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Some might consider it the ultimate display of human privilege to begin claiming faraway stars just because we have a few extra dollars in our pockets. But once you realize that the universe is far bigger than you think it is, you’ll cool off a little. There’s more than enough to go around for everybody. Several billion times over. So go ahead and give someone a little piece of the cosmic pie. Nothing to get all riled up about.

Give the gift of beauty with a piece of original artwork from Artsy. These are not prints. This is the real thing, suitable for mature adults with refined tastes, like a retired person is supposed to have. Of course, some of the stuff here maybe isn’t all that refined, but at least it is original.

What a way to walk off into the sunset! These fashionable flip-flops allow the new retiree to leave a trail of words like breadcrumbs down the beach beckoning one and all to follow along and bring some suds to share.

It can be dicey to rely on your 401k or social security check these days. Better fortify them right off the bat with a little old fashioned green paper money. It may not grow on trees, but you sure as hell can put it there yourself. They’re not going to give a damn, as long as they’re the ones doing the pickin’.

Retirement is all about finding a new perspective. After many decades of being earthbound, everything probably looks about the same from down here. A helicopter ride gives you a unique viewpoint, both above and up-close, letting you see things the way few people get to see them. It’s probably the closest they’ll ever get to being a superhero.

Just like a snake sheds its own skin, retirement is the time when they can finally get rid of that stuffy old identity that served them so well for all these years. The one that made them seem dependable, reliable, and competent, and kept them employed throughout their working life (hopefully). Because deep down inside, we all know it’s killing them. This is not a deck of business cards. This is a portal into an alternate universe where their wildest dreams of bizarre and exciting professional identities all come true.

Freedom from unwanted responsibility is great, but the truth is that feeding ducks gets old after a while, even if you really like ducks. Movies take a lot longer to get old, but they’re not cheap. A little head start would certainly be appreciated.

Nothing makes your luggage stand out against all the other schmucks’ tattered old raggedy bags like a shiny brass luggage tag. The perfect gift for the sophisticated globetrotter who likes to travel in style. Use up to five lines of text to list their name, address, phone number, favorite superhero, spirit animal, most embarrassing moment — whatever they (or you) want to permanently engrave. The most distinguished way to keep the grubby little hands of the unwashed masses off their personal belongings at the airport.

In classier quarters this might be called a “decanter.” But the built-in stupidity of a decanter is that it’s really just a big glass you’re not allowed to drink out of. You see, in the genteel world of wine, “classy” consists of adding unnecessary steps to what should be a simple process. Of course, bourgeois society has attached all kinds of stigma to drinking straight from the bottle, so some kind of compromise is necessary. And that compromise is right here.

Brewing beer sounds fun, but ask anyone who’s tried it and they’ll tell you that it takes a lot of boring cleaning and babysitting of the brew to do it right. Add to that the difficulty of getting consistent, reproducible results, and it just makes sense to let this clever machine do the work. Watch the home brew progress from phone or tablet while taking it easy.

Back in the old days you were really rolling the dice when you chose a hotel. Either you called blindly after skimming the phone book or simply drove all night and hoped you saw a vacancy sign before you ran out of gas and got murdered by a vagrant. A gift card is not just a way of picking up the tab for a night’s stay; it’s also the priceless gift of peace of mind.

The classic party game where everyone either reveals reputation-demolishing secrets about their past or shamelessly lies to save face. Depending on the temperament of the various participants, it can make for an hour or so of good-natured ribbing, or it can devolve into closet doors being flung open to reveal hideous skeletons beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. In other words, it’s rip-roaring fun. But depending on your own personal history, you may want to sit this one out.

Here's a gift for the older person struggling to keep up with all the latest texting lingo the young whipper-snappers are using. Much of it doesn't really apply to them anyway, unless they were to write something like "ROFL and can't get up" which should really be written ROFLACGU. Here's a set of senior texting codes that will make a whole lot more sense to them, conveniently printed as a cheat sheet on this handy coffee mug. They'll find plenty of useful shortcuts like BTW (bring the wheelchair), BFF (best friend's funeral), and WTFA (wet the furniture again).

