for their increasingly fragile nerves, this soothing musical guest-announcer could be just the gift you’ve been looking for. Saved by the… harp?

Back in their day, all they had was a quill and ink, a scroll of stained parchment, and the flickering glow of candlelight… Ok, we may have gone back a little too far. But the point is, there wasn’t anything like this. And for the artistic 50-year-old, this pen presents limitless possibilities.

Perhaps you feel that undisguised love is just gross. For you, the proper way to show your feelings is through verbal abuse, because it gets the point across without making anyone’s skin crawl. You’d only speak this way to someone you really care about, and everyone knows it.

One for the BBQ kings out there! By the time they reach fifty, they’ve hopefully established themselves as a master of outdoor cooking (if not they need to have a word with themselves). But it’s time to take it to the next level. The Skewer Flipper will allow them to create perfect kebabs, every time.

Hey, they’re about to turn 50 - they’ve probably been around the block a bit. They almost definitely have a favorite place, or at least a place that’s special to them. And what else do 50-year-olds love? That’s right, jigsaws! (Or at least, if they don’t yet, they will do soon – it happens to us all eventually).

Finally, after 50 years of indecisiveness, your recipient will now be able to make important life choices in mere seconds with this helpful device. Should they buy their daughter a car? Is it worth paying for Alex’s college fees? Should they have that fifth glass of wine? (The answer to all three is ‘no’, but they’ll do it anyway).

This is the real stuff. You don’t start off drinking 50 year old whisky. No, you buy the cheap stuff,  then maybe the fancier stuff, and once in a while the good stuff comes your way. But a liquor that’s aged for 50 years, like a human, is on a whole other level. This has to be earned by living.

Keeping practical supplies in the car in case of emergency is something we all should do – yet many people get to fifty without adding so much as a band-aid to their car’s inventory. That’s right, in the event of a blizzard, those store receipts won’t save you. Shocking, we know. This Auto Survival Kit on the other hand…

A gift that was funny on the 40th birthday becomes a grim reality on the 50th, as your favorite person turning fifty slides into senior citizenship. All the retirees at the bingo parlor will know that a new player is on the scene when they whip out their own dauber and start listening for their letters and numbers.

50 years, including leap years, comes out to be exactly 18,250 days. But here’s the thing: you can get this mug for any age, so while it does make a great 50th birthday gift, it would also be just as good for, like, a 27th birthday (9855 days), or any other birthday for that matter. We’re just saying.

What better gift for a 50th birthday (or any birthday really) than the power of creation? Ideal for the 50-year-old who loves to tinker in the garage, paint, build sculptures or who has ever aspired to build themselves a new house, or own a yacht – now they can just print it! (Ok, it’s maybe not quite that simple…)

This self-contained eco-system in a glass is sure to get any scientific 50-year-old’s nature senses tingling. Particularly good if they’ve always wanted a pet, but fear the responsibility – these new shrimp and algae friends require zero maintenance, and can be carried around in their pocket for creepy hugs on the go.

If money’s no object and your recipient has a large hootenanny sized space in their house just waiting to be filled, look no further than this luxury musical gift. With a host of instruments and thousands of songs to choose from, your 50-year-old will be partying away every night! Note: their neighbors might not be quite so thrilled.

For the 50-year-old who’s always dragging you to sushi restaurants on your nights out, then casually spearing bits of rice and fish with chopsticks and speaking Japanese, this make-your-own sushi tool is the perfect 50th birthday gift. Now, they’ll be able to invite you over to their house to casually spear rice and fish and speak Japanese. At least you’ll save money.

For all the hardcore, dinosaur-loving 50-year-olds out there! (And we do mean, hardcore.) They’ll need to eat, sleep and breathe dinosaurs, as well as own at least a small mansion with a 15 x 40ft space for a Tyrannosaurus Rex. You’ll need to be a multi-millionaire, and prepared to splash some cash on hugely impressive, but ultimately useless gifts.

After 50 years of washing up, they’ve probably had enough. Let’s be honest, most of us are over it by our mid-twenties. But using paper plates is so bad for environment. What’s the answer? Edible tableware of course! Start small with these edible cups, then cutlery, and for their 60th, a delicious table and chair set…

For 50 years, they’ve been mixing their own cocktails, the old-fashioned way. All that free-pouring. All that guesswork. The amount of times they’ve served a Cosmo that was too orangey, or a Mojito that was almost pure rum (ah, what a night that was!) Happily, technology can now control this part of our lives as well.

If they don’t know how to do these things by now, chances are they’re too embarrassed to ask. How to change a tire? How to make scrambled eggs? How can any self-respecting 50-year-old ask these and not be mocked? Give them this book on the sly, and you could save them from their hidden shame.

