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Usually, the less attention they draw the better. Just think back to Christmas a few years ago, prom night, great uncle Ed’s funeral, that one time at the DMV, or (insert regrettable memory here). Among the few exceptions are those times when they’re likely to get run over. Give the gift of visibility.

Most people don’t understand the technical side of beer pouring, or beer consumption for that matter. Display your nerdhood proudly for all to see, and let everyone know you speak the language. These glasses send a clear message: get with the program.

Packs of four chewable gummies, each with the caffeine potency of half a cup of coffee. Perfect for all the times when it isn’t practical to brew up a pot or there isn’t a Starbucks within 20 feet. The only real alternative to becoming a speed freak.

The infamous deepwater blobfish has been voted ugliest animal in the world. Show it some love by sending its so-ugly-it’s-adorable pillow likeness home with a college student you know. Adds a touch of charm and pity to any living room or bedroom.

It’s the well-known college stereotype, the pizza box left on the floor for days, maybe weeks before getting picked up. We think this is one that they won’t mind having left around though. This cleverly designed little oven is perfect for homemade pizzas, frozen pizzas or, seeing as they’re students, heating up the leftovers.

The market is saturated with college grads, and they’re going to need a backup plan. That plan is, and always has been, gold! While they’ve been drinking Keystone Light and playing X-Box (or worse, writing math problems and studying business plans), the smart folks have been in the hills filling up their pockets with precious metals. And having a blast doing it.

If you know a college student with a creative streak, they’re bound to enjoy this present. This gift subscription will give them access to Adobe’s best professional tools so that they can create some stunning digital art, websites, music, and more - whether in their spare time or as part of their course. Or they’ll be making a lot of memes…we think they’ll love it either way.

If you know a student who makes frequent withdrawals from the Bank of Mom and Dad, and a Bank of Mom and Dad who wants to wash their hands of their best customer, this gift should keep both parties happy. There is real money hidden inside each bar in amounts ranging from $1-$50.

If you want to get them something that will let them invest in their future, stock gift cards are a brilliant way to go. It’s a gift with a little bit more thought behind it than cold hard cash and it’s also a guarantee for you that the money is being used wisely and isn’t going straight in the beer fund.

Help reinforce good choices by giving a young person this hilarious version of the world’s most famous death game. Just load up a water balloon and pass the pistol around the table, then wait to see who gets soaked.

Dorm rooms tend not to be the most beautiful of places to live and being there a whole year might feel a bit daunting, especially with the dull décor. Do away with their whitewash woes with this Banksy Wall Art Decal that they can use to customize their quarters and make their home away from home a little more exciting.

Although this is a gift that doesn’t look like much, it’s something they’ll be glad they had in the car if they ever need to use it. This small but powerful emergency tool could be a life saver one day so is an essential piece of equipment for them to keep in their car, whether they’re at college or at home.

We know that if we were students we’d be pretty upset if we couldn’t find our way home with our laundry. That being said, we probably wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of the dirty laundry bag either. Stave off the chores a little while longer and make them work for their washing by piecing together their route home first.

Anyone who says money can’t buy happiness doesn’t know where to shop. You probably don’t either, so why don’t you just hand over the credit card and let the magic happen. Many a sorrow has been drowned in the aisles of America’s malls.

There’s plenty to keep them busy while they’re at college and if they’re too busy with their books for a full game of chess, this is the perfect addition to their dorm or college house. The vertical chess set stays out of the way and lets them keep a game going for as long as it takes to call checkmate.

They might think that they’re all grown up now they’re living away from home and have a new-found freedom, but we bet they’ll turn into a big kid again once they get their hands on a giant gummy bear. He even tastes as good as he looks.

It’s a fast-moving world and once they leave college they’ll be diving head first into it. Give them the gift of some much-needed guidance with this manual to take them through their first steps into the modern world. It’s a perfect gift for parents to give their children too, it’ll help them find their feet a little faster and maybe even stop them bringing their laundry home every weekend.

Being in college isn’t easy. They’ll have plenty of work to do on the way to graduation. It doesn’t hurt for them to let their hair down once in a while and what better way to do it than watching their favorite band, cheering their team, or taking a trip to the theatre. We can’t think of a better way to unwind and forget about the stresses of study for an evening.

Only a complete tool gives an empty toolbox as a gift. We know you’re better than that, and you know it too. Enter the Loaded Toolbox — the prime companion of the jack of all trades. This is the classic entry level gift, the rite of passage into handyman or handywoman-hood. Life is a long journey full of creaky door hinges, rusty bolts, and other mechanical nuisances. Give them the tools they need — literally — to navigate this unforgiving landscape.

If you’re sending a student off to college and it’s the first time they’ve lived away from home, send them with this ingenious induction cooktop. This clever culinary contraption not only gives them a convenient way of cooking delicious food, it has an inbuilt memory that can recall their favorite cooking methods so all they need to worry about is the ingredients. Plus they can’t burn down the dorm with it.