Day to day life can get a little lonely for some retirees who are used to interacting with lots of people in the workplace. Why not give them a new friend to talk to? Alexa will never grow tired of their conversations and is always willing to endure their pointless anecdotes.

If you know someone retiring with 30 or more years of service to the federal government, civilian or military, perhaps a letter from a President of the United States is in order. Have their favorite leader commemorate their retirement with this one of a kind gift.


It can be overwhelming, after years of keeping a strict schedule, to suddenly have to manage your own time. Give a new retiree the gift of structure by having their coworkers fill their schedule for them. It will be nice to have a slew of activities to fill their suddenly voluminous free time, but the best part may be the satisfaction of blowing off people who have been annoying the crap out of them for years.

You could just get them a gift card to a spa or for a massage, but why not go for a more interesting experience like cryotherapy? It’s basically a box you get into to get blasted by ridiculously cold air for a short period of time. Advocates say that the treatment rejuvenates the body and helps repair tissue damage. If your town doesn't have a cryotherapy place yet you could try a bathtub full of ice and a big fan.


Neckties are the corsets of the corporate world. But instead of making you look sexy it just feels like you’re being strangled by a very weak person. After this goes on for decades at a time, it’s understandable that some hostility might build up, even if that daily strangler was placed there time and again by one’s own hand. Emotional projection can be a healthy retirement gift.

Here are two things we know about old retired men: 1) They like to play golf. 2) They have to pee a lot more often than younger folk. The golf club urinal solves the second thing so they can focus on the first. It even comes with a towel so nobody gets arrested.

If our digitally interconnected world is good for one thing, it’s raising other people’s money. In the age of Facebook, Patreon, and Kickstarter, nobody has to go it alone anymore. They might have a nice nest egg already, but why not sweeten the pot a little? With PlumFund you can raise money for a retirement gift so you can keep more of your own.


It’s never too late to learn new tricks. The great American safety net isn’t quite what it was cracked up to be, and retirees get to learn that when the social security checks come rolling in. But don’t feel sorry for them. Hobos have been getting by on far less for as long as anyone can remember. Time to put together a nice starter kit.

How to Pick the Right Retirement Gifts

Buying great retirement gifts for your boss, coworker, mentor, friend, or family member doesn’t have to be a chore. The best way to delight someone who’s about to embark on the grand adventure of retirement is to pick a gift that shows how much you appreciate all the hard work they put in, and that shows some thoughtfulness too.

Retirement signals a massive life change, and different people react to it in different ways. Choosing a meaningful retirement gift is all about showing that you cared enough to buy something that will make their life better after work.

But we know it can be hard. So if you’re trying to come up with personalized retirement gift ideas and you find yourself stumped, check out the lists we’ve put together below. You’ll surely find something that does the trick.

Sentimental Retired Man

Sentimental Retirement Gifts

Sentimental items can make meaningful gifts if you pull them off the right way. That doesn’t mean you have to try and make them cry, thought that might be fun too. Just dig in to this list and pull out a big ol’ handful of “Aw, shucks.”

Retirement Gifts To Keep Them Busy

Retirement Gifts to Keep Them Busy

After being told what to do for years and years, retirement can be disorienting. Help them find their bearings again with these unique gift ideas perfect for retiring men or women.

Retired Man Laughing

Funny Retirement Gifts

Funny gifts are a great choice for that coworker you shared a few guffaws with over the years. They also make great parting gifts for the boss you banged heads with, just to show there’s no hard feelings (now that you won’t have to look at their stupid face anymore). It’s always better to go out with a laugh, so have at ‘er.

Retired Men Relaxing

Travel & Relaxation Gifts

Retirement is a great time to do all the things they wanted to do for the last several decades but couldn’t because they were shackled by the loving arms of capitalism. Here is a quick list of gifts that will help them undo a lifetime of stress and responsibility.

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