There’s nothing sadder than a gardener without a garden. This vertical indoor planter is the perfect 50th birthday gift for someone whose green-fingers are itching to sow, tend and water, but who lives in an apartment block and just doesn’t have the outdoor space usually required. Now they can garden on their kitchen wall!

Everyone loves pizza, which means you literally can’t go wrong with this culinary gift! Well, we mean, in an ideal world, they probably would have preferred a trip to Italy, to stroll along the Amalfi Coast, bathing in Mediterranean sunshine and stopping at a traditional pizzeria for their 50th birthday meal, but hey – we do what we can.

Make them feel like they’re dining out in a posh restaurant every night with the gift of this giant peppermill. If you’re feeling really generous, you could even be their waiter for the evening, as a special 50th birthday treat - ‘More pepper, sir? Fine or coarse?’

‘You know, it’s a calliope! Those musical circus carts they had back when you were a kid! I’m sure it said they were from the mid-19th Century… oh. My bad. Um…’ Ok, so it isn’t quite from their era, but this musical gift is sure to put a smile on the face of any historically-inclined 50-year-old.

When you hit 50, you have to start being a bit more careful with how much raw chicken you’re consuming – perhaps dropping quantities from 3 to 2 pinkish wings per day. This food freshness detector will help them decide when the risk of Salmonella is too high for them to properly enjoy their meal.

You’ll have to explain to them that this is the modern-day equivalent of feeding up your carrier pigeon to make him speedier… ok, maybe not. But on a serious note, this is the kind of practical gift that anyone living in the 21st Century (and in sunny climes) is sure to appreciate, including your 50-year-old.

Have the last few dinner parties hosted by your 50-year-old been a bit, well, lackluster? It’s time to take charge and change this forever by giving them the awesome gift of a fondue maker! They’ll feel obliged to use it when you visit, and how could a pot of communal melted cheese or chocolate not improve any social situation?

Kombucha is the ancient art of making tea into something half the people who try it will love and the other half will vomit back onto your carpet. The people who love it are objectively correct, because it makes you live forever (almost). Anyone who has fallen head over heels for it will do the same for you if you buy them this homebrew kit.

If you’re a raging chocoholic (which is at least 92% of the population, based on our completely made-up survey), why not give your 50th birthday recipient this delicious cocoa-scented soap, to make them smell like a chocolatier. Please do your best to resist licking them.

For the practical 50-year-old, who likes to be well-prepared in case of emergencies like hurricanes, tsunamis or running out of battery and not being able to FaceTime their friends, this emergency charger and radio is a no-brainer. They’ll be able to safely Snapchat their way through the next natural disaster / zombie apocalypse, all thanks to you.

If they’re anything like us, they’re not wild about some anonymous person manhandling their pork. The problem is, of course, that someone has to turn it into bacon. A make your own bacon kit is the perfect gift for someone who really wants to take control of their lives, starting with the most important parts.

Just what they need to get rid of 50 years of grime on their prized jewels (ok, their wedding ring), this hi-tech jewelry cleaner will ensure their wrists and neck sparkle for years to come. Plus, it can also be used to clean dentures and eyeglasses – which let’s face it, will probably come in handy soon!

Chocolates used to (and perhaps still do) come from factories run by shady recluses and populated by obese midget slaves. Or at least that’s what the video evidence suggests. But it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. Stick it to big business by giving your 50-year-old this home chocolate making kit and help them join the artisan revolution. A whole new way to make chocolate “guilt free”.

One day soon, artificial intelligence is going to be a reality, and the machines are going to take everything. Until then, you might as well get as much out of these bastards as you can. Here’s a robot who will make fully-customizable drinks until he knows better.

Nothing says ‘Hoppy’ Birthday like some beer soap – because now that they’re 50, they’ve earned the right to let go of conventional hygiene restrictions that have held them back their entire life. Mint and tea tree shower gel is for kids.

For the 50-year-old who is your sun, moon, stars and whole universe, who your life orbits around, why not show them how much they mean to you with this space-themed jewelry piece? And if they don’t like it you can just tell them to stick it up Uranus.

A real conversation starter, this unique 50th birthday gift is made by and supports veterans, and might pique the interest of an ex-military or historically-minded recipient. Now, they can use an actual bullet to crack open a well-deserved beer at the end of the day. Which, surely, is a much better use for it than originally intended.

Different people learn in different ways. Not respecting those differences is a major reason the public education system has failed us so terribly. Some people learn visually, some learn by mimicking, and some learn by beer. This book is for the last group.