Polaroids may be dead, but the people who like to use them aren’t. Not all of them anyway. There’s something especially gratifying about holding a tangible photograph, especially in a world dominated by virtual commodities where everything is becoming digital. Having an instant printer on hand means they don’t have to wait for a photo printing company to print their photos from the cloud and mail them by horseback or whatever. And we all know that nobody has time to wait for a horse these days. Oh, and we should also mention: these look way better than Polaroids.

Let your feet guide you, and never get lost. These removable insoles link up with a smartphone app and use GPS to guide you to your destination through subtle vibrations. Lead the way without having to stare at your phone or wait for Google Maps to load. Like the pied freakin’ piper, without the annoying pan flute.

Being in college is a time when you mature from a teenager to a young adult and while they’re afforded a first-class education, there are some extra-curricular things that they may need to know to get through the tentative first steps of adulthood. This book should do the trick. It’s mostly pictures too, because they’ve probably had enough of textbooks by now.

There are some things that a college education won’t give them the right tools for, like a roadside emergency, so it’s good they’ve got you looking out for them with this kit. It has everything they may need in case of an emergency and even if you’re the one driving out to rescue them, we’re sure you’ll be glad to know they’re safe.

If you know a college student who likes to dine al fresco in fine fashion, this stylish suitcase will make a great gift for them. While it looks like a pristine picnic basket, it actually opens up to become a grill that they can take on the go. It’s the textbook culinary companion for summer evenings spent on the college green.

A college degree will tell them everything that they need to know about their chosen field and will help them to land the job of their dreams, but what about the practicalities of life? This gift if the perfect companion for a college student about to step out into the big wide world and will help them survive the real-life challenges that are bound to come their way.

We know that their time in college will predominantly involve piles of books and pages of essays, so give them a bit of a break and a chance to let their hair down with a trip to an amusement park. We would say it’d be a good opportunity for them to relax, but we’re not sure how relaxing a high-speed rollercoaster ride could be...

The pink flamingo is royalty in the plastic animal kingdom. Nary a beast can approach its fame, distinction, and nobility in that realm. Its closest rival is probably the rubber chicken, but most rubber chickens don’t even have heads. And now the pink flamingo extends its influence even further by offering itself up as the guzzling vessel of choice for the most lit parties. The days of using a beer bong that looks like something their neighbor just got done using to fill his diesel tractor are long gone.

Card games are a staple of the drunken party scene for a reason. They help break the ice and give people something to do through those long awkward moments early in the night when everyone is still mostly sober. They also keep those same people occupied and out of mischief later on when their inhibitions have been loosened up and they start getting ideas. Best of all, this game is simple and straightforward enough to keep anyone entertained for hours in between shots.

So, they got to college, now what? This book is an essential on any student’s shelf to give them the guidance they need during their time on campus, as well as in the big wide world after graduation. Full of practical, everyday instructions as well as some not-so-everyday know-how, we think this book is just about perfect for every person who’s finding their feet.

You probably want to make sure they’re eating enough when they’re living away and even though they probably don’t want you to fuss, we think they’ll enjoy these novel little sweet-treats being delivered to their dorm. These cupcakes are perfect for occasions where they can’t be at home or if you just want to send them something to cheer them up.

Make sure that they’re never caught short (of battery, at least) with this pocket-sized power pack that is perfect for their portable devices. This charger harnesses the power of the biggest battery in our solar system so they should never have an excuse for not returning your call.

Everyone likes a nice stiff after-dinner drink, but sometimes you get tired of swearing at strangers and getting in fights with the sheriff. What’s a country boy to do? A great gift for anyone who’s looking to tone it down a notch but can’t give up the taste of that sweet Kentucky nectar. Or anyone who wants an extra special kick to start the day.

Big ideas can change the world, but so do small acts. Not all of us can create the next Google or reinvent the energy industry, but we can all be better at being human. This international, online-integrated card game provides the ideas and the motivation to spread goodwill everywhere you go, one act at a time.

Some people are just impossible. If you want to avoid getting the look that says, “I don’t understand why you ever thought I would like this,” then get them an iTunes gift card. There’s no shame in that. There’s also no risk, unless they don’t like music, in which case they’re probably not human anyway.

Good and bad are always subjective, an eternal truth reinforced by these confusingly labeled shot glasses. They’re also primarily determined in retrospect, which means the moment of decision is not the time to worry about such trivial concepts anyway. A very philosophical gift for someone entering a philosophical phase of life.

Some people need visual feedback in order to understand their progress. With these right and left brain bookends, they can literally watch as their mind expands with each book added to the shelf. Of course, they still have to read them to absorb the knowledge. Let’s hope you don’t have to explain that.